Star Wars: Rebirth

We're In (the) Deep-

Taral’s piloting was proven time and again, evading the ranger’s torpedoes as the submarine made way to the Verdant Abyss. Upon going inside did the rangers start up their sonar signals; the same ones to awaken and rile up the leviathan from earlier on. Armed with the knowledge they collected from the ranger station, the party soon happened upon that one leviathan that they saw earlier, with a jaw that went agape to the width of the abyss with a back of tentacles so big, a suction cup was the size of the submarine.

Kader went straight for the hardware of the computer, rather than into the program itself, declaring he doesn’t know a thing about computers. He then spliced some cables together, and got the correct sonar frequency to normally neutralize the monster, but due to conflicting frequencies did the monster’s manner become confused, and instead began to thrash all over the abyssal walls. Taral managed to stun the monster to make its motions sluggish, allowing him to bypass it unharmed.

The frequencies kept permeating the depths, even when the party noticed a bright light in the middle of the darkness. Yora Keitha stated that bright lights in the darkest depths is a bad sign, and that its source is often hideous. The party soon noticed two smaller lights at their flanks, and soon did they also notice all of the tendrils of mucus laden eggs stewn about the abyss like cobwebs. Making a gamble, the party made their signal muddle with the ranger’s, and make it seem friendly instead. This made the ugly angler-fish-esque leviathan wary, but non-aggressive. Taral invoked upon the Dark Side to instill the monster with fear of the sonar harming her children. With what seemed to be great success did the leviathan turn towards whence the party came in, before proceeding forward.

Just about when the party came across the next leviathan did the sonar from the rangers stop. By using their own sonar did they bypass the third and fourth leviathans. Visase sensed that the third leviathan lived within the abyssal walls peering through submarine sized holes in wait. The fourth which was blocking the way in before it got that the party was friendly looked like a terrible hybrid between a slug and a starfish; with a long body, but whose sizes were like a starfish’s arms; some of whom branched out over the ceilings, walls, and the floor into other bodies. Polis and Orwell both declared they hated the ocean after that.

At the fifth leviathan did the sonar begin again, causing a cluster of colossal barnacle-like colonies taste the water with tendril-like tongues for food. They were glued to the walls, ceilings, and floor, and some collected into colonies. Polis launched all five loads of torpedoes into the field of them while Taral blared the ship through after Kader muddled with the sonar signal a little.

As the barnacle monsters ate its own remains from the torpedo payloads did the party find Luftha Xor’s palace. A message immediately came up asking for a password. After Kader gave it did permission get granted for them to dock in the submarine bay.

Upon unloading was it announced that the party were intruders, and the guards began to fire at them. At the end of the submarine bay were there two Sith trainees of Mon Calamari origin who immediately took their lightsabers, and then plunged them into the bay’s floor and began cutting. Visase used the Force to blare across the bay within six seconds while wasting a guard along the way. Polis galloped to the other side, and so soon did Taral blaze to the edge, where the three of them attacked the trainees en masse, while the others stayed behind to finish the guards.

It was when the trainees announced for the submarines to depart and do their part to destroy the bay that the situation got more tense. At first, it was only the Jedi’s and Polis’ feet that got wet. Then it turned waist deep as the hole to the abyss became wider; flooding more water inside. When the submarine’s torpedoes began their barrage did Yora call for everyone to get to the door. Polis advised the Jedi to cut open the door leading from the docking bay and into the interior, believing it to be shielded from water, the same way an open hangar in space is shielded from the vacuum of space. Visase and Taral began to cut, but Visase’s grip was stifled by the water welling up beneath her feet. Taral then managed to cut it the rest of the way when the water fully submerged him.

Orwell spent his time cutting through guards, even as the water rose around him. Yora demanded for Ostek to help Orwell, but Orwell gave off a series of harsh grunts, betraying his desire to take the guards out first.

Kader managed to dive into the water, grab a handhold, and then toss himself through the opened door. Soon, Visase and then Ostek got through, followed by Zendral after Yora dove into the water after him. Visase grabbed Taral from inside, and then dragged him in, while Orwell swam inside after skewering the last guards within range. With Polis sinking under the weight of his armor did Yora pull him up and into the palace itself.

The party escaped just in time, as the bay soon tore out from its place from the torpedo barrage from the submarines, for it to fall freely to the abyssal floor where the barnacle leviathans are.

After the party caught their breath did they find themselves in the midst of the viper’s nest, where they now must find Luftha Xor within…



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