Star Wars: Rebirth

The Search for Nahunexe

Speeding across the dusty plains and mountains of Feibraxa, the party eventually finds themselves in front of a Feibrax encampment. While the Feibrax drew their weapons, the Matriarch of the encampment showed up to give a proper welcome, introducing herself as Irshagal, matriarch of the Efestunu clan.

Irshagal gave the party a stone plate of a sticky-sweet red substance that some of the party sampled. Inquiring its origins, Irshagal told the party that it is produced from Feibrax children when they try to eat Hiqu berries. Apparently, some components of Hiqu berries react strangely to the saliva produced by Feibrax larva, causing it to turn into a sugary-sappy-fruity substance. The gift of such a substance is a peaceful gesture.

The party were also introduced to the Hastim; enormous beasts with a head covered in horns and tusks and walk of hooves. Their size and stability is such that multiple Feibrax can ride on a single Hastim.

Irshagal told the party that she was willing to go with Nanshe; the only known member of the Ilallunei (The royal family of Urux) to turn to opposing the false prophet. However, Irshagal also wanted to see if the party was willing to help them.

Irshagal talked of her aunt named Nahunexe, who broke away from the Efestunu when Irshagal was appointed the matriarch of the Efestunu right when she finished pupating from the larva stage, feeling that Irshagal was too young for a leadership role.

Nahunexe and her followers left the Efestunu lands, and settled in the plains north of Urux , a place very near to a significant Feibrax holy site as the newfound Zintullei clan. While Nahunexe’s choice of land was controversial, it is not what Irshagal is concerned about. What concerned Irshagal was the fact that she hasn’t heard from Nahunexe since the arrival of the false prophet.

Irshagal requested that the party check on Nahunexe, and find what became of her. While Nahunexe and Irshagal have their differences, Irshagal still wishes nothing ill on Nahunexe.

The party agreed, and after being pointed the Zintullei lands, the party made their way their on their overcrowded Speeder bikes.

The party arrived at an empty Feibrax camp. The Feibrax immediately saw a plethora of tracks heading for Urux, with the Feibrax and Hastim tracks being in a thick line, while more humanoid tracks are seen in lines on either side of the Feibrax/Hastim line.

Meanwhile, Kader found a small line of tracks heading farther north of Urux. Kader identified 5 Feibrax making those tracks.

Taral and Visase followed the larger row of tracks to find them ending at Urux. Urux itself is heavily walled, and fortified not only by well armed Feibrax on Hastim, but also by more modern vehicles and tanks. Orwell began to throw out suggestions of infiltrating Urux and poisoning the water rather than flee, but Visase and Taral talked Orwell out of those suggestions.

The party then converged and followed the smaller line of tracks north, going over plains and passing over rivers and eventually arriving at a rocky valley that, according to Visase, Taral, and Hartel emit a very strong force energy about it. The sheer amount of force ended up heightening Visase’s senses as the party descended deeper to the valley floor, following the tracks as they made their way into a cave.

The cave itself is full of colorful crystals jutting out from the walls and the floors, illuminating the otherwise dark cavern. Before the party manifested a decorated looking Feibrax man, who introduced himself as an Enaqu named Betush.

Betush acknowledged Visase, Taral, and Hartel as Enaqu. Many questions were asked, and Betush answered as best he could, while asking the party questions as well. Betush told the party that Nahunexe is near and is currently in the most sacred of Ilnerush’s sites alongside 4 of her most accomplished Enaqu (Ilnerush being the name of the valley the party found themselves in). The site Nahunexe is in is known as Ilburuq, and was the place where the Feibrax survived the first apocalypse. Betush told the party that apparently, they would play a big role in the Feibrax’s second apocalypse.

Betush proceeds to tell the party of what made this valley so. Before the first apocalypse, the Feibrax had many cities, each governed by a matriarch and her family. The matriarchs looked after their subjects, but in time, some of the Feibrax governments proceeded on their own agenda; often stepping over the agenda of the others. Push comes to shove, and hostilities build. It got to the point, where the matriarchs, and later, most of the people could no longer hear the gods that guided them. Eventually though, they felt other gods; destructive gods who tought them terrible spells. Spells that can make the matriarchs shoot lightning from their hands; spells that can dominate minds.

There were however a few Feibrax who still heard the gods of old. The most devout follower of the gods back in that time was the Feibrax female Utmarset, who found other likeminded Feibrax after getting a vision of destruction of the Feibrax world as they knew it. So Utmarset set off into Ilnerush, and let them into the cavern of Ilburuq to weather the apocalypse. The apocalypse came in the form of a flood, that some of the matriarchs of old sought to use to destroy their enemies once and for all. However, their hatred fed into the spell, causing the flood to not only sweep away the coast, but also the surface of Feibrax.

In the talking of the legends, Betush mentioned of another outsider who visited this site as well. The short-green-biped named Dalbar, who was accompanied by the Enaqu Qarshigal. Dalbar seemed genuinely curious, though like most of the Feibrax, Betush felt that Dalbar’s arrival marked the start of the second apocalypse.

Ilburuq was shielded by the power of the gods, and those Feibrax who followed Utmarset emerged from Ilburuq to a new and forested world, which they saw as a promise that there never again be another apocalypse.

Once Betush felt that the party understood what this place means to the Feibrax, Betush gave the party permission to enter Ilburuq. Before the party left though, Betush told the party that the Enaqu within the party are welcome to take a piece of crystal within the chamber with them.

Taral took a green Feibraxian Crystal, which happens to contain the personality of the granddaughter of Gilesh; the founder of the city of Urux whose name was Ifnaqei, who was known for her long life and the kindness she showed to her subjects, inspiring a golden age of art, expansion, and innovation for Urux.

Visase took a blue Feibraxian Crystal, which contains the personality of a Tenugu matriarch named Amut. Amut’s youth and resolve gave the growing city of Urux many hard battles as the city expanded towards the forests. Amut died in battle, singlehandedly taking out a platoon of Urux’s elite warriors with both weapon skill and the guidance of the gods.

Hartel took the violet Feibraxian Crystal, which contains the personality of an Enaqu of the Baballal clan by the name of Shahiku. While Shahiku was no matriarch, but she was credited for her abilities as a teacher, coach, and advisor to any who made have need of it. Shahiku also found herself in the role of the matriarch many times for many clans of Feibrax, even in Urux, in order to teach the would-be leaders how to be a leader. Then when the leader comes of age, Shahiku stepped down each time to let the future Matriarch do the rest. Shahiku is remembered for her open mind, and vast diversity of experiences.

When the party got their crystals, they set out of the cave, towards the nearby cavern mouth of Ilburuq…

The Third Visitors of Feibraxa

After a noisy bus ride with Gunja, Wooshgruuw; the latest addition to the group got an unwanted makeover from Gunja’s daughters. Wooshgruuw spent much of the rest of the time in the base removing the braids, the beads, the pigtails and glitter from his fur.

Meanwhile, Zendral worked on the finishing touches of his prototype lightning gun, while Taral got a worried message from master Dreskel about how he can’t sense any of the Jedi who left the temple, or any other Jedi in the galaxy for that matter. According to Dreskel, it was Dalbar who noticed first. Neither Taral nor Visase had any luck, and Hartel wasn’t exactly attuned to the Jedi to know if hes sensing Jedi or not.

Visase brought the ID card that Gunja’s daughter Norki gave to her to Verin so that Verin could do research while the rest of the party stops the slaving operations on Feibraxa.

Verin bragged about doing the obstacle course while wearing weights and with broken ribs. Henea objected, but knew there was no talking Verin’s enthusiasm down.

E5 made good work on putting the Nsiss Clawcraft ship together.

Arken Taro also contacted the party about how he had taken a tour of Emeriss’ space station. Emeriss talked about how the space station would be ready when the power core gets placed inside. Arken talked about how in the space station’s current state, it didn’t have any room for docking any starships, so Arken suspects that the station has more functions than as a star port. When Arken tried to brainstorm with his fellow senators, they laughed it off. Emeriss has also been stopping to chat with Arken more often now. Polis laughed Arken off, saying that of course Emeriss is up to something.

Before long, the party got onto the Nest, and set the coordinates for Feibraxa. After being in hyperspace for nearly an hour, the Nest arrived in the Feibraxan system, and the Nest was preparing for landing on the rust-colored world of Feibrax.

When the party arrived, they saw swaths of starships leaving out of an enormous city of stone, but the Nest landed behind a nearby mountain range.

When the party opened the hatch doors, they were greeted by a large group of Feibrax, but the largest and most extravagant looking one spoke to the party through their minds while the rest of the Feibrax chittered their mandibles and twitched their antennae to communicate with each other. Though the party’s minds, the large Feibrax introduced herself as Nanshe, and is a member of the Ilallunei caste of Urux, and perhaps the only member of the Ilallunei who saw the truth behind “The False Prophet”.

Nanshe spoke prophetically, and of the gods who helped her see. This angered Polis to no end who threatened to shoot her. Nanshe kept going, and no shots were fired.

Nanshe told the party that the gods told her that the preservers from the stars would arrive at this spot, and that she and the Feibrax who followed her waited for when the party arrived.

Nanshe talked of 4 who would visit the world. The first would be the first visitor from the stars, the Jedi Master Dalbar. The second will come as a prophet in service to a higher power. The third will come to preserve the Feibrax. The fourth will come in accordance to the image of the first, bringing fourth destruction. The party was the third to arrive to Feibraxa.

Nanshe talked of how the city of Urux fell under the control of the False Prophet, and Nanshe knows that the remainder of her people within are in danger. To help the party, Nanshe talked about how she wants the last of the Feibrax nomads to come together and save the last of the Feibrax before the fourth visitors arrive.

Nanshe told the party of the Efestunu clan, located just on the other side of of a far away mountain.

Then the party packed onto 4 Swoop Bikes, and shot off onto the dusty and rugged land of Feibraxa. Wooshgruuw remained behind to look after the ship.

The Plathuu, the Wookiee, and the ID Card by C.S. Lucas

When Visase and Taral opened up the first door, they found that the next room was a prison cell with a wookiee locked up behind it. After deactivating the shield, and after convincing the wookiee that he wasn’t being enslaved, the wookiee opened up a little more; introducing himself as Wooshgruuw. Wooshgruuw was patrolling his village on Kashyyyk when he got captured and brought over to this cell. As thanks for his release, Wooshgruuw swore a lifedebt to the party. Wooshgruuw later on became battle ready when he got his Ryyk blades and Bowcaster back.

In the other cell, the party met up with a Plathuu named Niuulaj who didn’t desire to leave his cell. Niuulaj told the party about why he deserved to be locked up. Niuulaj was a noble on Plathuui who was entrusted by the elders to hide thousands of Plathuui within his home. Then when Mand’alore came with his fleet to bombard the planet, he was visited by “A dark man” with jagged paint covering his face. The man told Niuulaj that he knew he was harboring “Force sensitives” inside of his house, but that he would pay Niuulaj handsomely if he turned them in, in addition to keeping Mand’alore from bombarding his estate. Niuulaj turned his people in, and then Niuulaj was taken away too as a “Traitor to his own people”. So Niuulaj was put at the mercy of Shyr Praz as “Massiff food”, before the party came along and encountered Niuulaj.

Because Niuulaj was being stubborn about submitting to justice, Orwell knocked him out and took him in, along with the Massiff, and the Wookiee as well.

Along the way, Kader remembered the earlier incident about the force sensitives sensing a big ship full of Plathuu making its way into The Works. Visase reasoned that their fate will be found out soon.

When the party returned to Gunja’s bus, Gunja had all of his kids having a scavenger hunt in the murky and dangerous depths of Coruscant. One of the kids, one of Gunja’s many daughters Norki finds a body of one of the Tusken Raiders gang members that Visase killed earlier; which was one of Gunja’s scavenger hunt items. Still, Norki tried to take the 5 Credit coin from the body, but Gunja, telling Norki “You kill it, you loot it”; redirected Norki to instead give to the coin to Visase. Visase refused so Norki kept the coin.

Then Norki gave Visase an ID card she found. The card dates back to the Clone Wars (20 BBY) and sports the symbol of the Old Republic on it. In particular, this card belonged to a scientist by the name of Dr. Bik Nasod, which Issilum knew was an expert of cloning, and made a few breakthroughs in that field too.

After Gunja counted 3 more passengers (A Wookiee, an unconscious Massiff, and an unconscious Plathuu), he and his family said, “We’ll make room for everyone!”

Dead Puppies, Dead Puppies Aren't Much Fun

The party wasted no time in using the access codes they attained from the bartender on the door behind the Sick Vongspawn Cantina. Hartel went in first, using the force to stealth himself.

When Hartel made it to the bottom floor, he found the place was stocked up with a lot of guards; mainly some gunmen, and some gamorreans. Fortunately, the guards only looked at the empty elevator with a bewildered look rather than investigate. So Hartel went back up, and discussed a battle plan with the party.

Hartel and Taral were to rush up front and Force Slam the initial groups, then Orwell and Visase would rush forwards and mop up the rest.

The plans were carried out to spectacular effect, though the alarm rung by a gunman did alert the leader of the Outpost; a scary looking woman with 6 Massiffs in tow by the name of Shyr Praz. Shyr Praz started by killing 2 of the gamorreans as they were “in the way”, all the while, Shyr kept on talking to the party to get them used to the idea that they’re Massiff food. Shyr Praz was wrong. Very wrong.

While the Massiffs got a got hit at Visase, Polis chucked one at Shyr, and shortly after, Simon lobbed a special missile aquired from the Emeriss Outpost. The missile brought down the ceiling, and dealt enough damage to kill everyone in the radius outright, except for Shyr. Taral then knocked Shyr unconscious with a force stun, and the remaining Massiffs began to eat their old master.

Zendral killed one of them, and the last one was knocked unconscious by Polis. Then Orwell took the knocked out Massiff with the intent of keeping it.

While Visase and Taral went to investigate the other rooms, Polis found Shyr’s computer console, and found a message that speaks not only of where the Galactic Axis is going to be having its operations, but also that their leader is one named Kosslesh who is coming to Feibraxa as a “Prophet” who will lead the Feibrax away to a safe place, away from the apocalyptic firestorm to come.

To Axe the Axis

The news that morning was of the party’s attack on the Emeriss compound on Duros, with plenty of footage of the attack. The Duros authorities suspect it was the UDS that attacked, but the Emeriss authorities are sure that the UDS had help.

There was even an interview with Sics’enuluo’hassiss who looks to have had a rough night, having to drink tea to stay awake. Apparently, Emeriss’ CEO Valen’resh’inrokini had a similar night as well.

Enul talked about the sheer amount of explosives that were required to make a crater the size that it is, and he has his doubts that the UDS were able to carry all of those explosives by themselves. Who they could be is still under investigation.

Zendral began work on a project that would take 20 scraps of metal, and cost him 5000 credits. 1000 for the parts he can’t get from scraps, and 4000 credits for the rights to use E5’s workbench for that project which looks like a prototype flamethrower gun.

While Visase was loading the swoop bikes onto the Nest, Korot took a break from making Verin do deadlifts with broken ribs to talk to the party about what he heard of the Galactic Axis before he forgot. Harbu talked to Rixx about his experiences with the Galactic Axis, and Rixx even told Harbu where the Galactic Axis outpost is on Coruscant. Korot mentioned that he figured the party would like to know in case they wanted to make an example of the Axis, before Korot returned to coaching Verin on being a good member of the team.

Polis mentioned that Rixx could be leading the party into a trap as revenge, but the rest of the party, after a good long argument figured that the Axis outpost is the best place to start, even though they know that the Axis is going for Feibraxa next; they just don’t know where on Feibraxa the Axis will strike.

So the party turned to where Gunja would be, to find that he had just entered the hangar, and Gunja brought family with him; his current wife, and the 17 children he had with that wife. Also, Gunja brought donuts to which Kader had a lot of.

Issilum worried about seating order, though Gunja was confident everyone could fit. Well the party loaded up into the bus, with everybody just barely fitting inside. Gunja’s kids were climbing all over Simon and Polis, and Taral managed to meditate the whole ride through.

Gunja was even more reckless; using maneuvers that practically negated gravity allowing for Gunja’s kids to float around the bus, with one kid crashing into Kader while floating around.

Finally, Gunja made it to where the Sick Vongspawn cantina was, which was the front to the Axis’ outpost. Gunja gave a quip about it, talking about how he learned to drive a bus there, and since its so dark and seedy; it was great place for a scavenger hunt. Gunja did talk about how Coruscant was once attacked by the extra galactic species known as the Yuuzhan Vong who had transformed the planet to be something like a living organism, while the lifeforms born of those transformations were known as the Vongspawn.

Polis threatened Gunja with his life if he endangered his kids like that again before leaving. Kader returned to take back the donuts one of Gunja’s more plump children stole from Kader. When the party left into the darkness of the bottom floor of Coruscant to get to the Sick Vongspawn, Gunja looked to be organizing a scavenger hunt for the children.

The party split up, with one group going to search the outside of the cantina, while the rest of the party walked inside. Hartel quickly found the entrance while cloaked, and then Hartel and the others who had split headed for the cantina’s entrance.

The cantina had a few patrons in it. Some of the patrons looked dangerous, and the bartender wasn’t a people person. Still, Kader ordered 2 drinks that tasted like flamethrower chemicals, while Orwell gave challenging looks to the Gamorrean bouncers. Issilum volunteered to distract everyone, and so he stood up in front and started telling jokes, prompting the bartender to call the bouncers on the situation.

Things escalated quickly, with the party getting a barfight happening. Stun shots were fired, throws and punches happened, non-lethal Force techniques happened, and attempts at using chairs and falls on the table happened as well. Only Orwell was attacking to kill.

Visase managed to scare the bartender enough to call off the defense. The bartender told Visase the password to deactivate the alarm and unlock the way into the Axis’ outpost, in return for knocking the bartender unconscious.

Visase fired a shot on stun at the bartender, and then the party readied themselves for the break-in.

Dreams and Visions

The Nsiss Clawcraft parts were unloaded, and Verin limped off to his room with a set of broken ribs.

Shortly after, Arken Taro sent a message that the party immediately responded to. Arken asked about his son, to which the news of Verin’s broken ribs got leaked out. Arken started to object, but after Taral and Korot explained that Verin wanted this, Arken let the matter slide with unease.

The party told Arken that the next target was the planet of Feibraxa, home to a primitive and commonly force sensitive population, but also that there may be a traitor within the Jedi Order. Arken said that he would report Mandalore’s plans to invade Feibraxa to the Triumvirate, and as a closing word, Arken said to tell Verin that his mother and sister are safe; and also Arken told the party to be on the lookout for a chance to retrieve Verin’s girlfriend Henea, of whom her father doesn’t trust the police with her safety.

Henea then came out of the transport and mentioned that she obtained some medicine from Harbu’s encampment that Harbu was using on Verin to keep him fighting. The party chose to not take any of it at this time.

The party then went off to bed, while Visase and Taral fell into their force trances. There in the trance, Visase received an ominous vision that involved a darkening of the galaxy in the presence of a large object accompanied by the screams of the galaxy’s population. At the end, the population said in choir, “Skar’ssul, irodnok vem tamasal’nalar. Skar’ssul, enhalor…”

During which time, Taral was trying to keep Issilum from breaking Visase out of her trance via ice-water.

The following morning, Visase tried to explain the vision to Taral, but even Taral was at a loss of what to make sense of the vision.

While Orwell and Polis pushed Verin in his training despite his broken ribs, while Zendral was conversing with E5, and while Kader was smoking a cigarillo in the corner, the news began to broadcast something interesting…

Emeriss Armageddon

Zendral ran to the computers to learn more about the security measures on the starship parts, and Zendral found a big one indeed. The parts were surrounded in a force field, where the deactivation switch was inside of the shield. The party decided to go and kill off the guards and then worry about the shield.

When the party killed the guards spectacularly, Oot was getting ready to shoot at the shield; while Visase and Simon found a spare labor droid which they activated. The droid happened to contain the sequences to shutting down the shield fortunately. When the shield was shut down, Senlet and Simon took out the tracking device from the thrusters before ordering the labor droid to load the thrusters and itself onto the transport. After Simon ordered for the other battle droids to load onto the transport, Kader volunteered to fly the transport away.

Then Oot, Vun, and the UDS said their farewells before they ran as far away from the base as they could.

When the rest of the party jumped onto the Nest, Zendral detonated the parts; blowing up the outpost.

When the party returned to Coruscant, they caught Hartel and Issilum back up to speed; and more interestingly, Gunja was nowhere to be found.

But when Kader prepared to retrieve the rest of the parts, the sirens were heard; and Gunja slipped his bus through the opening before closing the hangar doors and waiting for the police to speed past.

As it turns out, Gunja was taking Mon Calamari and Quarren tourists around Coruscant, and let them use the restrooms in E5’s base while Gunja changed his bus’ serial number.

Meanwhile, Kader brought the transport to Harbu’s Banished encampment. Verin and Harbu were sparring with their fists, while Visase gifted Harbu with 4 battle droids as thanks for looking after the clawcraft parts, Verin, and Henea.

When Verin came aboard, he proclaimed that he wanted the party to obey their end of the deal, to which Polis confronted him. Verin said that he agreed to go into hiding on the condition that he contribute to the group’s efforts rather than be forced into hiding. Polis then told Verin to show that he is capable of contributing in the most intimidating manner possible.

At first, it didn’t look like Verin would fight, but then he punched Polis in the face. At that, Orwell engaged. In the fight that ensued, Verin dislocated one of Orwell’s kneecaps and knocked him to the ground with a side kick that Verin overexerted. When Verin fell, Orwell got up and broke some of Verin’s ribs.

When Korot broke up the fight, he helped Verin back onto his seat and told Verin that his father had hoped that Verin never would have to see fighting or war. Verin was a little too winded to respond, but Henea tended to his injuries. Polis then told Verin that he has what it takes to contribute, but now Verin cannot slow the party down.

Meanwhile, Taral got in communication with Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel…

Moorr Dots Moorr Dots! Oh Hutt, Noss Again!

After the defense turret was taken down, Polis opened the next door; triggering an alarm, alerting those in the meeting room to come out.

The first to arrive was the ODVZ representative, a Duros named Moorr; who immediately recognized Kader and Oot fearfully. Moorr pulled out a Thermal Detonator to finish the job, but Orwell’s intervention meant that the job ended not getting finished. 2 UDS Fighters met their end from the explosion, followed by Moorr and his bodyguards.

What made matters difficult was the arrival of a Hutt who was preventing the party from getting close to the gunners behind him. Even as Orwell and Polis fought, they both fell. Orwell recovered, and rushed to the vents alongside Visase to flank the meeting room.

The Hutt took many hits without looking in pain, but still; thanks to concentrated fire and previous wounds, the Hutt fell. To replace the Hutt, Amani rolled out; but they proved to be easier prey than the Hutt was.

Taral rushed off to free the Force Sensitive prisoner, while Oot was left to face off against the enemy. Oot called for the remaining commandos to come to his side, but between the autofire assault by the elite Chiss guard, and the grenade lobbed by Emeriss Representative Noss, the Commandos died, and Oot was gravely injured.

Visase, Orwell, and Senlet reunited; and then they all dropped down into the room below before positioning themselves to flank the hapless guards. Meanwhile, Taral freed the prisoner; a Duros UDS Fighter named Vun who wasted no time in helping with the battle.

With concentrated firepower, the last of the Amani were taken out, and just when Emeriss thought the battle decided, Visase, Senlet, and Orwell struck; devastating the health of the elite guards.

When it was just Noss left, Noss began to talk to Zendral like they had known each other; even making a crack about how Zendral could never score. Zendral’s Jabbas remained unrustled, even as Orwell beheaded Noss.

Vun told his story while he revealed that his Force talents lied in healing. Vun healed a good deal of everybody’s wounds before Vun felt too winded to use the Force.

Orwell on the other hand found Noss’ datapad, which he took and read it. The datapad message read:

“Plathuui was a success. We acquired many new slaves. Many new Force Sensitives. Our owner wishes to congratulate you all on your progress, but there is much more to be done!

Dalbar has notified Mandalore of the world of Feibraxa. The Feibrax, like the Plathuu aren’t nice looking like the Twi’lek or the Zeltron; but the Feibrax are physically strong, show much force sensitivity; and are primitive.

Dalbar will continue to do what he can to keep the Jedi and the Triumvirate from acting while Mandalore continues his conquest; and we profit from it.

Our correspondent on Coruscant; Shyr Praz has been notified of Dalbar’s plans and is preparing for the harvest.

All involved will get good compensation for their works.

The time draws closer. I hope your meeting was fruitful.


Outgunning the Turret

When Simon activated the security droids under his command, Polis opened the door leading deeper within the compound and was immediately beset by blasterfire coming from a gun turret at the end of the corridor. Before Polis could react though, two large slug creatures known as Amani immediately coiled up into a ball and rolled blindingly fast at Polis such that Polis couldn’t react; then when Polis got himself together, the Amani were flanking Polis.

The following fight was messy, with the turret showing off its Ion ammunition against the rewired battle droids. As the fighting was going on, Senlet sends a message; stating that he managed to kill the security technician, and has given information about the turret room.

Basically, there are two Barracks on either side of the turret that have enough guards to overwhelm the party; but the barracks are connected via vents that the party could get into to make a mess of the barracks.

The UDS Commandos volunteered to take care of the barracks if they had cover. All the party had to do was wait for their opportunity.

An opportunity came up when the security droids rushed the hall, and the head engineer thought that overdriving the next round of ion ammo into a jet would be best. The ion jet charred the Chiss guards in front of the turret, but did the same to the security droids; with Simon being the only survivor. This blast caused the turret to become too hot to be functional.

Immediately, the party took action; bringing the UDS commandos into the vents while picking off the guards that came out of the barracks. As the tide turned, Senlet continued giving more information about the turret; mainly in that the turret was in a fixed position. Get to the side of the turret, and the turret is a sitting duck.

Visase, Orwell, Taral, and Oot made a gamble by rushing through the corridor to get to the side of the turret; but the gamble payed off.

As the fighting wrapped up, Senlet told the party that he was going to hide in a vent to keep away from the Chiss should they get curious.

An Explosive Arrival

When the party reached Duro, they received a transmission from a Duros who claims to be part of the UDS; or U Durosu Soka. The UDS is a group of guerilla fighters who are fighting against others who would harm Duro’s environment, and it just so happened that they were targeting Emeriss Arms’ outpost for attack; due to their involvement with helping out a notorious starship corporation on Duro known as Oo Durosoo Virrnu Zalonu, or ODVZ. In particular, the name of the Duros who contacted the party was a small time leader of the UDS named Oot.

Oot claimed that they caught wind of one of Senlet’s transmissions, figuring that since the party got a man inside; that the party was an enemy of Emeriss. Oot suggested to the party that they should fly in in their starship, and lay waste with their weapons while the UDS comes out of the words. The party accepted to go with Oot’s plan, but before Oot ended the transmission; he looked at Kader and winced.

Meanwhile, Senlet climbed through the ventilation ducts where he saw a lone Duros in prison; the room where the starship parts were stored, a meeting between many races; and a room full of computers. Before Senlet reported where the Thrusters were, and then look to hiding away.

The following fight was deadly, with Simon destroying both of the transport ships in an explosive way that further disadvantaged the guards, before the UDS came out of the woods to finish the guards closest to the forest.

When the fight ended, Oot approached Kader calling him “Rok’Ulor”. Kader insisted that Rok’Ulor is no longer, and that Rok’Ulor was done with being involved in this war. Oot let Kader’s insistence slide, and continued to try to figure out how to get the door open.

Orwell and Polis tried with brute strength, but finally; Taral burned through a bit of the door with his lightsaber, while Simon lobbed a missile at the door opening; splitting the door wide open.

The guards on the other side tried to get the astromech droids to activate the other battle droids, but they got finished off; and shortly after, the soldiers got finished off as well.

Simon rushed off to try to reactivate the battle droids to fight alongside the back, while the party discussed their next course of action.


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