Star Wars: Rebirth

Final Moments

With a brief rest period, what remains of the group recovered enough to keep pushing their way towards the Jedi Temple.

Inside the Jedi Temple’s vast halls, the group was confronted by a large number of Sith Apprentices with Sith Swords being led by a Sith with a bright red lightsaber named Darth Udar who introduced himself to the party, while insisting on not needing to know the names of the group due to his not needing to be acquainted with the dead. Dalbar promptly dispatched Udar in a matter of seconds while the rest of the Sith Apprentices scrambled to intercept the group. Dalbar, the party, Korot, and Verin all managed to wriggle free from the Sith attack while Dalbar used the force to speed those running with him to the elevators.

The elevator was brought up to the 11th floor of the Jedi Temple, where much of the Jedi train and hone their abilities with the force. Verin ran ahead after swearing that he heard a faint cry, with Korot running closely after him.

While the party ran, Dalbar linked the minds of the party with a vision of what is happening within Rea and Thirra’s location. Rea, and the bodies of four other Jedi Knights are seen with their blood drained out. Thirra Taro is screaming and crying behind a force shield while a Sith Lord is draining the shield. The Sith Lord is heard trying to entice Thirra Taro to invoking the Dark Side to strike back at him for all that he did.

Taral recognized the Sith Lord as an Anzati, a species that is known for their ability to track down and become empowered by the blood of force sensitives, which the Anzat call Blood Soup. The Anzat do their drinking through two proboscis mouths; one on each cheek. The Anzat also have a means to mesmerize their quarry.

Verin was first to break into the room and start firing only for him to be mesmerized. Korot pushed him out of the way, and soon, the party entered to confront the Sith Lord behind all of this; Darth Băutor. Dalbar tried to delete Băutor’s ability to use the Force, but that power got drained into his proboscis mouths.

Băutor proved to be a tricky foe to the party, in particular, Băutor continuously drained Thirra Taro’s shield at an alarming rate; the same shield Rea erected around her daughter before she died, and then used that shield to protect himself. It also became apparent that Băutor is continuously draining the force into his proboscis mouths and the only one with a connection to him was Thirra who is not in control of herself.

Much of the party and Korot moved in to keep Băutor distracted while Dalbar and Verin moved in to try and calm Thirra down. Băutor took Korot down by sticking his proboscis mouths into Korot’s facial openings and then drinking his blood. Băutor did the same thing with Visase, only also nullifying her ability to use the force until she caught her breath.

With some encouragement and assurances from the party and Verin, Thirra calmed down enough to listen to Verin on what to do. Dalbar situated Hartel, Visase, and Taral with the use of clearing Thirra’s mind and readying a Feibraxian Exorcism on Băutor while the rest of the party kept Băutor busy. In particular, Simon managed to grab Băutor and keep him held down, even after Băutor used the Sith arts to drain Korot from afar for his strength.

Thirra used the force to retake her mother’s shield, leaving Băutor wide open for the exorcism to start following Dalbar’s lead. The exorcism was quick acting, with four gouts of white fire erupting from Băutor while the last one lingered to finish Băutor off by melting his bones and boiling the blood he drained from the others.

The victory was short lived, for outside of the Temple’s window a shuttle landed that matched the description of the earlier reports from the Disciples of Justice. Emperor Sarvak Fel, Supreme Commander Thaz Welk, and Darth Unus had arrived.

Before the party could discuss this, Arken Taro requested a conversation on the communicator. With the conversation answered to, one can hear the ambient sounds of blasterfire and explosions on Arken’s side. Arken requested to know of what became of his wife and daughter for he doesn’t have much time. Arken didn’t dwell on Rea’s death as long, but instead focused on Verin and Thirra. With Verin’s urging, Thirra was able to talk to Arken for a small time. Arken voiced that Arbet is dead, and Korech and Voroth are buying him time. Arken repeated continuously that he loved Verin and Thirra and was proud of them while telling the both of them to look after each other, and that the party will take care of them. After Arken coaxed a smile out of Thirra, Arken flew out of his seat after one more explosion. After getting up, Arken spoke his last sentences before a blaster shot struck him in the head; killing him.

A few seconds later, Toba Gra walked in range of the communicator. Toba Gra’s head and part of his shoulder have been replaced with cybernetic parts, and Toba Gra’s voice is now a mix between his gruff voice and the voice of a vocabulator; and with it he stared at the party and told them that the broadcast was over. Then Toba Gra turned off the communicator.

Dalbar shook his head, but then volunteered to take the children and Korot back to the Nest, and Dalbar knew of some secret passageways out that he was sure would not be discovered.

Leading Korot, Thirra, and Verin out, Dalbar said that the time to strike at Orm is now; and that he would join the fight as soon as he was able.

With that, the party rushed back to the elevators where they got a status report from Master Evarr Dreskel and Reiss Vingen.



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