Rules Changes

In this article, I will document all the rules that I have officially changed from the rulebooks. If you have seen what I was doing to D&D 3.5, then don’t panic, because I don’t forsee myself making as many changes to the fundamentals of Star Wars Saga Edition as I was in D&D 3.5.

I will list the changes that I am making here in a numbered list:

1. If you make a Ranged Attack against a target while you are in an enemy’s threatened area, you provoke an attack of opportunity from the enemy.

2. When you make a Charge action, you move at twice your normal speed instead of at your normal speed in a straight line. If you are wearing Medium Armor while charging, you move at your speed and a half. If you are wearing Heavy Armor while charging, you move only at your normal speed. Of course, if you can move freely while wearing Medium or Heavy Armor, then you can charge at the normal charge speed instead.

3. When the book mentions Squares of Movement on a character level, each Square is a 2 meter square. When the book mentions Squares of Movement on a starship level, each Square is a 150 meter square.

4. If you make a full attack in melee, and you made no other movements, you may take a 1 square (2 meter step) without provoking an attack of opportunity.

5. Some races get the Primitive ability. This ability now makes it so you cannot get certain weapon proficiencies with Feat Points, however if you want to select a weapon proficiency with your bonus starting feat, you may.

6. Dual Weapon Mastery Feat Line and Rules: If you dual wield weapons that are 1 size smaller than you, then your penalty for fighting with two weapons becomes -5 instead of -10. If even one weapon is your size or larger, then your penalty becomes -10. If you take up Dual Weapon Mastery I, then your penalty for fighting with weapons 1 size smaller than you becomes -2 instead of -5, and Dual Weapon Mastery II negates that penalty altogether.

7. Item Modification/Upgrade Rules (Found in the Scum and Villainy sourcebook): All items, weapons, and armor have 3 Upgrade Slots.

8. Force Training/Starship Tactics as Class Feats: You can take both feats as class feats if you meet the requirements of taking them, but you can only take up each feat as a class feat only once. After that, you can no longer take either feat as a class feat.

I’ll add more as I come up with more, but so far, this is what I have.

9. Followers Separating: If a follower separates from you, you control that follower as if they were a separate character until the follower and you reunite.

10. Follower Actions: Followers now take a Move Action to order, and not a Standard Action.

Rules Changes

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