Star Wars: Rebirth

Chaos in Cloud City

With the final preparations made, Tavish sent his broadcasts to the rebel factions of Cloud City to revolt against Hasel Pilen to cause enough chaos that the party won’t have to contend with an army.

Flying into Bespin’s atmosphere, the party immediately saw Cloud City floating amidst the clouds in a state of disrepair due to hundreds of years of neglect. Following Tavish’s directions, the party flew into Hangar PX006- the closest hangar to Hasel Pilen’s office within Cloud City. Forcing themselves into the opened hangar, the party found themselves being attacked by a panicked Cloud City Militia. With Wooshgruuw manning the lasercannon on the Nest though, the militia scattered and ran deeper into the city.

Jumping out of the Nest, the party rushed into the lobby area of the hangar to find the militia desperately fighting off the rebellious criminal population. The party by and large supported the rebels as they fought the guard while the rebels proclaimed that Tavish said that the party would help them in their mutiny of Cloud City. Most of the party played along, except Orwell; who chose to cut through one of the rebels to get to the door into Cloud City proper.

At the aftermath of the battle, the rebels about attacked Orwell, if not for Zendral’s trying to talk them down. The rebels, recognizing that they’re outmatched if they did attack Orwell decided to not attack- but not before one of the rebels proclaimed that the party should keep Orwell on a tighter leash. The party was hesitant to restrain Orwell, but restrain him they did- while the rebels tried to pull the offending rebel back.

Opening the door, a scene of utter chaos was seen before the party. Many Plathuui refugees were seen rushing down the hall in large droves, being cut down by overzealous rebels with the Cloud City militia, and some heavily armored Plathuui known as the G’Nathir attacking the rebels and defending the refugees. When the rebels announced that they’re going to join the battle to clear a way for the party to get to Hasel Pilen, Taral changed his mind, and announced that he wasn’t going to let the rebels keep up their slaughter. The party agreed with Taral’s assessment, and entered the fray; aiding the militia and the G’Nathir.

It was a bloodbath, but in the end, only a few more refugees were cut down by the hooligans before the party, the G’Nathir, and the remaining militia took them out.

Explaining the situation with wanting to capture Hasel Pilen alive to the few worn out militia present and the G’Nathir, the militia explained that they’re not overly pleased with Hasel Pilen and that their duty is to Cloud City first, and the G’Nathir the party helped; while they swore allegiance to Maccus, also swore an oath to protect their people. The G’Nathir warned of two G’Nathir who swore an oath to protect Hasel Pilen however, and they are known as “Stormcaller” and “Sun Heart”; and are present just outside the entrance to Hasel’s office atop Cloud City.

When the militia and G’Nathir left to continue their duties, the party now looks in front of the doorway to the outside part of Cloud City that is a short ways away from Hasel’s office- and his G’Nathir guardians.

Bestin' Bespin

Verin interrupted the silence on board the Nest docked in the Figo’s Wind by asking Visase what was wrong, like she had seen a ghost. Visase was vague, talking about how she saw that Mandalore the Reborn was afraid, and that Maccus abandoned him to his fate; with mention that Maccus had taken an artifact from Feibraxa that was responsible for decimating the Mandalorian attack fleet and then disappearing out of Mandalore’s sights.

With the Figo’s Wind well on its way to Bespin; Visase, Taral, and Niuulaj decided to go and pay Tavish Brix a visit in the bridge. When they entered, Tavish quickly turned off his messenger; and then talked with the three further about the goings on in Cloud City on Bespin in order to better formulate an assault plan. Tavish embellished a lot more information about Cloud City; speaking of how when Hasel Pilen was put in power as Governor, a large number of Plathuui refugees arrived and took residence in the halls. Public opinion of of Hasel Pilen is low, and the public opinion of the Plathuui taking up residence in the once spacious halls of Cloud City is even lower- such that vigilante groups tried to kill off the Plathuui- but were stopped short by the Plathuui’s own guardians- Force users known as the G’Nathir. The G’Nathir also seem to be protecting Hasel Pilen as well; and with the vigilantes finding their battle against the G’Nathir too costly have given up on attacking them.

Niuulaj repeated what the messages sent by Dijiec to Azed Ther said, in that the G’Nathir are under the service of Maccus- and now follow him as their liege. Niuulaj explained more about the G’Nathir being more or less the Plathuui’s form of the Jedi Order, except that instead of emphasizing agility, they emphasize power and endurance. They dress in metal armor from head to toe, and wield weapons that a Gamorrean would be familiar with. The G’Nathir are “Blessed with the Radiance”, and are capable of shaping the Radiance to their own Radiance.

Tavish continued by talking about how Hasel still isn’t in full control of Cloud City despite his immense support from his powerful allies; and that Tavish can still instigate that uprising. While Tavish suggested that he could bombard the city with the Turbolaser batteries on the Figo’s Wind, it was vetoed by the party for being too destructive. Taral, Visase, and Niuulaj returned back to the Nest where they discussed the plans in greater detail.

While Taral and Visase were all for the uprise, Zendral voiced that the plan was too dangerous for the refugees and civilians on Cloud City, with Rea agreeing to Zendral’s points. Fine tuning the plan, the party by and large agreed to only attack those who attacked them to mitigate collateral. While Rea still objected, mostly because it was mostly Tavish’s plans; she quieted down when the party reassured her that they will not do as Tavish would.

A short time later, the Figo’s Wind flew out of Hyperspace, and is now in orbit over the gas giant Bespin.

Another Look at Evidence

While the party admired the things that the family bought from Anilpa’s markets, Issilum lifted the transport out of Naboo, and hyperspace jumped a few times to different star systems in order to throw off their tracks a little before arriving in the star system that Tavish Brix is set up at. Tavish asked about what it was that the party found, but the party was very against telling Tavish about it; with the reason that telling him about it would put his life at risk. But Tavish immediately tried to make a deal with the party, that if they told him; Tavish would tell the party of what he discovered while the party was breaking into Azed Ther’s palace. Orwell commented how Tavish was only using this deal for his own ends, and the rest of the party made a crack at Tavish’s deal proposal, but still, they decided to humor Tavish Brix. The party gave Azed Ther the skinny of what happened- that Dijiec the Hutt and Orm are two seperate people, and Orm is out to cut out the loose ends; and with Tavish knowing this, he too would be a target.

Tavish commented that he is always being hunted down, but then abided by his side of the deal. Tavish told the party that his crews picked up a distress call coming from a crashed transport ship on a barren dwarf planet. What Tavish’s scavenging party has found was members of the Jedi Order who would be interested in speaking with the party.

Hurrying back to the Figo’s Wind, Tavish came out to lead the party to the medbay where the Jedi are being cared for. It was also there that Tavish discovered that Hartel had taken his lead doctor from the medbay by paying her better money. Tavish, knowing better than to argue there and then turned to lead the party to the medbay. It was in the medbay where they party was greeted by a Chagrian Jedi Master named Urik Blop. Also in the medbay were a lot of Jedi younglings sleeping in the beds with three Jedi Caretakers looking after them. When asked for a story, Urik Blop said in a cheerful fashion that the party should go and grab a drink because its a long story. Polis made a remark about how the Jedi find it easier to manipulate the minds of others when they get them drunk first. Urik Blop laughed and said that it is actually more difficult to do mind tricks on drunks. Polis found it difficult to respond to that.

The party suggested to Master Blop to speak in the Nest instead. When Urik Blop made it to the Nest, he told the party and those present in the room his story. About a week ago, Jedi Master Dalbar, as well as the Jedi Masters who headed the major Jedi Temples got a vision from the force of “an old foe” returning to kill off all opposition and dominating the galaxy. This vision was followed by a darkness in the force that engulfed the galaxy and made it hard to sense others through. These disturbances brought Dalbar and the Jedi Order to the conclusion to evacuate the Jedi Order, knowing that those disturbances only tend to happen when a great calamity follows.

Urik Blop was sent to lead and protect a number of younglings on their transport ship, but on the way to the ship, he was given a datachip and was instructed to only look at it while on the transport ship. When the ship lifted off, Urik Blop inserted the chip into his datapad to find them to be personal orders from Jedi Master Dalbar, detailing that the Jedi piloting the ship cannot be trusted and to subdue him, and then fly the ship to a place where he can look after and train the younglings away from sight. With a quick bout of intense meditation, Urik Blop sensed the presence of a large space station as the destination, but sensing further gives Urik a deep pain- like the space station is lashing out against him. So Urik, sensing Dalbar’s assessment to hold merit, subdued the pilot and then crashed the starship down upon a dwarf planet lacking atmosphere and remained there, until Tavish Brix’s ship found them.

Tavish Brix volunteered to take the copy of the messages Dijiec sent to Azed Ther to a contact he knew on Dac that can break most every encryption, and then mentioned that it was a good thing that the rest of the party isn’t doing it, because its Election Day on Dac, and the political advertisements all over the place are annoying.

While Tavish dealt with that while en route to Bespin, the party notified Arken Taro of their findings. With Arken on the holoprojector, Rea started an argument with Arken about how he keeps sending his loved ones into danger, and lying about cutting off contact with Tavish Brix. Arken, having to contend with business, told Rea that he would get back to her. After the party gave Arken the news, Arken pieced together that it was likely that the reason the senators were so lax about the big changes occuring were due to Orm’s tampering, especially since Orm failed to tamper with Arken as of yet. With Orm being in the government, Arken decided to take the matter to the Triumvirate to get a more formal investigation under foot. Arken also updated the party on E5, and E5 is preparing another warehouse away from the one the party is more used to visiting for security purposes.

Arken explained to Rea his actions as best he could, stating that he knew that Tavish made some nigh unforgivable choices, but despite that still cared very much for his own family, and that he saw a potential for him to become somebody who can belong in her life. but Rea perhaps was too upset to accept Arken’s explanation, or wasn’t sure if Arken was being sincere. Whatever it was, Rea left by coldly saying, “Good night” to Arken, while taking Thirra with her. Verin said good night to Arken shortly after, with Arken saying that he was sorry he ever decided to become a senator.

With that, much of the party went to their bunks, with only a few members remaining in the room as Taral contacted Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel, informing him of the events that have transpired; and requested that he send a contingent of the strongest Jedi Knights that he can get to hunt down Orm’s agent Maccus who is in turn helping Mandalore the Reborn. Taral suggested that the Jedi get help from the Federation’s own commandos, and not underestimate Maccus. Taral also gave the news of the discovery of Urik Blop, and the orders Dalbar gave to Urik that suggested that Dalbar hasn’t completely fallen to the dark side. Both Evarr and Taral agreed that this is a matter that needs further investigation. Evarr and Jedi Knight Hassan are going to the old Jedi Temples to look for more evidence and clues. With that said and done, Taral turned off the messenger, and the party went to sleep.

Visase however got a vision from the Force, that obviously gave Visase a more troubled expression on her face. Troubled enough that it prompted Verin to ask about it.

Are You Scared Azed Ther?

The party waited in the Nest until nightfall, figuring that the cover of darkness would give them a better edge for sneaking. The family decided to spend the day shopping and enjoying their time in scenic Anilpa with their bodyguards around them for added security. When the sky darkened, the party left from the Nest and were immediately greeted by Rina, who had a large speeder with a spacious cargo space that Rina had to call in a favor to obtain. Rina gave Visase her old corset that she insisted she washed, and from there went over where everything was in the palace, and the best places to hide in wait by the zoo entrance.

Everybody but Visase packed into the back of the speeder, and after cover was put over them, Rina set out; speeding towards the hills north of Anilpa where Azed Ther’s pleasure palace was. The only stop along the way was a guard questioning Rina and the “goods”.

Everybody but Visase and Hartel jumped off of the vehicle as it turned around a sharp bend, and then hid behind the bushes, and skulked to the zoo entrance. Meanwhile, Hartel cloaked himself as Visase was lead to the service entrance by Rina. After Rina explained that Visase was the new pleasure slave, and after convincing the guard that Azed Ther did order Visase the guard led Visase to the pleasure slave’s quarters with an invisible Hartel following close behind.

Once led into the pleasure slaves’ quarters, Hartel appeared near a guard; convinced the guard that he was a guest, and was wondering “Where all the bitches at”? The flustered guard pointed Hartel to where the pleasure slaves were; and from there, Hartel took Visase to an empty room upstairs, and gave her her equipment.

Meanwhile, the party waiting outside the zoo entrance found a nice tree to put bodies under. In their wait, an impassioned couple tried to sneak into the bushes the party was hiding behind, and later a guard heard Taral slipping on leaves. They got stunned unconscious and carbonited in that order before being stuck beneath that tree.

In the meanwhile, Hartel and Visase managed to find the master switch in the control room where they turned off the droids. Then they killed off a guard and the zoomaster as quietly as they could before opening the zoo entrance to bring the rest of the party inside.

Zendral snuck into the control room, and found out that the guard droid to Azed Ther’s room only attacks when someone is trying to get inside the room. Deciding against messing with the programming that is already there, Zendral hit the switch to depower the animal cages before the party ran up the stairs to confront the droid.

The party wasted no time, they ran close to the droid and hit it for everything they have, all the while the guards were put on alert for Azed Ther’s zoo breaking loose. When the droid processed what is happening, it was incredibly damaged- and to add insult to injury, the droid’s electrostaff got sliced in half by Taral’s lightsaber, before the droid was taken down by another barrage from the party.

With the door to Azed Ther’s room cleared, it was clear that the door is a very old time door- with a knob and hinges as well as a lock for a non electronic key. Taral pulled out his key, which was his lightsaber, and cut the door down.

The only thing of note in Azed Ther’s room is Azed Ther’s personal computer. Azed Ther was out of town. When Visase used her far sight, she saw that he was still on Naboo, receiving some news from a bounty hunter looking person, followed by Azed Ther’s feelings of fear.

Zendral woke the computer up, and found that the computer was already on Azed Ther’s message list, and there were literally thousands of them; but only four messages really stood out, and those were messages from Dijiec to Azed Ther.

Most notably, Dijiec and Orm are two different people; and right now, it seems that Orm regards both Dijiec and Emeriss’ CEO Valen’resh’inrokini as having “Served their purpose” since the party has emerged with evidence of their working with Mandalore the Reborn. Some other details of note were:

  • Vyr’s report of Axis operations on Plathuui, including an assessment of the abilities of Orm’s agent, Maccus.
  • Dijiec’s side in the kidnapping of Verin Taro.
  • The place where the force sensitives were delivered are in an Emeriss aligned space station within the Unknown Regions. Exactly where is unknown, but there requires a “Civilizations worth” of force sensitives for the completion of the space platform that Valen’resh’inrokini was requested to make.
  • Dijiec encrypted his last message to Azed Ther so as to remain hidden. Assassins have already struck at Dijiec, though it still looks like Dijiec is at large.

Meanwhile, Taral slashed open Azed Ther’s chest at the end of his bed which Hartel discovered help some of Azed Ther’s considerable fortune. Not wanting to get eaten by a Rancor, Senlet suggested the party escape from the palace while the zoo animals are still messing the place up.

Under the cover of darkness, the party ran back to Anilpa without a guard in sight, and then rushed back into the Nest where they caught their breath.

To Break Into A Pleasure Palace

Tavish Brix stopped the Figo’s Wind just one star system away from Naboo’s Star System since he is a wanted man in Naboo, much to the lack of surprise from the party.

The party gathered their bearings, jumped into the Nest, and flew down to Naboo landing in the village of Anilpa. When a dockworker approached Polis with a docking fee of 100 credits, Polis tried intimidation to get out of it, which was mildly successful in that it scared him, but wasn’t in that Polis still had to pay. Zendral stepped in and paid the fee.

Hartel immediately walked out of the station and walked up a hill past the crossroads open air market into the Prendir Brewery. The party followed Hartel since it looked like he knew what he was doing. Inside the Brewery, Hartel was immediately embraced by a Twi’lek barmaid named Rina, while the Brewery owner Dathros welcomed the party inside, insisting that his brewery was neutral ground. Sitting at the counter is a very bitter looking force sensitive man who gave a glance of disdain at Taral and Visase before returning to his cup. Talking to the man, they found that his name was Atrus, formerly of House Pent but was disgraced by a Jedi Knight named Hassan. Atrus was also rather tipsy, especially when Hartel pulled Rina aside into the next room. Atrus made wisecracks about what was going on, and even tried to read his mind, only for Taral to intervene and make Atrus read his own mind.

In the end, Hartel went back to the party and Rina went back to work. From there, the party discussed a plan, with Rina willing to work with Hartel in sneaking into Azed Ther’s palace. Planning happened with ideas like letting the animals out of the cages and making a mess of the palace as a distraction, but that was decided to be too random. So a plan was made to sneak Visase in as if she were a new pleasure slave with Rina in tow. Hartel will sneak in behind while cloaked and give Visase her weapons once they are inside and in a safe spot to do so. From there, Hartel and Visase will attempt to disrupt the droids- either shutting them off or making them go haywire. Then from there, kill the zoomaster. With the zoomaster dead, they’ll sneak in the rest of the party that has since positioned themselves along the “zoo entrance”. From there, the party will find Azed Ther, or at least some clue of where to go searching for Dijiec the Hutt.

The Deal Tavish Brix Cannot Refuse

While Taral lead the newly initiated Jedi Apprentice Visase Tersik to the armory to pick up her lightsaber of choice after having been given her Jedi Robes by Rooth Ank, Arken and Rea whispered to each other, with Rea’s whispering being more furious while Arken tried to keep his whispering calm.

When Visase returned with a Lightsaber Pike, Arken lead the way out of the council chambers with the party in tow. Arken repeated what Jedi Master Keiran had said, but when Arken spoke of the party needing to get help from Arken’s brother in law Tavish Brix about finding Orm, Rea began to argue with Arken about his “need” to have “contacts with the underworld” and “had to choose the one that disgraced our family”. Arken disliked this plan as well, but Arken argued that Tavish is a scoundrel that he knows, and will follow the conditions Arken gives to him if Tavish wishes to walk away debt free, and is the only one Arken knows that might lead to a safer galaxy.

Heading back to E5’s emporium with Gunja driving while sitting in his seat upside down steering the bus with his legs and not looking out the window, the party made it back safe and sound. Hartel managed to pick up some more unstable looking energy balls he ordered for E5 to make, while Niuulaj finished reading Kosslesh’s datapad. After finishing the reading, Niuulaj turned to Visase and talked about wanting to go with the party to where they have to go, as Niuulaj felt now that he could make a better difference for his people especially if he followed the party. Once asked how he came to that conclusion, Niuulaj read the name Maccus on the datapad, and then remembered that name belonging to the man who convined Niuulaj to betray his people to him. When asked what Niuulaj can do to contribute, Niuulaj only had the knowledge of his people and the connections he once had a noble. Korot angrily stated he didn’t want to be a babysitter for another, and once the suggestion for teaching Niuulaj how to fight came up, Korot did not hesitate to get Verin to start making pot shots at Niuulaj.

With a few more words from Taral about preperation, Niuulaj and Verin sparred some more as the Nest took off towards Tavish Brix’s ship with Arken’s family in tow.

Arriving in deep space somewhat near a massive black hole flies a lone Corellian Corvette who immediately transmitted a message to the Nest. On the other end is a blonde haired man stating that the party is far away from home in as intimidating a fashion as possible, but it wasn’t long before the man on the other end to get intimidated after seeing Rea glaring at him. Rea told the blonde haired man, Tavish Brix, that she had no desire to see him ever again, but that her husband believes Tavish is the only one who can help at this hour. Tavish continued talking with a noticeable stutter when he saw Orwell move up to the transmitter. Tavish tried greeting Orwell nervously, to which Orwell hefted his Arg’garok and swung it at Tavish’s holoprojection to watch Tavish flinch. Orwell then said “weak”.

Tavish still let the Nest into the Corvette’s hangar, and was seen waiting for the party with two mean looking Gamorrean guards, and two heavy looking battle droids. Tavish welcomed everybody on board the Figo’s Wind but was met by awkward stares and indifference. Tavish led the party and his family down the grimy halls of the corvette, having to walk around crates of spice that were just put there. A few crew members glanced at the party, but gave a hint of surprise when they saw Orwell before they returned to their tasks. Tavish tried talking to Verin and Thirra, but Verin ignored Tavish’s comments, and while Thirra wanted to talk, Rea discouraged her from doing so by shaking her head. Tavish led the party into a dirty meeting room that sported a minibar. Kader took an ale from the bar, while everyone else got seated; aside from Polis, Orwell, Korot, and Harok who insisted on standing. Simon stood beside Visase because of programming.

Tavish started the meeting by saying that since Dijiec (Orm) stopped employing his services, Tavish stopped dealing in slaves. Rea made a comment about how it was because Tavish removed people from their families that Tavish was removed from his. Tavish continued still with a noticeable stutter, and talked about how he was indebted to Arken Taro, and Arken required that he allow the party some reign over the ship, and Tavish has to help the party in finding Dijiec, the leader of the Galactic Axis; and after the party finds Dijiec, Tavish’s debt to Arken is paid off.

Tavish went over how he doesn’t know where Dijiec is, and that Dijiec is likely in hiding. But Tavish does know of a few who might know a thing or two about Dijiec’s location.

The first target is the Twi’lek businessman Brulu Aloc who worked with the Galactic Axis many times as business partners. Within the past week, Brulu bought out Ryloth’s Hoopin’ Slam team, and today makes his home on Ryloth as well.

The second target is the Human cofounder of the Galactic Axis Azed Ther, who has since retired and now lives out in the countryside of Naboo in his pleasure palace.

The third target is the Sullustan governor of Cloud City on Bespin by the name of Hasel Pilen. Hasel is dependent on Dijiec, thanks in part to Dijiec buying Hasel into power of Cloud City.

The party debated, and Hartel got himself a shot glass and poured a strong liquor into it; but the ultimate verdict was to go after Azed Ther first, as the party believed that Azed is most likely to bear the fruits that the party is looking for.

With the decision made, Tavish set up the Corellian Corvette to jump into Hyperspace near to Naboo.

Of Family and Jedi

Leaving the bodies of Zon Fus’ clone and his Gen’Dai clones behind, the party left the facility with a storm of thoughts in their heads. Polis himself remained unresponsive to what had transpired as the party walked back towards Gunja’s bus. Along they way, they heard shouts and screams just a couple of blocks away which the party recognized as the screams from Rea and Thirra Taro- Arken’s wife and 4 year old daughter.

Arriving at the scene, the party found a scarred and cruel looking Rodian bounty hunter standing over Thirra. At the Rodian’s feet was a mortally wounded armed man grasping on life, and the battered figure of Rea Taro. Before the party could intervene, Rea lunged at the rodian and invoked upon the dark side of the force manifesting a complex power that Taral had seen performed a few times in his past that boils blood and melts bones. The Rodian’s screams became unholy as his smouldering blood gave way to the liquification of his form. Zendral readied his blasters, but held back to watch the Rodian die. Rea immediately embraced Thirra as the party approached. After Thirra mentioned the approaching of Orwell happily did Rea turn around. Rushing to the scene, Hartel used a health transfer to bring the man back to the realm of the living, while the others made sure that Rea and Thirra could stand.

The formerly wounded man introduced himself as Captain Harok Previl, and was Arken Taro’s superior back when he was doing military service, and was entrusted to the protection of Arken’s wife and daughter, and expressed his gratitude for the party showing up when they did. Harok Previl was also surprised to hear that Gunja is still alive after all this time, especially as Gunja plowed through piles of garbage and debris to pick up the party.

Much of the ride home was of Polis remaining unbearably quiet while “Uncle Gunja” made Thirra laugh while Orwell dressed some of Rea’s wounds while they rode the bus back to E5’s place.

Making it back to E5’s emporium, E5 muttered something about how Arken’s original plan to keep his family safe must not have worked. Shortly after arriving, Arken made it onto the communicator and was ecstatic that his family was safe; and after some small talk with Harok Previl, Arken stated that Jedi Master Keiran is ready for the party to arrive and discuss the future of the nation to the party, and the future of some of the party as well within the Jedi Temple.

Gunja of course, volunteered to drive the party there, and of course, Gunja thought it would be a good idea to get the party to bypass security by driving his bus into a window in the hallway leading directly to the council’s chambers. Taral put his hand over his face while Gunja let the party out with some of the Yuuzhan Vong guards and Jedi looking on with disbelief. Arken showed up shortly after and volunteered to pay for the window, and accepting his fate doing so.

One of the onlookers was the zabrak Jedi Master Rooth Ank who Visase recognized as the one who had visited her way back and refused to take her into the order. While Visase has more certainty that she will make it into the order, Rooth still expressed his caution. Arken led the party away from the mess while Gunja shot away on his bus to the lobby and waiting area. Arken took Rea to a Jedi Healer after Taral pointed the way, all the while, the Yuuzhan Vong guard captain Shu’val was assigned to notify the party of when Keiran and the rest of the Jedi Masters arrived. Shu’val and Taral talked at length about the conditions of the Jedi Temple, to which Shu’val discussed a little about the protests ruining the courtyard garden, and the fact that there are so few Jedi around made the times a little strenuous for everyone, especially in the wake of Dalbar’s betrayal.

Once Rea returned without any wounds was the message given to Shu’val to escort the party to the Jedi Council’s chambers.

In the chambers, five Jedi Masters were seated. The one sitting on the largest seat is the Twi’lek Jedi Master Keiran, and current member of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. Sitting next to Keiran on his left is a human Jedi Master by the name of Camth Drucas, who was sitting down with his legs propped up and sporting a big ridiculous smile. On Keiran’s right hand was the Kel Dorian Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel. Across from Camth Drucas was the Human Jedi Master Yana Lish who sported a rough but quiet look on her face. Across from Evarr Dreskel was the Zabrak Jedi Master Rooth Ank who is keeping a serene demeanor.

Master Keiran went over the agenda, with the first topic being, “Should we trust Taral and keep Taral within the Jedi Order?” With the reasoning that it was Jedi Master Dalbar that served as the tie breaker in indoctrinating Taral into the order, but with Dalbar being discovered as a traitor, and with Taral’s previous ties as a Sith Lord of no small power, Keiran figured it would be good to revisit Taral’s position. Polis bellowed out of turn that Taral at least did something about the state of the galaxy unlike the rest of the Jedi Order. Only Evarr Dreskel seemed to agree with the statement.

Master Dreskel explained a lot to the order, such as the indoctrination of Taral into the order, and also why he entrusted Taral, a Padawan in the order to the training of another potential Padawan; Visase Tersik who herself had a history of tending towards the dark side. Evarr’s argument that Taral is already equipped enough to be a Jedi Master by knowledge and understanding wasn’t an easy pill for the Jedi Order to swallow. But the Jedi gave Taral’s companions a moment to argue and appeal for Taral.

The testimonies of the party rung true to Rooth Ank and Yana Lish who saw no reason to not keep Taral within the order; even if it wasn’t a comforting conclusion, especially in desperate times like this. Evarr Dreskel was, of course, wanting to keep Taral within the order as well. Camth Drucas simply said, “3 out of 5 Keiran, 3 out of 5”.

Then came the issue of accepting Visase Tersik into the Jedi Order. Rooth Ank explained that the reason he didn’t accept Visase into the order back when she was a child was because she sensed in her a tendency towards the Dark Side, and could not, in good conscience, accept her in. Rooth however is willing to listen for a change however.

Visase gave the Jedi a little of her life story, and the major changes she made when she joined the group; such as realizing that her life of hunting down gangsters wasn’t doing any good, and not solving the problem, which led Visase to try and find another way. Taral gave some more details in the changes she is making, while some of the rest of the party made cases for Visase’s change of heart. Evarr Dreskel was accepting, while Rooth Ank accepted because the Jedi have little choice, and maybe in the chance that Rooth was wrong about Visase. Yana Lish had little to say, but was more or less in Rooth’s boat about it. Camth Drucas stretched and said, “3 out of 5”.

With Visase accepted into the order, it was a matter of catching Visase up to speed. Thanks to a lack of other options, the council allowed for Taral to be the one to train Visase despite Taral’s controversial past and him being a Padawan. From there, Jedi Master Keiran tested Visase to make sure she understands the Jedi Code. The two of them said in turn:

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

With Visase as a Jedi Apprentice, Jedi Master Keiran moved on to matters that concerned the whole party, and the whole galaxy. Keiran discussed that Camth Drucas will be leading the charge against Mandalore the Reborn as soon as this meeting is adjourned, and that Supreme Commander Thaz Welk perfected a battle plan over the past 20 years. But also, Keiran mentioned that although he knows that Emeriss is working with Mandalore the Reborn; Emeriss is thus the only entity in the galaxy with the technology that can rival Mandalore’s, and so in order to ensure victory against Mandalore, they will need to use Emeriss’ technology to counter Mandalore’s. Zendral responded with disbelief that he knows that Emeriss is playing both sides of the war for their own sick agenda, to which Keiran responded by saying that he isn’t comfortable with that decision either, and all that Keiran says that he can do is show the Chiss Ascendency all of the evidence that the party collected of the crimes Emeriss perpetrated and the times when Emeriss broke the Chiss code. Zendral, upset that Emeriss is basically getting a free pass, leaves the council room in a huff.

Keiran then tells the party that what they need to do is track down the leader of the Galactic Axis, Orm; and make sure that the supply of Force Sensitives Orm is sending to his masters gets cut off for good. Its just that Keiran doesn’t know where to start in this endeavor.

Then Arken speaks up and says that he knows of one person that might know more of Orm’s location. This person is Arken’s brother-in-law, Tavish Brix; the person Arken had originally hired to work with the party, before Tavish backed off on the deal and sent Orwell to go with the party instead.

Zon Fus' Army

The party woke up the following morning to the sound of riots coming from outside E5’s hangar. Listening to the news report, it was clear that the people of the Galactic Federation were pretty angry at the Jedi for their role in the Mandalorian conflict. The entire government is taking measures to try and calm the people of the Federation down, and Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel even volunteered to be interviewed for the media at large.

Within the hangar itself, E5 was seen remote controlling a missile over the heads of the denizens of his hangar. Gunja and his bus were present, with Gunja pulling out trays of breakfast foods with the crazed grin on his face he always sports. Niuulaj was awake a long last serving himself breakfast while keeping to himself. The captured Massiff was making a ruckus, and so Orwell started training the Massiff. The Massiff bit Orwell, and Orwell bit back just when Verin, Henea, and Korot entered the hangar area to view the scene. Only Korot kept a straight face to Orwell’s massiff handling techniques.

Gunja excitedly told the party that they sure “Did it now!” Then Gunja mentioned that in the chaos allowed him to “obtain” a breakfast buffet for everyone to eat. Gunja was seen chowing down on a lot of “Beans-and-Grubs”.

Taral contacted Evarr Dreskel about the party’s findings in the lab, and while Evarr wasn’t in the mood for bad news, he was thankful to know what it was that was found. Evarr expressed that the current residing Jedi Master; Jedi Master Keiran who is being put into the Triumvirate in the place of Dalbar has stated that he wished to see the party personally, but that he also wished to address Visase’s interest in entering the Jedi Order. At this time however, Jedi Master Keiran is busy with domestic matters such as keeping order with the population of the Galactic Federation, but will call on the party once he has time.

Taral and Polis got into an argument about the place of the Jedi in the galaxy, but Visase suggested that the party investigate the cloning operations of Dr. Bik Nasod while they waited for their summons from the Jedi Order.

Knowing about where the cloning facility was, Gunja volunteered to take the party there in his bus. As it turned out, Gunja has a gas problem when he eats large quantities of “Beans-and-Grubs”. He told the party they were welcome to open the windows, but told them to sit away from them just in case he has to do evasive maneuvers. Polis roared that Gunja was destroying every ounce of his patience, but Polis’ statement was likely lost to Gunja’s flow.

Arriving back near the Greater Haluon hideout, the party descended the vast ill-repaired stairs to find a large foreboding building that matches the location of Bik Nasod’s cloning facility. With the combined efforts of Simon and Polis, the rusted metal doors were pried open to reveal a dark and foreboding hallway.

Walking down the halls with minimal light sources, the party found themselves is a large and spacious chamber. Ringing the sides of the chamber are large tanks that could fit up to 3 humans, or 1 large creature. The tanks looked drained of fluid, but the center of the room hosted a contraption that was of especially big interest to Polis, who recognized it as a Flash Learner. The Flash Learner took some time to get working again, with Simon using his Power Generator, and Zendral using his tech skills to hook it all up. With the Flash Learner working, Zendral plugged the apparatus into Polis, and then selected the option to teach Polis “Artillery”. The machine’s effects drained Simon’s Power Generator of every last scrap of power, but Polis walk out of the machine with a refreshed knowledge of how to use heavy duty guns.

Noticing a single door at the end of the chamber, the party proceeded towards it. Opening the door, they found a door at the end of the hallway that is lit with lights around the edges. Polis opened the door and proceeded inside with the party following close behind.

The room had 8 tanks on the sides, each containing a large sinewy looking creature that looks a lot like Polis. The center area had work tables, one of which sported a dirty mattress on top of it. In the center of the room was an aged Kaminoan man, who turned towards Polis. Upon seeing Polis, the Kaminoan asked, “Polis? Is that you?”

The Kaminoan proceeded to explain himself to Polis, and introduced himself as Zon Fus, a figure he claims had met Polis “many cycles ago”. Polis asked if Zon Fus intended to kill him, and Zon Fus admitted with great hesitation a “Yes”. Zon Fus expressed remorse for the deed he has to do for his master with a tear stricken face. Zon Fus had since the beginning saw a lot of potential in Polis as the key to the secret of immortality, but over time turned into a project for making the perfect clone soldiers that caught the attention of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Krayt, and his Master with a new ingredient being Force Sensitivity.

Polis, enraged that his mentor turned to serving “THIS evil” initiated the attack with the party playing their parts as well. Zon Fus released the Gen’Dai in the tanks who in turn got equipped with special armor and Pulse Wave Rifles.

Zon Fus used his remote to inject the soldiers with fluids to improve their bodily capabilities, while the party fought off the soldiers and Zon Fus. Fortunately, those clones that Zon Fus made were not Force Sensitive, but they still had some Gen’Dai fortitude in requiring a heavy blow to kill.

Much of the party however quickly turned on Zon Fus and focused fired him down. With Zon Fus at Polis’ mercy, Zon Fus weakly told Polis to kill him in a way as to make him suffer so that he master could see the capabilities and potential of his clone army. Polis broke Zon Fus’ joints in his arms before slamming him onto the ground and then punching his head in until all that remained was a pile of shattered bone and gore. The rest of the clones quickly fell after that.

Dalbar's Damnation

With Mandalore’s Fleet over Feibraxa growing steadily more and more behind the Nest, Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel sent a worried message to the party, talking about how he sensed a genocide about where the party was, before asking why the party looked like they had seen a ghost. Taral played Dalbar’s recording to Evarr, and Evarr’s expression became like he just saw a ghost. After discussing the repercussions of this revelation, Evarr decided to bring the matter before the Jedi Council; but was sure that it would become galactic shortly after. Zendral expressed that he would rather keep Dalbar’s betrayal a secret so as to keep from having another entity targeting the party, but that suggestion got shot down.

Visase originally wanted to return back to E5’s base on Coruscant, but after Issilum suggesting that Dalbar’s goal is only a 5 second hyperspace jump from Feibraxa, Visase and the rest of the party decided to check out what Dalbar was investigating before returning home.

The world that Dalbar was heading for died a long time ago, along with the rest of the solar system around it. Bypassing a frozen asteroid belt, the party arrived on a derelict moon orbiting a yellow gas giant. Landing on the moon, the party put on some of the emergency spacesuits, and made sure they were well heated before leaving their ship onto the frozen low gravity moon. The party jumped towards a cave up an incline of jagged mountains, and then entered it to find the remains of a research station, and its final moments.

Studying the front door’s conditions, Kader ruled that it was from a great shock from outside the facility that blew the door in. The mummified remains of scientists were found strewn throughout the room carrying two Datapads containing information on some of the things being researched within the facility; stuff known as Midichlorian Amplification (Affecting Midichlorian count in living beings), and Midichlorian Synthesis (Creation of Midichlorians, the sentient micro-organisms that are responsible for instilling their hosts with force sensitivity). While wandering the bunks/mess hall area, the party encountered a datapad documenting research on Darth Krayt’s Sith Soldiers, and the lessons to be learned from them.

When the party entered the Study, the party found the body of a mummified Givin slumped over on the floor near the security monitors with a charred stab wound in his chest. Zendral rushed over to the security monitors to get them back online- to find that the monitors lacked power, and that power generator had been stabbed in much the same way the Givin was stabbed. Simon managed to reroute power in his power generator, and the monitors and much of the base got its power back- as well as the sound of a blaring alarm. A panicked Zendral immediately turned the alarm off, before searching the data on the monitors. The last recording the monitor recorded was of Dalbar’s entrance into the facility, and his talk with the Givin named Dr. Zimaz who told Dalbar of the purpose of the organization he was part of before being impaled by Dalbar’s lightsaber. Dr. Zimaz’s last words were foreboding, telling Dalbar that if he changed his mind; to contact the one wielding the fruits of Dr. Zimaz’s research before he passed out dead where the party sees him today.

Obtaining the clues, the party leaves the desolate moon while informing Issilum of what was found.

Returning to Coruscant that evening, there was relief that E5’s base was still standing. After observing the last moments of Verin Taro’s training with Korot, Verin rushed to where the party was and told them about how he, Henea, and Korot did the research they could on Dr. Bik Nasod and his cloning by calling in some favors and spending some of Arken’s money. In the end, they found the location of the lab that Dr. Bik Nasod worked on his projects in back during the Clone Wars. According to Henea, the names of the clones on those documents aren’t indicative of Jango Fett- the base person which the clone army was made from.

After E5 revealed the completion of his research of Lightsabers and Energy Balls, and the completion of the Prototype Nsiss Clawcraft along with its function that seems to psychologically harm any force users that try to sense it.

Then Arken Taro connected with the party and was informed of Dalbar’s condition, both in the recording from Feibraxa, and the research discovered in Star System ORF652AA9. Arken paid the party for their work, but then expressed the discomfort on his side before retiring; predicting a difficult tomorrow.

The party then retired for the night, to await what will come next.

The Second Apocalypse of Feibraxa

(This update will summarize two game sessions, as I felt the first game was too short to really be of much substance without the second)

The Feibrax army marched at the commands of the Tenugu Matriarch, Shaetar while the party marched at their own pace. Some of them rode in ranks, others in speeder bikes, and of course Issilum arrived in the Nest. The party arrived at the battlefield which was covered in patrols of Hastim, but sitting between the party and the wall was another tank pointed at them.

Nahunexe, having just come back from Ilburuq showed off the spells she learned while inside the caverns. Her first scrunched the tank into a metal ball which Nahunexe immediately chucked at the stone wall, causing the first indentation of damage that Kader, Zendral, Visase, and Taral continued their tank fire barrage on.

The rest of the party spent their time on the field picking up the scraps and making sure that no foes make it to the tanks. Primarily however, Shaetar’s army did much of the work of mopping up the remainders by sheer numbers alone.

Still, the party played a big role in the removal of several War Hastim in many a flashy way.

It wasn’t long before the walls of Urux were breached, allowing for the army to pour into Urux’s streets. With the streets as steep and narrow as they become deeper within the city, Zendral, Kader, Visase, and Taral had to ultimately leave their tanks behind to be in the care of the Feibrax army. Following Nahunexe, the party rushed towards the ZIggurat of Urux where the false prophet awaits.

While running, the party noticed a glittering red object atop the ziggurat, to which Nahunexe told the party a little more of Neshugat- the Matriarch-Sorceress responsible for causing the “First Apocalypse” of Feibraxa. Nahunexe then voiced her hope that the false prophet doesn’t figure out its purpose.

Thanks to some good flying and shooting by Issilum and Wooshgruuw, the stairway to the top of the Ziggurat became clear for the party to scale.

Making it to the top of the Ziggurat, the party finds themselves face to face with the False Prophet- the trandoshan named Kosslesh who is standing beside Neshugat’s crystal. On the other side is a Mandalorian warrior named Sayek Kryze who brandished a cruel vibroaxe and a customized suit of Mandalorian armor (Beskar’gam). Surrounding Kosslesh was the royal guard of the former rulers of Urux, known as the Immortals.

Kosslesh taunted the party a little, and mentioned the pact he made with the spirits within the crystal to make himself stronger. With a blastershot from Zendral at the crystal, the battle was joined.

Sayek cleaved Orwell’s gamorrean followers in two with help from his rocket-boot modifications on his armor, while the remainders of Orwell’s gamorrean followers got peppered with arrows from the immortals when they ganged up on a toppled over Sayek.

Issilum and Wooshgruuw kept a safe distance and fired blaster cannon shots at first at the crystal, but after seeing that the blaster shots did nothing, began to fire at Kosslesh and Sayek.

Some Immortals managed to pin Kader and Zendral against the edge of the Ziggurat as they fired shots at Sayek. Taral, Visase, and Hartel did some battlefield control with the force, and heavy hitting as well. Polis and Orwell had fun showing off their strength- Orwell with his Arg’garok making new wounds and eventually beheading Sayek, and Polis with his ability to throw Kosslesh at Sayek hard enough to knock the mandalorian veteran off his feet. Nahunexe focused purely on Kosslesh, zapping him with enough Force Lightning to make Kosslesh have to crawl on the ground out of weakness.

With Sayek beheaded, Kosslesh snuck away from the chaos and pleaded with Neshugat for power. Disgusted, Neshugat shouted that Kosslesh is more fit to be a vessel- if a terrible one. When Taral realized the upcoming possession, it was too late. Neshugat funneled her spirit into the near dead Kosslesh and turned Kosslesh’s body incorporeal. It was likely that possession that killed Kosslesh’s spirit in the end.

Neshugat drained the spirits of the Immortals to restore Kosslesh’s shell back to full health. Without a way to even touch Neshugat’s vengeful spirit, Nahunexe then showed the party of the exorcism she learned in Ilburuq. The exorcism was successful, and turned Kosslesh’s possessed body back to the physical world. At that moment, the party struck, and attacked Kosslesh’s body- cutting off limbs, but no blood spilled. All that remained of Kosslesh was a solid darkness.

With Kosslesh’s body weak, Neshugat returned to the non-physical realm (The realm of the gods in Nahunexe’s words) to heal herself and call to the dark goddess of destruction Nerash to grant her control over fire.

The braziers melted into lava, and the flames roared up. Zendral was lucky to run away when he did, and while Simon began to move, the flames were already on him- melting his frame, and the Ziggurat beneath him into lava as well. The fires then followed after the party slowly. Nahunexe tried another exorcism, but Neshugat put more focus into her incorporeality that time, and asked for help. Visase and Taral helped focus Nahunexe’s power, and overpowered Neshugat’s power, bringing Kosslesh’s now healed body back to the physical realm.

The members of the party aside from Visase and Taral then lunged at Kosslesh- with Polis impaling Kosslesh against the crystal’s jagged edges, the others peppering his body with blaster fire, Zendral looking up in the sky for the possibility of finding a target up there, and Orwell chopping off Kosslesh’s head. Kosslesh still screamed in agony after Orwell beheaded him.

A desperate Neshugat brought Kosslesh back into the non-physical realm over a patch of lava. Nahunexe really struggled and shouted for each force user to help her. With Nahunexe’s, Visase’s, Taral’s, and Hartel’s power; they brought Kosslesh’s body back to the physical world, and a weary Neshugat retreated from Kosslesh’s body and back into the crystal, leaving Kosslesh to burn in the lava pool, and the flames that followed to be extinguished.

Taral shouted at Neshugat about defeat being the true reward the Dark Side grants, but Neshugat payed no attention- sulking inside the crystal she is bound to.

In the aftermath of the fight, Kosslesh’s datapad which fortunately was dropped when Polis impaled Kosslesh revealed its functions as a holoprojector. The projection that came up was of Jedi Master Dalbar, who immediately announced that Mandalore’s fleet has entered the Feibrax system to clean up the evidence, and that Kosslesh had better leave if he wanted to live. Then Dalbar stopped, looked at the party, and then found Taral.

Dalbar then tried to convince Taral to leave the Jedi Order, in order to join with Dalbar as they make a real effort in bringing lasting peace to the galaxy. Taral was having none of it, disagreeing with Dalbar and expressing disappointment at what Dalbar had become. Dalbar left, telling Taral that he was his enemy now. The datapad recorded that holoprojection and its conversation.

The party searched the rest of the datapad for interesting messages (Which can be seen on Roll20, the document is called “Kosslesh’s Datapad”) when Nahunexe told of the last part of Nanshe’s prophecy, “That the 4th Visitors will come by the image of the 1st, and destroy the Second World.” With Dalbar being the first visitor, it was plain that the second Feibrax apocalypse was nigh. Zendral insisted that there was more that the party can do for the Feibrax, but Nahunexe had her own idea in mind as Mandalore’s capital ships cast its jagged shadows over Feibraxa’s surface. Nahunexe rushed to Neshugat’s crystal and demanded Neshugat follow the ones who defeated her to use her power to destroy the newcomers. Neshugat told Nahunexe that she would rather see them destroy Feibraxa- at which point Nahunexe forced herself onto the crystal to try and possess Neshugat, in order to use her power against the fleet while telling the party to run.

Nahunexe and her followers were well into forming dark clouds as the party ran to the place where Issilum landed the ship. While running, Taral, Visase, and Hartel sensed that the Mandalorian ships seemed to repel and resist the Force that struck at them like a Jedi would, and not like how a machine would.

Before the party could board, Nanshe appeared in front of the ship to bow and thank the party for all that they have done in saving their people. Nahunexe resigned to her fate since her clan was stolen away into the stars, and left her without anything left. Nahunexe would eventually lose control of the spell she is forcing Neshugat to cast, and Nahunexe as well as her followers would become one with the crystal as well. The spell will not defeat the 4th visitors, but it will give the remaining Feibrax, and the party the time they need to escape.

Nanshe then told the party of what she saw them doing, and gave the party some advice. While she sees the party finding the one responsible for the atrocities on Feibraxa and on many worlds as well, it might be best for the party to show mercy if given the opportunity to do so. At that, Nanshe said that she will not take up any more time, and let the party flee before Nahunexe loses control.

At that moment, the sky began to rain ash- and the thick black lightning caressed clouds gave way to Mandalore’s depowered ships that took to freefalling onto the planet- obliterating mountains and plains where they fell. Quickly, the party jumped into the Nest, and Issilum took off- dodging the Mandalorians and the lightning alike as they escaped into space undetected by the Mandalorians thanks to Nahunexe’s distraction. Looking back onto Feibraxa, a small fleet of capital ships are seen in very low orbit over the now darkened planet like ticks on an animal.


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