Star Wars: Rebirth

Hemeri's Acquittal

(Because I lost my previous progress, and don’t feel like retyping everything I wrote before, this entry will be cut short, but will still hopefully be sufficient.)

As the party ate breakfast (Except Orwell and Polis), Lohil explained the court procedures, and that the first case was about Hemeri’s charges of murder and fleeing the scene. Hemeri, who had since been placed on house arrest from Xor’s attempt on his life in incarceration, then went and got dressed formally alongside the rest of the party. Polis was adamant about not wearing formal attire, and that his armor was fine. Due to laws entailing bringing in weapons and armor though, Polis would not be allowed to do so. Polis insisted that he can’t come in then, and it was left at that.

The party were then led into court, where much of the crew either sat at the table or sat in the stands. The trial was watched over by an old quarren judge who saw Hemeri’s defense on one side, but also Natmar Smers’ side on the other. Due to Natmar’s close relationship to Oskel Karbor; Hemeri’s foster father, he was to stand in Oskel’s defense. Sitting beside Natmar was a young Mon Calamari woman who looked uncomfortable. Hemeri’s eyes looked in her direction many times, but hers kept looking down.

The trial began with Hemeri being put up to the stands for questioning. Hemeri stated he was not guilty on either charge, and that he did so to protect his mother. Visase then testified to show the kind of person Oskel was and who he worked with. After Lohil got permission to play Oskel’s strongbox’s recording, did Henea lead Thirra out of the courtroom, and then did it play out the horrors Oskel and his cronies committed, along with his sworn allegiances to the Xor Family. Natmar Smers began to look increasingly tense, while the Mon Calamari woman next to him looked on in disgust.

Natmar in response to questioning about his knowledge of his knowing about those friends Oskel had did Natmar attempt to give a very neutral answer. That was when Natmar Smers’ own strongbox was pulled up after naval special forces arrested him. Before the recording could be played did the Mon Calamari woman shout out in tears about how she doesn’t want to see what Natmar did. Despite the judge playing the buzzer, Natmar called out her name, “Amasora”, but she kept looking at him with disgust. She then looked over at Hemeri and apologized hurriedly. Hemeri was trying to finish a thought, calling her by name, but she just apologized again, announced to Natmar that she was through with him, and then she stormed out of the court.

Natmar’s face sunk to that of hollow defeat. Slith whispered to Orwell that she was Hemeri’s girlfriend back in the academy.

Natmar’s face never changed, even when his recording was played to the horror of the court.

Zendral suggested to the judge to freeze the Infinite Depth’s assets temporarily for security of the court, to which the judge insisted that that will all be covered.

Wanting to salvage something out of the situation, Natmar’s lawyer asked Hemeri how many times he had stabbed Oskel. The forensics found 17 stab wounds; three in the head, two in the neck, two in the right arm, and the rest all over the torso; and that he asked Hemeri if the excessiveness of his attack was reflecting at all on his intentions to protect his mother.

Visase and Taral explained how excessive force happens in defense of another, especially considering this was Hemeri’s first time taking someone’s life. Orwell was more than happy to provide a piece or two of that same wisdom as well.

When the question of Hemeri fleeing from justice happened did his mother Slith stand up and admit she encouraged Hemeri to flee the scene. Oskel’s connections were so powerful that they kept his own records clean despite his infractions upon them. No amount of justice would have ever given Hemeri a fair trial then.

Zendral hit that point home about how flight would not have been necessary had the system protected Hemeri in the first place.

Verin then requested he provide testimony to Hemeri’s character, to which, and to the surprise of much of the party, did he pull out a holocron with Arken Taro’s personality recorded into it. Even Taral was surprised that he managed to do it.

After Henea and Thirra were beckoned back into the room by Captain Ikmon did Arken give a long testimony about Hemeri’s deeds, but that he had found out about Hemeri’s crimes, and have thus used them to blackmail him into working for him. Hemeri was one of the core players in why we even know of the Sith takeover, and why the galaxy is now up in arms against them, and that he was one of the players in the rescue of his family in those times as well. He was also the moral compass, even encouraging Arken to quit politics when this was all done. Arken concluded his testimony by saying that he always did what he felt was necessary while Hemeri always did the right thing, not to mention his flying prowess being one of the best he’s ever seen. Hemeri is a hero, and a model in what it means to be Mon Calamari.

Orwell even spoke up about Hemeri was part of the reason he is a free man.

At the conclusion of it, Taral spoke in amazement about how he only thought Force Sensitives could leave enough of an imprint to live on in the holocron. Arken stated that it wasn’t easy or cheap, but that Admiral Yosk made sure to help out with it.

At that, the jury made the verdict. Hemeri was found not guilty of murder of Oskel, and of fleeing the scene. Natmar Smers however was guilty on so many charges, and was quietly led out of the court.

Hemeri cheerfully stated that he was hungry and ready for breakfast, while Lohil spoke about how the next trials will be far more difficult; discussing the fates of those arrested, such as Yari Kebata and Luftha Xor.

Ironchain's Defeat, and the Start of the Trial

Szul Szamoj “Ironchain” started the battle without any more words when he struck at the whole party with his Force imbued iron chain that grew to 12 meters, and wrapped around the legs of the party while still passing through them. Only Polis was not knocked down from the sweeping chain.

The battle joined when the party stood up and spread out. Polis and later Orwell flanked Szamoj while Szamoj switched his chain’s stance to circle around himself menacingly.

Eventually, both Polis and Orwell struck at Szamoj a little too wide, causing the chain to wrap around their arms and tightening. While Szamoj was able to toss Orwell in the air like a flail head, Polis remained grounded, once because of his own efforts, and once more by Taral’s own to ensure his success.

Taral stood back primarily, and made sure to keep Szamoj knocked out of commission by using Force techniques, while Visase, Zendral, and Kader attempted to burn him down in their own ways.

Eventually, Orwell was knocked unconscious by a tightening chain, and was flung into a bookshelf after he tried to cut the chain with Darth Mantis’ lightsaber. Just then, Zendral struck Szamoj down with his blasters.

Szamoj muttered about how he failed, and then continued to mutter in his native tongue before Visase shot him with her blaster on Stun.

Taking all prisoners out of the mansion, the party learned that the navy had been above surface and tracking their progress. They destroyed the traitorous rangers, and discovered a lone escape pod that Luftha Xor attempted to escape his mansion with.

The party, along with an unconscious Szul Szamoj, scientists, and Yari Kebata soon split into separate submarines in the guard’s quarters. On their way back, they found that the barnacle leviathans had been feasting on the submarine dock that had been cut out as the party forced their way inside.

But by using the soothing sonar signals, they were ignored by the leviathans as they surfaced.

When the party made it to the Ackbar’s Honor did they discover the prisons of Yari Kebata and Luftha Xor as being in secret areas on the Ackbar’s Honor. There in a soundproof force fielded cell was Luftha Xor looking ahead but being silent while Shendi Yosk got her debriefing, and insisted that the trial must commence tomorrow, and that the party will need to put together all evidence against him. She also mentioned that Goruhad’s Cross had been very cooperative, but hadn’t spoken with them for long.

Both Taral and Visase sensed that Shendi Yosk had slipped more to the Dark Side as of late, Visase voiced her suspicion at the capture of all parties being far too easy…

Visase showed Shendi the lightsabers of the Sith found down there, along with the holocrons of Luftha’s family members, including one of Darth Azard; a high ranking Sith 500 years ago, while Polis displayed Darth Mantis’ hand as harboring the symbol of the One Sith on it.

Kale’zen’dreuoll spoke of how he was worried that Yari Kebata’s testimony would fracture the whole on Dac, making it so war would happen on multiple fronts. Taral assured Zendral that Darth Maccus could destroy the military at will, and then Visase voiced that all it would take is one nosy character to reveal what really happened to kill somebody, and compromise the views of everyone involved.

Zendral had recommended killing Yari quietly, stating that he had perished in the firefight in the Mansion, in the hopes that Dac would remain stable. Orwell articulated his willingness to help dispose of both Xor and Kebata, while he looked at Xor calculatingly.

In the end, the party as a whole agreed with the route to reveal to the people was is really happening, and then deal with whatever fallout comes.

Darth Maccus also interrupted the deliberation through Shendi Yosk’s messenger, claiming that he sensed the party had caught Xor and that he would be happy to be a witness to the trial ahead. Zendral made a faux cheer, when Maccus told him some “good” news that his sister was still ok. Zendral’s and Visase’s moods darkened after that, and then Maccus ended the call as suddenly as he initiated it.

Shendi requested the party go and garner all they had helped before, because the Sith will invade when Dac is at its weakest, and position them wherever they are needed. The trial starts tomorrow, and the party will need to be present.

The Nascent Leviathan, and Szul Szamoj "Ironchain"

The party soon gathered in the narrow hallway, facing down a small number of heavy droids. They took them out with relative ease, despite Polis almost getting knocked out by a lucky shot.

While destroying the droids, Visase first sensed something dark and evil in the northern room. Soon after, Taral, despite his dulled senses felt the same thing.

By the time the hall was cleared of droids, everyone could hear the screaming and shouting from the northern room. Ostek suggested ignoring it, but Orwell opened the door anyways while Polis called him a coward.

The northern room held a “baby” leviathan made of mouths and tentacles that was making a snack out of the sith who tried to tame it. The scientists in the room were freaking out while the party took to position.

Zendral ran for the nearest acid tank, while Orwell charged at the monster, intending to stand atop it and strike blows into it, only to slip on the sith remains, and fall into the water while slashing at the beast. Polis demanded explosives, but only Ostek had any left, and got given a thermal detonator.

Taral exerted himself into using the force to slow the monster down, even as it tried to drown Orwell. Visase commanded for the scientists to tell them about what instruments connect to the monster. Yora translated the orders, and they told her that the monster isn’t connected anymore, and is now on a rampage.

Kader began to whittle it down with his sniper rifle.

Hukmech jumped on the beast, breaking the teeth on one of the maws with a punch before being thrown off.

Visase soon bounded onto the beast, and tried to cauterize the nubs where tentacles once were with her lightsaber, with Taral following suit. Unfortunately, the nubs grew around the beast and in larger numbers than before like a hydra’s heads.

Polis was eventually swallowed, but attacked the monster’s internal organs causing it to act sporadically above, and Kale’zen’dreuoll found out how to convert an acid tank into a hose, spraying and melting the monster; which seemed to also nullify its regenerative capabilities.

Kader connected to the monitors after fumbling with several cords he had on hand to message the scientists to dismantle the power generators so he can overload them with his own monitor.

After the others held the beast at bay, with Visase and Hukmech each being violently thrown off of it, a constant spray down with Zendral’s acid hose, and the regular shocks from Kader’s overloading the power came to be enough to kill the monster outright.

Orwell made the scientists keep their hands up while Yora rallied them up in line. Ostek stayed behind to help, while Hukmech kept guard.

After Zendral took several biological samples from the leviathan, the party proceeded to the southern door.

Beyond it was the mansion’s creche. Luftha’s children resided in the bedrooms within, and would play with toys in their specially made play room, that also sports an aquarium, and other luxurious play things. The children weren’t there, and according to Visase, she felt that the children had been evacuated suddenly to be somewhere safer.

Several Holocrons were found, all of whom have portraits on the walls of the hallway. When turned on, they looked upon the party with an impatient look before turning themselves off. Visase collected them as evidence for court.

Having gathered their evidence, the party proceeded to the elevator. Going up the one floor it was designed to do, the party found themselves in a large bedroom, where an escape hatch was seen in the corner of it flashing a red light over it; signifying that its empty, and devoid of pods.

In the center of the room stood a Plathuui clad in metal armor, and wearing a horned metal helmet that covered his grey wooly goat-like face. His words were curt. He was Szul Szamoj the “Ironchain” of the G’Nathir, and by the will of Grandmaster Maccus, he won’t let the party succeed in finding Luftha Xor.

At that, he pulled out his runed chain, and twirled it over his head. The battle had begun.

Past the Mandalorians

When the eastern door was opened was a long marble laden hall revealed, flanked by a mezanine overlooking it on each side as it reached towards the elevator at the end.

The Mandalorians on the mezanine opened fire at the party, while Visase spoke of that bad feeling she got from the marble hall; especially since it was so clear of anyone.

Suspecting mines, Taral went on the look out, detecting mines, and later turrets while ensuring blasterfire.

Polis tried to goad the Mandalorians to step down and fight him like Mandalorians, but they exclaimed that real Mandalorians followed their Mand’alore. Polis then proceeded to jump up the mezanine and wreak havoc, throwing Mandalorians around and skewering them with his vibrotrident.

Orwell used several tables, one to blow up mines in the room, and the other to throw at a Mandalorian.

Visase surged up to the mezanine level with a great jump, and began to engage in melee with them.

Zendral disarmed a mine by shooting one, killed a Mandalorian with another shot, and then disabled a turret by shooting it again, before reprogramming it to shoot the mandalorians instead.

Kader remained behind a wall, and sniped down a couple Mandalorians.

Even as Taral took a pounding, Orwell kept himself between Taral and the other Mandalorians while healing Taral up, even after Taral stepped too close to a mine.

When the hall was cleared off, was it a simple matter of rewiring the elevator to take them up to the upper levels.

There, they were greeted with grandose decorations relating more to the Xor family; looking more like Xor’s personal dwelling rather than a guest house. Taral noticed one figure in the portraits that alarmed him, before the other security droids in the room sounded the alarm before erecting their shields, and aiming their blasters at the weary party…

The Fight for Autonomy

With the final notes of the broken piano fading to silence over the corpse of Darth Mantis, Polis tore Mantis’ arm off to view the markings on his hand represent his station as a Sith (Equivalent to the Jedi Knight, but in the Sith Order instead). At that point, Zendral voiced his concerns for the newly reprogrammed droid Hukmech, since he never reactivated his shields before sending him down to face down all of the guards. Polis and Kader volunteered to go with Zendral, while the others checked the northernmost door.

Zendral, Polis, and Kader when they went downstairs witnessed the carnage of numerous Xor guards littered against the walls, along with some of them still being in the walls along with thrown tables. Hukmech was now facing off against what looks like the guard captain, while being shot at by the other guards from the bunk room, and from the other submarine docks.

The others went through the north door to find that they had arrived in what looks like the guest bedroom hallway, covered in finery and with security droids. Ostek managed to disable two of the droids with a well timed Ion grenade, while the others managed to pull through.

Meanwhile, Kader and Zendral were doing the bulk of the mop-up, while Polis closed in on the guard captain. Polis lept over Hukmech, but his footing was just a little too off to give a perfect strike. Hukmech finally laid an awesome blow onto the guard captain, by which point Polis finished him off with a well timed stab through the chest while he flew into the wall.

With the last of the mooks killed, Zendral and Kader took to repairing Hukmech while Polis rushed back up the stairs to assist.

But with the security droids defeated upstairs, the party searched the rooms, where Visase stood face to face with Yari Kebata; the Secretary of Dac, and formerly its president, huddled fearfully on his bed. When confronted by Visase about him being an esteemed guest to Xor, Yari spoke to her about the sacrifices he, and Oskel, and all the others made for Dac, in order to keep their autonomy as the One Sith brings the galaxy under one rule. Visase commented about how so many on Dac have given up, but then used the droids Ostek had reprogrammed to keep Yari under surveillance, while the party reunited with a quickly repaired Hukmech in tow.

The party then went through the south door, and pummeled the smarter and better equipped droids in the power room. After their defeat, Zendral took out his probe droid, and interfaced it with the computer terminal at the end of the room, and got a glimpse of the power patterns within the rest of the mansion. According to those currents, they would likely find where Luftha Xor and his escape route would be, if they went through the eastern door…

The Formal Electrical Jizz Music Show by Darth Mantis

With barely enough time to dry themselves off, did the mansion’s defenses activate. Four electrical turrets sprang from the floor, zapping the party with electricity; using their own water logged bodies against them. It took some time to destroy them, but Zendral and Ostek managed to disable one, and Zendral made it work for them instead.

From the southern door did multitudes of Xor’s guards come out, opening fire upon Zendral, before Kader forced the door closed and disabling any means of opening it.

Meanwhile to the north, an odd droid wearing formal attire standing in a room covered in coats began to aggressively make moves. Ostek made the suggestion to disable the droid, known as Hukmech, and use it against Xor; using the logic that Xor likely had a small army inside the mansion, and they would need as much of an army as possible. Through carefully whittling it down, including taking down its shields; they knocked Hukmech offline.

The eastern door that opened up led the way into the dance hall, populated by Sith Trainees. As the battle between them ensued however, Taral, Kader, and Visase all ended up being struck by nightmarish and twisted visions, involving a masked being with crimson eyes staring at them that shook them up at their core.

By the time that Xor’s guards broke through the door, did Hukmech get reprogrammed and repaired. The guards didn’t enjoy their freedom for long, since Hukmech immediately pulverized them, and the guards further within.

Soon after were the Sith trainees dispatched one by one. One of them amusingly, with Taral correcting his form before being dispatched.

When the last of them were on their last legs, did the music in the corner of the room begin to play. It’s like Jizz music, but far more downtrodden, and despair inducing. When the last trainees finally perished did the source of those twisted visions appear; as a verpine covered in black armor and whose face was covered in a dark mask known as Darth Mantis.

He and the tables and instruments levitated in the air, soon the battle was joined. At first, the party piledrived him, knocking him down to near unconsciousness; before he disappeared, only to reappear recovered from his conditions; but not from his wounds. He struck Orwell, Visase, Taral, and Polis with several table strikes, before Orwell got tired of the music. Orwell couldn’t reach the piano-like instrument, so he threw it, and got it lodged into it. It kept the music’s effects from being so strong, while the rest of the party took turns at taking him down. Even Polis and Visase did some incredible jumping stunts, but they couldn’t quite hit him in midair.

On his death throes did he reappear near Orwell to view the spectacle of where Visase had used grenades to blow up the other instruments. In anger, Mantis attempted to kill Orwell with his own axe in some way, but it was never realized; because Orwell had overpowered Mantis’ attempt at using the force, but using his own force to crash the piano-like instrument into Mantis; before crushing him further with it and his Arg’garok; ending Mantis’ life.

Orwell then patched up Polis, Visase, and Taral with his first aid while Zendral recalled his own scouting droid was in his pocket; to discover it had survived being waterlogged. Orwell took Mantis’ lightsaber while Visase took the others as evidence.

Visase voiced she wanted to try the north door. On the other hand, it sounds like Hukmech is having the time of his life in the lower levels. Yora is certain that she has dispatched the guards that escaped the doomed dock.

The party will soon decide on how to go further into Xor’s mansion soon.

We're In (the) Deep-

Taral’s piloting was proven time and again, evading the ranger’s torpedoes as the submarine made way to the Verdant Abyss. Upon going inside did the rangers start up their sonar signals; the same ones to awaken and rile up the leviathan from earlier on. Armed with the knowledge they collected from the ranger station, the party soon happened upon that one leviathan that they saw earlier, with a jaw that went agape to the width of the abyss with a back of tentacles so big, a suction cup was the size of the submarine.

Kader went straight for the hardware of the computer, rather than into the program itself, declaring he doesn’t know a thing about computers. He then spliced some cables together, and got the correct sonar frequency to normally neutralize the monster, but due to conflicting frequencies did the monster’s manner become confused, and instead began to thrash all over the abyssal walls. Taral managed to stun the monster to make its motions sluggish, allowing him to bypass it unharmed.

The frequencies kept permeating the depths, even when the party noticed a bright light in the middle of the darkness. Yora Keitha stated that bright lights in the darkest depths is a bad sign, and that its source is often hideous. The party soon noticed two smaller lights at their flanks, and soon did they also notice all of the tendrils of mucus laden eggs stewn about the abyss like cobwebs. Making a gamble, the party made their signal muddle with the ranger’s, and make it seem friendly instead. This made the ugly angler-fish-esque leviathan wary, but non-aggressive. Taral invoked upon the Dark Side to instill the monster with fear of the sonar harming her children. With what seemed to be great success did the leviathan turn towards whence the party came in, before proceeding forward.

Just about when the party came across the next leviathan did the sonar from the rangers stop. By using their own sonar did they bypass the third and fourth leviathans. Visase sensed that the third leviathan lived within the abyssal walls peering through submarine sized holes in wait. The fourth which was blocking the way in before it got that the party was friendly looked like a terrible hybrid between a slug and a starfish; with a long body, but whose sizes were like a starfish’s arms; some of whom branched out over the ceilings, walls, and the floor into other bodies. Polis and Orwell both declared they hated the ocean after that.

At the fifth leviathan did the sonar begin again, causing a cluster of colossal barnacle-like colonies taste the water with tendril-like tongues for food. They were glued to the walls, ceilings, and floor, and some collected into colonies. Polis launched all five loads of torpedoes into the field of them while Taral blared the ship through after Kader muddled with the sonar signal a little.

As the barnacle monsters ate its own remains from the torpedo payloads did the party find Luftha Xor’s palace. A message immediately came up asking for a password. After Kader gave it did permission get granted for them to dock in the submarine bay.

Upon unloading was it announced that the party were intruders, and the guards began to fire at them. At the end of the submarine bay were there two Sith trainees of Mon Calamari origin who immediately took their lightsabers, and then plunged them into the bay’s floor and began cutting. Visase used the Force to blare across the bay within six seconds while wasting a guard along the way. Polis galloped to the other side, and so soon did Taral blaze to the edge, where the three of them attacked the trainees en masse, while the others stayed behind to finish the guards.

It was when the trainees announced for the submarines to depart and do their part to destroy the bay that the situation got more tense. At first, it was only the Jedi’s and Polis’ feet that got wet. Then it turned waist deep as the hole to the abyss became wider; flooding more water inside. When the submarine’s torpedoes began their barrage did Yora call for everyone to get to the door. Polis advised the Jedi to cut open the door leading from the docking bay and into the interior, believing it to be shielded from water, the same way an open hangar in space is shielded from the vacuum of space. Visase and Taral began to cut, but Visase’s grip was stifled by the water welling up beneath her feet. Taral then managed to cut it the rest of the way when the water fully submerged him.

Orwell spent his time cutting through guards, even as the water rose around him. Yora demanded for Ostek to help Orwell, but Orwell gave off a series of harsh grunts, betraying his desire to take the guards out first.

Kader managed to dive into the water, grab a handhold, and then toss himself through the opened door. Soon, Visase and then Ostek got through, followed by Zendral after Yora dove into the water after him. Visase grabbed Taral from inside, and then dragged him in, while Orwell swam inside after skewering the last guards within range. With Polis sinking under the weight of his armor did Yora pull him up and into the palace itself.

The party escaped just in time, as the bay soon tore out from its place from the torpedo barrage from the submarines, for it to fall freely to the abyssal floor where the barnacle leviathans are.

After the party caught their breath did they find themselves in the midst of the viper’s nest, where they now must find Luftha Xor within…

Ranger Station Disorientation

With the submarine’s signal disguised as a school of fish, Orwell came up with a magnificent plan. By using an uncomfortable pitch on the sonar, the submarine could redirect a pod of Whaladon towards the ranger station, along with all the lifeforms living within the nearby reefs. They would then ride within the swarm and stay out of the sensors of the ranger’s submarines, and then sneak past them when they arrived at the ranger station.

With Taral piloting the submarine around a rock, they came to be in the perfect position to try Orwell’s idea, and it worked. Whole droves of fish, eels, the whaladon, and even some Moappa had all got caught up in the swarm on the way to the ranger’s station. These Moappa seemed benevolent and if Taral’s feelings were right, Force sensitive. After instilling the party with clarity, they rode the swarm to the ranger’s station, where they took the rangers completely by surprise.

Ostek was commissioned to crack the security door from the submarine bay and into the operations room. In the operations room, they found ten rangers busy as their computers. When one of them noticed Polis draw out his Vibrotrident did they trigger the alarm.

Visase made an off-hand remark about the lengths the rangers went for money, but one of them insisted it wasn’t about that.

The fight was quick and brutal, where Taral and Visase worked in tandem with their lightsaber strikes, Polis skewering rangers like a fisherman would with fish, while Kale’zen’dreuoll and Kader shot at them with their rifles. Orwell chucked a heavy table at two of them at their computer stations, killing both rangers.

When it was down to one ranger, Visase and Polis almost killed him when Orwell came in to interrogate. The ranger told Orwell that he’ll need to get past the computer and then called him a Rancor-faced cretin. This led to a slow and painful death with Orwell breaking his shoulders followed by his neck in a snapping motion.

With the other ranger submarines on their way back to the ranger station, the party only had so much time to gather information. Kader took a datapad with him to scan later, while Kale’zen’dreuoll used his probe droid to interface with the monitors, where he eventually got all that he needed.

An old guidelog to the ranger job gave away much, such as the real reason for the Verdant Abyss being a Galactic Wildlife Preserve, as well as maps of how to navigate the depths of the abyss, and where the leviathans lived. The one who wrote the guide, Azard Xor promised the rangers a life of comfort for cooperating with him in this “high honors” guard job, and also spoke of the leviathans as being gifts to him from his father’s benefactors. The guide was also about 500 years old.

After getting the guide, the party jumped back into the submarine and made way to the abyss. Taral had to dodge out of the way of a rock, but the dodging sadly attracted the attention of the rangers who are now speeding towards his location as he makes way back to the Verdant Abyss itself…

The Verdant Abyss Ranger Betrayal

After recalling both Eroll Skav and Vass’inum’niche from their position at Lohil’s Manor, Eroll returned with a handful of legal and personal documents “just in case”. While Thirra comforted the scared Slith; Hemeri’s mother, did Admiral Shendi Yosk summon the party to her quarters.

While the party got ready, Verin got to processing what was in Lohil’s documents, while complaining about how he finds Law to be boring, and that he can’t read Mon Calamari. He explained that he and Henea would like to leave the ship for a time. But with the Xor Family striking back, he seems to understand the stakes.

In Admiral Yosk’s quarters, she explained that the party needs to go immediately to the Verdant Abyss, and investigate the claims of Xor’s manor within. They will pay the rangers around it a surprise visit, and they will help in the search. They will go to Hikahi City’s Seaport, and from there, they will meet one of the Navy who will brief them further.

With that, the party made way back to Hikahi City with Ostek in tow, where they met with a quarren Petty Officer named Yora Keitha, She spoke about how they were submarine trainees, and how she was going to teach them how to use one.

Inside of the naval submersible, Yora spoke what she knew of the mission while Taral piloted the submarine to the Verdant Abyss. Passing by many beautiful sights, Zendral commented on the Sith’s planetwide poison, and how it’s amazing it was once dead. Yora responded by describing the recovery from that time, but that there is still much more work. Jedi Grandmaster Dalbar wrote about how the sight of Dac’s ocean floor brought tears to his younger self’s eyes when he beheld it.

After a couple hours, Taral descended down deep, to where the light conditions were as if it were night. Ahead, he could see a gorge that grew pitch black as it went deeper.

A ranger contacted the party, and they explained to them their need to investigate the Verdant Abyss. The rangers claimed that no mansion was there, but that they would help search. Zendral tried to convince them that they could help with their security, but they insisted that they were ok and that their Rangers could handle it.

Sending an escort of several craft, they were to accompany the party within the abyss, and emit a signal that would get louder the closer they are to ranger craft so as to ensure not getting lost.

When the party descended, and turned within the abyss, the signal was just as loud as it was before they went in, and the rangers weren’t following. Kader then spoke up about something not being right, and then Taral flashed the lights in front of him, noticing a twinkle. The twinkle was off of the monster’s eye, and its jaw was as wide as the abyssal opening as it slinked up to the submarine. Its malevolence was clear even to the non force sensitive. Ostek freaked out, while Taral launched a torpedo into its eye; just as it started to suck them into its jaw.

The diversion worked, and the creature expelled the water coming inside, making the submarine go faster. Meanwhile, Zendral and Kader rerouted the torpedo power to the engines.

Just as Taral reached up to the abyssal surface did the rangers fire torpedoes into the sides of the abyss, dropping massive rocks down. While Taral’s newfound speed was nice, he still had to slow down enough to not get hit by boulders; but still enough to catch the attention of the rangers.

They soon fled as the rangers fired homing torpedoes. To keep them away, the escape pods were fired, intercepting the torpedoes. Ostek was tasked in hacking the homing mechanism which eventually destroyed 5 of the ranger’s submarines. Yora kept quiet through the whole ordeal, staying out of it, while Orwell gave suggestions. Orwell was frustrated that there was little he could do here.

Finally, Ostek broke the radar on the nearby ranger’s craft, and then changed his signal to register that of fish in the area. Kader also had rerouted power from the escape pods to the torpedoes, bringing the torpedo system back online.

The next plan is to try to sneak in without alerting the rangers. Without knowing a ranger station, it might be too risky to do anything more. With that, the party prepared themselves for their return, hoping they won’t have to deal with that Leviathan again…

Luftha Xor Strikes Back!

After Shendi Yosk looked at the evidence, and watched the recordings did she declare that the time of Hemeri’s trial has come in between her ruminating over how horrible Oskel Karbor really was.

After receiving word from her investigation team that Infinite Depths CEO Natmar Smers got arrested, and their findings of some very damning evidence did Shendi receive one more message on her datapad; one from Darth Maccus.

After exchanging words, Maccus warned that party that Luftha Xor is getting worried and is making his moves. He also explained that he was the guy who was controlling Dac’s government, and that he could be anywhere on Dac. He has a mansion in the Verdant Abyss area on Dac, but is likely preparing to hide elsewhere.

That was when Polis roared into Maccus’ holoprojected face about how he will kill him. Maccus paid little heed. Before Maccus could say his goodbyes was the holoprojector turned off on him.

At that point, Shendi and the party deliberated about a course of action for finding Luftha Xor. Zendral spoke about how they could get the rangers of the Verdant Abyss in on looking for the mansion, since it was on illegal real estate, with the Abyss itself being a Galactic Wildlife Refuge. Shendi tasked the party with bringing Luftha Xor back alive while she prepared for the trial ahead.

Zendral requested Ostek make a program to gather the camera feed around the Verdant Abyss. Before he could continue though, Ostek sent the party a feed from his cameras at Infinite Depths, revealing numerous Quarren wearing worker’s jackets packing up the fancy security droids beneath HQ. Ostek hacked a police security droid to follow the convoy the quarren were loading the droids into, when the explosions rang out; causing the quarren to scramble for their blasters. From the rooftops and the buildings were Mon Calamari shooting at them. Zooming in on their garb, it was clear that the Mon Calamari were wearing Goruhad’s Cross on their persons.

The party hurried to The Nest to get as quickly as possible to the scene. Verin reminded the party that he and the other crew were ready to help in whatever way they can, since Ostek appraised him on the situation with the Xor family, and likely Oskel Karbor’s deeds as well.

Visase ordered for Eroll Skav and Vass’inum’niche to go to Lohil’s location to guard him, while Orwell told Verin that he, and the two Droideka can protect the ship. Verin wasn’t sure, but he said he would try anyways.

The party arrived at the big seaglass statue of Oskel Karbor to see police roving the area intensely. One officer confronted the party, only for the party to display their naval badges, allowing them entry into the scene.

The policeman explained that so far, it was a firefight involving the criminal organization known as Goruhad’s Cross, and the workers at Infinite Depths.

When they met up with Police Chief Nashac, he gave little information, aside from pointing out a surviving quarren worker, and a surviving and captured Goruhad’s Cross member.

Orwell went to check on the worker’s condition, where he was cupping at a wound. A nearby officer told Orwell to stay away until professional help came by, only for Orwell to knock the gangster out when the gangster refused help. Despite going against orders, the officer did nothing to Orwell while he treated a blaster wound while noting a tattoo that had the letter Xesh surrounded in tentacles curving right at a 72.5 degree angle.

The Chief didn’t look very comfortable with the party doing the investigations, but he followed orders.

The symbol was found on all of the other quarren. When Visase interviewed the Goruhad’s Cross member after his bones were manually fit back into place by Orwell did he clarify the symbol. It was as the party suspected, it was the symbol belonging to the Xor family.

Visase then made a deal with the gangster, that he would do his part to make a truce with her and to cooperate with locating Luftha Xor in exchange for him being pardoned for his deeds in that scene.

Meanwhile, Zendral had salvaged a single combat droid from the wreckage, and then reprogrammed it to not attack him or those around him.

Ostek then sent another message, detailing how Yun reported that Slith was attacked by thugs, but that Simon made quick and brutal work of them; and then when Eroll Skav and Numni found Lohil, they found him on the floor of his home bleeding out of his throat.

Orwell was rushed into a police cruiser to get to the scene to rescue Lohil. Visase memorized that officer’s face, and then detected his surface thoughts. She then let him go without a word.

Orwell arrived at Lohil’s house to find Eroll Skav keep pressure on his throat. He explained that Numni is looking for the assassin. Orwell then stopped the bleeding, and then stitched Lohil back together. Miraculously, Lohil came to, but only barely. Orwell picked him up, and then Orwell ordered Eroll to search the mansion for anything important. Eroll agreed, while Orwell made way back to the scene.

Taral in the meanwhile had spoken to Yun Brodal, and he relayed that Slith was ready to try The Nest instead of her apartment for her safety.

After Visase relieved Chief Nashac of investigating the scene on Naval orders did she also demand that he relinquish all information they collected on the case.

With Nashac ordering the officers to clean the scene up did the party make way back to The Nest…


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