New Races and Droid Heroes

During the duration of the Rebirth Era, races thought to have died out have shown up again in larger numbers, and yet other races that weren’t discovered started coming to the fray of the galactic community. Some of those races are listed below:


Other Races have gone under some dynamic changes:

Yuuzhan Vong

Races with Changed Racial Abilities:


Also, any race is ok to pick, so long as if they aren’t Hutts, Killiks, or Flesh Golems.

The Sith Race: In 392 ABY, a large Sith Transport ship dating back to 5000 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) during the Great Hyperspace War suddenly appeared out of space due to a hyperdrive anomaly, and crashed onto a small continent of an Oceanic Planet in the Inner Rim near Orus Space called Ilthssarh which is the home to a primitive sentient aquatic race known as the Ilthss. Housed on that Transport ship was Pureblooded Sith of all the four castes as well as a some Dark Jedi who kept control of them.

When the Sith landed, they began to build up around the continent, and began to prepare to attack the Republic that was no longer there, making weapons, starships, and buildings. The Ilthss looked upon the Sith and the Dark Jedi as gods, and gave them tribute. The Dark Jedi made sure to begin to amass the Ilthss into their armies, but in a short while, the Jedi Order showed up, and the Dark Jedi either fled or were killed. At that point, the Jedi Order explained to the Sith that the Old Republic was no more, and that the Sith have been defeated, and to end this war. The Sith there have since bowed out of the Great Hyperspace War, recognizing their defeat, but their own conflicts continued as they did for thousands of years. Thanks to leaving the galactic community at large alone, the Sith managed to maintain their culture since before the Great Hyperspace War.

Playable Sith Sub-species: Massassi and Kissai (Statistics for both found in the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide)

The Ilthss: Before the Sith arrived, the Ilthss were a primitive and contemplative race who are a green and slimy sea-anemone-like race whose face’s mouth is surrounded with many tendrils. They have no eyes or ears, but they have sensory organs all over their head that senses as if they had eyes and ears, and their hands and feet are webbed. The Ilthss had a prophecy that was passed down from their first shaman that stated to treat those who would visit from the sky well, and one day, they too can see the skies themselves.

After the Sith arrived, the Ilthss abided by their prophecy, and treated the Sith like honored guests. The Sith were hostile, but the first Dark Jedi decided to take advantage of the Ilthss, and even taught some of them how to use the Force, and to train them to fight. Though confused, the Ilthss continued to see how it would turn out.

Then the Jedi arrived, and ousted the Dark Jedi out of power over the Sith. When the Jedi ousted the last Dark Jedi out, the Sith seemed to accept this loss, but the Ilthss were confused. Still, the Jedi indoctrinated a select few Ilthss to join them in training on Coruscant, and some of the other Ilthss that were talented warriors were taken to the heavens too in order to serve as mercenaries. At this point, the Ilthss saw that in order for their prophecy to be fulfilled, they too had to become great warriors. And so, the Ilthss and the Sith began to fight each other as the Sith fought themselves in order to better themselves as warriors.

Ilthss have the following traits:

Ability Modifiers: Wisdom +2, Dexterity -2. Ilthss are a contemplative species, but their movements tend to be as contemplative as their outlook.
Medium Size: As Medium Sized creatures, Ilthss gain no special abilities associated with their height.
Speed: Ilthss move at a speed of 12 Meters (6 squares)
Breathe Underwater: Ilthss have no trouble residing in water, nor do they have trouble living on land.
Expert Swimmer: Ilthss can always choose to take 10 on swim checks, even if they are under pressure.
Sticky Grip and Footing: Ilthss are notoriously hard to make them lose their footing and grip. Ilthss gain a +5 bonus on rolls to resist Bantha Rush, Disarm, Grapple, and Trip checks.
Primitive: Ilthss do not gain Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, or heavy weapons) as starting feats at first level, even if their class normally grants them.
Paralyzing Tentacles: The tentacles on the Ilthss’s face excrete a toxin that causes those affected by the toxin to become slower in movement. When the Ilthss makes a Full attack in melee against a creature, they get an additional Tentacle Attack. This Tentacle Attack is rolled against the target’s Reflex Defense to see if it hits. If the attack bypasses the target’s reflex defense, then the Ilthss makes another Attack Roll which is used against the target’s Fortitude Defense. If the attack roll bypasses the target’s Fortitude Defense, then the target goes -1 down the Condition Track, replacing the -1 penalty to their Reflex Defense.
Automatic Languages: Ilthssi

The Rakata: The Rakata were believed to have died out on their homeworld of Lehon completely in 1000 BBY, but other Rakata remained alive on other worlds that were part of the Old Republic, such as on the agricultural world of Mekroa in the western Expansion Region. The Rakata there were given land to farm alongside the other settlers on Mekroa. The settlers at first were wary of the Rakata, hearing their stories that they once had the entire galaxy conquered, but their grasp has since been lost. But over time, the residents of Mekroa realized that the Rakata among them didn’t care to remake their empire, and the Rakata were left alone. The Rakata mostly contributed to the Mekroan militia when the planet got attacked by the odd pirates, but all in all, the Rakata remained in the back seats, being left mostly forgotten by the public, until the Empire needed the food from Mekroa to aid in the repairing of worlds, when they remembered the Rakata who helped to grow that food for them.

The statistics for the Rakata can be found in the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.

The Lanodar (NOTE: This is a non-canon name for the race Yoda came from. Yoda is not canonically Lanodar, but they are Lanodar in Star Wars: Rebirth): The Lanodar are a species who lived at the far end of the Tingel Arm on a planet covered in rainforests know an Lanode. The Lanodar have been visited only by a few outsiders in their time, due to their isolated yet dangerous location. But ever since the period of peace that came after Darth Krayt’s downfall, a hyperspace route was discovered that cut through most of the dangers within the Tingel Arm. After that, the planet got more visitors, and more Lanodar were seen leaving their home to see the galaxy, though many of them trained in the Jedi Order as well.

Lanodar share the following species traits:

Ability Modifiers: -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom. Lanodar are an agile and intuitive species, but they’re not very strong.
Small Size: As Small creatures, Lanodar gain a +1 size bonus to their Reflex Defense and a +5 size bonus on Stealth checks. However, their lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of Medium characters.
Speed: Lanodar base speed is 4 squares.
Iron Will: Lanodar have above-average willpower and gain a +2 species bonus to their Will Defense.
Conditional Bonus Feat: A Lanodar with Perception as a trained skill gains Skill Focus (Perception) as a bonus feat.
Automatic Languages: Lanodar.

The Ghorfa: Ghorfas as they called themselves, or the Tusken Raiders or Sand People by others, are a species from Tatooine that are made famous by their aggressiveness towards other species that is expressed in raids on other settlements, and the killing of other people too far away from their settlements. There have been a few known cases where the Ghorfa adopt Non-Ghorfas into their clans, but for the most part, to the Ghorfa, survival comes first. To those few who are able to get close to the Ghorfa, they found that the Ghorfa have a very complex language, and have very strong traditions, both in lifestyle and in folklore, which binds the Ghorfa together as a people.

Ghorfa as a whole are raised to regard their survival and the survival of their people as the first thing on their priorities. This typically leads them to be very stuck in their ways of doing things, but the typical Ghorfa knows better than to not work with their fellows when it comes to survival.

Ghorfa are almost always seen out in public clothed in desert colored rags and robes that cover all of their skin, as showing any skin at all is disgraceful and forbidden. Though the few that see Ghorfa without the coverings are those directly bonded with each other familially. Beneath the Ghorfa’s robes are beings that look very much like tan-skinned humans, with eyes that are black where the whites in a human’s eyes would be. Their noses are less defined than a human’s, and looks more sunken in on a Ghorfa’s face. A Ghorfa only grows hair on top of their heads, and grows no hair anywhere else, though Ghorfas of both sexes usually shaved their heads bald to better fit into their coverings.

Because of the Ghorfa’s reputation as bloodthirsty barbarians, very few spacers have approached them, much less survived an encounter with them. Still, there are a few Ghorfa that turned away from their old ways, be it because of banishment, being captured by slaving parties, or in extremely rare cases, because a Ghorfa is curious about the galaxy outside of desert of Tatooine. The next challenge for such a rare Ghorfa with adventuring motivations is to find another who is open minded enough to see past their culture’s reputation.

Ghorfa Species Traits:

Ghorfa share the following species traits:
Ability Modifiers: +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma. Ghorfa are a tough and hardy race, but they’re quick to judge, and their ways often set them apart from others.
Survival Instincts: A Ghorfa treats Endurance and Survival as class skills.
Primitive: Ghorfa do not gain Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, or heavy weapons) as starting feats at first level, even if their class normally grants them.
Weapon Familiarity: Ghorfa treats the Tusken Cycler Rifle as a Simple Weapon rather than as an exotic weapon.
Desert Dweller: When making Survival checks to resist extreme heat, the Ghorfa can reroll the check, and keep the better result.
Conditional Bonus Feat: A Ghorfa trained in the Survival skill also gains Skill Focus (Survival) as a bonus feat.
Automatic Language: Tusken.

The Taung: The Taung are a race believed to have gone extinct thousands of years ago. The Taung were the original species who founded Mandalorian Identity, which came to be the identity of prominent Star Wars figures such as Boba and Jango Fett. Many of the Taung have died 4000 years before the Rebirth Era due to the Jedi named Revan who managed to stop the Warrioristic Mandalorians from overtaking the galaxy. Other Taung were held up with their other fellows, and they too got distributed amongst the Mandalorian Population, and disappeared from the mainstream. But the Taung still remain in the background.

The statistics for the Taung Species can be found in the Galaxy at War Supplement for Star Wars Saga Edition.

The Yuuzhan Vong: I will use the Yuuzhan Vong as written in the Legacy Era Campaign Guide, except that the Yuuzhan Vong have a continued story:

The Yuuzhan Vong, after the Yuuzhan Vong wars, settled on the living world of Zonama Sekot. On Zonama Sekot, many of the Yuuzhan Vong had to change their old ways. The planet, the seed world of the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld, began to make a conscious effort to teach the Yuuzhan Vong that the ways they had were the exact ways that destroyed their old homeworld previously.

As the Yuuzhan Vong changed their ways, they began to feel more and more at home on Zonama Sekot, and slowly, the Yuuzhan Vong began to have a higher count of Midichlorians in their cells, allowing them to start feeling the force.

Though most Yuuzhan Vong are still a long shot away from feeling the Force, they can now actually use the Force in ways they weren’t thousands of years ago thanks to their newfound link with Zonama Sekot.

Changes in Yuuzhan Vong Racial Abilities:

Force Immunity: Remove this ability.
Force Resistance: Yuuzhan Vong are naturally resistant to Force Powers that use the Will, gaining a +5 Bonus on Will Defense against Force Powers that target the Will Defense.

Yuuzhan Vong can now gain Force Points, the Force Sensitivity Feat, and the Use the Force skill potentially. Force Sensitivity in Yuuzhan Vong is extremely rare, but is starting to return to the species as a whole.

Klatooinian: The Klatooinians are mentioned in the Legacy Era Campaign Guide. Their Racial abilities are significantly lesser than other playable races, and so the Klatooinians will have changes to their racial traits:

Ability Modifiers: +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom.
Medium Size: Klatooinians receive no penalties or bonuses due to size.
Speed: 12 Meters (6 Squares)
Iron Will: Klatooinians have +2 to their Will Defense.
Survivalist: The harsh environment Klatooinians were raised in allows them to treat Endurance and Survival as class skills.
Toughness: Klatooinians have the Toughness feat as a bonus feat.
Loyal: Klatooinians are good at following the commands of others. When the Klatooinian recieves a Morale or an Insight Bonus of any kind, that bonus is increased by +1.
Automatic Language: Huttese

Making a Droid Hero

If you want to make your own droid, you absolutely may, but the design has to be approved of by me, the GM. How to make one you ask? Just follow the steps:

Droid Traits: All Droids have Droid traits, and they are listed below:

Behavioral Inhibitors: All Droids but 4th Degree Droids are programed to not hurt a sentient. Even with a heuristic processor, they cannot hurt another sentient, so they creatively interpret their condition to get around that inhibitor.
Ion Vulnerability: Droids are vulnerable to Ion Damage, such that Ion Damage is treated like Stun Damage to them.
Maintenence: Droids don’t need to eat, sleep, or breathe, but they do need to recharge for 1 hour after they are active for 100 hours. Failure to do so means that they will have to make an Endurance check at DC 10 + 1 per additional hour of being online, or else move a persistant -1 on the Condition track. Once disabled, they cannot wake up until they recharged for an hour.
Memory: At any point, a Droid’s skills, feats, and Talents can be reassigned with a Use Computer check. The Droid can do it on themselves, but they take a -5 penalty to Use Computer when using it on themselves. Though if the Droid’s memory is completely wiped out, the droid just becomes a basic model for its type, retaining none of its memories or abilities.
Nonliving: Droids are immune to Poison, Disease, Radiation, noncorrosive atmospheric hazards, vacuum, mind afflicting effects, stunning effects, and any other ability that only works on living targets.
Droids don’t “die”, but they can be disabled or destroyed. If a droid is reduced to 0 hitpoints, it is disabled, and cannot come back until it is back to at least 1 hitpoint. If however the droid was dealt enough damage to surpass its damage threshold while reducing it to 0, the Droid is destroyed, and cannot be salvaged or repaired.
Repair: Droids regain hitpoints by repairing themselves via Mechanics checks. A Droid can repair themselves, but they take a -5 penalty.
Shut Down: A Droid can be shut down if the right commands are given to its program.
Skills: Droids without heuristic processors cannot use certain skills without training, with those skills being Acrobatics, Climb, Jump, and Perception. Droids with heuristic processors ignore this limit.
Systems: A Droid’s systems can be modified and changed out for other systems.
Automatic Languages: Binary, and one language chosen by its designer.

1. There are 5 Droid classes, and they are numbered 1st through 5th.

1st Degree Droids are Medical and Analytical Droids.
2nd Degree Droids are Mechanical and Technical Droids.
3rd Degree Droids are Protocol and Domestic Droids.
4th Degree Droids are Security and Battle Droids.
5th Degree Droids are Labor and Utility Droids.

1st Degree Chassis Droids have the following Traits:
Ability Modifiers: +2 Wisdom, -2 in any other stat but Wisdom and Constitution.
2nd Degree Chassis Droids have the following Traits:
Ability Modifiers: +2 Intelligence, -2 in any other stat but Intelligence and Constitution.
3rd Degree Chassis Droids have the following Traits:
Ability Modifiers: +2 Charisma, -2 in any other stat but Charisma and Constitution.
4th Degree Chassis Droids have the following Traits:
Ability Modifiers: +2 Dexterity, -2 in any other stat but Dexterity and Constitution.
5th Degree Chassis Droids have the following Traits:
Ability Modifiers: +2 Strength, -2 in any other stat but Strength and Constitution.

Size Modifiers to Abilities:

Large Size: +8 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +10 Extra Hitpoints, +5 Bonus to Damage Threshold, Cost Factor x2, Speed 16 Meters (8 Squares)
Medium Size: Cost Factor x1, Speed 12 Meters (6 Squares)
Small Size: -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, Cost Factor x2, Speed 8 Meters (4 Squares)

2. Hardware and Equipment: Droids start out with 3000 Credits worth of Hardware and Equipment installed. Every Droid hero has a Heuristic Processor, and its free of charge. Though if the Droid picks a class that starts out with more Credits than 3000, then the Droid can take the higher amount.

3. Choose a Manufacturer Ability. This ability has the strength of a feat, but this ability must reflect the nature of the manufacturer. For example, if the manufacturer or builder of the droid was eccentric, then the ability the Droid gets would be an ability thats just as eccentric as the manufacturer.

You can talk to me about a Manufacturer Ability.

4. Choose a Feat-Equivalent Ability. This ability has the strength of a Feat, and should reflect the general functions of the Chassis of the Droid. For example, a 3rd Degree Chassis Droid might be able to reroll their Persuasion check.

You can talk to me about this Feat Equivalent ability as well.

New Races and Droid Heroes

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