Coruscant Visitor's Brochure

Coruscant, also known as Notron, the Imperial Center, or the Queen of the Core, is the center of galactic politics in the galaxy.

Part of why Coruscant is such an important world is due to the fact the Coruscant lies at the intersection of many hyperspace lanes, making Coruscant a natural fit for a trade city. So important was Coruscant that most of the galaxy’s denizens agreed to make Coruscant the galactic center in hyperdrive terms, and setting its hyperdrive coordinates at [0, 0, 0].

Coruscant was the homeworld of the Taung and the Zhell who used to do battle across the planet’s surface, before the Zhell persevered, and forced the Taung off of Coruscant. The Zhell then came to be known as Humans, because there were so many clans of humans, with one of those clans being the Zhell. Many of those humans didn’t identify themselves as Zhell as a result, and so they came together with a collective identity for their species, and they settled on Human.

After many years lost to history, Coruscant became the home of the Old Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire (Ruled by Emperor Palpatine), the New Galactic Republic, the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, the Galactic Alliance, the Fel Empire, then Darth Krayt’s Empire, and today, the Galactic Federation.

Coruscant’s history is as vast that the city that covers the planet, and to understand Coruscant, it is best to see how it is that the districts and neighborhoods connect with each other.

Senate District:

The Senate District is the most famous part of Coruscant’s cityscape, and is named for its most distinct structure: The Galactic Senate Building.

Some notable buildings within the Senate District are:

- Galactic Senate Building
- Triumvirate’s Palace
- Jedi Temple
- Coruscant City Hall
- Tetoth Gallery of the Arts
- Galactic Academy of the Sciences

The Galactic Senate Building is the home of the Galactic Senate who, day by day, are arguing for how to make the galaxy a better place for the people in it.

As new sentients are joining the Federation, the Senate Building is constantly being rebuilt to accommodate a new sized senate. In fact, the Senate has grown to twice its original size since 150 ABY, to this year in 650 ABY!

The Triumvirate’s Palace used to be the home of the heads of the Galactic Governments before the Galactic Federation, and was the home of famous figures such as Emperor Roan Fel, and more infamous figures such as Emperor Palpatine. Today, the Palace is home to the Triumvirate’s Emperor Sarvak Fel and is guarded extensively by the Imperial Knights, and is also where the meeting room for the Galactic Triumvirate is as well.

The Jedi Temple has been there since the founding of the Old Republic, and has seen much in its many years. It has seen the First and the Second Great Jedi Purges, and has also seen its conversion into a Sith Temple twice over as well. Today, the Jedi Temple is training the select few talented individuals in the galaxy into Jedi.

Coruscant City Hall is another beautiful building constructed in the Neo-Dassar Style that serves as home to the local Coruscant Government, and houses the office of Coruscant’s President Bordren Cazfi, as well as the office of Coruscant’s Supervisors, and the leaders of the utilities of Coruscant’s megacity as well. If you go inside, you might also see where the old President Flara Othu was executed publicly for openly defying Darth Krayt, as the wall is marked with lightsaber scars to this day.

Tetoth Gallery of the Arts was founded by the winery entrepreneur and art lover Previn Tetoth who used his fortunes from Tetoth Wines to build a place for his extensive art collection for the galaxy to enjoy. The credits you use to purchase a ticket goes to the preservation of the artworks inside, and to funding art schools around the galaxy as well.

The Galactic Academy of the Sciences is a museum devoted to teaching the public about the sciences, and is very interactive with its exhibits as well. The Academy also functions as a research center too, and visitors can even see the scientists themselves as they research the many mysteries of the galaxy through the glass!

The Works:

The Works was once one of the largest industrial parts of Coruscant, but ever since it became cheaper to move the industry off world thanks to legislature passing higher taxes on the industry after one of the starship factories exploded, The Works began to fall under disrepair, and today, remains in a state of disrepair.

Though today, The Works is being looked at by entrepreneurs who are seeking to transform The Works into something far more fun.

But if you are adventurous, The Works are just the place for you to explore, but please remember to bring friends, and mind your own business down there. There are many gangs down there, and maybe the odd brave police patrol or vigilante down there as well.

The Vein Tangle:

Called the Vein Tangle thanks to the fact that many of Coruscant’s pipelines meet here and then branch out to support the rest of the city. Today, the Vein Tangle is a major center for public works and offices as well, and is even home to some working class apartments, and lower class starports as well.

CoCo Town:

CoCo stands for Collective Commerce, and is a major financial sector on Coruscant, and is even home to Coruscant’s stock market and is the headquarters of many businesses and corporations. Nearby are many upper end homes, as well as upper end starports.

Sah’c Town:

Named for a Hutt Entrepreneur named Sah’c Hestilic Amura who was one of the first Hutts on Coruscant, and saw potential in the planet, and so he invested much of his fortune on land. More specifically, he spent it on the hilly coastline and a part of the sea as well. From there, Sah’c built up the land he ordered constructed, and from there, rented the land out for cheap to others and made a lot of money in the process.

Sah’c’s progeny ended up continuing the business of renting the land to low income families, until the Amura lost their holdings on the land due to a war that was declared between the Old Republic, and the Hutts. With the Amura family exiled from Coruscant, they also had to leave their credits behind, as the credits belonged to honest hard working Humans.

The money was then distributed to the people living in Sah’c Town, and the people there became rich overnight, and with them now owning their houses, didn’t have to pay rent again. The denizens of Sah’c Town then founded businesses and continued remaining rich ever since.

Out in Sah’c Town is also where Embassy Row is located, and is home to the ambassadors of all the worlds in the Galactic Republic.

Sah’c Wharf:

Sah’c Wharf is another plot of land that was owned by the Hutt, Sah’c Hestilic Amura, and Sah’c wanted to keep the land there as a seaside in order to increase the price of rent beside the water. Though when the Amura Kajidic ended up losing their holdings on the land, Coruscant sought to seek out more land in order to keep up with making low cost housing, and so the Wharf got filled in and built over with towering buildings.

The people living on Sah’c Wharf ended up doing well in the working and service sector, and today, Sah’c Wharf is home to much of the Middle Class population around the Senate sector in Coruscant.

Map of Coruscant:

[The Brochure also contains a crude map as seen here:]

Map of Coruscant

By the looks of the map, Niad Spaceways Starport is located on the edge of The Vein Tangle.

Coruscant Visitor's Brochure

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