The Rise of Mandalore the Reborn

Since the end of the Second Mandalorian Civil War, Mandalorian space was divided between the rule of two Mandalores, with one line being descended from the treacherous Yaga Auchs, and the other descended from the vindicated Mandalore Hondo Karr. The two sides kept each other deadlocked for hundreds of years in a war that never seemed to end.

Then in 626 ABY, the tides began to shift, starting with the crowning of a new Mandalore from Yaga Auch’s side. This Mandalore then came to be called “Mandalore the Reborn”, and vowed to reunite Mandalore. No sooner was this said when a mysterious batallion of Mandalorian Starships entered out of Hyperspace and started bombarding Concordia with blasterfire, destroying much of the moon’s life, and prompting heavy intervention from the Galactic Triumvirate.

The Triumvirate found that the firepower of the Mandalorian Starships was way too much for them to handle, and whats more, Jedi Master Dalbar, one of the heads of the Triumvirate sensed powerful Dark Side energy coming from Mandalore the Reborn’s Starships, and wanted the Jedi Order to intervene, but the other two members of the Triumvirate, being Sarvak Fel and Grand Admiral Thaz Welk, as well as Jedi Councilman Keiran advised Dalbar to not bring his Jedi Knights into this, advising that its a trap to lure Dalbar out for Mandalore to destory them with some other possible weapon he has hiding.

Dalbar wasn’t afraid but he saw wisdom in their words, and so he refused to let the Jedi press the matters, and so Grand Admiral Thaz Welk commanded for the rest of his fleet to regroup and attack Mandalore the Reborn.

Mandalore the Reborn did indeed have other weapons to brandish, and despite the heavy resistance from the Mandalorians who swore no fealty to Mandalore the Reborn and the Triumvirate, Mandalore the Reborn persevered, and managed to push the rebellious Mandalorians back to their last world, to which Mandalore gave the rebellious Mandalorians his conditions for their surrender.

Among the conditions Mandalore the Reborn proposed was by promising not to attack the Galactic Triumvirate so long as if the rebellious Mandalorians join him, and those who would continue being rebellious were welcome to flee for the Triumvirate’s borders so long as if they don’t undermind Mandalore the Reborn’s rule, and so long as if the rebellious Mandalore promised to resign his position.

With those conditions, the Mandalore of the rebellious factions came to be deemed “Mandalore the Humiliated”, and resigned his position as Mandalore, and exiled himself in shame, but in the shame in knowing that at least the way of the true Mandalorians remains alive. The other Mandalorians fled for the Triumvirate’s borders, while Mandalore the Reborn’s forces reclaimed the entirety of old Mandalorian Space, and have kept their promise of not attacking the Triumvirate.

The Rise of Mandalore the Reborn

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