Star Wars: Rebirth

Removing the Blanket of Riddles

With the Hoopin’ Slam game over, the party went over their options and leads to find stuff on Brulu Aloc. Hartel was concerned about being cornered by crowds again, when Kader suggested that Hartel put on a disguise. Hartel stopped for a moment to let the obvious, yet brilliant solution sink in. Hartel attained an extra set of Jedi robes from Visase and from there disguised himself to not be more inconspicuous. When the crowds have dispersed from the parking lots, the party left to move a small ways to the castle of King Onut III to the governmental square. With a little more exploration, the party set upon the Law Library of Onek’weg.

Walking inside of the law library, the receptionist greeted the party and asked what they needed. Hartel at this point asked about his father while taking off his hood, making the receptionist gasp and cover her mouth in surprise. Kader rolled his one good eye at that gesture. The receptionist managed to contain her excitement enough to call for the master archivist to bring Clars Stellartrotter’s last will and testament to bear. The archivist showed the party the last will that the Law Library has on file.

The contents are about what is to be expected; especially with where possessions will go to. The only odd one was to whom the team and the ownership of the Hoopin’ Slam will go to. The name “Unus” was mentioned where everyone expected for Hartel’s name to be there. Orwell insisted on the archivist searching every backup file, and checking the dates for all changes. The archivist came up with blanks in those areas as far as tampering with the evidence is concerned. The archivist reasoned that it was either Clars had specifically asked for these files to be as they are, or all of the files had been carefully and masterfully tampered with. With the party talking about Brulu’s money, they convinced the archivist of the possibility of the files being tampered with.

The archivist had voiced his sympathies for Hartel and the death of his father, but said that there was little he could do unless given evidence of legal tampering. Zendral, at Visase’s behest brought up the Emeriss codebreaker that was used on Clars’ safe, where Clars’ written Last Will was stored. The archivist voiced that it is likely that the mentions of Hartel inheriting the Hoopin’ Slam team would be written on Clars’ copy for sure before he would send it to the archives. With a codebreaker as evidence, the archivist figures that that is good enough evidence that something fishy is going on. The archivist finally introduced himself as Ruda, and wished to help in any way he can. The law library is an extension of the law of King Onut III, and the library has the legal rights to intervene if they believe that the archives are being illegally tampered with. Ruda continued by saying that this could come in the form of gathering evidence towards that end, and ordering the police force of Onek’weg around. While Ruda suggested not calling on the police, Ruda did say that the party can do their own investigations with the use of the police’s resources if given permission from the law library. Ruda then gave a few leads while writing out permission for the party to use the police resources to investigate the issue with Clars’ will.

Ruda talked of Clars’ murderer, a mentally insane and force sensitive Twi’lek named Vlodigurtal Cumquat. Cumquat was a serial killer who goes back for years under the name of “The Reborn Elder”. Among Cumquat’s victims was Jedi Master Keiran’s parents, Cumquat’s parents, and numerous others in addition to Clars. It was when Clars was murdered by a single blaster pistol shot that Cumquat was captured and sentenced to life in prison.

Ruda also suggested checking on Clars’ diary, now in the care of his sister-in-law Nenta. Ruda again said that he hopes to set things right, and hopes that he can legally get the will to say Hartel’s name.

During Ruda’s talking, he had to pull the receptionist aside to act more professional in front of the clients, even famous ones. With the party having a more clear modus operandi, they departed from the law library and plotted their course of action.

Hartel volunteered to go and check on aunt Nenta to get access to his father’s diary, alongside Visase, Kader, Orwell, and Simon.

Zendral figured that the party ought to split up and gather clues faster and to keep from carrying all of the eggs in one basket as they say. Polis, Taral, and Senlet went with Zendral.

Hartel and his side of the party took the bus. The people on the bus found the spectacle bewildering to say the least. Only the bus driver paid no heed to the fact that the party was equipped for war. Driving the party to the last stop closer to the sunny side of Ryloth, Hartel led the party down streets occupied by farm houses. Getting to a farm house surrounded by Bantha, Hartel greeted the child who answered the door as “Junga”. Shortly after, Hartel’s aunt Nenta arrived to welcome the party inside.

Treating the party to tea and biscuits, Hartel caught Nenta up to speed on the smaller less dangerous happenings, while Kader about ate all of the biscuits. Getting to the topic of the diary, Nenta talked about how she has been unable to open Clars’ datapad that he used for a diary. Hartel took it, and entered the password “1234”, and it opened.

The diary talked a good deal of Clars’ relationship with Jedi Master Keiran before he became a Jedi starting from the age of 3. It started out that Clars and Keiran were good childhood friends, when Keiran’s force sensitivity was taken notice by the Jedi Avazh; of whom Clars felt was off in some way. It was when Keiran’s parents were murdered by “The Reborn Elder” that Clars called for Keiran to help him. Despite none of Clars’ problems being of the nature that a Jedi can directly help with, Keiran volunteered to help Clars in any way possible on the promise that Clars not tell anybody of Keiran’s involvement in the coming schemes; especially not the Jedi Order. Clars agreed. Keiran revealed this force reactive dust that he and his friends made that could take on the physical properties of the one focusing on it. The kind that Keiran brought to Clars was brittle and will collapse with a little force. Realizing the potential for a sport that involves explosions, Clars and Keiran collaborated in making the game of “Hoopin’ Slam”. Keiran told Clars that he could be the owner of Hoopin’ Slam, so long as if he writes in his will that Keiran’s master Eridanos becomes the successor. Keiran never made it fully clear that Eridanos was a Jedi like Keiran however.

As time passed on, Clars had gotten a wife who soon became pregnant with Clars’ child. Keiran immediately sensed the force sensitivity eminating from the child, and asked Clars if he wanted the child taken into the Jedi Order. Clars refused; wanting to raise the child and see him grow up, and figuring that if the child were like his mother; that the rigors of discipline would do him no good. Clars wrote that that comment had made Keiran angry for a split second, making Clars jump. Keiran then said that it was only an offer and left it at that. Clars wrote that in as bizarre behavior on the part of Keiran.

The diary kept on going with Clars watching his son Hartel grow up without a mother due to her dying giving birth to him. Keiran kept on pressuring Clars to keep expanding the Hoopin’ Slam sport to larger avenues to make it more valuable, and that when Clars dies, the game will no longer be in his hands. The Reborn Elder is back to being at large, and Keiran said that he would do something about it.

Years later, The Reborn Elder was still at large, and Clars is getting more sad that the game of Hoopin’ Slam isn’t going into Hartel’s hands, given Hartel’s passion for the game. Instead, Clars had to change the inheritance of the game over from Eridanos to Unus due to Eridanos passing away.

Clars mentioned a chance meeting with the Jedi Knight Lire Nok who talked to Clars about the Hoopin’ Slam game and The Reborn Elder’s return. During the conversation, Clars mentioned Keiran having Jedi friends in the Order by the name of Eridanos and Unus. Lire got suspicious since she didn’t recall anyone of those names in the order, and that she never got orders from Keiran to hunt down The Reborn Elder. Lire Nok took it upon herself to investigate. Lire never returned.

That was when Keiran lashed out at Clars, telling him to stop digging dirt on him. Clars told Keiran that he had a lot to hide for a Jedi. Clars immediately after had a change of heart, and decided that; against Clars’ safety, to go and write in his will that he wants Hartel to be the one to inherit the game. Then once the Ryloth-Cup game is over, that Clars would log the changes in the Law Library. The entries ceased after that; given that the next day was the day Clars was assassinated by Vlodigurtal Cumquat, who was then revealed to be The Reborn Elder.

With the diary red, the party excused themselves from Nenta’s home; and rushed to the police station to convene with the other half of the party.

Meanwhile, Zendral tried to convince the police officer at the reception desk in the police station that he wanted to make a documentary of Cumquat. When the cop didn’t buy it and demanded official permission; that was when Zendral showed the official documentation from Ruda the archivist. Disregarding Zendral’s Kowakian Monkey-Lizard business, the cop pointed the way to the interrogation cell. Getting to the cell, the police told the party that they were welcome to use any of the instruments if it meant squeezing information out of him.

Sitting in the middle of the interrogation room was a gaunt Twi’lek whose Lekku have since come to look like slightly meaty ribbons. Cumquat stared at the party entering, but stopped to gaze at Taral for longer; seeing Taral’s uneasy past. Cumquat them spoke mostly in feverish and impassioned riddles; referring to “The blanket that covers the universe that ripples like waves”, and referring to the members of the party as being “Indentations in the blanket”, and “Able to altar the crashing of the waves against the blanket unlike those who don’t indent.” He spoke of Clars as not being an indent, but acting like one. He spoke of the one telling him; being the starry river from a far away sky speaking to him with ripples in the blanket. The Reborn Elder spoke of his purpose as making way for its design.

Cumquat was asked many questions, including who the force was that is trying to remake the world. Cumquat looked at Taral and told him he knows all too well.

The Sith.

Taral spoke of the True Sith being the culprit. Cumquat spoke only of them being but One Sith. Cumquat rambled on about the Starry River being an indent in the blanket, along with many of his heirs; among those Cumquat called the Usurper, and the Serpent. When asked of Brulu Aloc, Cumquat spoke of Brulu as being there by the behest of the ones who deserved to be there. Cumquat said that Clars had no right to be where he was. Brulu himself shouldn’t be there; even if he was asked by those deserving of the place.

Cumquat was then asked of Keiran. Cumquat refered to Keiran as “The Serpent”, who in turn leads those known as The Glutton, and Brulu. Taral spoke of wishing he stayed on Vorskarr; coming to the conclusion that Keiran is Orm. Cumquat continued that by the behest of the Serpent, his parents were murdered to seal the Serpent in with his place as an indentation. It was when Clars came that the Serpent demanded that Cumquat take him out with a bang; in order to surge popularity in the game Clars had no right to. So Cumquat took his blaster pistol, and ended Clars’ life out in the open.

By this time, the party has fully come together, and asked Cumquat the last questions, such as how Brulu can be removed from his unrightful place. Cumquat told the party to get Brulu’s datapad, and the contents will speak for itself. When asked if Cumquat had family, Cumquat talked about how he killed them in order to feel the ripples from the Starry River.

At that point, Cumquat was taken back in his cell. Then the party ordered for the police to take the datapad from Brulu Aloc. Hartel, Taral, and Visase accompanied the police en route to see to the deed in order to evaluate their performance. Hartel managed to resolve the password of Brulu’s datapad; and found all of the messages from Dijiec as Orm to Brulu, detailing plans to take over operations of the Hoopin’ Slam team with Hartel leaving home to spread the word of his game through the galaxy. The datapad went into detail about how Brulu only needs to help put on a good image for the game, while Emeriss spies will be sent to tamper with the last will to read Unus’ name on the proper dates; and then disposing of the official will.

When Dijiec went to go into hiding, Orm mentioned on the datapad of the slight change in hierarchy that took place; and then emphasized how important it was to keep a good public image on the game; since it will be through Hoopin’ Slam that he hopes to unite a galaxy that will no doubt feel under a pall in the near future.

With that evidence, Brulu was arrested, and then thrown into prison. The party claimed that the police handled the situation well, and then the police mentioned that with the evidence; they hope that the game will return to Stellartrotter hands.

The Legacy of Clars Stellartrotter

The rest of the evening was uneventful when compared to the dinnertime fiasco. With the Figo’s Wind scheduled to make it to Ryloth in the late morning, the party decided that it was safe to call it a night.

The following morning, the party still didn’t fully recover from the revelations of the previous night. Zendral was particularly bent out of shape over seeing his old mentor, such that Thirra tried to comfort him in the only way she knew; by comparing it all to her not getting sweets as her father promised for doing her chores. This got Rea to intervene and tell Thirra of the finer points of comforting people, while the Figo’s Wind neared Ryloth.

Once the Figo’s Wind entered orbit over Ryloth, Tavish Brix visited the Nest to discuss the finer points of the mission on Ryloth; reminding the party of Brulu Aloc’s position and legal security of Ryloth, given that slavery isn’t as strong an offense as, say, murder. Tavish was still wearing his chest bandages and hobbling on a cane during the briefing. Orwell got suspicious of Tavish, and tried to check his injuries by hand. Tavish kept on insisting on his chest injuries from the crewmember that stabbed him repeatedly to Orwell, but Orwell insisted on checking the injuries for himself. Tavish’ bodyguards Korech and Voroth stood back to let Orwell do what he must. Tavish continued being defensive as Orwell evaluated the kind of wound that would require those bandages. Finally, Orwell came to a conclusion without ripping Tavish’s bandages open, and told Tavish that he lied to him for the last time. But instead of killing Tavish, Orwell walked back into the Nest; more out of respect of Tavish’s family than out of the kindness in Orwell’s heart.

Ryloth is an odd world, in that Ryloth is tidally locked with its sun. This means that the same side of Ryloth is always sunny, and the other half is always dark. The only habitable part on Ryloth is the equator- where it is always twilight. Ryloth is the home of the Twi’lek species, and is home to a feudal governmental system. In particular, to get at Brulu Aloc, the party will be going to the kingdom of Onek’weg where the game of Hoopin’ Slam was born.

Issilum flew the Nest through Ryloth’s dusty atmosphere, and then landed it in an underground city complex. Leaving the Nest, a twi’lek child announced the arrival of Hartel Stellartrotter, and immediately after the ragged masses crowded around the party grabbing at Hartel. Hartel kept on insisting that he had somewhere to be, but the crowd- while good intentioned, didn’t let up. The crowd broke up once two more well built Twi’lek wearing the same sports jerseys that Hartel was wearing announced their presence, and explained that Hartel had somewhere to be; but one of the athletes who was introduced as Tald’kina said that he would take autographs and pictures since he’s in not nearly as much of a hurry. The crowd slowly dispersed from Hartel and soon crowded around Tald’kina to get autographs and pictures.

The remaining Twi’lek initiated a complex handshake with Hartel and spoke in much the same way he did. Hartel introduced that Twi’lek as Pratari Rha who is an athlete with the Onek’weg Hoopin’ Slam team. The two caught up a bit, talking about the changes in their lives the past week. Pratari Rha talked about Brulu Aloc, who arrived about when Hartel left to spread the word of Hoopin’ Slam around. Despite Hoopin’ Slam being in the off-season, Brulu is not giving any of the athletes rest; as he is making them and the other Hoopin’ Slam teams play the game of Hoopin’ Slam for charity organizations to help with the Mandalorian war effort. Pratari Rha mentioned that Brulu Aloc had been wanting to meet Hartel since he came in. Pratari Rha voiced that it just isn’t the same without Clars Stellartrotter. Pratari Rha volunteered to take the party to the stadium as discreetly as possible so as to not get mobbed by fans. The party agreed.

Following Pratari through the darkened alleys of the underground Twi’lek city, the party makes it to the Clars Stellartrotter Memorial Stadium. Entering through the backdoor, Pratari leads the party to Brulu Aloc’s office; once the office of Clars Stellartrotter. Brulu Aloc, who is sitting at Clars Stellartrotter’s desk beckons for everyone to have a seat without so much as a greeting. Most of the party sits down, aside from Orwell. Brulu insisted that Orwell ought to sit down, but Hartel told Brulu that Orwell is fine where he is. Brulu told Hartel of the charity game that he has raised for the Luke Skywalker Memorial Orphanage on Coruscant, and, as the owner of the Onek’weg Hoopin’ Slam team, and the legal owner of the Hoopin’ Slam game; Hartel is obligated to play. Hartel agreed, and with that, Brulu mentioned that he was happy to finally meet the Onek’weg Hoopin’ Slam team’s star player up front. Brulu asked for the names of the party who accompanied Hartel. Orwell mentioned his name and that he likes to eat puppies. Brulu nodded at that, but the rest of the party kept silent. When Brulu told everyone to leave his office so that he can get back to work and that Hartel can get some practice in before the game this afternoon.

Orwell reached to shake Brulu’s hand, but held the handshake for a little bit longer than he ought to. Brulu returned to his datapad as the party left.

In the practice room, the party tried to figure out the next course of action, while Orwell hefted his Arg’garok- visibly upset. As he walked back to Brulu’s office, Hartel stopped Orwell telling him that “Brulu was his”. Orwell stopped at that, punched a wall so hard it dented a little, and left it at that.

Hartel, knowing that Clars had the Hoopin’ Slam team in his will to be inherited to the next of kin asked the party to go and grab the will from his house while he got to practicing for the game. Taral and Visase volunteered to go and see to it.

When Taral and Visase called for a cab, Zendral rushed out to get to them saying that he’d rather chase this string than watch sports. Everyone else got to watch the Hoopin’ Slam game getting prepped for. The game involves the players instilling their physical selves and traits in a brittle force reactive dust, and from there they dribble a gungan energy ball around and hope it doesn’t explode in their hands or explode their dust-built teammates up. The goal is to throw the ball into the opposing team’s hoop.

Taking the taxi to the windy and dusty surface of Ryloth; Visase, Taral, and Zendral saw what little agriculture happened on the planet, before stopping by one farm house that the taxi driver said was the “Famous Stellartrotter house”. Going inside, the house’s accessories and furnature was as it was a week ago. Zendral noted the few holographic portraits of the Stellartrotter family; with a happy father and mother around a baby Hartel. Zendral noted that the mother looked to have been added in to all of the portraits, and that Clars positioned himself to accommodate the edits.

Visase found the safe in the house to be slightly ajar. Rushing to investigate the safe, she stepped and broke a tool that was lying on the ground that didn’t look to belong in a residence. Zendral identified the tool immediately as being of Chiss make, and even had the Emeriss Arms logo on the back in small letters. Zendral managed to make the broken tool work with a little bit of rewiring; and found the tool was licensed to a Vass’inum’niche, who Zendral claimed was Sics’enuluo’hassiss’ secretary, and spoke with a slight stutter. With this bit of evidence; Taral, Visase, and Zendral tried to call for a taxi; but ended up with a very laid back Twi’lek van driver who volunteered to take them to the stadium. With Taral sensing the force to see if going with him was a good idea, Taral agreed to go with the driver.

Returning to the stadium, the three of them saw the last throes of the game, with Hartel and his team proving to the audience why they were so famous for playing the game. When the game ended, Hartel and Pratari Rha entered the conference room area covered in sweat. With the evidence of evidence tampering; and the lack of a last will and testament on Clars’ part, Pratari Rha suggested that everyone ought to check out the law offices beside King Onut III’s castle who no doubt will have a copy of the last will on file.

Deciding to go there next, the party prepared themselves to leave the stadium.

Polis is Right Again

Following Visase’s lead, the party walked onto the central platform and activated the elevator mechanism on it. Finding themselves in the front lobby of Hasel Pilen’s office, the party found a strange lack of additional security measures; and the sound of a frustrated Sullustan cursing behind the doors that read “Mayor” on it. Orwell, finding that the door was locked remedied that problem with a well timed swing of his Arg’garok.

Breaking the door open, and prying the rest of it open, the party came across the source of that noise. Hasel Pilen was desperately trying to escape from the party in the escape pod equipped into the side of his office- only for the escape pod to not deploy due to there being a “blockage” in the passage that the pod is supposed to fly out of. Hasel yelled and cried about not wanting to die, but Visase and Taral told Hasel to calm down and tell them what he knows of Dijiec and Orm. While Hasel spoke what little he knew, a news report of the Galactic Federation’s victory over the Mandalorian world of Thorov continued on in the background. Hasel proved to be nothing more than a puppet to maintain a seat of power within the government for Orm. When Dijiec disappeared, one of Maccus’ agents, a man named Temnoz told Hasel Pilen to switch over from serving Dijiec to serving Orm instead, and his position in power will not change. Hasel complied, and asked few questions, but did complain about how the guards who he was told would defend him to death turned away from their duties.

The party gave Hasel and ultimatum; either come with them for the possibility of surviving, or remain in his office and be subject to whatever mercy Maccus can provide. Hasel, after much deliberation, agreed to just going with the party.

On the way back to the ship, the party encountered both Sun Heart and Stormcaller recovering from the battle who reminded the party that their turning away from Maccus is a risk, and that the party must remember them if they are to be saved. After reassuring the G’Nathir of their promise, they parted ways. Hasel wanted to shout something, but Orwell’s urging kept Hasel in line.

Back on the Nest, Issilum took the Nest out of Cloud City’s hangar and flew it towards the Figo’s Wind. Along the way, the party heard a news report about some violent civil unrest on the world of Dac stemming from the politicians and groups that were elected into offices suddenly turning away from the platforms they once stood on in order to pressure the companies of Mon Calamari to support Emeriss Arms. The Mon Calamari, being inclined to rebel against perceived injustice has taken matters into their own hands. The leader of Dac’s leading corporation Infinite Depths Inc; Natmar Smers mentioned how he had no choice but to fund Emeriss Arms’ efforts in the Mandalorian conflict.

Taral also contacted Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel about the situation of the Plathuui refugees and their G’Nathir defenders, requesting for the Jedi Order to come up with a way to extract them and bring them to a safer place. Evarr Dreskel admitted that he wasn’t in much of a place to really put in that kind of order but that he would get to it as soon as he could, or perhaps to mention it to Arken Taro instead. Evarr Dreskel was visiting the Jedi Temple of Ossus with Jedi Knight Hassan to gather clues on Dalbar’s motives. Their gathering of clues came in the form of meditation.

The two of them have discovered some traces in the force that came from Dalbar, connecting to the minds of very few Jedi Masters, who in turn gave out Dalbar’s additional orders in datachips issued to each Jedi leader on board a transport ship to evacuate them to a safe place, with Dalbar’s orders simply being “subdue the pilot, and take the Jedi to an isolated place and survive.” In other words, Dalbar was being very discrete, which, according to Dreskel, is exactly how Dalbar fights his foes. If Dalbar felt that he didn’t have to be discrete, he wouldn’t. Evarr mentioned that he and Hassan will look into the force some more to draw more conclusive evidence; but at this point, Evarr is keeping an open mind about what it is that is really going on. Taral mentioned a chilling thought he had about the possibility that the enemy managed to clone a clone of Dalbar and put him in the place as the real Dalbar, what with the discovery that the enemy has found ways to clone midichlorians. Evarr mentioned the logistics behind something like that, but then said that the beauty of that plan is that it is so improbably that nobody would believe the one revealing it.

During these conversations, Hasel Pilen got pretty tipsy off of the Dentari Moonshine that Kader served him.

Entering the hangar, the Nest was there just in time to see Master Urik Blop and the Jedi he was looking after leave in a transport ship, but not before waving at the Nest.

Taral ran off to see to business on the Figo’s Wind, while the rest of the party moved to the Bridge with Hasel Pilen in hand to meet up with Tavish. Making it to the Bridge, Tavish was nowhere to be found; however Tavish’s gamorrean bodyguard Korech was present. Orwell and Korech spoke to each other in the Gamorrean tongue, talking about how Tavish is in the medbay and is probably pretending to be sick to keep away from the party. Then the two of them laughed before Orwell led the party to the medbay where they reconvened with Taral who had finished his business.

Entering the medbay, the party found Tavish Brix lying on the top sheets of a bed with his chest covered in intense bandaging. Orwell asked if Tavish slipped on a bottle when he found a rat, while Taral asked if it was a shaving accident. Tavish insisted it was one of his crew members that stabbed a few times with a vibroknife, and that his crew was a rowdy bunch. The party let Tavish have custody of Hasel Pilen for his own purposes, while Tavish spoke more of the last target- the Twi’lek businessman Brulu Aloc. Tavish mentioned that Brulu was likely breaking some wills by taking the mantle of the owner of Ryloth’s Hoopin’ Slam team, so the likely thing to get Brulu to talk would be to get past his web of laws that he erected around himself much like how Azed Ther erected a security net on Naboo.

Tavish stated that despite his condition, he was still good enough to not have Issilum take command of the ship. Tavish talked about how he is going to set a course to Ryloth and fly over the Ryl province of Onek’weg; the birthplace of Clars Stellartrotter, inventer of the Hoopin’ Slam game, and also rumored to have been the home of Triumvirate Member Jedi Master Keiran before being trained as a Jedi. Just then, the alerts rang throughout the Figo’s Wind; which Tavish explained was likely due to the incursion of an interesting ship.

After limping to the bridge, Tavish found that the ship was an X-Wing starfighter, and the same model that was being used in the Battle of Thorov at that. Explaining that he was likely a deserter and would be worth a lot of money, Tavish commanded for the tractor beams to be activated to bring in their prize. The party followed the limping Tavish to the hangar, where a badly damaged X-Wing was put into.

Commanding for the pilot to get out of his cockpit and explain himself, the pilot did just that fearfully; believing that Tavish’s threats of selling him back to the Federation as a deserter is very likely. After mentioning that the Pilot was part of the first wave of the fleet to attack Thorov, the party took over in talking to him. His ship was holding out great against the Mandalorian’s firepower, and in many ways was actually defeating them. Then the second wave of the fleet arrived; and shut down any hyperspace jumping and modes of escape before they opened fire upon both the first wave of the fleet and the Mandalorians alike. Fortunately for the pilot, his droid managed to calculate a slight error in the formation of the star destroyers of the second wave, allowing them to make a hyperspace jump to Bespin where he was promptly captured by Tavish Brix.

Visase asked for the pilot’s name, and the pilot said that he was called Cadet Yun Brodal, and his astromech droid was F8-Z2. With that, Visase allowed him and the droid a spot on the ship. The X-Wing on the other hand is badly damaged, and cannot fit so well in the compartments of the Nest.

At that, Tavish ordered for the Figo’s Wind to make way to Ryloth while the rest of the party walked into the Nest to rest up, knowing it will take a day or so to arrive at Ryloth.

Inside the Nest, the holoprojector was busy showing an interview between a newscaster and the new CEO of Emeriss Arms; Faltar’irth’edina (Tarth). Tarth talked a good deal about the space platform over Coruscant’s star, explaining that it is a factory; and that his scientists have found out how to make it so that building platforms over high gravity fields can be cheaper in the long run over it being built over a low gravity center. Tarth talked about harnessing the sun’s energy to fuel the making of starships in his factory. Tarth also had his whole arm covered in bandages, which, when asked by the interviewer what that was all about, Tarth insisted that he was sick but hes getting better now.

During this interview, Zendral’s body language became more strained, and Polis found himself asking Zendral if Tarth was the same guy. When the rest of the party asked what was going on, Zendral mention that Tarth was his mentor back when he worked for Emeriss. Then when asked if Tarth was worse than Valen’resh’inrokini, Zendral merely said that “Tarth knows more than Valen’resh’inrokini knows”, and left it at that.

Then the party called Arken Taro to update him on the situation. Arken mentioned that what concerned him was how quickly the Federation blazed through Thorov- especially considering that Thorov was one of the most fortified worlds in Mandalorian space. The first thing the party did was send Yun Brodal to tell Arken his story about what transpired over Thorov, which served to worry Arken a lot more, and make him wonder a lot more about the implications. Arken said that he will need to look through the military files and see what was planned out in them to gleam some clues.

Visase also asked Arken about the situation with the Plathuui refugees to see where they should go. Arken was hard pressed to come up with an idea of where to safely put them, especially after mention that Maccus would likely pursue them if he knows where they are. Arken’s idea was to take a lot of good friends he has in the military who are transport pilots. They will then take the refugees to where the pilots think they should go. Arken then mentioned that he wouldn’t know where they were being taken, and nor should he know- because at this time, Arken is likely the first target on Orm’s watch for removal. With that, Arken asked about his family before hanging up the communicator to work on the new projects the party came up for him.

As the Figo’s Wind entered hyperspace, the party was eating dinner in the common area of the Nest with the news holoprojector playing out various tidbits of news. One of those reports was based on Jedi Master Camth Drucas’ Star Destroyer, which was now en route from Thorov to the planet of Mandalore. The interviewer spoke with a very cheerful tone with Camth Drucas over how the Mandalorian conflict was finally ending, and how it will end with a one on one fight with Mandalore the Reborn himself.

As Camth Drucas spoke of how confident he was feeling, Niuulaj entered the room holding a bowl of soup. But when Niuulaj turned to look at the holoprojector, his face became petrified, and Niuulaj dropped his bowl of soup. His petrified look contorted into anger, and then he lunged at the holoprojector grabbing onto it and staring at it closely before saying with heavily restrained anger, “Its him.” It was then that Niuulaj lost it, gibbering about how he knows that the man posing as Camth Drucas was Maccus. Verin tried to calm Niuulaj down with some humor, but that only got Niuulaj worked up, spitting curses at Camth Drucas/Maccus for being a fiend and an animal who took everything he had. The interview with Camth Drucas ended with a “By the end of this war, I can ensure that their next Mandalore will be one that will serve and support the Federation”. Niuulaj broke down at that point, with Verin and Henea both trying to lead Niuulaj to a table where he can talk about what exactly happened between him and Maccus.

Taral and Visase jumped on the action to quickly notify Arken Taro of their new revelation of where Maccus was. Arken was in disbelief, but then he let it sink in. Arken said that he would contact Evarr Dreskel about not getting the Jedi Order involved in the evacuation of the Plathuui refugees from Cloud City. Then Arken mentioned that the Jedi Order as a whole cannot be trusted, if someone such as Maccus had managed to infiltrate the order. Arken said that there are Jedi that are trustworthy, but just make sure not the get the Jedi Order itself involved. Arken then said his goodbyes, and prepared for a long night.

Parting Clouds

When the militia and G’Nathir cleared out of the halls to quell riots elsewhere, the party proceeded to the outside of Cloud City. Moving along the road, and evading the fighting on the streets and in the buildings- the party got a better glimpse of the unfortunate financial state of Cloud City- finding that Cloud City had to rebuild some of its structures to accommodate the holes already inserted into it, with some of those holes going all the way through to Bespin’s lower atmosphere.

Following the signs to the governmental district, the party came upon the elevator leading down to Hasel Pilen’s office, located in the middle of a raised platform that had holes in the side leading mostly down to Bespin’s lower atmosphere with only a few connecting areas in between to break the fall. The holes were such that it made a sort of suspended platform within the central platform the party stood on. Also standing beside the elevator entrance are two G’Nathir clad in metal plated armor imbued with the force; and wielded weapons similarly imbued. One them who went by the name of Szul Paszvithu “Stormcaller” wielded a hammer the size of Orwell’s Arg’garok. The other was named Dham Freyyanj “Sun Heart” who wielded a long sword and shield.

Stormcaller announced that he already sees the party’s intentions through their radiance; and even though the party wasn’t aiming towards any unnecessary death or even the death of the one that Stormcaller and Sun Heart swore to protect; the Cloud City mayor Hasel Pilen. The G’Nathir justified their need to protect by proclaiming their oath to their liege Maccus as payment for his sparing of the G’Nathir’s nation and people from the destruction to be wrought on their homeworld of Plathuui. Even as the party got the G’Nathir to admit the lack of honor Maccus had, the G’Nathir could not forsake their own; and that they saw that the party by and large felt the same. After the G’Nathir formally introduced themselves and introduced their challenge to honorable combat, the party accepted.

Stormcaller changed the weather immediately from a breezy-cloudy atmosphere to one thick with storm clouds, wind, and rain. The wind also funneled through the holes present on the platforms like a vacuum. Sun Heart emitted an aura of sunlight from herself that was like a calm spring day to the G’Nathir, and like a harsh summer day to the party. Even with Stormcaller showing off all he learned from Maccus- including launching lightning bolts on impact with his hammer; and Sun Heart catching Taral’s robes on fire; the party persevered with varying degrees of hurt thanks to the party focus firing Stormcaller to submission.

Watching the party persevere against two G’Nathir with energy to spare, Sun Heart surrendered; proclaiming that she and Stormcaller were defeated in honorable combat, and have done what they could for their liege; and now fears for her own people that she lead to the stars to get away from Plathuui’s decimation. The party suggested to Sun Heart that she ought to lead her people elsewhere, and stop serving the whims of others. Taral even suggested that his own order would take them in. While Sun Heart agreed to hearing Taral’s order out, Hartel revived Stormcaller with a Vital Transfer.

As Stormcaller and Sun Heart left their posts to leave from a duty to protect someone they could not protect, Sun Heart emphasized a need to hurry; for if Maccus caught wind that Stormcaller and Sun Heart were acting outside of his orders, he would no doubt make the G’Nathir regret not dying on the battlefield.

With the G’Nathir departing for the refugee camps, the party now stood over the elevator leading into Hasel Pilen’s offices.

Chaos in Cloud City

With the final preparations made, Tavish sent his broadcasts to the rebel factions of Cloud City to revolt against Hasel Pilen to cause enough chaos that the party won’t have to contend with an army.

Flying into Bespin’s atmosphere, the party immediately saw Cloud City floating amidst the clouds in a state of disrepair due to hundreds of years of neglect. Following Tavish’s directions, the party flew into Hangar PX006- the closest hangar to Hasel Pilen’s office within Cloud City. Forcing themselves into the opened hangar, the party found themselves being attacked by a panicked Cloud City Militia. With Wooshgruuw manning the lasercannon on the Nest though, the militia scattered and ran deeper into the city.

Jumping out of the Nest, the party rushed into the lobby area of the hangar to find the militia desperately fighting off the rebellious criminal population. The party by and large supported the rebels as they fought the guard while the rebels proclaimed that Tavish said that the party would help them in their mutiny of Cloud City. Most of the party played along, except Orwell; who chose to cut through one of the rebels to get to the door into Cloud City proper.

At the aftermath of the battle, the rebels about attacked Orwell, if not for Zendral’s trying to talk them down. The rebels, recognizing that they’re outmatched if they did attack Orwell decided to not attack- but not before one of the rebels proclaimed that the party should keep Orwell on a tighter leash. The party was hesitant to restrain Orwell, but restrain him they did- while the rebels tried to pull the offending rebel back.

Opening the door, a scene of utter chaos was seen before the party. Many Plathuui refugees were seen rushing down the hall in large droves, being cut down by overzealous rebels with the Cloud City militia, and some heavily armored Plathuui known as the G’Nathir attacking the rebels and defending the refugees. When the rebels announced that they’re going to join the battle to clear a way for the party to get to Hasel Pilen, Taral changed his mind, and announced that he wasn’t going to let the rebels keep up their slaughter. The party agreed with Taral’s assessment, and entered the fray; aiding the militia and the G’Nathir.

It was a bloodbath, but in the end, only a few more refugees were cut down by the hooligans before the party, the G’Nathir, and the remaining militia took them out.

Explaining the situation with wanting to capture Hasel Pilen alive to the few worn out militia present and the G’Nathir, the militia explained that they’re not overly pleased with Hasel Pilen and that their duty is to Cloud City first, and the G’Nathir the party helped; while they swore allegiance to Maccus, also swore an oath to protect their people. The G’Nathir warned of two G’Nathir who swore an oath to protect Hasel Pilen however, and they are known as “Stormcaller” and “Sun Heart”; and are present just outside the entrance to Hasel’s office atop Cloud City.

When the militia and G’Nathir left to continue their duties, the party now looks in front of the doorway to the outside part of Cloud City that is a short ways away from Hasel’s office- and his G’Nathir guardians.

Bestin' Bespin

Verin interrupted the silence on board the Nest docked in the Figo’s Wind by asking Visase what was wrong, like she had seen a ghost. Visase was vague, talking about how she saw that Mandalore the Reborn was afraid, and that Maccus abandoned him to his fate; with mention that Maccus had taken an artifact from Feibraxa that was responsible for decimating the Mandalorian attack fleet and then disappearing out of Mandalore’s sights.

With the Figo’s Wind well on its way to Bespin; Visase, Taral, and Niuulaj decided to go and pay Tavish Brix a visit in the bridge. When they entered, Tavish quickly turned off his messenger; and then talked with the three further about the goings on in Cloud City on Bespin in order to better formulate an assault plan. Tavish embellished a lot more information about Cloud City; speaking of how when Hasel Pilen was put in power as Governor, a large number of Plathuui refugees arrived and took residence in the halls. Public opinion of of Hasel Pilen is low, and the public opinion of the Plathuui taking up residence in the once spacious halls of Cloud City is even lower- such that vigilante groups tried to kill off the Plathuui- but were stopped short by the Plathuui’s own guardians- Force users known as the G’Nathir. The G’Nathir also seem to be protecting Hasel Pilen as well; and with the vigilantes finding their battle against the G’Nathir too costly have given up on attacking them.

Niuulaj repeated what the messages sent by Dijiec to Azed Ther said, in that the G’Nathir are under the service of Maccus- and now follow him as their liege. Niuulaj explained more about the G’Nathir being more or less the Plathuui’s form of the Jedi Order, except that instead of emphasizing agility, they emphasize power and endurance. They dress in metal armor from head to toe, and wield weapons that a Gamorrean would be familiar with. The G’Nathir are “Blessed with the Radiance”, and are capable of shaping the Radiance to their own Radiance.

Tavish continued by talking about how Hasel still isn’t in full control of Cloud City despite his immense support from his powerful allies; and that Tavish can still instigate that uprising. While Tavish suggested that he could bombard the city with the Turbolaser batteries on the Figo’s Wind, it was vetoed by the party for being too destructive. Taral, Visase, and Niuulaj returned back to the Nest where they discussed the plans in greater detail.

While Taral and Visase were all for the uprise, Zendral voiced that the plan was too dangerous for the refugees and civilians on Cloud City, with Rea agreeing to Zendral’s points. Fine tuning the plan, the party by and large agreed to only attack those who attacked them to mitigate collateral. While Rea still objected, mostly because it was mostly Tavish’s plans; she quieted down when the party reassured her that they will not do as Tavish would.

A short time later, the Figo’s Wind flew out of Hyperspace, and is now in orbit over the gas giant Bespin.

Another Look at Evidence

While the party admired the things that the family bought from Anilpa’s markets, Issilum lifted the transport out of Naboo, and hyperspace jumped a few times to different star systems in order to throw off their tracks a little before arriving in the star system that Tavish Brix is set up at. Tavish asked about what it was that the party found, but the party was very against telling Tavish about it; with the reason that telling him about it would put his life at risk. But Tavish immediately tried to make a deal with the party, that if they told him; Tavish would tell the party of what he discovered while the party was breaking into Azed Ther’s palace. Orwell commented how Tavish was only using this deal for his own ends, and the rest of the party made a crack at Tavish’s deal proposal, but still, they decided to humor Tavish Brix. The party gave Azed Ther the skinny of what happened- that Dijiec the Hutt and Orm are two seperate people, and Orm is out to cut out the loose ends; and with Tavish knowing this, he too would be a target.

Tavish commented that he is always being hunted down, but then abided by his side of the deal. Tavish told the party that his crews picked up a distress call coming from a crashed transport ship on a barren dwarf planet. What Tavish’s scavenging party has found was members of the Jedi Order who would be interested in speaking with the party.

Hurrying back to the Figo’s Wind, Tavish came out to lead the party to the medbay where the Jedi are being cared for. It was also there that Tavish discovered that Hartel had taken his lead doctor from the medbay by paying her better money. Tavish, knowing better than to argue there and then turned to lead the party to the medbay. It was in the medbay where they party was greeted by a Chagrian Jedi Master named Urik Blop. Also in the medbay were a lot of Jedi younglings sleeping in the beds with three Jedi Caretakers looking after them. When asked for a story, Urik Blop said in a cheerful fashion that the party should go and grab a drink because its a long story. Polis made a remark about how the Jedi find it easier to manipulate the minds of others when they get them drunk first. Urik Blop laughed and said that it is actually more difficult to do mind tricks on drunks. Polis found it difficult to respond to that.

The party suggested to Master Blop to speak in the Nest instead. When Urik Blop made it to the Nest, he told the party and those present in the room his story. About a week ago, Jedi Master Dalbar, as well as the Jedi Masters who headed the major Jedi Temples got a vision from the force of “an old foe” returning to kill off all opposition and dominating the galaxy. This vision was followed by a darkness in the force that engulfed the galaxy and made it hard to sense others through. These disturbances brought Dalbar and the Jedi Order to the conclusion to evacuate the Jedi Order, knowing that those disturbances only tend to happen when a great calamity follows.

Urik Blop was sent to lead and protect a number of younglings on their transport ship, but on the way to the ship, he was given a datachip and was instructed to only look at it while on the transport ship. When the ship lifted off, Urik Blop inserted the chip into his datapad to find them to be personal orders from Jedi Master Dalbar, detailing that the Jedi piloting the ship cannot be trusted and to subdue him, and then fly the ship to a place where he can look after and train the younglings away from sight. With a quick bout of intense meditation, Urik Blop sensed the presence of a large space station as the destination, but sensing further gives Urik a deep pain- like the space station is lashing out against him. So Urik, sensing Dalbar’s assessment to hold merit, subdued the pilot and then crashed the starship down upon a dwarf planet lacking atmosphere and remained there, until Tavish Brix’s ship found them.

Tavish Brix volunteered to take the copy of the messages Dijiec sent to Azed Ther to a contact he knew on Dac that can break most every encryption, and then mentioned that it was a good thing that the rest of the party isn’t doing it, because its Election Day on Dac, and the political advertisements all over the place are annoying.

While Tavish dealt with that while en route to Bespin, the party notified Arken Taro of their findings. With Arken on the holoprojector, Rea started an argument with Arken about how he keeps sending his loved ones into danger, and lying about cutting off contact with Tavish Brix. Arken, having to contend with business, told Rea that he would get back to her. After the party gave Arken the news, Arken pieced together that it was likely that the reason the senators were so lax about the big changes occuring were due to Orm’s tampering, especially since Orm failed to tamper with Arken as of yet. With Orm being in the government, Arken decided to take the matter to the Triumvirate to get a more formal investigation under foot. Arken also updated the party on E5, and E5 is preparing another warehouse away from the one the party is more used to visiting for security purposes.

Arken explained to Rea his actions as best he could, stating that he knew that Tavish made some nigh unforgivable choices, but despite that still cared very much for his own family, and that he saw a potential for him to become somebody who can belong in her life. but Rea perhaps was too upset to accept Arken’s explanation, or wasn’t sure if Arken was being sincere. Whatever it was, Rea left by coldly saying, “Good night” to Arken, while taking Thirra with her. Verin said good night to Arken shortly after, with Arken saying that he was sorry he ever decided to become a senator.

With that, much of the party went to their bunks, with only a few members remaining in the room as Taral contacted Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel, informing him of the events that have transpired; and requested that he send a contingent of the strongest Jedi Knights that he can get to hunt down Orm’s agent Maccus who is in turn helping Mandalore the Reborn. Taral suggested that the Jedi get help from the Federation’s own commandos, and not underestimate Maccus. Taral also gave the news of the discovery of Urik Blop, and the orders Dalbar gave to Urik that suggested that Dalbar hasn’t completely fallen to the dark side. Both Evarr and Taral agreed that this is a matter that needs further investigation. Evarr and Jedi Knight Hassan are going to the old Jedi Temples to look for more evidence and clues. With that said and done, Taral turned off the messenger, and the party went to sleep.

Visase however got a vision from the Force, that obviously gave Visase a more troubled expression on her face. Troubled enough that it prompted Verin to ask about it.

Are You Scared Azed Ther?

The party waited in the Nest until nightfall, figuring that the cover of darkness would give them a better edge for sneaking. The family decided to spend the day shopping and enjoying their time in scenic Anilpa with their bodyguards around them for added security. When the sky darkened, the party left from the Nest and were immediately greeted by Rina, who had a large speeder with a spacious cargo space that Rina had to call in a favor to obtain. Rina gave Visase her old corset that she insisted she washed, and from there went over where everything was in the palace, and the best places to hide in wait by the zoo entrance.

Everybody but Visase packed into the back of the speeder, and after cover was put over them, Rina set out; speeding towards the hills north of Anilpa where Azed Ther’s pleasure palace was. The only stop along the way was a guard questioning Rina and the “goods”.

Everybody but Visase and Hartel jumped off of the vehicle as it turned around a sharp bend, and then hid behind the bushes, and skulked to the zoo entrance. Meanwhile, Hartel cloaked himself as Visase was lead to the service entrance by Rina. After Rina explained that Visase was the new pleasure slave, and after convincing the guard that Azed Ther did order Visase the guard led Visase to the pleasure slave’s quarters with an invisible Hartel following close behind.

Once led into the pleasure slaves’ quarters, Hartel appeared near a guard; convinced the guard that he was a guest, and was wondering “Where all the bitches at”? The flustered guard pointed Hartel to where the pleasure slaves were; and from there, Hartel took Visase to an empty room upstairs, and gave her her equipment.

Meanwhile, the party waiting outside the zoo entrance found a nice tree to put bodies under. In their wait, an impassioned couple tried to sneak into the bushes the party was hiding behind, and later a guard heard Taral slipping on leaves. They got stunned unconscious and carbonited in that order before being stuck beneath that tree.

In the meanwhile, Hartel and Visase managed to find the master switch in the control room where they turned off the droids. Then they killed off a guard and the zoomaster as quietly as they could before opening the zoo entrance to bring the rest of the party inside.

Zendral snuck into the control room, and found out that the guard droid to Azed Ther’s room only attacks when someone is trying to get inside the room. Deciding against messing with the programming that is already there, Zendral hit the switch to depower the animal cages before the party ran up the stairs to confront the droid.

The party wasted no time, they ran close to the droid and hit it for everything they have, all the while the guards were put on alert for Azed Ther’s zoo breaking loose. When the droid processed what is happening, it was incredibly damaged- and to add insult to injury, the droid’s electrostaff got sliced in half by Taral’s lightsaber, before the droid was taken down by another barrage from the party.

With the door to Azed Ther’s room cleared, it was clear that the door is a very old time door- with a knob and hinges as well as a lock for a non electronic key. Taral pulled out his key, which was his lightsaber, and cut the door down.

The only thing of note in Azed Ther’s room is Azed Ther’s personal computer. Azed Ther was out of town. When Visase used her far sight, she saw that he was still on Naboo, receiving some news from a bounty hunter looking person, followed by Azed Ther’s feelings of fear.

Zendral woke the computer up, and found that the computer was already on Azed Ther’s message list, and there were literally thousands of them; but only four messages really stood out, and those were messages from Dijiec to Azed Ther.

Most notably, Dijiec and Orm are two different people; and right now, it seems that Orm regards both Dijiec and Emeriss’ CEO Valen’resh’inrokini as having “Served their purpose” since the party has emerged with evidence of their working with Mandalore the Reborn. Some other details of note were:

  • Vyr’s report of Axis operations on Plathuui, including an assessment of the abilities of Orm’s agent, Maccus.
  • Dijiec’s side in the kidnapping of Verin Taro.
  • The place where the force sensitives were delivered are in an Emeriss aligned space station within the Unknown Regions. Exactly where is unknown, but there requires a “Civilizations worth” of force sensitives for the completion of the space platform that Valen’resh’inrokini was requested to make.
  • Dijiec encrypted his last message to Azed Ther so as to remain hidden. Assassins have already struck at Dijiec, though it still looks like Dijiec is at large.

Meanwhile, Taral slashed open Azed Ther’s chest at the end of his bed which Hartel discovered help some of Azed Ther’s considerable fortune. Not wanting to get eaten by a Rancor, Senlet suggested the party escape from the palace while the zoo animals are still messing the place up.

Under the cover of darkness, the party ran back to Anilpa without a guard in sight, and then rushed back into the Nest where they caught their breath.

To Break Into A Pleasure Palace

Tavish Brix stopped the Figo’s Wind just one star system away from Naboo’s Star System since he is a wanted man in Naboo, much to the lack of surprise from the party.

The party gathered their bearings, jumped into the Nest, and flew down to Naboo landing in the village of Anilpa. When a dockworker approached Polis with a docking fee of 100 credits, Polis tried intimidation to get out of it, which was mildly successful in that it scared him, but wasn’t in that Polis still had to pay. Zendral stepped in and paid the fee.

Hartel immediately walked out of the station and walked up a hill past the crossroads open air market into the Prendir Brewery. The party followed Hartel since it looked like he knew what he was doing. Inside the Brewery, Hartel was immediately embraced by a Twi’lek barmaid named Rina, while the Brewery owner Dathros welcomed the party inside, insisting that his brewery was neutral ground. Sitting at the counter is a very bitter looking force sensitive man who gave a glance of disdain at Taral and Visase before returning to his cup. Talking to the man, they found that his name was Atrus, formerly of House Pent but was disgraced by a Jedi Knight named Hassan. Atrus was also rather tipsy, especially when Hartel pulled Rina aside into the next room. Atrus made wisecracks about what was going on, and even tried to read his mind, only for Taral to intervene and make Atrus read his own mind.

In the end, Hartel went back to the party and Rina went back to work. From there, the party discussed a plan, with Rina willing to work with Hartel in sneaking into Azed Ther’s palace. Planning happened with ideas like letting the animals out of the cages and making a mess of the palace as a distraction, but that was decided to be too random. So a plan was made to sneak Visase in as if she were a new pleasure slave with Rina in tow. Hartel will sneak in behind while cloaked and give Visase her weapons once they are inside and in a safe spot to do so. From there, Hartel and Visase will attempt to disrupt the droids- either shutting them off or making them go haywire. Then from there, kill the zoomaster. With the zoomaster dead, they’ll sneak in the rest of the party that has since positioned themselves along the “zoo entrance”. From there, the party will find Azed Ther, or at least some clue of where to go searching for Dijiec the Hutt.

The Deal Tavish Brix Cannot Refuse

While Taral lead the newly initiated Jedi Apprentice Visase Tersik to the armory to pick up her lightsaber of choice after having been given her Jedi Robes by Rooth Ank, Arken and Rea whispered to each other, with Rea’s whispering being more furious while Arken tried to keep his whispering calm.

When Visase returned with a Lightsaber Pike, Arken lead the way out of the council chambers with the party in tow. Arken repeated what Jedi Master Keiran had said, but when Arken spoke of the party needing to get help from Arken’s brother in law Tavish Brix about finding Orm, Rea began to argue with Arken about his “need” to have “contacts with the underworld” and “had to choose the one that disgraced our family”. Arken disliked this plan as well, but Arken argued that Tavish is a scoundrel that he knows, and will follow the conditions Arken gives to him if Tavish wishes to walk away debt free, and is the only one Arken knows that might lead to a safer galaxy.

Heading back to E5’s emporium with Gunja driving while sitting in his seat upside down steering the bus with his legs and not looking out the window, the party made it back safe and sound. Hartel managed to pick up some more unstable looking energy balls he ordered for E5 to make, while Niuulaj finished reading Kosslesh’s datapad. After finishing the reading, Niuulaj turned to Visase and talked about wanting to go with the party to where they have to go, as Niuulaj felt now that he could make a better difference for his people especially if he followed the party. Once asked how he came to that conclusion, Niuulaj read the name Maccus on the datapad, and then remembered that name belonging to the man who convined Niuulaj to betray his people to him. When asked what Niuulaj can do to contribute, Niuulaj only had the knowledge of his people and the connections he once had a noble. Korot angrily stated he didn’t want to be a babysitter for another, and once the suggestion for teaching Niuulaj how to fight came up, Korot did not hesitate to get Verin to start making pot shots at Niuulaj.

With a few more words from Taral about preperation, Niuulaj and Verin sparred some more as the Nest took off towards Tavish Brix’s ship with Arken’s family in tow.

Arriving in deep space somewhat near a massive black hole flies a lone Corellian Corvette who immediately transmitted a message to the Nest. On the other end is a blonde haired man stating that the party is far away from home in as intimidating a fashion as possible, but it wasn’t long before the man on the other end to get intimidated after seeing Rea glaring at him. Rea told the blonde haired man, Tavish Brix, that she had no desire to see him ever again, but that her husband believes Tavish is the only one who can help at this hour. Tavish continued talking with a noticeable stutter when he saw Orwell move up to the transmitter. Tavish tried greeting Orwell nervously, to which Orwell hefted his Arg’garok and swung it at Tavish’s holoprojection to watch Tavish flinch. Orwell then said “weak”.

Tavish still let the Nest into the Corvette’s hangar, and was seen waiting for the party with two mean looking Gamorrean guards, and two heavy looking battle droids. Tavish welcomed everybody on board the Figo’s Wind but was met by awkward stares and indifference. Tavish led the party and his family down the grimy halls of the corvette, having to walk around crates of spice that were just put there. A few crew members glanced at the party, but gave a hint of surprise when they saw Orwell before they returned to their tasks. Tavish tried talking to Verin and Thirra, but Verin ignored Tavish’s comments, and while Thirra wanted to talk, Rea discouraged her from doing so by shaking her head. Tavish led the party into a dirty meeting room that sported a minibar. Kader took an ale from the bar, while everyone else got seated; aside from Polis, Orwell, Korot, and Harok who insisted on standing. Simon stood beside Visase because of programming.

Tavish started the meeting by saying that since Dijiec (Orm) stopped employing his services, Tavish stopped dealing in slaves. Rea made a comment about how it was because Tavish removed people from their families that Tavish was removed from his. Tavish continued still with a noticeable stutter, and talked about how he was indebted to Arken Taro, and Arken required that he allow the party some reign over the ship, and Tavish has to help the party in finding Dijiec, the leader of the Galactic Axis; and after the party finds Dijiec, Tavish’s debt to Arken is paid off.

Tavish went over how he doesn’t know where Dijiec is, and that Dijiec is likely in hiding. But Tavish does know of a few who might know a thing or two about Dijiec’s location.

The first target is the Twi’lek businessman Brulu Aloc who worked with the Galactic Axis many times as business partners. Within the past week, Brulu bought out Ryloth’s Hoopin’ Slam team, and today makes his home on Ryloth as well.

The second target is the Human cofounder of the Galactic Axis Azed Ther, who has since retired and now lives out in the countryside of Naboo in his pleasure palace.

The third target is the Sullustan governor of Cloud City on Bespin by the name of Hasel Pilen. Hasel is dependent on Dijiec, thanks in part to Dijiec buying Hasel into power of Cloud City.

The party debated, and Hartel got himself a shot glass and poured a strong liquor into it; but the ultimate verdict was to go after Azed Ther first, as the party believed that Azed is most likely to bear the fruits that the party is looking for.

With the decision made, Tavish set up the Corellian Corvette to jump into Hyperspace near to Naboo.


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