The Galactic Federation Triumvirate

The Galactic Federation Triumvirate was a government founded in 138 ABY after the fall of Darth Krayt that was made to unify the major factions in the galaxy in order to make a cohesive government, with those factions being the Empire-in-Exile, the Galactic Alliance, and the New Jedi Order.

As a unification of multiple factions, the Triumvirate functions as three governmental systems that work towards a common goal.


The Triumvirate is headed by three leaders:

Emperor (From the Empire-in-Exile)
Supreme Commander (From the Galactic Alliance)
Jedi Master (From the New Jedi Order)

The position of Emperor is monarchical, and is passed down from generation to generation by the royal bloodline- being the Fel bloodline.

The position of Supreme Commander is rank based, and is earned by proving yourself militaristically.

The position of Jedi Master is chosen by the Jedi Council.

The three of them are the representatives of the Triumvirate, and are also the ones who have the power to override any of the other institutions within the government in the time of emergency. The three of them are also there to break any ties within the Senate as well.

The ultimate goal of the leaders is to decide where it is that the Federation as a nation should go next.

Advisers to the Triumvirate Leaders

Advisors to the Emperor: The Moff Council. The Moff Council is elected by the Senate to serve the Emperor in the Triumvirate.

Advisors to the Supreme Commander: The Military. The Military gets its ranks earned with hard work and dedication.

Advisors to the Jedi Master: The Jedi Council. The Jedi Council not only advises the Jedi Master, but also handles the inner workings of the Jedi Order as well.

Triumvirate Leaders as of 650 ABY:

Emperor: Sarvak Fel
Supreme Commander: Thaz Welk (Grand Admiral)
Jedi Master: Dalbar

The Galactic Senate:

The Galactic Senate is in charge of resolving civil issues within the Federation. There is one member in the Galactic Senate for each star system within the Federation, though some star systems are given exceptions to this rule (For example, the Kashyyyk System is inhabited by two sentient species; the Wookiee, and the Trandoshan, and both species are given a seat in the senate room).

The Galactic Senate is also in charge of electing the Moffs for the Emperor’s council.

The Military:

The Military is in charge of the defense of the Federation, and the Supreme Commander of the military is also one of the heads of the Galactic Triumvirate.

The New Jedi Order:

The Jedi Order is devoted to the understanding of the Force, and also the elite defenders of the Galactic Federation. One of the Jedi Masters on the Jedi Council gets elected to be a member of the Triumvirate.

The Galactic Federation Triumvirate

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