New Equipment

Tusken Cycler Rifle (Medium Exotic Weapon): The Tusken Cycler Rifle is a specialized rifle used by the Ghorfa when they go out raiding. The Cycler Rifle expresses a blend of Slugthrower Rifles, and Blaster Rifles, and launches energy charged slugs. The Ghorfa have expressed a dislike of other people’s technology, but they have shown no quarrel with using their own technology against them. Tusken Raiders treat the Tusken Cycler Rifle as a Simple Weapon rather than an Exotic Weapon.
A Clip of 20 Cycler Rifle Slugs are worth 50 Credits, and weighs 0.2kg.

Stats: Cost: 1,000 Credits. Damage: 3d8. Rate of Fire: S, A. Weight: 4kg. Type: Energy and Piercing. Availability: Rare.

Je’daii Katana (Medium Simple Weapon): The Je’daii Katana is a very old weapon used by the Je’daii Order, the Order that eventually gave birth to the Jedi Order. The Je’daii Katana is the weapon that the Je’daii used before the Lightsaber was invented. Ever since the Je’daii Order disbanded, the Je’daii Katana has become a very rare weapon, and only a few in the galaxy know how to properly make one.
You can treat the Je’daii Katana as a Lightsaber rather than a Simple Weapon for the purposes of using abilities that require you to use a Lightsaber to use. The Jedi can also choose to start the game with a Je’daii Katana instead of a Lightsaber if they prefer.
Also, the Je’daii Katana is to physical damage (Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing), as the Lightsaber is to Energy Damage. The Je’daii Katana cannot be used to Block or Deflect pure Energy Weapons, but it can be used to block or deflect any weapon with a physical damage component.

Stats: Cost: 1,500 Credits. Damage: 1d10. Weight: 1kg. Type: Slashing and Piercing. Availability: Rare.

(NOTE: The Je’daii Katana is also available to Small races too. The small Je’daii Katana costs 1,000 Credits, deals 1d8 Slashing and Piercing Damage, and weighs 0.5 kg. The Large Je’daii Katana costs 2,000 Credits, deals 1d12 Slashing and Piercing Damage, and weighs 2.0kg.)

New Equipment

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