Alterations of Official Canon

As a Non-Canon take on Star Wars, and as a Star Wars fan, I feel much more free to change what I don’t like about the canon, and keep what I do like about the canon. Yeah, its not truly “Star Wars”, but only George Lucas can say what is truly “Star Wars”. I’m just playing a game in his setting, and I’m going to change what I don’t like or think could have been done better, but I will keep most of it intact. Some of the details that I have altered will be here:

Anakin’s Fall to the Dark Side (Spoiler Alert): In Star Wars Episodes II and III, it documented Anakin Skywalker as he found himself caught in a conflict involving the Galactic Republic and the Seperatists. In the process, he learned that Palpatine was playing both teams in order to secure his position in Coruscant, and that he was the Dark Lord of the Sith, but also in the process, Anakin fell to the dark side, because he believed that the dark side can save Padme.

The way it was pulled off in Episodes II and III was, sadly, not up to par in my humble opinion. Anakin was portrayed as a whiny brat who somehow turns into a badass quasi-cyborg. Anakin, in my opinion should have been… a lot more badass.

So below, I will post how Anakin falls to the Dark Side.

Anakin Skywalker has never been one to turn down a challenge. He managed to win a violent Podracing tournament, and even end the blockade the Trade Federation had on Naboo with nothing more than sheer luck and bravado… that is if Anakin wasn’t already strong as heck in the force.

But when Anakin was taken into review by the Jedi Council, Yoda sensed a lot of fear. The fear that Anakin had was not a conscious fear, but it was a fear that Anakin had beneath his bravado. It was that fear that kept Anakin going forward, and being the hero, because deep down, Anakin feared losing those he loved.

Anakin, being raised in poverty at the hands of crimelords only had so much. In the end, he only had his mother, his droid C-3PO, and thanks to the Jedi, he managed to have his freedom.

So Anakin became a Jedi, and as a Jedi, he hoped that he could better defend those he loved. When he sensed his mother was in danger, he tried to leave from his mission with the Jedi to help, but the Jedi Order stopped him to make him go on another mission. Anakin did so, but then secretly returned to his mother to find she was killed by Tusken Raiders. That was the moment that made him rethink the Jedi Order and the Jedi’s teachings. Anakin saw the Jedi as being a group of heroes out to save the galaxy, and Anakin wanted to be part of that band of heroes. But now, Anakin isn’t so sure anymore.

As Anakin was doing more of the Jedi’s work, he got a summons from Emperor Palpatine himself. When he confronted Emperor Palpatine, Palpatine told Anakin that the Seperatists are closing in, and that he wants Anakin to be there to watch his back for him personally. The truth was, Palpatine saw in Anakin much strength in the force, and now that he was rethinking the Jedi Order’s teachings, it made him a perfect target for manipulation.

Anakin was also seeing Padme, the young queen of Naboo in secret, and he told Palpatine what he was thinking. Anakin talked about how he lost his mother because the Jedi kept him back, and that he was afraid he would lose Padme too. The Jedi isn’t allowing him to save the ones he loved, and instead, the Jedi makes him do their dirty work. The Jedi aren’t people of action- they’re tools used by their higher ups- they’re a bureaucracy. Palpatine agreed, saying that it doesn’t sound like they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.

The two related well with each other, and as they got to know each other, Palpatine encouraged Anakin to get married to Padme, while Palpatine slowly gained Anakin’s absolute trust, slowly swaying Anakin to the dark side by the simple principle that Palpatine, or Darth Sidious, had great power over manipulation. Slowly, Palpatine revealed who he was to Anakin, promising that he would not get in the way of Anakin if he had to save those he loved, and teaching Anakin how to use the Dark Side of the Force.

In time, and just before Padme could give birth to hers and Anakin’s children, Anakin received a vision from the Force, of Padme dying. Anakin tried to ask Darth Sidious for a way in which to stop this vision. Darth Sidious told Anakin that he would teach him, and at that moment, Mace Windu charged in after catching wind of Palpatine’s real identity. The battle was fierce between Mace Windu and Darth Sidious, so fierce that Darth Sidious’ face became horribly wrinkled and scarred with age after a reflected Force Lightning. Not wanting to lose all he had left to the Jedi again, Anakin struck, and killed Mace Windu, sealing his pact with the Dark Side, becoming Darth Vader. Immediately after, Darth Sidious taught Darth Vader how to stop Padme from dying from childbirth, but when Anakin ultimately made it, Padme passed away, and there before Anakin were his 2 kids who were twins; Luke and Leia. But all Anakin felt was anger, anger at those who made him lose what he had. Anakin, or Darth Vader was so angry, he didn’t see he still had his kids. But Darth Vader turned away, and attempted to track down Obi Wan Kenobi, all the while, Darth Sidious issued out Order 66- the order that came to kill off thousands of Jedi in the span of seconds, and with that Order came the news that the Jedi tried to assassinate everyone’s beloved emperor.

But Darth Vader managed to track down Obi Wan on Mustafar, where Obi Wan was watching over peace talks between the Republic and the Seperatists. When Darth Vader arrived, he murdered all those around him, and Obi Wan had to fight his old apprentice and friend.

The battle was fierce, but it ended with Darth Vader in the lava. Darth Vader survived, if only because he was put in a conditioned armored suit when he returned to Coruscant which has since become the Empire.

Since surviving, Darth Vader made it his goal to eliminate the last of the Jedi and those who supported them, the ones who made him lose everything he had.

The Rakata Still Live: I personally felt that the extinction of the Rakata was a tad too anti-climactic when you take into account their history of basically having the whole galaxy at their knees. The Rakata still live around certain planets in communities thanks in part to the Old Republic attempting to get the more well adjusted Rakata to return to the Galaxy as a whole.

The Sith Race Still Lives: These guys had a better reason for going extinct than the Rakata, but there were still a few odd ways in which to show how they could have still lived. There were a few Sith ships during the Great Hyperspace War that got through some weird Hyperspace anomalies that caused them to reappear thousands of years later. One of those big transports carrying countless sith have crashed onto the world of Ilthssarh thousands of years since it first went into hyperspace. At the end, the Sith Race has since realized that the empire they served was no more, and so the Sith have since been in a perpetual war over who will next lead.

The Taung Still Live: For the same reason that I decided to keep the Rakata around, I decided to allow the Taung to remain, because canonically, they had a bit too quiet of a death. So theres still Taung out there.

Alterations of Official Canon

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