Star Wars: Rebirth

The Second Apocalypse of Feibraxa

(This update will summarize two game sessions, as I felt the first game was too short to really be of much substance without the second)

The Feibrax army marched at the commands of the Tenugu Matriarch, Shaetar while the party marched at their own pace. Some of them rode in ranks, others in speeder bikes, and of course Issilum arrived in the Nest. The party arrived at the battlefield which was covered in patrols of Hastim, but sitting between the party and the wall was another tank pointed at them.

Nahunexe, having just come back from Ilburuq showed off the spells she learned while inside the caverns. Her first scrunched the tank into a metal ball which Nahunexe immediately chucked at the stone wall, causing the first indentation of damage that Kader, Zendral, Visase, and Taral continued their tank fire barrage on.

The rest of the party spent their time on the field picking up the scraps and making sure that no foes make it to the tanks. Primarily however, Shaetar’s army did much of the work of mopping up the remainders by sheer numbers alone.

Still, the party played a big role in the removal of several War Hastim in many a flashy way.

It wasn’t long before the walls of Urux were breached, allowing for the army to pour into Urux’s streets. With the streets as steep and narrow as they become deeper within the city, Zendral, Kader, Visase, and Taral had to ultimately leave their tanks behind to be in the care of the Feibrax army. Following Nahunexe, the party rushed towards the ZIggurat of Urux where the false prophet awaits.

While running, the party noticed a glittering red object atop the ziggurat, to which Nahunexe told the party a little more of Neshugat- the Matriarch-Sorceress responsible for causing the “First Apocalypse” of Feibraxa. Nahunexe then voiced her hope that the false prophet doesn’t figure out its purpose.

Thanks to some good flying and shooting by Issilum and Wooshgruuw, the stairway to the top of the Ziggurat became clear for the party to scale.

Making it to the top of the Ziggurat, the party finds themselves face to face with the False Prophet- the trandoshan named Kosslesh who is standing beside Neshugat’s crystal. On the other side is a Mandalorian warrior named Sayek Kryze who brandished a cruel vibroaxe and a customized suit of Mandalorian armor (Beskar’gam). Surrounding Kosslesh was the royal guard of the former rulers of Urux, known as the Immortals.

Kosslesh taunted the party a little, and mentioned the pact he made with the spirits within the crystal to make himself stronger. With a blastershot from Zendral at the crystal, the battle was joined.

Sayek cleaved Orwell’s gamorrean followers in two with help from his rocket-boot modifications on his armor, while the remainders of Orwell’s gamorrean followers got peppered with arrows from the immortals when they ganged up on a toppled over Sayek.

Issilum and Wooshgruuw kept a safe distance and fired blaster cannon shots at first at the crystal, but after seeing that the blaster shots did nothing, began to fire at Kosslesh and Sayek.

Some Immortals managed to pin Kader and Zendral against the edge of the Ziggurat as they fired shots at Sayek. Taral, Visase, and Hartel did some battlefield control with the force, and heavy hitting as well. Polis and Orwell had fun showing off their strength- Orwell with his Arg’garok making new wounds and eventually beheading Sayek, and Polis with his ability to throw Kosslesh at Sayek hard enough to knock the mandalorian veteran off his feet. Nahunexe focused purely on Kosslesh, zapping him with enough Force Lightning to make Kosslesh have to crawl on the ground out of weakness.

With Sayek beheaded, Kosslesh snuck away from the chaos and pleaded with Neshugat for power. Disgusted, Neshugat shouted that Kosslesh is more fit to be a vessel- if a terrible one. When Taral realized the upcoming possession, it was too late. Neshugat funneled her spirit into the near dead Kosslesh and turned Kosslesh’s body incorporeal. It was likely that possession that killed Kosslesh’s spirit in the end.

Neshugat drained the spirits of the Immortals to restore Kosslesh’s shell back to full health. Without a way to even touch Neshugat’s vengeful spirit, Nahunexe then showed the party of the exorcism she learned in Ilburuq. The exorcism was successful, and turned Kosslesh’s possessed body back to the physical world. At that moment, the party struck, and attacked Kosslesh’s body- cutting off limbs, but no blood spilled. All that remained of Kosslesh was a solid darkness.

With Kosslesh’s body weak, Neshugat returned to the non-physical realm (The realm of the gods in Nahunexe’s words) to heal herself and call to the dark goddess of destruction Nerash to grant her control over fire.

The braziers melted into lava, and the flames roared up. Zendral was lucky to run away when he did, and while Simon began to move, the flames were already on him- melting his frame, and the Ziggurat beneath him into lava as well. The fires then followed after the party slowly. Nahunexe tried another exorcism, but Neshugat put more focus into her incorporeality that time, and asked for help. Visase and Taral helped focus Nahunexe’s power, and overpowered Neshugat’s power, bringing Kosslesh’s now healed body back to the physical realm.

The members of the party aside from Visase and Taral then lunged at Kosslesh- with Polis impaling Kosslesh against the crystal’s jagged edges, the others peppering his body with blaster fire, Zendral looking up in the sky for the possibility of finding a target up there, and Orwell chopping off Kosslesh’s head. Kosslesh still screamed in agony after Orwell beheaded him.

A desperate Neshugat brought Kosslesh back into the non-physical realm over a patch of lava. Nahunexe really struggled and shouted for each force user to help her. With Nahunexe’s, Visase’s, Taral’s, and Hartel’s power; they brought Kosslesh’s body back to the physical world, and a weary Neshugat retreated from Kosslesh’s body and back into the crystal, leaving Kosslesh to burn in the lava pool, and the flames that followed to be extinguished.

Taral shouted at Neshugat about defeat being the true reward the Dark Side grants, but Neshugat payed no attention- sulking inside the crystal she is bound to.

In the aftermath of the fight, Kosslesh’s datapad which fortunately was dropped when Polis impaled Kosslesh revealed its functions as a holoprojector. The projection that came up was of Jedi Master Dalbar, who immediately announced that Mandalore’s fleet has entered the Feibrax system to clean up the evidence, and that Kosslesh had better leave if he wanted to live. Then Dalbar stopped, looked at the party, and then found Taral.

Dalbar then tried to convince Taral to leave the Jedi Order, in order to join with Dalbar as they make a real effort in bringing lasting peace to the galaxy. Taral was having none of it, disagreeing with Dalbar and expressing disappointment at what Dalbar had become. Dalbar left, telling Taral that he was his enemy now. The datapad recorded that holoprojection and its conversation.

The party searched the rest of the datapad for interesting messages (Which can be seen on Roll20, the document is called “Kosslesh’s Datapad”) when Nahunexe told of the last part of Nanshe’s prophecy, “That the 4th Visitors will come by the image of the 1st, and destroy the Second World.” With Dalbar being the first visitor, it was plain that the second Feibrax apocalypse was nigh. Zendral insisted that there was more that the party can do for the Feibrax, but Nahunexe had her own idea in mind as Mandalore’s capital ships cast its jagged shadows over Feibraxa’s surface. Nahunexe rushed to Neshugat’s crystal and demanded Neshugat follow the ones who defeated her to use her power to destroy the newcomers. Neshugat told Nahunexe that she would rather see them destroy Feibraxa- at which point Nahunexe forced herself onto the crystal to try and possess Neshugat, in order to use her power against the fleet while telling the party to run.

Nahunexe and her followers were well into forming dark clouds as the party ran to the place where Issilum landed the ship. While running, Taral, Visase, and Hartel sensed that the Mandalorian ships seemed to repel and resist the Force that struck at them like a Jedi would, and not like how a machine would.

Before the party could board, Nanshe appeared in front of the ship to bow and thank the party for all that they have done in saving their people. Nahunexe resigned to her fate since her clan was stolen away into the stars, and left her without anything left. Nahunexe would eventually lose control of the spell she is forcing Neshugat to cast, and Nahunexe as well as her followers would become one with the crystal as well. The spell will not defeat the 4th visitors, but it will give the remaining Feibrax, and the party the time they need to escape.

Nanshe then told the party of what she saw them doing, and gave the party some advice. While she sees the party finding the one responsible for the atrocities on Feibraxa and on many worlds as well, it might be best for the party to show mercy if given the opportunity to do so. At that, Nanshe said that she will not take up any more time, and let the party flee before Nahunexe loses control.

At that moment, the sky began to rain ash- and the thick black lightning caressed clouds gave way to Mandalore’s depowered ships that took to freefalling onto the planet- obliterating mountains and plains where they fell. Quickly, the party jumped into the Nest, and Issilum took off- dodging the Mandalorians and the lightning alike as they escaped into space undetected by the Mandalorians thanks to Nahunexe’s distraction. Looking back onto Feibraxa, a small fleet of capital ships are seen in very low orbit over the now darkened planet like ticks on an animal.



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