Taral Saarai

Sith Pureblood Jedi. His apparent frailty masks surprising toughness and agility.


Taral Saarai

Level 5 Kissai Sith Jedi


Str: 9(-1)
Dex: 16(3)
Con: 14(2)
Int: 18(4)
Wis: 17(3)
Cha: 20(5)
Dark Side:1
HP: 80

Reflex: 19
Fort: 18
Will: 19

Damage Threshold: 18

Destiny Points: 0
Force Points: 3

Melee Attack Bonus:9
Ranged Attack Bonus:8
Melee Damage: 2d8+1
Ranged Damage: 0

Movement: 12 meters (6 Squares)

Languages: Basic, Sith, Bocce, High Galactic, Binary (understand only)

Trained Skills:
Use the Force (17)
Acrobatics (8)
Perception (10)
Piloting (9)
Initiative (9)
Knowledge (Galactic Lore) (11)

Untrained Skills:
Jump (2)
Climb (2)
Deception (7)
Endurance (4)
Gather Information (7)
Knowledge (6)
Persuasion (7)
Ride (4)
Stealth (4)
Survival (6)
Swim (2)
Treat Injury (6)
Use Computer (6)

AC Check Penalty: 0

Racial Traits:
+2 Charisma -2 Wisdom
Weapon Familiarity: Treats the Lanvarok as a Simple Weapon rather than an Exotic Weapon

Feats: (2 Feat Points)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers)
Weapon Focus (Lightsabers)
Force Sensitivity
Force Training x2
Skill Focus (Use the Force)
Weapon Finesse

Force Powers: Force Slam, Battle Strike, Surge, Force Lightning, Enlighten, Negate Energy, Force Stun, Force Grip

Talents: Block, Telekinetic Savant, Telekinetic Prodigy

Credits: 28637

Lightsaber single bladed with viridian colored blade (Free)
Jedi Robes (Free)
Long Range Wrist Comlink (500)
All Temperature Cloak (100)
Short Range Comlink (25)
Medpac x2 (200)
Ration Pack x4 (20)
Water x5 (5)
Licensing Exemption Tags
Frag Grenade
30 Metal Scrap

Experience: 14655

Experience Store Purchases:
Force Recovery
Misc Bonuses:


As a young Sith on Ilthssarh, Taral Saarai showed great potential. Unusually strong in both body and the force, it was clear from an early age that he was destined to become a powerful Dark Jedi. After passing through the brutal trials to become an acolyte, Taral was chosen as an apprentice by Sherai Tavros, an elder sith lorekeeper, Sherai had taken notice of young Taral’s obsession with knowledge and decided that he was the perfect candidate to become her apprentice. During his apprenticeship, Taral learned much of the ancient history of the galaxy, including the origins of the Jedi and the schism that split the original order into followers of the light and dark sides of the force.

Sherai Tavros herself had studied under one of the Dark Jedi who had been aboard transport that had been lost in hyperspace since the Great Hyperspace War and crash-landed on Ilthssarh. She spoke little of this Dark Jedi to Taral, saying only that he had been powerful, but that he had been slain by the Jedi who had come to investigate the armies the Sith had begun amassing on Ilthssarh to attack the Old Republic they thought still existed.

Sherai had been heavily indoctrinated by her master in the philosophy that knowledge was power, and knowledge of the dark side of the force was the most powerful knowledge of all. Knowledge of other aspects of the force was valuable too, but considerably less so. Those who followed the light path, particularly the Jedi, were sanctimonious fools too fearful to embrace the true power of the force or allow others to wield it. Sherai went to great lengths to instill these beliefs in Taral, much desiring the legacy of her slain master to live on and one day take revenge on the Jedi for his death at their hands.

In pursuit of this goal, Sherai ensured that her apprentice would be well accustomed to the rigors of combat, often forcing squads of Illth warriors, or even lesser ranking apprentices of the Massasai caste to ambush Taral during his studies or while he was performing errands for his master. The greatest of these tests came when Sherai ordered Taral into one of the many arenas on Illthssarh to defeat a dozen well-armed Illth soldiers using only the force, immediately followed by a lightsabers only duel to the death with a pair of apprentices from rival masters who had been ordered to undergo the same trials. Taral emerged battered and exhausted, but triumphant. Delighted by his success, Sherai informed him that he was ready to begin the next stage of his training.

Taral was made a lorekeeper in his own right, along with the freedom to pursue his own research and destiny as he saw fit. Having been given a small ship by Sherai as a gift for surviving his trial by combat, Taral began to seek planets rumored to hold ancient Sith or Jedi ruins in order to study them and recover what information he could from any surviving archives.

It was on one such journey to the spinward region of wild space that Taral’s ship suffered engine failure while descending to the surface of the jungle planet Vorskarr, which was said to harbor a hidden Jedi temple that had been lost for millenia. Managing to to steady the ship just enough to avoid a fatal crash, Taral found himself marooned on a planet long forgotten by the modern civilizations of the galaxy. With no way to call for help, and lacking the resources to attempt repairing his ship, he chose to let the force guide him in an attempt to find the lost temple.

After months of searching, and a number of encounters with less than friendly tribes of Weequay natives who had centuries ago served a smuggler lord who had abandoned them on the planet surface. Cut off from contact with the rest of the galaxy, the Weequay had long since regressed to using primitive technology and had reverted to their instinctive tribal nature. The force led Taral to the temple. He was amazed to find the structure largely intact. He shortly discovered that a band of warriors from one of the local tribes had been using the temple as a shrine for centuries and had been keeping it maintained as best they could. They were none too pleased to find Taral in their holy place and didn’t hesitate to attack. This proved an unfortunate decision as their best warriors were quickly cut down by a flurry of lightsaber cuts and a few bursts of force lightning. The survivors fled and warned the tribes to stay away from the demon who had taken possession of their shrine. Satisfied that he would be undisturbed, Taral settled in to explore his new home.

To his surprise and delight, Taral found that the temple contained a large archive behind a reinforced door that could only be opened by using the force to manipulate of a series of panels located in the ceiling. The tribal warriors had been unable to breach the door, and behind it lay a vast amount of untouched Jedi lore in pristine condition. With little hope of rescue, and with a trove of information at hand, Taral decided that he would study the archive, perhaps he would learn of a technique that would help him get offworld.

Studying such an enormous cache of lore required years, and as he pored over the ancient teachings, Taral began to experience an change of perspective. His dark side indoctrination had come under his own scrutiny occasionally in the past when he had looked over Jedi relics gathered during his travels before turning them over to his master. But he had never before been exposed to the teachings of the Jedi on such a scale. He began to think that perhaps the Jedi were not the sanctimonious fools that his Sith masters had painted them to be. And that the force itself wasn’t as biased as he had believed it to be.

One day Taral discovered a holocron containing instructions on how to use the force to contact others over a distance. Intended as a technique for allowing communication between a Jedi and their Padawan over , the holocron warned that while the technique could be used to make contact over great distances, using the force to communicate with anyone outside of a certain range would exact a toll upon the one using the force in this manner, and that making contact would not be certain. However, Taral had not discovered anything else in his studies that could help him escape from the forgotten planet he was stranded on. Having nearly gone over every scrap of lore the archive provided, he decided that trying the technique was his only real option of escaping being doomed to the life of a hermit. Aware that success could mean his imprisonment by the Jedi, Taral decided that he would try. If what his studies had told him of their ways was true, perhaps the Jedi would be willing to give him a chance.

After a week spent in meditation to prepare himself, Taral reached out with the force. Calling into the void in the hope of receiving an answer. Hearing nothing in reply, he began to channel more and more force energy into the sending, feeling his body grow hot as he drew on more of the power of the force than he could safely wield.

In the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel was meditating in his chambers when he began to hear a faint whispering from the force. Intrigued, he focused his thoughts on the whispering. With some effort, he was able to discern Taral’s presence in the force. Suppressing his surprise at being contacted by a Sith, he reached out and completed the contact. Snapping a terse barrage of questions through the mental connection, he quickly ascertained Taral’s location and his predicament. Sensing that Taral was rapidly fading from maintaining the contact over such distance, he assured Taral that he would notify the Jedi Council of his communication with the Sith, he bade Taral wait, that the Jedi would send a ship to retrieve him along with the Jedi lore he had found, but that his fate would be decided later after being examined by the Council.

The Council agreed that Taral should be retrieved and the lost temple secured for study and the recovery of any remaining artifacts. Master Dreskel was sent along with a pair of Jedi Knights to take the seemingly repentant Sith into custody.

Taral lay in unconsciousness on the archive floor, having collapsed immediately after contact with the Jedi Master was broken. Channeling so much force energy had exacted a toll from him. Once powerful, his command of the force had been reduced what it had been when he was merely an acolyte. The ordeal had cost him in body as well as spirit, his great strength replaced by weakness that his former sparring partners would have sneered at.

When the Jedi arrived, Taral had recovered enough to greet them and peacefully relinquish himself into their custody after pointing out to them the holocrons he considered to be of the most value. After a brief survey of the temple, Evarr resealed the entrance to the archive
to protect the remaining lore until it could be collected. The Jedi then returned to their ship with Taral and began the return journey to Coruscant.

During the time spent in hyperspace, Evarr questioned Taral thoroughly on his origins, why he had been in a jedi temple, and what he hoped for from the Jedi once they had returned to the temple on Coruscant. Taral answered him honestly, and detailed the revelations he’d had during his years in the lost archives. Hoping that perhaps he would be allowed to join the Jedi and further his understanding of the force under their guidance. Evarr was sympathetic, the Sith appeared to be sincere and without malice. But his fate was for the Council to decide.

On Coruscant, Taral was taken to the Council Chambers and subjected to intense interrogation and scrutiny. The Council determined that his desire to turn his back on the Dark Jedi and serve the light was genuine. Further discussion was required to decide whether or not he would be allowed to train as a Jedi. Taral was placed under house arrest in guest quarters while the Council deliberated on his fate. Though several members were skeptical about the idea of a Sith Jedi, it was eventually decided that Master Dreskel would be made responsible for Taral’s training.

Given that he already was well trained in controlling the force and lightsaber combat but had been reduced in power by his exertions in contacting the Jedi, Taral was invited to take the trials that were required of students wishing to become Padawans. Taral passed these trials with ease, his years in the lost archive preparing him to answer the questions of the Jedi Code, and his reduced abilities more than equal to the tasks required of him.

Upon completion of the Padawan Trials. The Jedi Council welcomed Taral into the ranks of the Jedi, with the warning that he must ever be vigilant, lest he fall back into the embrace of the dark side. After conferring with Master Dreskel, Taral decided that the best way to further his understanding of the light side was to go forth into the galaxy and live the Jedi Code as best he could. Buying what supplies he would need to travel light, Taral prepared to leave Coruscant to seek adventure.

During his preparations, Taral was interrupted by a message on his comlink. A droid named Arbek informed him that Arbek’s master required Taral’s services, and that he would pay well. No more details were given except that Taral should make his way to the Niad Spaceways Starport. Sensing that the force intended this to be the start to his adventures, Taral finished purchasing his equipment and departed for the spaceport.

“The Force cares nothing for our morals, yet it is within all of life and I have found that serving the light, which appears to serve life, is the correct path for me.”

Taral Saarai—-

Taral Saarai

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