Polis Chroneron


Polis Chroneron
Level 5 Gen’Dai Soldier
Large Sized

Strength 19 (4)
Dexterity 18 (
Constitution 22 (6)
Intelligence 16 (
Wisdom 6 (-2)
Charisma 10 (+0)

HP: 100


Reflex: 21
Fort: 25
Will: 12

Damage Threshold: 28 (56 when determining whether or not he dies from an attack)

Force Points: 5

BAB: 5
Melee Attack Bonus: +9
Ranged Attack Bonus: +9 (
10 at Point Blank Range using Pulse Wave Gun)
Melee Damage: 2d10+8+2 (3d10+8+2 with Mighty Swing) (4d10+8+2 with an Ally next to enemy with Mighty Swing)
Ranged Damage: 3d8+1 (3d8+2 using Rifles) (2d8+5+2 using Rifles at Point Blank Range with Pulse Wave Rifle) (4d8+2 using Rifles with stun setting)

Trained Skills: Jump, Initiative, Endurance, Knowledge: Tactics, Acrobatics

AC check Penalty: -2

Feats: (6 Feat Points)

Weapon Proficiency (Simple) Armor Proficiency (Light) (1) Armor Proficiency (Medium) (1) Weapon Focus Rifles (2) Weapon Proficiency (Rifles) (1) Advanced Melee Weapon Proficiency (1) Mighty Swing (Bonus) Trip Throw Combat Reflexes



Melee Assault- When an Ally is next to an enemy I attack compare attack roll to Fort and Reflex. If it hits both, the enemy takes +1 die of damage and is knocked prone.

Melee Opportunist- When an Ally strikes an enemy I am next to I can make an attack as a reaction with +2 bonus on the attack roll.

Credits: 2790


Pulse Wave Rifle (550 Credits)
SoroSuub Firelance (1800 Credits)
Combat Jumpsuit (1500 Credits)
Battle Armor Medium, powered (11,000) (Jump Servo)
Vibrobayonet (350 Credits)

Power Pack 4 (100)
Energy Cell (10)

XP: 17500


Polis Chroneron

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