Star Wars: Rebirth

The Arrest of Issilum/Hemeri, and Infinite Depths

When The Nest arrived at the Rendezvous Point, Issilum got nervous, but kept himself as together as he could. Admiral Shendi Yosk sent a message, requesting identification, and when Kader gave his answer straight up, was Shendi satisfied, and soon was The Nest brought into the hangar of the Ackbar’s Honor; the Flagship of the Mon Calamari Fleet via its Tractor Beam.

It took some time for Issilum to depart from the ship, like he was hesitating. Even Polis asked what was wrong, and that it was unlike him to be like this.

On the way out did the party make their way out to the hangar, to find Verin leaning over the break room table with weariness, while the cries of his sister Thirra Taro are still heard in the bunks. Taral took a moment to make way to where Henea was holding Thirra like a mother would, to attempt to quench the dark aura clinging to Thirra. By fighting past his own Dark Side taint, he forced the dark side from Thirra for a time, allowing Thirra to fall asleep.

With Taral reunited with the party, they made their way onto the hangar, and met with Shendi Yosk, as well as Captain Ikmon, and a platoon of Mon Calamari soldiers. Ikmon and Issilum spoke like old friends to each other, before Shendi put Issilum under arrest, but addressing him as Hemeri. Under arrest on the charge of murdering Oskel Karbor, and running from justice.

Polis stood between him and the soldiers demanding an explanation, while the rest of the party protested worrying about that when the Sith had retaken the galaxy. Zendral asked Hemeri what happened. With a simple explanation that Oskel was his stepfather and he caught him beating his mother, the rest of the party seemed understanding of him. But still, with Hemeri willing to be taken in, Polis stepped aside and allowed the soldiers to apprehend him. Captain Ikmon followed the procession to what are assumed to be the cells, while Shendi Yosk ordered for the rest of the party to follow her after explaining to them that what she wanted to talk about was about Hemeri.

In short, she knows that Oskel Karbor was the former CEO of Infinite Depths, the most affluent corporation on Dac, and suspected to have played a huge role in the rigging on the Dac elections causing Dac to go in a brief revolt that ultimately led in their separation from the Galactic Federation when the Sith took over. Oskel Karbor had wanted political power. To get it, he needed PR, and good PR would show when he marries a single mother with a son. Hemeri was that son, and saw first hand what kind of person Oskel really was. Oskel never cared for Hemeri’s mother Slith, and apparently, beatings and assault were common. Oskel did however put on a show for making sure Hemeri saw his dreams come true, putting him into the best possible pilot academy where he always aced the pilot exams. Still, his friends had learned of Oskel’s true nature from Hemeri, and believed him over the image he was selling to the public.

But when Oskel was murdered, Hemeri left the scene, leaving a nasty mess behind. Now is the chance for the mess to be cleaned up, and perhaps getting a closer look at Infinite Depths as well.

When the party made it to the Bridge, Shendi finished her discussion by the time Ikmon arrived on the Bridge too, receiving a message from a ship called the “Blowing My Payload Into Your Hull”. The one answering it was Darth Maccus, who merely asked how Shendi Yosk was doing, and hoped she was recovering from the attack against the Star Forge that she had been advised to back away from. But when he noticed the party, he spoke to them a little, first praising them for their performance in the Senate building, and then asked that he speak to them in their ship away from prying eyes.

With the transmission over, Shendi’s mood improved, and gave the party a place to start with investigating Infinite Depths, giving them the location of Slith; Hemeri’s mother on Dac, and permission to interview Hemeri, as well as the location of Infinite Depth’s HQ on Dac.

Upon request, Shendi also gave away the location of a good machine shop on Dac as well for Zendral.

Back on board the ship, they found Verin at the communicator in the Cockpit, watching as the ship with the seemingly joke name keeps ringing to learn that it wasn’t a joke. Maccus requested Verin leave, but the rest of the party told him he could stay. Even after some choice insults, Maccus just laughed and asked that the party work to make his job a little bit more difficult, and that 500 years of planning has made his task far too easy, and he didn’t like it.

Maccus also addressed the fact that Hemeri wasn’t present, and reasoned that Hemeri was snatched up by the law. He dropped the name Luftha Xor, who was Quarren Crime Lord on Dac somewhere, and could yield some results of aid to the party.

He then announced that nature was calling him about the Pie Hut pies he ate, and then departed.

The party then discussed what they will do about Thirra Taro, and how they will approach the investigation as well…



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