Star Wars: Rebirth

Raiding the Raiders Chapter I

The gathered party leaves from the apartment and back onto the dreary streets of Coruscant’s Twilight District. The party walked past most of what was around them, but Orwell took an unhealthy interest in the bums littered along the streets, such that Orwell ended up taking a swig from one of the bum’s bottles, before putting it back.

After Hartel piped up about Orwell stealing, Hartel was reminded that he tried to steal a vacuum droid by the rest of the party. Visase kept on walking the streets towards her quarry, and the others kept of following behind her, until they found the old storage building, towering alone amidst the overcrowding on the Twilight District. The party realized there was a front entrance, and a back entrance, and the party began to plan where everyone was going, until Hartel decided to just rush forward, much to the dismay of the rest of the party.

Polis attempted to grab Hartel, but Hartel was too trained in physical sports to be caught by a tackle. Then Hartel opened the front doors, and rushed inside to find a single gangster, wrapped up like a Tusken Raider on Tatooine, and a Repurposed Labor Droid with a Repeating Blaster Rifle built into its chest. Then the gangster opened up the doors, and revealed even more gangsters and droids behind those.

Hartel opened with a Force Slam, killing off 3 of the gangsters, but the Droids managed to pepper Hartel with Blasterfire, and the gangster’s potshots didn’t help much either.

With Hartel taking heavy damage, the others began to show up. First was Taral who managed to Force Slam the other hallway.

Then came Kader who entered and began attacking a lone droid in the back. Slowly, the party stuck to the plan they half-planned out, and managed to scrape themselves together, with Hartel falling unconscious and bleeding, and Polis nearly being felled.

During the ensuing firefight, some notable things happened:

Orwell managed to show off his healing talents by stablizing a rather charred Hartel.
Visase managed to split a gangster’s arm like a banana just by cutting down slowly with her vibroblade.
Simon took a droid down by pushing the “Off Switch”, after blowing a group of gangsters into a splash of gore.
Kader managed to end a gangster’s string of good luck by blasting his brains out.
Zendral had a bad targetting day.
Issilum exercised the most caution by not running out in the open down the hall, but instead standing behind it and looking down.
Polis skewered a gangster, before killing another gangster by throwing the skewered gangster at him.

Simon began to open the doors down one of the blasted hallways, just as the party began their next move…

The Meeting With Arbet

The party converged with Arbet at the Niad Spaceways Starport. The first to meet Arbet was Visase Tersik and the Droid Simon. When they arrived, they found that they had to wait for more to come.

The next to come was Kader Areta, who was cranky when he arrived, and as the gathering grew larger, his crankiness began to show more.

Then came Hartel Stellartrotter, who immediately began to talk in a very unusual way that puzzled Arbet’s linguistic sensors.

The next one to show up was a Mon Calamari in a flight suit named Issilum who seemed less than pleased to meet up with Arbet, and wanted the meeting over with.

The next to show up was an unexpected group consisting of a rather plucky Chiss named Zendral, and a not so plucky Gen’Dai named Polis. Arbet was interested in Polis, but Polis insisted to Arbet to hire Zendral as well, or else Polis wouldn’t help Arbet out. In the end, the two got hired on.

The next to show up was a lone Sith Pureblood Jedi Padawan who introduced himself as Taral. By an large, Taral seemed to be the most pleasant of the encounters.

Next was Tavish Brix, or rather, it would have been Tavish, had Tavish not gotten Gizka Bellied at the last minute, and instead brought Orwell down in his stead, but released Orwell from service as a slave, but instead, Orwell got hired on like any other free person.

Once the party gathered together, they left Niad Spaceways Starport where they caught a charter bus with an older Duros named Gunja. Gunja made Arbet get him tea while he loaded everyone else on board.

Gunja proved to be very talkative, and had very casual names that could offend if one did not have a sense of humor. He refered to the Twi’lek as Tendril Heads, the Mon Calamari as Fishface, and the Gamorrean as Snout. Gunja talked about how the government wasn’t doing anything, and how he used to be a Fighter Pilot in service to the Galactic Federation against Mand’alore the Reborn, and all Gunja talked about what the amazing technology that the Mandalorians had, with blaster cannons on starfighters that could puncture capital ship hulls.

Gunja also talked about how he heard that Jedi Master Dalbar, who was also one of the Triumvirate Members knew more about the Mandalorian Technology that he was not telling anybody. Gunja, along with much of the population has grown to distrust the Jedi since then, believing them too secretive of the public to be able to serve them.

In the process, Gunja, after talking to Hartel revealed that he was a fan of the growing sport from Ryloth known as Hoopin’ Slam, and tried to ask him about it, before he got side-tracked about talking about some of the buildings in Coruscant as part of an unofficial tour on the party’s way to The Works where they will pick up their job.

Once in The Works, Gunja told the party where to go from there, which was inside an apartment, in Room 589.

Room 589 was revealed to contain a man with a head shaped like a helmet, with hair in dreadlocks that grew on the back of his head and was tied together at the end. The plan’s skin was of a green hue, and covered a well defined musculature.

The man also had a suit of Mandalorian Armor, as well as Mandalorian armaments nearby, which was the only thing inside the apartment that was well kept. The rest of the apartment had things like a dirty matress, a dirty kitchen area that was meant for only 1 person, but the 9 people in the party had to hit their way inside with the man.

The man, who later introduced himself as Korot, told the party of their task. The party was to try to save Korot’s boss’ son. Korot was assigned as the boy’s protector, but since the boy ran off, he was captured by gangsters. Korot’s hands were tied, because Korot’s boss has a high profile, and the enemies of Korot’s boss would recognize Korot would immediately know why Korot was going into a gang’s hideout to kill them all.

But Korot talked of the Grey Witch- Visase Tersik, and how the gangs believed she was killing them indiscriminately without caring about the moral implications of her actions, or even for what they had. So if Visase and her friends were to rush inside, the gangs would believe that shes not after the kid, but after their lives, so the gangs would think of their own survival rather than of their profits.

After Korot gave the party the briefing, Korot told the party to not come back unless they had Korot’s boss’s son with them.

On the way, Orwell was looking for food, even searching the sleeping bums for crumbs, before Taral gave Orwell a Ration Pack to tide him over.

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