A Summary of the History of Duro after Darth Krayt's Fall in 138 ABY

After Darth Krayt fell, Duro came back to having their own government, and they experienced an era of prosperity, which also resulted in a period of economic growth as well. Many factions lost starships in the Darth Krayt conflict, so the starship making companies of Duro found their businesses booming.

The starship companies began to cut down the forests of Duro that came during the Yuuzhan Vong War about 25 years after Star Wars Episode IV. Though as the planet’s atmosphere became polluted once again, some Duros began to protest the expansionist views of the corporations, but the corporations ignored them. One faction of environmentally conscious Duros who came to call themselves U Durosu Soka (UDS), meaning the Children of Duros began to battle the 5 major starship corporations, at first with words and laws, but as the corporations stepped over the UDS’s pleas to stop harming the reinvigorated planet, the UDS’s methods became much more violent, when one of the largest starship corporations, whose name was Oo Durosoo Virrnu Zalonu, meaning The Duros Starship Company (ODVZ) began to reclaim an iron mine that they lost in the Yuuzhan Vong War, the ODVZ’s structures were bombed on the inside with Thermal Detonators, and countless miners lost their lives.

Since then, the ODVZ garnered the support of the Duros government, but the Duros people just weren’t sure, but many knew what the planet was like when the corporations had their way, on another hand, supporting either side would garner animosity from the other side.

Many Duros plead their case with the Galactic Senate to do something about this war, but the Senate has so far argued, and then seeing how it went nowhere, they booked the argument to argue later.

So many Duros who wanted nothing to do with the war fled from Duro, but those that remained behind were either stubborn, or were working for the ODVZ or one of the other corporations, or had joined the ranks as Guerilla fighters for the UDS.

A Summary of the History of Duro after Darth Krayt's Fall in 138 ABY

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