Visase Tersik

Miraluka Fighter who wears a gray blindfold over her eyes, and whose body is marked with her many stories of many close calls.


Visase Tersik

Level 3 Miraluka Soldier/2 Jedi

Age: 34

XP: 9825
Adventure Tokens: 0
Metal Scrap: 53


Str: 18 (4)
Dex: 16 (
Con: 17 (3)
Int: 16 (
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 10 (0)

HP: 85

Reflex: 19
Fort: 20
Will: 18

Damage Threshold: 20

Initiative: +10

Force Points: 2
Force Tokens: 0
Dark Side Points: 4

BAB: +5
Melee Attack Bonus: +10 (50/50 uses)
Ranged Attack Bonus: +8 (50/50 uses)
Melee Damage: 3d8 +10 energy
Ranged Damage: 3d6 +2

Lauguages: Basic, Miralukese, Bothese, Mon Calimarian, and Ryl

Trained Skills: Climb (11), Initiative (10), Endurance (10), Knowledge: Tactics (10), Treat Wound (9), Use the Force (12), Acrobatics (10)

Feats: (6 Feat Points)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Skill Training Acrobatics
Follow Through
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols) (1)
Advanced Melee Weapon Proficency
Combat Reflexes
Lightsaber Proficiency
Force Familiarity
Force Sensitivity (Free racial)
Force Training (From Use the Force training on racial ability) x3
Skill Focus (Use the Force)
Weapon Focus: Lightsabers

Force Powers:
Farseeing, Force Shield (Force Unleashed Ability), Battle Strike x2, Assured Strike, Swift Flank, Surge, Vornskr’s Ferocity


Devastating Attack (Lightsabers), Comrades in Arms, Deflect

EXP Store purchases:
Prophecy (1)
Recovery (1)

Credits: 31100


Blue Lightsaber Pike with Energy Sheathe Attachment and Cortosis Weave Resistance
Blaster Pistol
Sonic Pistol
Combat Jumpsuit
Hip Holster x2
Concussion Grenade x6
Frag Grenade x10
Long Range, wrist sized Comlink
Medpac x4
Energy Cells x2
Power Packs x17
Ration Pack x7
Food, Common x2
Water x6
Blue Feibraxian Crystal: Contains personality of Amut (Provides +2 Equipment Bonus to UTF checks to Search Your Feelings, Sense Force, Sense Surroundings, and Telepathy Fxns. Also allows communication with Feibrax, even if they know none of your languages)


Visase Tersik

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