The Vanguards of Vision

The Vanguards of Vision are a militant faction that sprung up from Darth Krayt’s Empire after it fell in 138 ABY. The Vanguards of Vision felt that the Triumvirate had to become a rulership of 3 because they didn’t have the will to become one ruling body, unlike what Darth Krayt was capable of.

The Vanguards were composed of loyalists to Darth Krayt, and most of those loyalists once belonged in Darth Krayt’s military, and among them was Admiral Yath Ebiza who once served directly under Darth Nihl’s leadership. Not having the fleet that he had since the time of the Sith takeover, Yath fought a guerrilla war with the fledgling Triumvirate.

The goal of the Vanguard was to split the Triumvirate up and make them look unpopular to the eyes of the people, but thanks to efforts by the central government on Coruscant, the Vanguards were made to look like terrorists.

Because the Triumvirate lacked a significant standing army, the Triumvirate had to hire mercenaries during the conflict, many of them coming from Mandalore to fight back against the Vanguards. The Vanguards countered by hiring other Mandalorians to fight for them.

It was a war of attrition, but all the factions involved could not fight as they once did. The Mandalorians, watching themselves fighting each other to the death saw that they must think of their own survival and pull out in order to repopulate. In time, the Mandalorians desired to keep themselves isolated from the galaxy to repopulate, while other Mandalorians desired to keep fighting and keep to their warrior code. This disagreement culminated in a bloody civil war in Mandalore that resulted in Mandalorian Space being split between 2 different factions.

With the Mandalorians out of the way, the Triumvirate tried to fund the war efforts of the survivalist Mandalorians, while still trying to fund the war against the Vanguards. Fighting war on two fronts ended up costing the Triumvirate way too much money, and made the Triumvirate’s reputation unpopular amongst the masses.

As the Triumvirate struggled, the Vanguard seemed to only grow more and more popular. Desperate, the Triumvirate had to call on the Jedi Order to quell this conflict. Triumvirate Head and Jedi Master K’Kruhk sent for his apprentice Dalbar to go and investigate the Vanguards of Vision.

Dalbar learned much about the Vanguards during his investigations. He first found that the Vanguard was keeping their fleet in a secluded spot in space to eventually assault the core worlds with. After Dalbar spearheaded the attacks on the Vanguards, and putting more and more pressure on them, he eventually found the real power behind the Vanguards. Admiral Yath was taking his orders from the Dark Lady of the Sith, Lady Krova.

After a hard fight, Dalbar eventually defeated Lady Krova of the One Sith, and the rest of the One Sith surrendered with Lady Krova’s death.

With that, Dalbar was hailed as a hero when he returned to Coruscant for not only ending the Vanguards, but also eliminating the Sith while he was at it.

(The Conflict started in around 138 ABY, and ended in around 163 ABY)

The Vanguards of Vision

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