The Second Mandalorian Civil War

After the fall of Darth Krayt in 138 ABY, the galaxy came at peace for the first time in recent memory, but sadly to many, the peace wasn’t to last. Wherever there is war, Mandalore must heed its call in one way or another.

The war that came after Darth Krayt’s fall was a war over this peace and how it is that the galaxy should be peaceful. This peace was fought by the last remnants of Darth Krayt’s loyalists, being the Vanguards of Vision, and the fledgling Galactic Triumvirate.

With both armies being weakened in the previous war, both forces turn to the Mandalorians for mercenary help. The Mandalore, Yaga Auchs refused to give aid to the Galactic Triumvirate, and instead ordered for aid to be given to the Vanguards of Vision.

The weakened Galactic Triumvirate found themselves worn out, having to fight a front against not only the Vanguards of Vision with their guerrilla tactics, but also against the battle hardened Mandalorians were almost too much for them.

Just when the Galactic Triumvirate was loosing significant ground, a new force showed up, dressed head to toe in black and gold armor, was another Mandalorian who Yaga Auchs thought dead. The armored mandalorian introduced himself as Hondo Karr, and Hondo immediately exposed Yaga’s treachery, of leaving his men behind during the Battle of Botajef (Pre-Darth Krayt in 127 ABY) to die while he withdrew from the battle.

With a display of power on Hondo’s part, Hondo sent his men to intercept an attack force of Yaga’s Mandalorians and Krayt Loyalists who were decending on a Triumvirate world.

Many Mandalorians began to believe Hondo’s words, and saw in him a much more powerful Mandalore than Yaga has been, and as of such turned away from Yaga and began to flock towards Hondo’s lead with help from the Triumvirate’s forces.

On one hand, Hondo being alive is already evidence of Yaga’s falsehoods, but on the other hand, Yaga is also the one who has Mandalore’s Mask- which Hondo claimed he stole from the previous Mandalore Chernan Ordo, but still the one with the mask.

The sudden shift in power prompted a bloody conflict shortly after, which resulted in both Hondo’s Mandalorians and Yaga’s Mandalorians to pull out of their mercenary contracts with the Triumvirate and the Vanguard respectively in order to attack and defend themselves.

In the end, the wars ended in a draw, as both sides realized that if the war would keep raging, that there will be no more left of the Mandalorians.

The war ended with Mandalorian Space split in half, with Yaga remaining in control of the planet of Mandalore, and Hondo taking control of Mandalore’s moon Concordia.

The Second Mandalorian Civil War

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