Star Wars: Rebirth

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The Meeting With Arbet

The party converged with Arbet at the Niad Spaceways Starport. The first to meet Arbet was Visase Tersik and the Droid Simon. When they arrived, they found that they had to wait for more to come.

The next to come was Kader Areta, who was cranky when he arrived, and as the gathering grew larger, his crankiness began to show more.

Then came Hartel Stellartrotter, who immediately began to talk in a very unusual way that puzzled Arbet’s linguistic sensors.

The next one to show up was a Mon Calamari in a flight suit named Issilum who seemed less than pleased to meet up with Arbet, and wanted the meeting over with.

The next to show up was an unexpected group consisting of a rather plucky Chiss named Zendral, and a not so plucky Gen’Dai named Polis. Arbet was interested in Polis, but Polis insisted to Arbet to hire Zendral as well, or else Polis wouldn’t help Arbet out. In the end, the two got hired on.

The next to show up was a lone Sith Pureblood Jedi Padawan who introduced himself as Taral. By an large, Taral seemed to be the most pleasant of the encounters.

Next was Tavish Brix, or rather, it would have been Tavish, had Tavish not gotten Gizka Bellied at the last minute, and instead brought Orwell down in his stead, but released Orwell from service as a slave, but instead, Orwell got hired on like any other free person.

Once the party gathered together, they left Niad Spaceways Starport where they caught a charter bus with an older Duros named Gunja. Gunja made Arbet get him tea while he loaded everyone else on board.

Gunja proved to be very talkative, and had very casual names that could offend if one did not have a sense of humor. He refered to the Twi’lek as Tendril Heads, the Mon Calamari as Fishface, and the Gamorrean as Snout. Gunja talked about how the government wasn’t doing anything, and how he used to be a Fighter Pilot in service to the Galactic Federation against Mand’alore the Reborn, and all Gunja talked about what the amazing technology that the Mandalorians had, with blaster cannons on starfighters that could puncture capital ship hulls.

Gunja also talked about how he heard that Jedi Master Dalbar, who was also one of the Triumvirate Members knew more about the Mandalorian Technology that he was not telling anybody. Gunja, along with much of the population has grown to distrust the Jedi since then, believing them too secretive of the public to be able to serve them.

In the process, Gunja, after talking to Hartel revealed that he was a fan of the growing sport from Ryloth known as Hoopin’ Slam, and tried to ask him about it, before he got side-tracked about talking about some of the buildings in Coruscant as part of an unofficial tour on the party’s way to The Works where they will pick up their job.

Once in The Works, Gunja told the party where to go from there, which was inside an apartment, in Room 589.

Room 589 was revealed to contain a man with a head shaped like a helmet, with hair in dreadlocks that grew on the back of his head and was tied together at the end. The plan’s skin was of a green hue, and covered a well defined musculature.

The man also had a suit of Mandalorian Armor, as well as Mandalorian armaments nearby, which was the only thing inside the apartment that was well kept. The rest of the apartment had things like a dirty matress, a dirty kitchen area that was meant for only 1 person, but the 9 people in the party had to hit their way inside with the man.

The man, who later introduced himself as Korot, told the party of their task. The party was to try to save Korot’s boss’ son. Korot was assigned as the boy’s protector, but since the boy ran off, he was captured by gangsters. Korot’s hands were tied, because Korot’s boss has a high profile, and the enemies of Korot’s boss would recognize Korot would immediately know why Korot was going into a gang’s hideout to kill them all.

But Korot talked of the Grey Witch- Visase Tersik, and how the gangs believed she was killing them indiscriminately without caring about the moral implications of her actions, or even for what they had. So if Visase and her friends were to rush inside, the gangs would believe that shes not after the kid, but after their lives, so the gangs would think of their own survival rather than of their profits.

After Korot gave the party the briefing, Korot told the party to not come back unless they had Korot’s boss’s son with them.

On the way, Orwell was looking for food, even searching the sleeping bums for crumbs, before Taral gave Orwell a Ration Pack to tide him over.

Raiding the Raiders Chapter I

The gathered party leaves from the apartment and back onto the dreary streets of Coruscant’s Twilight District. The party walked past most of what was around them, but Orwell took an unhealthy interest in the bums littered along the streets, such that Orwell ended up taking a swig from one of the bum’s bottles, before putting it back.

After Hartel piped up about Orwell stealing, Hartel was reminded that he tried to steal a vacuum droid by the rest of the party. Visase kept on walking the streets towards her quarry, and the others kept of following behind her, until they found the old storage building, towering alone amidst the overcrowding on the Twilight District. The party realized there was a front entrance, and a back entrance, and the party began to plan where everyone was going, until Hartel decided to just rush forward, much to the dismay of the rest of the party.

Polis attempted to grab Hartel, but Hartel was too trained in physical sports to be caught by a tackle. Then Hartel opened the front doors, and rushed inside to find a single gangster, wrapped up like a Tusken Raider on Tatooine, and a Repurposed Labor Droid with a Repeating Blaster Rifle built into its chest. Then the gangster opened up the doors, and revealed even more gangsters and droids behind those.

Hartel opened with a Force Slam, killing off 3 of the gangsters, but the Droids managed to pepper Hartel with Blasterfire, and the gangster’s potshots didn’t help much either.

With Hartel taking heavy damage, the others began to show up. First was Taral who managed to Force Slam the other hallway.

Then came Kader who entered and began attacking a lone droid in the back. Slowly, the party stuck to the plan they half-planned out, and managed to scrape themselves together, with Hartel falling unconscious and bleeding, and Polis nearly being felled.

During the ensuing firefight, some notable things happened:

Orwell managed to show off his healing talents by stablizing a rather charred Hartel.
Visase managed to split a gangster’s arm like a banana just by cutting down slowly with her vibroblade.
Simon took a droid down by pushing the “Off Switch”, after blowing a group of gangsters into a splash of gore.
Kader managed to end a gangster’s string of good luck by blasting his brains out.
Zendral had a bad targetting day.
Issilum exercised the most caution by not running out in the open down the hall, but instead standing behind it and looking down.
Polis skewered a gangster, before killing another gangster by throwing the skewered gangster at him.

Simon began to open the doors down one of the blasted hallways, just as the party began their next move…

Raiding the Raiders Chapter II

The party spent their time at first tending to their wounds, and berating Hartel for his rash actions and nearly getting killed. In the meanwhile, Simon was opening the other doors, searching them too. Behind one door was a gang member who immediately surrendered, claiming he never wanted to do this. Simon gave the gang member 100 Credits, and the gang member told the party what was behind the door- the second in command of the Tusken Raiders; the Rodian Deesd, and the kid that the party was tasked in finding.

Once the party recuperated, the party set out to strategize about how best to deal with two repurposed labor droids. Meanwhile, Simon, Kale’zen’dreuoll, and Kader set out to make a droid they deactivated work in their favor. Once the droid was working, Taral made the first strike on the droids before the door containing Deesd and the hostage as well. Then the combat droid followed, and then Hartel as well. With the droids dispatched, the party rearranged themselves, and then Kader unlocked the door by hardwiring its unlock mechanism.

Then the reprogramed droid opened the door, and was shot down by the gang and Deesd who were ready for who may come.

Deesd attempted to use the kid as a shield while he fought, but fortunately, the kid struggled so hard that Deesd had trouble holding on to him, making Deesd have a hard time taking aim.

In the battle, Polis jumped over Deesd’s barricade in order to get closer to him. The others poured in, with Kader, Zendral, and Issilum taking cover and shooting at the gangsters, while Taral served to remove most of the crowds. Orwell and Hartel ran inside the room to make their presence known, and then Simon makes Polis fall unconscious after lobbing a missile at the gang. Simon’s missile managed to make Deesd drop the kid, and turn some of the gang into goo. Then Visase arrived last, and ran in front of Deesd.

Deesd tried pulling out a Thermal Detonator to blow himself, and everyone else up. Visase fortunately cut off Deesd’s hand before he could activate it. Over the ensuing battle, Visase gave Deesd a world of hurt, but it was Polis who miraculously returned from death following Simon’s missile, who would have killed Deesd had it not been for Deesd’s strength in the force. Hartel slammed Deesd, and jammed him halfway across the room.

Then Orwell showed his prowess off by cutting a fully functional labor droid in two without pulling a muscle.

Once Taral, Kader, Issilum, and Zendral cleaned up the stragglers, Visase cut the kid from his bonds. The kid introduced himself as Verin Taro, and over the course of the discussion, Verin mentioned that he was out exploring without his father’s permission into the lower levels of Coruscant. Verin talked about how he left much of his stuff behind so that he won’t be tracked, and while exploring, he was captured by the Tusken Raiders. Verin mentioned that it was at least lowlives who caught him, and not someone with a more malevolent purpose.

That was when Taral finished reading Deesd’s datapad, and showed it to the rest of the party. The datapad reads the following:

From; Ssurg
Subject; Purchase Order.

Deesd, this be the message that Orm sent to me. Read now:

Fwd Message from Orm:

It is very fortunate for you and me that you and your gang were the ones courageous enough to capture Senator Taro’s son, Verin Taro; despite being the target of the Grey Witch’s Vigilantism. We will have to discuss later as to where we should meet in order to do our business, but I can see you being entitled to at least 500 Thousand Credits for your work in bringing Verin Taro to us alive.
Having Taro’s son hostage should make Senator Taro cooperate with our demands in the future.
Just beware of Verin’s bodyguard who will no doubt be after you. The bodyguard is a Mandalorian, a Taung at that; and not someone your gang can take out on even ground. So if he comes storming in, then kill Verin Taro. The death should at least crush his honor, and there are other ways of getting Senator Taro to cooperate with my demands.

All In Due Time

Orm says kill Verin. I say no, don’t! If Verin die, we no get 500K Credits! We need that money to stake out new turf, and strike down Grey Witch! This be our only chance.


From; Ssurg
Subject; Meeting Orm.

Me and Orm have meeting spot. Go to Zarcha’s Cantina. Talk to Cantina Wench Naol for “Special Entertainment”. Naol will know what to do from there.


From; Ssurg
Subject; 500K Credits

Lots to buy with 500K Credits. Should we buy starships from Galactic Auction in CoCo Town? Should we buy better equipment for Raiders? Or should we hire bounty hunters to kill Grey Witch?

From; Deesd
Subject; 500K Credits

Maybe we make more money? That starfighter engine that we stole a couple of months back from other gangs is apparently part of a ship that a large off-world company is willing to buy back. I can’t recall the name off the top of my head, but if we were to reassemble the ship, we can make even more money by buying the parts the other gangs have.


With that revealed, Verin suggested that they go back to “Uncle” Korot. Verin told the party that he knew he was in for it, and that he wished his father never got into politics.

Then the party set out of the hideout, and made their way back to Korot’s apartment nearby.

Driving Lessons with Gunja and the Taro Family Reunion

The party left out of the outpost of the Tusken Raiders with Verin Taro in tow to bring back to Korot.

Korot was relieved to see Verin alive. Verin apologized to Korot, but Korot gruffly told Verin to apologize to his father instead. Korot was also donning his armor by the time the party arrived. Mere minutes after Verin was returned, Korot revealed why he was donning his armor and helmet. He was donning his armor because Gunja was their designated bus driver.

Apparently, Gunja had been lingering around all this time, and Gunja had about 4 other people that he was going to take to the Vein Tangle in his bus, but decided to stick around to pick the party up.

Verin also refers to both Korot and Gunja as “Uncle” when he reunited with the both of them.

The businessmen are of the Human and Sullustan species, and were quite scared of Orwell when they saw him getting curious about them. Hartel asked the businessmen if they had food, and they each had an energy bar, which Hartel took and gave to Orwell. Orwell ate them, wrapper and all.

Well Gunja started to drive, and give a tour when a loud thud was heard of the roof of the bus, followed by the buzzing of saws. Then Gunja looked out of his mirrors, and found that the bus was surrounded by the Tusken Raiders gang in their cars.

At that moment, Gunja stated that he could do this, but he’d rather give a tour instead. So Gunja “volunteered” Zendral to drive the bus while he gave the tour. After Gunja opened up the windows of the bus and the emergency hatch, the party got into position.

Zendral tried to drive the bus and shoot at the same time. Zendral wasn’t much of a multitasker. He made the bus shaky, but his aim was good, as he managed to shoot a gangster in one of the cars.

Over the course of the battle, Polis managed to shoot one of the car’s drivers, and unfortunately for the driver, the driver steered the car in the wrong direction, and smashed into a building at the bottom. Kader peppered a car with blaster bullets. Taral brutally killed a gangster with his lightsaber. Hartel managed to hit the engine of one of the cars, causing the gangster on the roof of the car to fall to the bottom of Coruscant. Korot pulled a Frag Grenade out, and threw it inside of a car causing the car to explode on the inside, causing the outer shell to fall to the bottom of Coruscant. Issilum managed to shoot the driver of another bus, but the gangsters managed to adjust a new driver before the car could plummet to the lands below. Zendral managed to even the bus out to grant better aim. Orwell butchered a gangster into pieces, giving a part of the bus a nice red coat. Simon lobbed a missile at one of the cars, causing the car to explode, and the gangsters as well. Of the gangster’s heads exploded on the bus’ windshield. Gunja tried using the windshield wipers to wipe it off, but it ended up smearing the window instead. Visase impaled a gangster with her sword before shooting him between the eyes. The other gangsters ran off.

One of the businessmen started throwing up, and then the others began to throw up too. Gunja said they were, “Following suit”.

Gunja then got the bright idea to have a modified “Zeltron Fire Drill”, which is normally switching positions in a vehicle while the vehicle is stopped, but Gunja wanted to do it while the bus was still moving. Gunja volunteered Kader to drive while Zendral took a seat. Gunja then announced that he had no idea where he was going, and needed a driver who knew where to drop the businessmen off. Thankfully, Kader knew the building.

Kader did some fancy tricks on the way, such as doing a barrel roll and speeding past traffic. Issilum made a comment about being past the thick of the problem, when the sirens started to blare in the background. Gunja told Kader than if he sped up, they can make their destination before the police arrived. Kader agreed and sped up past the traffic, and dropped the businessmen off.

As the police cars approached, Gunja told Issilum that he was now the bus driver. Issilum objected, but Gunja kept on insisting that he won’t get in trouble as he is not the driver. Issilum, being a good sport, drove the bus next. Issilum proved himself to be a great pilot by driving straight at the police cars. The police cars moved out of the way, but when two of them turned around, they collided with each other in midair, leaving Issilum to have to contend with two more cars. Issilum managed to outmaneuver the cars with that bus of his. He managed to find an alley that was quite narrow. One of the cars made it, the other met a fiery end.

Issilum drove the bus until he found a dead end, at which point, Issilum turns upwards suddenly, while the police car smashed into the dead end as well.

Then Issilum made it back into traffic, and Gunja took over again, and drove the party to the Taro house in Sah’c Town.

Once at the Taro house, some of the party gave Gunja tips, while Korot threatened Gunja with violence if he put Verin in danger like that. Verin managed to calm Korot down, while Gunja drove off to do some more pickups.

Verin was welcomed back by his mother Rea, and his baby sister Thirra in a heartwarming manner. After the welcome, Thirra asked Taral some interesting questions. She first asked if Taral was a Jedi. The second was question was why Taral’s soul was so dark if he was.

Verin decided to go and confront his father. Rea, Thirra, Korot, and the party followed behind and walked inside the house to find the entire house is decorated in such beautiful and lavish decor. The party was also greeted by Arbet, who led them down to where Arken Taro was.

Once they met Arken Taro, Verin began talking, and then the two began to fight, with Verin talking about how much he hated being chained to the house, and how he wanted to explore, while Arken was telling Verin that he was a potential political target and how he couldn’t go anywhere without Uncle Korot to protect him. Verin eventually turned around and stormed out of the room, while Thirra rushed after Verin. Rea remained with Arken to try and calm and comfort him.

The party showed Arken Deesd’s Datapad, confirming Arken’s fears. Arken told the party that some of the senators in the Galactic Senate are not opposing each other like they used to, and Arken wasn’t sure if “Orm” had something to do with them too.

Arken then apologized to the party for the methods he had to use to bring the party together, but that he no longer wanted to be seen as an employer, but as a comrade in the fight to find out more of “Orm” and what he is planning. Arken was still willing to pay the party a large sum, even promising Zendral that he would make sure money was no longer an object for him, and even granting a starship as a down payment.

Arken promised to Issilum that he would quit politics as soon as the conspiracy was resolved in return for Issilum’s help.

Arken also briefed the party a little bit. Either figure out what was up with Zarcha’s Cantina, or check out the Tusken Raider Hideout for clues, or to at least stop Ssurg’s reign of terror. Arken also showed the party a news bulletin that was posted recently from the Holonet, and refered to the party of a friend of his in the Vein Tangle named E5-Z18 who is an Astromech Droid obsessed with modifying himself, and fronts as a warehouse for foodstuffs, while having lots of room for a weapons lab and even has some rooms for starships too.

The Taro Family Dissipation

Arken Taro voiced his worries to the party, but told his wife Rea to go and check up on Verin and Thirra Taro. Arken voiced that he knew this was going to be his last night where everyone in the family will be in the same house, and so he wanted the last night to be a formal one.

Arken got the party drinks, and of course a full course meal, complete with dessert. On the way, the party and the family were bouncing conversation back and forth. Verin learned that Simon thinks of himself as a human thanks to Simon saying such, and Hartel and Visase reinforcing Simon’s notions, and Verin tried talking to Issilum about his flying capabilities. Meanwhile, Thirra, Taral, and Polis were engaged in a lively conversation about “good guys” and “bad guys”. Kader was happier than ever, getting himself buzzed with some drinks.

But Arken delivered the sobering news after dessert was served. Arken told his family that they had to be separate, because they were no longer safe together, and that Arken had organized places in which they could all go and live away, and live a new life.

Rea and Thirra had to move to an undisclosed location and live there together. Verin on the other hand was handed over to the party, and Korot was to accompany the party as well and protect Verin as he always had.

Verin was originally happy that he can be away from his father and his career, but after learning that he was still kept on a leash, he began to get angry and voice his objections.

The party slept well that night, but the Taro family did not, as evidenced by the rings around their eyes the following morning.

That day, the only one to not give a goodbye was Verin, who was glad to be leaving his father. He would have left without even waving a goodbye, had it not been for Simon, Korot, and the rest of the party forcing him to do so.

The party was greeted again by Gunja, who showed the party his morning ritual of mooning the senate building and getting police cars to chase him, all the while, telling Polis of his times in fighting against Mand’alore the Reborn alongside Arken Taro, before finally making it to their destination- which was a 10 block large Warehouse that fronted as a food distribution building, but was also more of a weapons and spaceship lab.

It was inside where the party met up with E5-Z18, an Astromech Droid that has been modified to all heck, and now includes a vocabulator, and a Tea dispenser. E5-Z18 greeted the party in a monotone voice, before shifting voices to find the one the party likes. E5-Z18 started with a sexy female human voice- the kind of voice you would hear in a porn holocron. Then he switched to a voice more reminescent of a person from eastern Coruscant, which the party agreed to taking.

E5-Z18 then went over where their quarters are, and also where the ship that Arken ordered for the party was (Still in shipping and handling). Then E5-Z18 talked about how he can sell weapons, and even upgrade them, upgrade armor, and also upgrade droids. All thats needed would me Metal Scrap and some Credits, and the party will be on their way.

Contending with the Tusken Raider's Champion: Sharaf

The party waited an hour for E5-Z18 to finish his workshop duties. In which time, Simon ended up with a pair of hands to replace his clawed hands, and Visase got her Vibrosword with an Energy Sheathe.

When Polis got his new SoroSuub Firelance, Polis tested the stun setting on Issilum. After exchanging threats, and after the party calmed the two of them down, the party set out to plan their next attack. Ultimately, the party decided on confronting Ssurg, the leader of the Tusken Raiders gang to see if they can get more information out of Ssurg.

After Zendral asked E5 for “listening devices” to figure out where the hideout was, Korot went and told the party that he found its location while he was waiting for them to show up. After Korot told the party where to go, Korot told the party, especially to Polis and Issilum that if their antics endanger the group, that Korot would go and end them. Korot remained in the warehouse with Verin, while Gunja volunteered to give the party a ride to the Tusken Raiders hideout.

The party went onto the bus, and Gunja began to drive like crazy again. He talked about how he forgot to turn the bus on before driving, and then he began to try to see if he can get through the hangar while it was still opening. He managed to do so while corkscrewing the bus around. Gunja called it a “Fast Wotan Weave”. The party called him crazy.

On the way, Gunja drove the bus down a pedestrian lane, making pedestrians duck on the way. Gunja also talked about his wives and ex wives, talking about his 577 ex wives. According to Gunja, he almost ran over one of them that day.

The party managed to make it down a few blocks away from where the Tusken Raiders’ hideout is, and so the party wandered down, while coming up with a strategy. On the way, a voice from the shadows came up calling out to the “Grey Witch”. The one calling out the name was a young man wearing a blue shit and hood, who said that his gang was willing to help in dismantling the Tusken Raiders. The young man’s gang was the Faded Tapuul.

The party was divided in helping out the Faded Tapuul, but the consensus was decided on having them make the distraction while the party ran inside.

After giving the signal, the Faded Tapuul opened fire at the Tusken Raiders, and the party rushed inside the back way, with Polis kicking the door in.

In the back way, the party was cramped, but then the three doors on either side opened up, and out rushed gang members, the elite gang members, and improvised security droids. The most prominent figure in the fight though was the Tusken Raiders’ chamption, a Zabrak named Sharaf. Sharaf not only was clothed in convincing Ghorfa clothing, but also had a Gaffi Stick and a Tusken Cycler Rifle to boot.

In the ensuing battle, Polis fell unconscious in the battle, with a good chunk of his face being blasted off by a blaster shot. Zendral began to attack two people at one time with each gun. Orwell cleaved through gangsters, and then found himself stablizing Polis, and later Visase. Issilum was a lucky shot, and managed to shatter Sharaf’s jaw with a blaster shot. Kader did cleanup, and figured out how best to place himself to make the most out of his combat prowess. Hartel and Taral both used the force extensively to take out packs of gangsters at a time. Simon found himself using a mix between Carbonite and Missiles throughout the fight. Visase stepped up front to start going where Polis last left off, and ended up being a target for Blaster Fire.

Visase also found that Sharaf knew how to fight with a Gaffi stick, though with Visase as weakened as she was, she found herself take a good hit from the Gaffi stick, and ended up needing stablizing. Right when Sharaf thought himself invincible, Polis came to, and shot Sharaf at point blank, knocking Sharaf out of commission.

Once everyone was stable. The party interrogated Sharaf. Orwell healed Sharaf’s jaw that was nearly shattered thanks to a lucky shot on Issilum’s part. Sharaf told the party that he would tell them everything so long as if they killed him at the end of the interrogation.

This upsetted Orwell who promptly broke Sharaf’s nose, before the others restrained Orwell.

Sharaf told the party that the Tusken Raiders took 2 droids that looked alike from the Niad Spaceways Starport months ago. Visase found one of the droids and activating it. That droid was Simon. The other droid was successfully brought back to the Tusken Raider’s compound where it remains, protecting Ssurg’s valuables.

Ssurg’s strengths are in his connections with higher powers, but also in his physical strength. Sharaf then concluded that that was all he knew, and that the party needed to abide by their end of the bargain. Visase reached out to stab Sharaf fatally with her Vibroblade, but Polis stopped her, by saying that he should be strung up outside as an example to others. Issilum was disgusted by that idea, and ended Sharaf’s life with a pistol shot to the head.

The party then took a moment to reflect on the happenings in recent times, and now they stand by the elevator. The lower floor will take the party to Ssurg’s vault. The upper floor will take the party to Ssurg.

The party has yet to decided where to go next.

Going Kaa-razy With Ssurg: The Tusken Raider's Hideout

The party, after defeating Sharaf, plotted their next course of action while they scoured the other side rooms. After finding a large cache of equipment and items, the party debated as to whether or not to go and deal with the Tusken Raider’s SVD-74 Droid and grab the starship engine they had down there, or to go to the upper levels and contend with Ssurg, like their mission dictated.

The party had mixed ideas, but they finally decided to go and contend with Ssurg first, but first Issilum managed to get some of the Faded Tapuul to bring a platoon inside to contend with the lower levels, while the rest of the party went to the upper levels. The Faded Tapuul was headed by Vohs Farak, one of the “Uncles” of the Faded Tapuul.

The party made their way onto the upper levels of the headquarters to find that it was one giant hallway. The party also encountered a gang member who tried to retreat down the hallway, only for him to step on a mine and blow up. The party then did all manner of things, from jumping over the landmines, hitting them from afar, and disarming them, all the while killing the few Tusken Raiders that stand in the way.

Eventually, the party made it to the end of the hall to find that the Tusken Raiders have fortified themselves quite nicely. After planning their moves, Taral and Hartel rush into the room and Force Blast the gangsters behind the fortifications, before Ssurg, and the new second in command Kaa went for the kill.

Kaa managed to shoot Taral twice, nearly killing him, but in a fit of anger, Taral reversed Kaa’s fortune by manifesting Force Lightning on Kaa, causing Kaa to sit out of the rest of the fight in the long run.

Ssurg on the other hand tried to fight with his Vibroswords, before Polis threw Ssurg to the ground. Ssurg countered by eviscerating Polis, but much to Ssurg’s dismay, Polis still stood strong even when cut open.

In short, Hartel finally managed to keep Ssurg under a Force Grip hold before Simon managed to keep Ssurg down in Carbonite.

Taral finished off Kaa with a powerful strike from his Lightsaber, and then Ssurg answered questions after Visase pummeled him with the blunt of her vibroblade.

Ssurg said what he knew of Orm. Orm was another buyer, interested in Verin Taro, and was the highest bidder, bidding 500000 Credits. However, Arken Taro bid 0 Credits. Though Orm ended up giving Ssurg instructions in how to treat Verin Taro while in his custody, such as watching out for Verin’s bodyguard.

Ssurg also spoke of the droid and the starship engine. Ssurg never had problems with making the droid work for him, as the droid thought that Ssurg was his master. But the droid was assigned to stand guard over the starship engine as the engine was worth quite a large amount of money, especially to a contact from Csilla. More specifically, Emeriss Arms claimed that that starship belonged to them before it was stolen.

The party then debated how they wanted to deal with Ssurg, but during the conversation, Orwell said something insulting about Ssurg in Gamorrean. As it turns out, Ssurg understood Gamorrean. Then push came to shove, and Ssurg broke out of his carbonite and punched Orwell in the face. Then Orwell countered by splitting Ssurg down the middle, but making him fork down at the end of the chest.

Ssurg’s body tried to regenerate, but Orwell placed a deactivated mine into Ssurg’s chest as it sealed up. Then Polis took Ssurg’s body with him, and Orwell took Kaa’s body with him.

Then they both went back to the lower levels to find that some crates had moved around, but on one of the crates was a datapad with a lone entry on it.

The entry was from Vohs of the Faded Tapuul. Vohs thanked the party for helping to take Ssurg and the Tusken Raiders down, but that Vohs and the Faded Tapuul also needed an even share of the spoils. So Vohs took the SVD-74 droid and the starship engine from down below, and moved them back to their headquarters. But also, the Faded Tapuul will not attack the party on their turf.

The party then reacted from everything to swearing to saying, “I told you so.”

Pursuing the Tapuul, and Finding a Direction

The party finished reading the message left behind by Vohs, describing how he ran off with the engine part and the droid as well, all the while, the party listened to the sounds of swoop bikes roaring away.

Issilum and Hartel tore for the front door, while Orwell tended to the wounds of the party while Taral, Visase, and Zendral were discussing the ramifications of their actions, and a little about Emeriss Arms as well.

The party caught up to Issilum and Hartel. Hartel used the Force to make him lunge ahead and tackle a fleeing Tapuul. The other Tapuul that was running away ended up getting hit by a bus- Gunja’s bus.

Hartel and Issilum ended up scaring the Tapuul gangster into giving away the location of the hideout, then Hartel did something unexpected- Hartel gave the gangster 5k credits, and then told him to find a new life.

The gangster tried to say that he had nowhere else to go, and so he asked to join the party. But after the party told him that they were after the Tapuul, the gangster changed his mind, and said that he would go an look for an apartment, or maybe a job as well, just something other than the gang.

The party then heard the news from Gunja that the ship had arrived, and so did a Jedi of some sort.

The party discussed as to whether or not to storm the Faded Tapuul now or to take a brief break. In the end, they decided on taking a break.

The party ran back inside the bus, and Gunja drove off, only running a stop signal and causing 3 cars to crash into each other this time.

When the party arrived back at E5’s place, they found the ship that Arken ordered for the party: It was an F9B-00030 Nest ship of Verpine manufacture. The ship itself was easy to customize to the liking of its owner, and the ship itself looks like something an insect would make as a nest. The outside and inside are covered in hexagonal patterns such as honeycombs.

While the party was taking the tour of the ship, a Jedi by the name of Evarr arrived with an unusual looking Lightsaber that was meant for Taral. Taral talked to Evarr about his feeling the Dark Side, and Evarr consoled him on it. Then Visase started to talk to Evarr about her actions and what she used to do- roaming the depths of Coruscant and hunting down the gangs, and Evarr told Visase to not find a new direction but to create her own.

Then Evarr left, saying that he and Keiran have to meet up with Master Dalbar, and from there the party got to figuring out what each person’s role on their new ship will be. In the middle, Hartel began to attack E5 as E5 kept on talking about how Twi’leks are better off as strippers.

Korot said that he was willing to be Security for the ship, and Verin said that he would give being a Purser a shot, and then mentioning how he wants to leave the hangar soon.

With the positions assigned, the party returned to Gunja, where Gunja prepared to take the party to the Faded Tapuul’s hideout, where they can find the droid and the engine they were looking for…

Partying with the Tapuul

With the roar of Gunja’s engine, their adventure started once again for the party. This time, they were after an engine, and a droid. On the way, Gunja asked a bum where the Tapuul’s headquarters were, before zooming off in the direction that was pointed to him.

The bus landed in an alley, and the party jumped off of the bus and sprung into action.

They saw a bonfire going on about 4 blocks ahead, along with some shouts of joy. The party was prepared for violence, but then they decided to try to negotiate and talk instead.

Polis was all for killing, but after Zendral reminded Polis that it might lead to learning more about Emeriss, Polis decided to comply with a non violent approach. Simon also decided to stay behind, while the rest of the party continued ahead.

While the party pressed forward, Simon and Polis watched a tired looking woman walk outside and light a pipe, meanwhile an angry man shouts at her to come back. This triggered Simon’s protective functions, and so Simon moved towards the apartment despite Polis’ protests to leave it alone, as Polis feared he would blow the apartment up.

Simon ended finding that the woman had a child, but her husband was abusive. But the man refused to cooperate, so Simon grabbed the man by the shirt, lifted him off of the ground, and almost dropped him out the window, when the man finally burst into tears and said he would stop hurting his wife. Simon brought the man back inside, and when he did, he found Polis followed him inside, to which Polis pulled out his SoroSuub, and shot the man in Stun mode, making him fall unconscious, before Polis told Simon to wait outside.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party arrived at the party that the Faded Tapuul threw by a bonfire, and had invited all the hoodrats in the neighborhood as well to the party. The party saw all kinds of very touchy dances going on, but they also noticed a shut down droid that looks just like Simon just outside the apartment complex that the Tapuul were guarding.

Most of the party decided to go inside and talk to Vohs, while Hartel remained outside to party.

Hartel decided to wait for an opportunity to come on by and present itself while Hartel had some beer. The Tapuul got more and more hammered, using up their hardest stuff so early in the party, leaving the droid unguarded. So Hartel looked for a way to get the droid out, and found a roller droid from the trunk of the Cargo Van. Then Hartel activated it, and got the shut off droid on the roller droid, and then the both of them set off, the roller droid wheeling slowly, as the party got extremely carnal.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party met up with Vohs, still bandaged up partially from a missile blast, and a muscular Ithorian named Drawuw. Also in the same room was the engine to the Nsiss Clawcraft that was taken from the Tusken Raider’s compound, and a Tusken Raider prisoner. Drawuw insisted that Vohs spoke too much, and that Drawuw was going to continue to negotiate. Drawuw told the party that they got the glory of killing Ssurg, and so the Tapuul needed their half of the spoils, being the engine, and the droid.

Zendral gave Drawuw an argument that Emeriss, the corporation that owned the starship engine wasn’t one to let someone keep everything for themselves. As Zendral gave that argument, he felt a supernatural clarity overcome him in his argument. At least, it was enough to convince Drawuw to give the party the engine.

Drawuw insisted on keeping the droid, but after some negotiations, Drawuw agreed to give the droid to the party for 50000 credits, and Drawuw also gave the party their prisoner as well as a bonus. Drawuw just wanted the prisoner to be somewhere else, and he didn’t care where.

The party retrieved the engine and prisoner, and out they went. The party got a message from Hartel stating that he got the droid, so the party left in a hurry.

The party began to load up their goods, and also got to know the prisoner, who was a Bith named Senlet, and that he got captured by the Faded Tapuul. Hartel insisted that he be a Janitor, while Polis mentioned that he could be security. Senlet leaned on security, much to Hartel’s objections.

On the bus ride back, Gunja gave chase to an Ice Cream truck. Gunja told Issilum to fire at the truck’s engines, to which Issilum objected against. Polis then threatened Gunja with shooting him and letting Issilum drive the bus back. So Gunja changed course and made it so the truck would overheat its engines to allow for Gunja to run out and give everyone an ice cream sandwich from the truck, while the truck driver called the police and cursed Gunja out.

Well the party returned to base, and delivered everything. Verin logged in Senlet as a new crew member, and Polis ordered for an obstacle course to be made for Senlet for him to bypass, while Zendral made startling discoveries with the engine.

A data card was found attached to the engine too. It was another message from Ssurg, and talked specifically of the price of the engine, being 50000 credits, and that there are four other big parts lying around. If all are brought back in one package, the price would be 500,000 Credits. Where they are, Ssurg does not know, but they are likely in the hands of the gangs of Coruscant somewhere. The buyer is a Chiss named Sics’enuluo’hassiss, or Enul to non-Chiss. The date on the message was also a couple of days ago too.

The next question is, what will the party do next? Will they find those Nsiss Clawcraft parts? Or will they follow their lead on “Orm”? Or something else?


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