About Star Wars Rebirth Era

About the Rebirth Era

The Rebirth Era is not an official Star Wars Era, so you will find no other information on the Rebirth Era anywhere else but here. The Rebirth Era is a non-canon Star Wars era that happened in 650 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin, in which the Battle of Yavin happened in Star Wars Episode IV in 0 ABY).

But the Rebirth Era really began after 138 ABY, when Darth Krayt was overthrown, and the Galactic Alliance and the Fel Empire ultimately came back together and created a Triumvirate to lead the newfound empire. With the conflict subsided, and reunification, there was peace at last in the galaxy. The first thing the Triumvirate ordered was the rebuilding of the worlds devastated by war.

During this time, there was little military advancement, as that money was spent on repairing worlds, and destroying the last vestiges of Darth Krayt’s leadership when they came up.

Foes in the Interim of the Rebirth Era

Over the next 500 years from the day Darth Krayt was overthrown, the Galactic Republic had few foes at large, though some of those potential foes were the Hutts, and a few foes were terrorist groups that managed to stir up trouble within the galaxy.

The Hutts:

The Hutts are enormous Slug-like creatures who are narcissistic, selfish, and gluttonous. The Hutts are also one of the only remaining galactic superpowers outside of the New Republic, though even their infrastructure has been going through hard times, thanks in part to their need to repair the damage done to them over the past wars, but also having to contend with other worlds within their empire that are striving towards their independence from their Hutt masters, such as Klatooine. As of yet, the Hutts have remained neutral in Galactic Politics, but the New Republic also knows that the Hutt’s form of warfare is to stay in the background and take over other economies with their “Kajidic” (Kajidic being a clan of Hutts but is more often a criminal syndicate that takes advantage of the Black Market economy.)

(Famous Hutts: Jabba the Hutt, Zorba the Hutt)

The Reborn Mandalorians:

The Mandalorians are a people who are warriors, and used to go and destroy other worlds due to their reverence for war, before the planet of Mandalore was almost devastated by their warrioristic ways, in which case, the ways of Mandalore were reformed by and large to be much more peaceful, though many terrorist groups in the past rebelled against these new changes such as the Death Watch, which tried to keep its warrior traditions alive.

But ever since the defeat of Darth Krayt in 138 ABY, the world of Mandalore fell to hard times, being unable to contribute their services to wars. This recession hit Mandalore hard, making many Mandalorians unemployed and starving, and making them easier to be attacked by pirates and crime lords by taking control of what fragile economy they had, and reigning terror over the Mandalorians. Due to those attacks, and due to a lack of power from the Mandalorian government, the Mandalorian government lost favor in many Mandalorians, and soon, a new Warrior-General rose from the population, wearing the mask of the Mand’alors of old, calling himself “Mandalore the Reborn”.

Mandalore the Reborn rose up to attack the pirates and crime lords who attacked them for their resources, and with the pirates and crime lords being driven off, Mandalore the Reborn became seen as a far greater leader than the central government, starting the second Mandalorian Civil War. Mandalore the Reborn took control of more and more Mandalorian Worlds, and soon, Mandalore was at the Mandalorian Government’s doorstep. The New Republic appealed in favor of the Mandalorian Government, and gave many of their members asylum, as well as send their own soldiers to defend the Mandalorian Core Worlds. Mandalore the Reborn managed to defeat the New Republic with heavy casualties, but when they found that the New Republic intervened, he declared them their new enemies for housing their enemies.

Since then, the New Republic found their funds for military to be strained at best, due to the New Republic rebuilding their fallen infrastructure, but they did manage to hold the line against the reborn Mandalorian Crusaders so far.

(Famous Mandalorians: Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Canderous Ordo, Mandalore the Ultimate)

The Sith Order:

The Sith Order are a faction directly opposed to the Jedi Order, and the Sith have always remained a thorn in the side of the Galactic Republic since the dawn of its inception. The most recent attack from the Sith in 137 ABY was by a Sith Lord named Darth Krayt, who managed to take control of the Galactic Empire, and almost succeeded in making the entire galaxy to submit to his will, before the upstart Jedi named Cade Skywalker managed to oust Darth Krayt.

Since Darth Krayt’s death, many other Sith Factions rose up from the galaxy, claiming themselves to be the Dark Lord of the Sith, and then attacking Republic Worlds at large and claiming those worlds for themselves. The Republic and the regrowing Jedi Order managed to crush all semblances of uprisings, hoping that the Sith never again control the galaxy.

What Kind of a Game Will Star Wars: Rebirth be?

My focus on Star Wars: Rebirth Era is that the game will be heavy on story and roleplay, but also with a lot of opportunities to kick ass and be skillful.

Some characters types I would recommend:

  • A Force User.
  • A Skill Monkey
  • A Pilot
  • A Melee Combatant
  • A Party’s Face
  • A Ranged Combatant
  • A Stealthy Guy

But there are many other types of characters you guys can try too, and you can feel free to encompass any of the above roles or more into your characters.

Also, I am using potentially anything from any of the Official Star Wars Saga Edition Supplements, so if you are a Pilot sort and want some Pilot Maneuvers from Starships of the Galaxy, then feel free to get some for example.

But if you use anything from those outside supplements, just cite the supplement you used so that I can look at it that much faster if I need to look it up.

About Star Wars Rebirth Era

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