Name: Orwell
Class: Soldier LVL 5
Species: Gamorrean
Age: 20,
Height 2.2 meters
Weight 150kg, 330 lbs

Force Points: 5
Destiny Points: 0
Dark Side: 1
XP: 700

Init: +6

Str: 21
Dex 13
Con 19
Int 11
Wis 16
Cha 8

Total HP : 86
Damage Threshold: 22

Fort: 21
Ref: 17
Will: 18

SPD: 12 meters, 6 squares
Init: +6
Perception +3
Base attack +5

Arg’garok d20 + 9 2d12 + 14, 2kg, slashing.
Armor: Blast Jacket

Possible gear:
medipac (x2)
surgery kit
all-temperature cloak

Treat Injury +10
Endurance +11
Initiative +3

Penetrating Strike
Weapon Specialization (Arg’garok)
Tough as nails

Armor Proficiency (light)
Weapon proficiency (simple) (advanced melee)
Power Attack
Mighty Swing
Improved Damage Threshold
Running Strike
Powerful Charge
Great Cleave

Basic (understand but cannot speak)
Aqualish (understand but cannot speak)


At the age of 3, Orwell was no longer considered a Feeder. He was exchanged for weapons from his home world and relocated to a swampy world known as Valirus 3. Valirus 3 is known for two things, a minor crime lord, and a species of floating earth worm.

Trained by a Gwelsh from the age of 3, Orwell was often beaten near death, only to be repaired and beaten again. Orwell soon learned there was no amount of suffering that he could endure that would prevent him from fighting back. It was these lessons and the basics of healing that got him to this point in life.

Gwelsh was killed during a raid by unknown Bounty Hunters. Orwell was wounded, mortally his attacker’s thought, but somehow the Gammorean survived. He pulled himself, bleeding, dying into the swampy wilds of Valirus 3. He ate worms, drank swamp water, and coated his wounded in the various root juices and natural remedies he could find. There was nothing left of the Lord’s estate and nowhere for him to go.

As his strength returned, Orwell battled larger predators for choice game, frightened away, or killed any who would come to claim him. He had become an animal in his own right. His deeds became the stuff of nightmares for children, as he gained the name “The Claw.”

It was suggested that he would stalk the swamps, eat bad children at night. When the “legend” began to bleed off the planet, many hunters came to find “The Claw.”

Orwell was captured by bounty hunters, and sold to the highest bidder. He did his best to make himself appear only as an animal, hiding his ability to heal, under a mask of brutal animalistic responses.

Orwell will never used a ranged weapon, those are the things of cowards. It is only appropriate to battle your enemies face to face. His lack of ability to speak basic has only added to his “dumb beast” illusion.

Orwell wishes to die before he becomes 30. Not because there is glory in this. He simply does not want to become slow and worthless as his trainer Qwelsh had obviously become.

Last known situation: Orwell was sold to a human gangster named Tavish Brix, and was the bodyguard /slave for Brix. When the droid Arbet summoned Brix to service, he instead sent Orwell hoping that the beast would release him from any obligations to Arbet’s master.

Releazing this might be his only chance to escape, Orwell reported to Arbet and plans on carrying out the mission until such time as he can safely escape.

“True Might comes from the body, and the spirit of our ancestors. It does not come from a blaster.” – Orwell on Power.


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