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Below, you will find the links to the other pages in this wiki, and organized in categories to hopefully make navigation easier.

Required Reading:

The links below are required reading. You don’t have to read them word-for-word and memorize every detail, but I do expect you to have a familiarity with them, such that you at least say “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that before”, even if you don’t remember the rest. Even if you don’t read the links below, I will assume you read them, and will act as if you did read them, so if you don’t want to be caught too off guard, read the links below, or at least give it a healthy skim-through.

How to Play Tabletop RPGs
How Not to Play Tabletop RPGs
About Star Wars Rebirth Era
Making a Character for Star Wars Rebirth Era
Additional Things You Should Know

Helpful Pages:

The links below are not required, but I still encourage you to give them a gander or two if you think they’ll help you out.

Comprehensive List of All Official Star Wars Saga Edition Books
A Guide to Star Wars Saga Edition Rules to those with much more familiarity to Dungeons and Dragons 3E Rules
A Brief History of Star Wars, From Star Wars Episode IV, to the End of the Legacy Era


The links here are links to the content that are only valid in Star Wars: Rebirth. Still worth looking at, because I will invoke upon my homebrew.

Also worth noting, you should see significantly less sweeping homebrew in this game system than you would back when I was DMing the world of Okharthos back in the day. Nonetheless, I will make homebrew, but it shouldn’t be sweeping rules, at least, I don’t predict the homebrew to consist heavily of sweeping rules.

Rules Changes
New Races and Droid Heroes
Alterations of Official Canon
The Leveling System
Force Points
The Experience Point Store
New Equipment
New Feats


The History section is there to help in understanding the Setting’s past to better understand how and why the setting is the way it is.

This isn’t required reading per say, but its still recommended to take a gander over it.

The Vanguards of Vision
The Second Mandalorian Civil War
The Rise of Mandalore the Reborn


The Politics section is there to help you to understand who leads what, and how it is that the governments function.

The Galactic Federation Triumvirate
The Fall of the Galactic Triumvirate

Galactic Lore:

Galactic Lore is there to understand the layout and history of places, as well as their sights to be seen within them. Might also include a map.

Coruscant Visitor’s Brochure
A Summary of the History of Duro after Darth Krayt’s Fall in 138 ABY
An Anthropological Study on the Freibrax People

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