Star Wars: Rebirth

Slicing into the Greater Haluon's Hideout

Gunja drove the bus upside down to the base, and even parked the bus upside down once they arrived.

Visase, Hartel, and Taral all sensed a presence watching the Greater Haluon’s hideout. The party moved towards it, and eventually noticed the silhouette of a humanoid female looking towards the hideout, and then at the party. When the silhouette noticed; she ran deeper into the building. Taral and Senlet pursued the female deeper into the building.

On the way, Taral sensed that she jumped out of that building. When Taral reached the edge, ready to jump; Taral sensed that she was rapidly ascending to the upper levels. At this time, Taral and Senlet stopped chasing her and moved back to the group. Taral reckoned it was Emeriss.

When Taral and Senlet returned, Polis was discussing strategy with the party. The science facility’s designs were familiar to Polis, and Polis explained that the building had 2 entryways inside; one in the front, the other in the back.

Also on the sides were 2 ventilation shafts that were big enough for most of the party aside from Polis and Simon to crawl through. The plan was for Polis, Visase, Simon, Hartel, and Orwell to charge through the front door; while Kader, Senlet, Issilum, Taral, and Zendral crawled through the vents.

Visase and Polis opened the front doors and then they each lobbed a Concussion Grenade before the battle began in earnest.

While the attack group dropped the cyborgs, the infiltration group crawled through the vents. Issilum slipped through one vent and landed in a tiny room with an aged computer inside. Issilum logged the monitor and uploaded a map of the first floor.

Taral in the meantime snuck into another room, full of machine parts and body parts. The body parks look to be in various stages of decay; and mostly look to be of non vital limbs.

Kader, Zendral, and Senlet remained in the shafts as the attack party cleared the room of cyborgs.

Then Issilum found the research logs of the research facility. Most of the logs weren’t too interesting, but Issilum found a log belonging to the time just before the end of the Clone Wars. The log talked about samples from Kamino that would make clones that were better than the clones of Jango Fett, and that when made would be put on hold until Palpatine wanted them reactivated.

Now, the party is looking to complete their attack plan; while Issilum tries desperately to get out of the cramped room the computer is in.

Reego's Hoard

The party set off from the Jedi Temple to where Reego’s place was. Gunja landed the party on another person’s yard- within their swimming pool more specifically. Orwell pointed to tubers growing in the yard, and Kader took a bite out of one; as the owner of the lot began to curse Gunja out.

The party made their way to Reego’s house. The outside is decorated in sound systems that made the sounds of wild animals on other planets. Once the door buzzer was rung though, the sound of wookiees was heard howling on the speakers.

Reego opened the door up and welcomed the party inside.

The house was full of piles and piles of expensive stuff. Some of the party was tempted to steal some of it, but ultimately, Reego lead the party to his personal hangar full of other expensive vehicles; including the cockpit of the Nsiss Clawcraft.

Reego told the party about the nightmares he got after getting the cockpit into the house. Just hearing screaming and crying from the hangar in his dreams. Reego also got the repaired cockpit for free from a salvager.

Meanwhile, Zendral investigated the cockpit to find a hole similar to what was found on the laser cannon and the engine which gave Zendral the same level of discomfort.

Then Reego started getting death threats. He got the ultimatum that if he didn’t bring the cockpit to the bottom level of the Works in Sector H by Day 7, Week 1, Month 1, Year 650 ABY; he will perish.

So the party volunteered to take the cockpit from Reego. The party contacted Gunja to come and pick up the cockpit. A short time later, a police car exploded into the room leaving a gaping hole in the house. Gunja then shouted that his bus wasn’t big enough to haul the cockpit and that he needed something larger to accommodate it.

Reego didn’t say anything at all during this incident. Even when Gunja stole the shuttle belonging to the senator of Mon Calamari just to steal the cockpit away.

Issilum, while railing to Gunja about stealing from his people; found a picture-pad on one of the front seats, which made Issilum very quiet whenever he looked at it.

Even when Gunja made it back to E5’s hangar, Issilum remained quiet and looking at the picture.

Once everyone left the shuttle, Gunja flew off with it to retrieve the bus he left behind. Meanwhile, Arken Taro contacted the party to ask them of their progress.

Visase told Arken about the holes in the Nsiss Clawcraft parts, and their effects on force users when sensed.

Arken responded with his own news, in that the space platform looks to be passing through the Senate; and the platform got a sponsor from Mon Calamari, from a company known as Infinite Depths Inc. Arken suspects that the platform funding is most likely done for Infinite Depth’s PR, as the Mon Calamari tend to have a good track record towards following the more moral route than not.

After Arken checked on his son Verin, Arken left to continue his talks with the Mon Calamari Senator and the CEO of Infinite Depths Inc. Natmar Smers about the platform.

Once Arken left, Polis and Orwell exchanged words about Verin needing to train harder; while Visase looked up information on the gang, the Greater Haluon.

The Greater Haluon apparently are few in number, but the few that are there are powerful and have enhanced themselves cybernetically into cyborgs, or something more machine than anything else.

The party prepared themselves, jumped into Gunja’s bus after Gunja returned; and then set off to where the Greater Haluon are holed up.

Seeing the Hole Scheme

Harbu thanked the party for their work in saving his enclave of Banished from death by the hands of Zamra’s Zappers, and as a reward; offered to return the favor by keeping the party safe if ever they need to be hidden away.

Zamra was questioned about how she got the gun turret, but in the end; Zamra didn’t offer the party any new information. Then Harbu and the Banished sentenced Zamra to death via Polis’ Pulse Wave Rifle.

With the gun turret and the spare swoop bikes retrieved, the party set foot into Gunja’s bus to find that Gunja was watching dirty holocron movies. After that encounter, Gunja took the party back to E5’s hangar.

Inside, Korot was hard at work training Verin to be stronger via Orwell’s and Polis’ training regiments; while Henea was off in a side room studying.

Fortunately, Henea was studying medicine; and saw a way in which she can help to heal Zendral from near death- if she got help from another who was better at medicine than her. In this case, Orwell helped to revive Zendral to be back in fighting shape again.

Once Zendral was more conscious, he took a glance at the gun turret to find a sort of hole in it. The hole doesn’t look to be part of any designs Zendral was familiar with, and the hole makes Zendral feel uncomfortable just by being next to it.

E5 scanned the hole for radiation, but found no significant radiation; but then Visase realized that she wasn’t actually seeing the “hole” portion of the gun turret or the engine in her force vision. It was like an empty spot in space.

Taral even volunteered to use his force sense to gain further insight into the hole, thinking it to be force related; and Taral ended up getting a vision of darkness while feeling immense pain.

The party decided to go and visit the Jedi Temple to alert the Jedi of Emeriss Arm’s unorthodox designs. More specifically, Taral’s master; Evarr Dreskel.

The party was greeted by the Yuuzhan Vong Guardsman, Shu’val; and was allowed to pass through the temple. Inside the temple, Polis made no secret his disdain for the Jedi’s doings while the party made their way to Evarr’s chambers.

Inside Evarr’s chambers, Polis and Evarr had a small argument over the Jedi’s methods; but Evarr and perhaps miraculously Polis both kept their cool. Meanwhile, Evarr expressed his concern over the gun turret’s design- especially with its averse effect to being sensed with the force. Evarr told the party to keep the turret, lest the Jedi want a better look at it.

Also, Evarr approved of Taral training Visase as a Jedi, but to officially become a Jedi would require approval by the Jedi Council. Evarr was even kind enough to give Taral a pair of Bondar Crystals to make the Training Lightsabers as well as giving Taral Evarr’s holocron to help in guiding the party on any matters that may come up.

Once done, the party took their leave back to Gunja’s bus to pay Reego the Hoarder a visit in Sah’c Town…

A Deathblow Against Zamra's Zappers

Gunja announced that while he was blacked out, he resolved to be a better driver. Just one problem: Gunja didn’t remember how he was going to resolve it.

Gunja tried following the rules of traffic while taking the party back into The Works, but then Gunja got bored of doing so; and got pulled over by a police officer. Then Gunja told the officer that he didn’t believe in having a driver’s license, and then drove off.

When Gunja landed the bus at the very bottom floor, the party was greeted with darkness around them amidst shattered infrastructure, and piles of trash that tower many stories high.

But the party also found the light of many campfires as well. Following the light, the party found an enclave of Banished- those who were descended from criminals sentenced to never see the light of day again. The leader of this camp looks to be a Mandalorian, though his armor is in great disrepair. The Mandalorian introduced himself has Harbu of Clan Nord. Harbu and his camp of Banished ended up running into trouble with the gang known as Zamra’s Zappers. Some of the Zappers tried to attack the enclave, and figuring that the Zappers would come back for revenge; Harbu ended up being very happy that they got help.

Zamra’s Zappers ended up in the area, taking up a torn down garage area as a base for their bikes. With a big force of Zappers on their way, Visase, Issilum, Hartel, and Taral snuck behind the lines in order to get to their swoop bikes. All the while, Zendral, Kader, Simon, Polis, and Orwell remained behind to defend the camp.

The Zappers came in Swoop Bikes and on foot, and the defenders bravely fought off the advance, even as Zamra herself showed up with the Clawcraft Guns attached to the back of her Swoop like a gun turret. By the time Zamra showed up, Visase, Issilum, Hartel, and Taral returned in Swoop bikes, and the fight was over.

Most of the party sustained minor injuries, but Zendral was beaten unconscious; and there were many casualties within the enclave as well.

Only the party, and Harbu stands over the beaten up Zamra.

Baiting Emeriss: Zamra's Zappers

The party woke up early that morning to the sound of Verin Taro screaming outside of the ship. When the party investigated, they found that it was only E5 who had reinstalled his repaired Vocabulator; only to find that all of the voice recordings were all but wiped out in E5’s battle against the Nikto Rorlak- except for Verin Taro’s voice.

Orwell introduced Verin Taro and Henea to his training regiment to help them defend themselves better, but also to discipline Verin. Korot volunteered to help Orwell in this regard, and that he’ll talk to Orwell about the training regiment if he doesn’t like something thats there.

Meanwhile, Polis volunteered his voice to be used by E5, and E5 liked it, thanks to it giving off a sound that it will not be haggled with.

Simon reactivated Saiz to learn more of his master. Unfortunately, Saiz doesn’t know much more than Simon does, but certainly more nonetheless. Saiz did however give permission for E5 to do research on his anatomy, so long as if E5 doesn’t destroy him.

Then the party plotted their next course of action. Senlet suggested going after Enul first, thanks to Enul being the final goal for most of the gangs to get their money. From there, finding all of the parts will not be as problematic.

But Polis, Zendral, and Visase eventually agreed on baiting Emeriss Arms by gathering the parts themselves to make Emeriss come after them. So the party agreed to start with Zamra’s Zappers.

Issilum contacted Arken Taro about the Zappers, and Arken explained that the Zappers were a very violent swoop bike gang; known often for destroying lives and property for the sake of doing so, and not even for money. Arken knew they were on the bottom most level of Coruscant, but exactly where is unknown.

Arken also volunteered to pay off the party’s debt to E5 (150,000 Credits).

Then Issilum searched the Holonet for information on where Zamra’s Zappers are, and eventually found some stray logs and images, and Issilum mapped the address out.

Once the address was found, Gunja volunteered to drive the party there.

Putting the Pieces Together

When the party returned to their base, the first bit of news that they heard from Senlet was that Verin Taro ran off, and that there was nothing Senlet could have done to stop him, short of shooting Verin Taro in stun mode.

The party then prepared themselves to go and retireve Verin, but then the buzzer for the front door rang, and Visase and Orwell rushed to open the door. There were 3 people standing at the door. The first person was Verin Taro, the second person was a girl that looks around Verin’s age, and the third was a Twi’lek in Jedi garments.

The Twi’lek introduced himself as Jedi Master Keiran, and that he was passing by to find Verin and his girlfriend being beset by thugs, to which Keiran dispatched, and then brought Verin and his girlfriend here.

It took the party a moment to realize that Keiran was the advisor of Master Dalbar of the Galactic Triumvirate, but first, the party did everything to Verin from reprimanding him, checking him for wounds, and asking Verin who she was.

Verin introduced the party to his girlfriend Henea Ji. Verin talked about how he was worried about the events that have cropped up, and that he feared for the safety of his girlfriend, and so he snuck out to get her to safety. Then he got attacked by gangsters, and Jedi Master Keiran fought them off, and escorted them back.

Master Keiran gave a small speech about being safe and being together in such a world as this, and as Keiran turned to leave, Zendral stopped him to ask him for assistance against the threats of the world. Keiran said that he has to assist Master Dalbar, but Keiran did give the party a contact. While Keiran won’t answer it, Keiran could listen to it, and even call to give the party answers too.

Once Keiran left, the party was left with Henea Ji, and that they had to come up with a reason why she won’t be going back home either. The party decided that Henea’s connection with Verin Taro put her life in danger, and that by government order, was relocated to a safe place. Henea and Issilum did the recording, and once the recording flowed well and was naturallized, it was sent to Henea’s parents, leaving Henea as the newest addition to the crew.

Hartel recruited her as the ship’s janitor.

Then Arken Taro called via the holo-cam. When Arken Taro’s image appeared, he first asked to see Verin Taro. Verin was indifferent about seeing his father, but Arken was happy to see him safe and sound.

Then Arken asked about what the party discovered. The party told Arken Taro more about Orm, being a Hutt working with the Galactic Axis slaving company, and the leads they came up with.

Arken paid each party member 10,000 Credits, and then gave the party the news he obtained.

Firstly, a bill was floating around the senate to support a military platform to fight against Mandalore’s reign of terror. This platform was to also serve as a factory. The company contracted to make this platform was a Chiss weapons company called Emeriss Arms.

The second was that all of the refugees from Plathuui were ordered to be sent to Taris.

After Arken bid his farewells, Zendral began to have a breakdown; to which Visase asked Zendral to tell the party his history with Emeriss Arms.

Zendral told the party everything, about how he was the posterboy of Chiss ingenuity and was working well with Emeriss when his sister; Ari’mavve’dreuoll disappeared. People don’t just disappear on Csilla, and Zendral realized Emeriss had something to do with it when his supervisor did a poor job brushing Zendral’s questions off. So Zendral left and began to find a way to get back at them, with Polis beside him on this goal as well.

When that happened, Simon managed to reactivate E5. When E5 came too, he was shouting terrible things in binary about his vocabulator being broke, and that the party owes him 150,000 Credits for the mess he got in. E5 then began to repair himself and his vocabulator.

Then Verin mentioned how its getting late, and how he needs sleep. He mentioned how he and his girlfriend will share the same bed, but Orwell intervened by typing to Verin that he could sleep with Orwell while Henea got his bed. Then Verin changed his mind and let Henea have her own bed.

Orwell wrote a question for the party, saying that Verin doesn’t deserve the company of a woman until he learns how to defend himself, and Orwell proposed to teach Verin how to defend himself, and much of the rest of the party was behind it too.

But first, the party got into their beds, and began to sleep.

I'm Sorry, But Your Orm is on Another Planet

The party woke up the next morning to find E5 had successfully taken apart a lightsaber and an energy ball. The next thing they found out was that Gunja was chugging Booma Fruit Juice and recovering from a hangover.

Then the datapad rang, and Orm gave the message that he wanted to meet the party in an alley positioned deep down beneath the works later on in the night.

So the party prepared to bring “Verin” along. E5 was very against going, but after being presented with payment of about 50,000 Credits, more if he got hurt, then he would agree to it. Also amazingly enough, Korot accepted Taral’s request for him to come along.

E5 spent 8 hours learning how to talk like Verin Taro, and then the party hid E5 under a blanket.

The party then brought everyone into Gunja’s bus, and made sure to take Gunja off the bus too so as to better get over the hangover.

Issilum then drove the bus out carefully and professionally, and brought the party into the depths of Coruscant, to bear witness to conditions far worse than what they’ve seen. The only signs of live are scavengers, both sentient and non-sentient sifting through the trash for food.

Still, the party made it to the meeting spot. Though Taral sensed they were being watched, the party remained vigilant.

Then Orm, and the nikto Rorlak arrived with a squad of gamorrean guards. Orm demanded to see Verin first. E5 made comments in Verin’s voice, but once the blanket was removed, Kader rushed in to attack, but the snipers in the buidlings beat Kader to the punch, nearly dropping Kader.

The rest of the battle was intense in parts. E5 shut down due to getting punched and kicked in by Rorlak, and E5’s vocabulator broke in half as well, but not before E5 managed to make Rorlak bleed out with his custom made and compact vibro-saws.

The party took turns killing off the guards, though thanks to Simon’s Carbonite Rifle, and Korot’s grappling, Orm was subdued, while the rest of the party killed Rorlak over time.

Once Orm was subdued, Orm mumbled that he wasn’t Orm at all, and that he was a slave, much like everyone else working under Orm. The “Orm” that the party subdued was actually named Zann Wek, and he was told that if he brought Verin Taro over to Orm alive and without paying the potential buyers the money, then Zann and his family will be free from slavery.

Zann worked for the slaving company called the Galactic Axis. Their symbol is a galaxy with three lines crossing over it. The horizonal being marked with a Xesh at the end, the vertical marked with a Yirt, and the diagonal line being marked with a Zerek. Zann mentioned that at this time, his boss was named Orm. Orm changes his name, but right now, he is Orm, and Orm is a Hutt, and the leader of the Galactic Axis.

With Zann failing his mission, he decided that he may as well just tell the party where to start in subduing the Galactic Axis. At this time, Orm is interested in the war and conquest Mandalore the Reborn is bringing out, taking refugees away and bringing them into his slaving ring. Orm’s vision is on Plathuui right now, but Zann did mention that he operated out of an outpost in the Vein Tangle, in the lower levels. The party could start there in figuring out just how deep the hole goes.

Zann also mentioned that Mandalore doesn’t attack Galactic Axis ships, so most likely, the Axis and Mandalore have an agreement.

The party then left him, promising him that they would not hurt his family should they ever find them. Then the party went back onto the bus, carrying a disabled E5 with them back to their base.

Meeting With Orm

The party discussed how to go about with this “Orm” character as dusk approached. The party decided that they need to assert what happened to the Tusken Raiders, and that they needed to prove that they have Verin Taro.

The party decided to go and use Deesd’s datapad to not only provide evidence of them having Verin Taro custody, but also to contact Orm.

Visase and Taral did the filming, while Orwell held onto Verin, Hartel pointed his pistol at his head, and Kader spoke the lines.

Once the message was sent, it wasn’t long at all when Orm sent out a response. Orm gave the party the same deal he gave to the Tusken Raiders. Bring him Verin Taro, and he’ll provide 500000 Credits if they meet at Zarcha’s Cantina.

The party ran onto Gunja’s bus, and Gunja drove the party to Zarcha’s with the bus going in reverse the entire time. In short, Gunja bought the entire cantina a round with the money he took from a swoop bike gang, all the while, Kader asked Naol to see her “special entertainment”.

Naol took Kader, Orwell, and Hartel into the back rooms where they met with a Nikto named Rorlak. The negotiations didn’t go too many places, with Kader insisting on seeing Orm, while Rorlak insisted on seeing Verin Taro.

Rorlak contacted Orm, and Rorlak was berated for agreeing to have Orm meet the party. But still, in the end, Orm complied, and let the party know that he will meet with them shortly.

When the party left, Gunja was hammered, and tried to drive the bus, except that he was too drunk to realize that the bus wasn’t even turned on. So Zendral took Gunja into the passenger seat, while Issilum drove the bus back professionally.

On the way, the party encountered a fleet, consistent of starfighters such as X-Wings and A-Wings, escorting transport ships. According to an attached life sign scanner on Gunja’s bus, the transports were full of Plathuu refugees, and it looks like they were taking them down to The Works.

In the end, the party returned to the hangar to retire after a long hard day.

Partying with the Tapuul

With the roar of Gunja’s engine, their adventure started once again for the party. This time, they were after an engine, and a droid. On the way, Gunja asked a bum where the Tapuul’s headquarters were, before zooming off in the direction that was pointed to him.

The bus landed in an alley, and the party jumped off of the bus and sprung into action.

They saw a bonfire going on about 4 blocks ahead, along with some shouts of joy. The party was prepared for violence, but then they decided to try to negotiate and talk instead.

Polis was all for killing, but after Zendral reminded Polis that it might lead to learning more about Emeriss, Polis decided to comply with a non violent approach. Simon also decided to stay behind, while the rest of the party continued ahead.

While the party pressed forward, Simon and Polis watched a tired looking woman walk outside and light a pipe, meanwhile an angry man shouts at her to come back. This triggered Simon’s protective functions, and so Simon moved towards the apartment despite Polis’ protests to leave it alone, as Polis feared he would blow the apartment up.

Simon ended finding that the woman had a child, but her husband was abusive. But the man refused to cooperate, so Simon grabbed the man by the shirt, lifted him off of the ground, and almost dropped him out the window, when the man finally burst into tears and said he would stop hurting his wife. Simon brought the man back inside, and when he did, he found Polis followed him inside, to which Polis pulled out his SoroSuub, and shot the man in Stun mode, making him fall unconscious, before Polis told Simon to wait outside.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party arrived at the party that the Faded Tapuul threw by a bonfire, and had invited all the hoodrats in the neighborhood as well to the party. The party saw all kinds of very touchy dances going on, but they also noticed a shut down droid that looks just like Simon just outside the apartment complex that the Tapuul were guarding.

Most of the party decided to go inside and talk to Vohs, while Hartel remained outside to party.

Hartel decided to wait for an opportunity to come on by and present itself while Hartel had some beer. The Tapuul got more and more hammered, using up their hardest stuff so early in the party, leaving the droid unguarded. So Hartel looked for a way to get the droid out, and found a roller droid from the trunk of the Cargo Van. Then Hartel activated it, and got the shut off droid on the roller droid, and then the both of them set off, the roller droid wheeling slowly, as the party got extremely carnal.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party met up with Vohs, still bandaged up partially from a missile blast, and a muscular Ithorian named Drawuw. Also in the same room was the engine to the Nsiss Clawcraft that was taken from the Tusken Raider’s compound, and a Tusken Raider prisoner. Drawuw insisted that Vohs spoke too much, and that Drawuw was going to continue to negotiate. Drawuw told the party that they got the glory of killing Ssurg, and so the Tapuul needed their half of the spoils, being the engine, and the droid.

Zendral gave Drawuw an argument that Emeriss, the corporation that owned the starship engine wasn’t one to let someone keep everything for themselves. As Zendral gave that argument, he felt a supernatural clarity overcome him in his argument. At least, it was enough to convince Drawuw to give the party the engine.

Drawuw insisted on keeping the droid, but after some negotiations, Drawuw agreed to give the droid to the party for 50000 credits, and Drawuw also gave the party their prisoner as well as a bonus. Drawuw just wanted the prisoner to be somewhere else, and he didn’t care where.

The party retrieved the engine and prisoner, and out they went. The party got a message from Hartel stating that he got the droid, so the party left in a hurry.

The party began to load up their goods, and also got to know the prisoner, who was a Bith named Senlet, and that he got captured by the Faded Tapuul. Hartel insisted that he be a Janitor, while Polis mentioned that he could be security. Senlet leaned on security, much to Hartel’s objections.

On the bus ride back, Gunja gave chase to an Ice Cream truck. Gunja told Issilum to fire at the truck’s engines, to which Issilum objected against. Polis then threatened Gunja with shooting him and letting Issilum drive the bus back. So Gunja changed course and made it so the truck would overheat its engines to allow for Gunja to run out and give everyone an ice cream sandwich from the truck, while the truck driver called the police and cursed Gunja out.

Well the party returned to base, and delivered everything. Verin logged in Senlet as a new crew member, and Polis ordered for an obstacle course to be made for Senlet for him to bypass, while Zendral made startling discoveries with the engine.

A data card was found attached to the engine too. It was another message from Ssurg, and talked specifically of the price of the engine, being 50000 credits, and that there are four other big parts lying around. If all are brought back in one package, the price would be 500,000 Credits. Where they are, Ssurg does not know, but they are likely in the hands of the gangs of Coruscant somewhere. The buyer is a Chiss named Sics’enuluo’hassiss, or Enul to non-Chiss. The date on the message was also a couple of days ago too.

The next question is, what will the party do next? Will they find those Nsiss Clawcraft parts? Or will they follow their lead on “Orm”? Or something else?

Pursuing the Tapuul, and Finding a Direction

The party finished reading the message left behind by Vohs, describing how he ran off with the engine part and the droid as well, all the while, the party listened to the sounds of swoop bikes roaring away.

Issilum and Hartel tore for the front door, while Orwell tended to the wounds of the party while Taral, Visase, and Zendral were discussing the ramifications of their actions, and a little about Emeriss Arms as well.

The party caught up to Issilum and Hartel. Hartel used the Force to make him lunge ahead and tackle a fleeing Tapuul. The other Tapuul that was running away ended up getting hit by a bus- Gunja’s bus.

Hartel and Issilum ended up scaring the Tapuul gangster into giving away the location of the hideout, then Hartel did something unexpected- Hartel gave the gangster 5k credits, and then told him to find a new life.

The gangster tried to say that he had nowhere else to go, and so he asked to join the party. But after the party told him that they were after the Tapuul, the gangster changed his mind, and said that he would go an look for an apartment, or maybe a job as well, just something other than the gang.

The party then heard the news from Gunja that the ship had arrived, and so did a Jedi of some sort.

The party discussed as to whether or not to storm the Faded Tapuul now or to take a brief break. In the end, they decided on taking a break.

The party ran back inside the bus, and Gunja drove off, only running a stop signal and causing 3 cars to crash into each other this time.

When the party arrived back at E5’s place, they found the ship that Arken ordered for the party: It was an F9B-00030 Nest ship of Verpine manufacture. The ship itself was easy to customize to the liking of its owner, and the ship itself looks like something an insect would make as a nest. The outside and inside are covered in hexagonal patterns such as honeycombs.

While the party was taking the tour of the ship, a Jedi by the name of Evarr arrived with an unusual looking Lightsaber that was meant for Taral. Taral talked to Evarr about his feeling the Dark Side, and Evarr consoled him on it. Then Visase started to talk to Evarr about her actions and what she used to do- roaming the depths of Coruscant and hunting down the gangs, and Evarr told Visase to not find a new direction but to create her own.

Then Evarr left, saying that he and Keiran have to meet up with Master Dalbar, and from there the party got to figuring out what each person’s role on their new ship will be. In the middle, Hartel began to attack E5 as E5 kept on talking about how Twi’leks are better off as strippers.

Korot said that he was willing to be Security for the ship, and Verin said that he would give being a Purser a shot, and then mentioning how he wants to leave the hangar soon.

With the positions assigned, the party returned to Gunja, where Gunja prepared to take the party to the Faded Tapuul’s hideout, where they can find the droid and the engine they were looking for…


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