Additional Things You Should Know

Theres a few things I want to tell you guys. I don’t think this will ever be a problem, but I’ll say it anyways.

I am planning this game out to be a long term campaign. The characters you make should be characters you’re willing to keep playing for potentially years. Now, I understand that meeting up once a week to keep playing the same character in the same setting can get a little old after a while, and honestly, I won’t hold it against you if you think its getting old.

If enough people want to try out a different game on the side, be it Star Wars, or D&D, or some other game, we can run an adventure in that setting for a maximum of 3 gaming days before we get back to the main game. This kind of thing does help to break the monotony of a single game.

Though sometimes, some people just want to take a break from gaming in general. If you need that break, just let me know, and thats all I need to know before you take your break so we won’t expect you.

Also the times in which the game will be played likely won’t be played on the same specific day every week. I am going to need you guys to be flexible with me, because I have a job with days and times that change on a weekly basis. The times can range from the afternoons to the evenings, or maybe even the mornings.

How we will decide on a gaming time, is that a week or two ahead of our normal gaming time, I will post all of the times I have available in those weeks. I hope the games will at least be 3 hours long, so within the range of times I have available in the week, I want you guys to post which time increments in the week are best for you, and hopefully, most everyone playing will have the same time incrementation that works for them.

Once we agreed on a time, I expect everyone is ready to play on that time. If you’re going to come in later than that time, let me know, and we can decide another course of action.

The next thing is, the Star Wars universe is a dangerous place to be in. There is the possibility that your character can die. Being that I care a lot about character development in this campaign, I will not take character death lightly. If you have played your character out strategically well, but the Dice Gods nor the Force was with you despite playing smart, I will employ mercy. If you do play your character out in a dangerously stupid way, I will show no mercy, and I will also show no mercy in battles with notable NPCs. If your character dies, I will make sure they die spectacularly.

Also, depending on how many people want to play in the Star Wars game, I might get a Co-GM to participate.

The Co-GM doesn’t do any of the GMing, but the Co-GM is there to answer questions you might have about the rules, or maybe even remind you of what happened previously.

While we managed to pull off 8 people in my previous D&D game, I think it would have been easier with a Co-GM around.

Otherwise, when games get played online, like in IRC, the game’s pace will be slower than the pacing in real life. But despite its slower pace, I still ask you guys to pay attention to whats happening so that you can respond quicker to various things. This is especially important in Combat. When Combat is happening, see if you can make sure you can make your turn go no longer than 5 minutes if at all possible. Some tricks to make combat go by faster is:

  • Plan out your turn before its your turn. Yes, the battlefield changes in between your plans, but if you’ve planned out your turn, and then the battlefield changes, it will be easier for you to figure out what to do next, than if you did no planning at all.
  • Type out your actions before your turn begins. Then edit the message according to the changes that happen on the battlefield in between.

Also, a house rule that will come into effect once I feel everyone is familiar with the basics of Star Wars Saga Edition, is that if combat lasts for more than 1 round, then all of the turns that come up afterwards, if you take too long on your turn, and don’t warn me that you’re going to take a longer time than normal, I might declare that you skip your turn as well in favor of keeping the game moving.

Also, you guys might get many temporary bonuses floating around, buffing your character. It is up to you to remember the bonuses and buffs that your character has. If you finished an action without applying a bonus you may have had to the action, then the bonus does not get applied to that action. The characters I play out during that combat are subject to this rule too. If I forget to apply a bonus or two that the character would normally get for their action, then thats too bad for me.

I should also mention that I hope to use a website for combats known as I can give you a tutorial on how to use it in the future.

Otherwise, I might add more to this in the future, but right now, this is what I have. I hope this all made sense, and if you have questions, feel free to ask me.

Additional Things You Should Know

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