Kale’zen’dreuoll (Zendral)


Name: Kale’zen’dreuoll
Core Name: Zendral, or informally, Zed
Level 5 Chiss Soldier
Age: 14 (roughly equivalent to a human in his mid twenties)

Strength: 13 (1)
Dexterity: 19 (
Constitution: 17 (3)
Intelligence: 21 (
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 9 (-1)

85 HP

Reflex Defense 19
Fort Defense 19
Will Defense 16

Damage Threshold 20

Ranged attack bonus (single shot) 10 (11 at “point blank”)
Ranged attack bonus (both guns) 5 (6 at “point blank”)
Damage per shot 3d8+2 (3, at “point blank” ) (bonus from Teamwork/CombinedFire)
Damage with Voltcannon 3d6 (1 at “point blank”) (bonus from Teamwork/CombinedFire)

4 Force Points

Mechanics +13
Use Computer +13
Knowledge (physical sciences) +13
Knowledge (technology) +13
Pilot +12
Initiative +12
Treat Injury +10
Perception +10
Endurance +11

Weapon Specialization (Pistols)
Combined Fire
Mercenary’s Teamwork

Dual Weapon Mastery I (Feat from first level)
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols) (1)
Weapon Focus (Pistols) (2)
Light Armor Proficiency (1)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple)
Point Blank Shot (2)
Rapid Shot
Coordinated Attack
Weapon Proficiency (Zendral’s Inventions)

Heavy Blaster Pistol x2
Combat Jumpsuit
Ion Grenade x6

Misc items:
Tool Kit
Security Kit
Short-range Comlink
Credit chip
Xethra Worm Hatchling Sample
Stealth-oriented probe droid (no name)

25092 Credits

20 Power Packs

66140 store experience

Retry I (Can use a force point to reroll a skill check, but must keep the result)

Cinematic Cards:
Defend the Fallen: So long as if you remain adjacent to a fallen ally, the ally cannot take any damage.
Mistaken Identity: Choose an NPC. That NPC mistakes you for someone else, for better or for worse.
Practical: Describe how you do an action in a practical and effective manner.
If your fellow players and the GM liked it, gain a +2 bonus to your action.
Sweep: All damage against non-heroic foes is maximized for the rest of the encounter.
Banded Together: So long as if you and your allies remain adjacent to one another, they cannot be flanked, nor be subject to other combat advantages from foes.
Appraise: Something about an object or item that makes it stand out from others of its kind, and you can designate what it is. It is no more powerful than a cosmetic design, and the appraisal must be approved of by the GM.
Parley: Change a combat encounter or scene into a social encounter, or change the combat elements into social ones.
Jury Rig: Jury Rig as per the Mechanics function instantly, and gain a +5 bonus to the check.


Kale’zen’dreuoll (Zendral)

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