Star Wars: Rebirth

An Interview With Hemeri/Issilum

The crew watched a news report about the arrest of Hemeri/Issilum, and the commentary from both the Mon Calamari Navy, and from Infinite Depths that night. Verin noticed that Orwell was looking more grumpy, but after grunting in response, Verin left the room. Orwell then explained that he picked Thirra up, who felt like death, and “took it from her” to the Jedi. Taral sensed that Orwell had taken some of Thirra’s dark aura upon himself, and perhaps with some luck, Thirra’s own would be weakened.

Korot later stumbled into the room, still weak, but forcing himself to live as if he hadn’t gotten his life force drained only a day ago. He and Zendral argued about trusting Vass’inum’niche, to which Zendral was certain. Though insults were exchanged, nothing further was pushed other than that. Visase and Zendral later argued about whether Sics’enuluo’hassiss was too far gone or not, but he was evasive of Visase’s questions and demands. Visase was sure he would side with the winner, and Zendral hoped she was right.

The following morning, Captain Ikmon paid The Nest a visit wherein he asked where the party wanted to start their investigations. Choosing to interview Hemeri/Issilum first, Captain Ikmon escorted the party down the hallways to where Hemeri was holed up. Hemeri was alone in the prison room, but was treated very well, having been given an extra blanket and more food in his bowl.

When Ikmon began the interview, Kader stepped back from the others, while Hemeri was left explaining what exactly happened between him and Oskel Karbor.

Oskel Karbor was Hemeri’s step father, and they grew to hate each other, because Hemeri could see right through all of the facades Oskel erected, and Oskel knew he was seeing through it all too.

Oskel had married Hemeri’s mother Slith in a bid for showing off how good hearted he was, and he made sure to fund Hemeri’s education in a display of how much he was willing to push his foster son to succeed.

Oskel however proved to be abusive, taking out his anger a lot on Slith; either emotionally or physically abusing her, while keeping Hemeri out of the loop by sending him elsewhere; especially when he got old enough to go to the Pilot’s Academy.

Hemeri spoke highly of his friends in the academy, with Captain Ikmon being one of them.

When asked if he ever snuck out, Hemeri mentioned that he never did except for one time when he found Oskel surrounded by a bunch of men who put off some bad vibes. When Hemeri was discovered did Slith demand to take whatever punishment Oskel was going to give to him. After hearing Slith crying and the men laughing for the rest of the night did Hemeri never sneak out when Oskel commanded him to stay put. Not for Oskel, but so he won’t put his mother through that again.

It was on Hemeri’s graduation day when he came home early to find Oskel cleaning his hand of blood after beating up Slith. That was the straw that broke the Dewback’s back, so Hemeri knocked Oskel to the ground and stabbed him until he died.

At the interview’s conclusion did the party agree to visit Slith for further questioning. Visase was sure that the bad men in Oskel’s house belonged to Luftha Xor that night, but more investigations are needed…



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