New Feats

You have felt the recoil coming from the heavy weapons you braced for so long, that it doesn’t feel right without the recoil.
Prerequisite: Proficient in Heavy Weapons
Benefit: When you brace a weapon for autofire mode, you no longer take a -2 penalty to your attack roll made with your braced autofire weapons.

Versatile Fighting
You have broken new ground in your ability to fight with a melee weapon in one hand, and a ranged weapon in the other.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Dual Weapon Mastery I
Benefit: If you wield a melee weapon in one hand, and a ranged weapon in the other, then you can use the ranged weapon without provoking attacks of opportunity from adjacent opponents.
Note: This feat only comes into effect if you are proficient with the melee weapon and the ranged weapon you have equipped and are using.

Racial Feats

Chiss Feats

Prerequisites: Chiss, Trained in at least 1 Knowledge Skill
Benefit: When you roll a natural 20 on a Knowledge check, gain a temporary Force Point.

Prerequisites: Chiss
Benefit: Use Intelligence Modifier instead of Wisdom Modifier for Will Defense.

Prerequisites: Chiss
Benefit: Gain a +1 Bonus to Attack Rolls against foes who have attacked you or your allies in the previous round.

Gen’Dai Feats

Armor Shape
Prerequisites: Gen’Dai, Proficient in at least Light Armor
Benefit: Increases the Maximum Dexterity Modifier of your armor by +1, if you are proficient in it.

Instant Surge
Prerequisites: Gen’Dai
Benefit: Once per day, and when you take a Second Wind, you instantly recover 50% of your total Hitpoints instead of regaining 5 Hitpoints per round if you choose to.

Prerequisites: Gen’Dai
Benefit:Get a +2 Species bonus to Will Defense

Miraluka Feats

Force Familiarity
Prerequisites: Miraluka, Force Sensitivity
Benefit: Can reroll any Use the Force check you make, but must take the result of the reroll even if it is worse.

Strengthened Sense
Prerequisites: Miraluka
Benefit: Can make Perception checks to sense things invisible to the Force. The DC is equal to the Will Defense of the creature. In addition, you can always take 10 on Perception checks even when hurried; except in the case that the thing is normally invisible to the force.

Uncanny Senses
Prerequisites: Miraluka
Benefit: Get a +2 Species Bonus to Reflex Defense

Sith (Kissai)

Innate Dark Side Talent:
Prerequisites: Sith (Kissai), Force Sensitivity, Force Training
Benefit: Whenever you get the Force Training feat, you gain an additional Force Power; but this Force Power must be a Dark Side power.

Inspire Allies
Prerequisities: Sith (Kissai)
Benefit: You grant allies within line of sight of you a +1 Bonus on all Insight and Morale bonuses that come to them.

Warrior Ways
Prerequisites: Sith (Any Caste)
Benefit: Get a +2 Species Bonus to Will Defense so long as they are using a Lanvarok as a weapon.

New Feats

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