Star Wars: Rebirth

To Give Everything

Visase slashed the commander’s gag off with her lightsaber, and made the Bothan answer questions. Kader asked him about his orders, about how Maccus commanded him to watch over Nihaku I & II in between both worlds. Despite his protests, that the residual heavy metals are disrupting their instruments, their orders were to stay between the twin worlds. He suspected he had been set up to be defeated.

He explained he knew little of the red liquid used to empower the vehicles. They were to be pumped into the ship, and as far as he knew, it multiplied the ship’s normal capabilities by several times.

He agreed to Il’yena’s statement that he didn’t want to be near to Rasseran. It was the Sith’s policy to captain each capital ship with a Sith, and they had more capital ships than they had Sith. Rasseran was one such Sith that needed to be there.

The commander gave his name without prompting. He was Commander Paltash, and he now sees nowhere else to go but with the party. Maccus wanted him dead, and the party is willing to take him prisoner. Despite his reservations for his men having been killed, Paltash saw no other reasonable choice.

Orwell socked him hard in the gut to express how he felt about him. After Paltash threw up on his uniform did Orwell stand back.

Visase used her Far Sight, and located Shendi Yosk, standing in a dark room surrounded by metallic walls. Near her is not only Luftha Xor’s family, but also Rathosk, and the other members of Goruhad’s Cross.

Harun and Tafin spoke on the sidelines about how if Xor’s agents and Rathosk’s agents are all part of the navy, it would prove to be volatile enough for inward strife to take place. With the Navy weakened, the Sith can then just appear and take Dac without a fight.

Visase then asked the group that was gathered for the assault of their stance, especially when it came to the Ackbar’s Hand. Their stance was uncertain, and needed to deliberate more.

By that time, the transport arrived to retrieve them. Galhon split from the rest of the rank-and-file to sit with the rest of the party, while the rank-and-file retrieved the transports they came in from.

On the way back, Visase got a message from an unknown caller. She answered it, and immediately after, the face of a hard and intense looking Quarren became projected; and they all immediately knew who it was.

Luftha Xor.

He voiced his disdain for needing to rely on the party, and had a difficult time saying the word “help” to them. He called them all rodents for kidnapping his family, but then he twisted it around to Darth Maccus for endangering them again. Despite everything, Xor searched the Force, and found that the party was the best chance he was going to get in ensuring his family’s safety.

Hemeri tried to voice his own anger at Xor, trying to bring of Oskel; but Xor dismissed it. Harun then managed to calm him enough that he sat back down in silence.

Xor stated that he wasn’t going to survive, but that if he went through alone or with his men, his family would die too. The party quickly noted that the look of Luftha Xor was the same as the one on Arken’s face on the night of the Galactic Senate Siege.

Xor made it clear that he wanted Maccus to pay more than the party, and that Dark Lord Unus told him that he had not yet given everything he had. If this was retribution, Xor was going to face it, and give his family everything. The Sith had struck him where he was weak as was their nature, and now it was his time to either let go of that weakness, or succumb to it.

Orwell stated with a rather sorrowful tone and after Luftha translated his speech that War makes us what we are supposed to be, not what we want to be. Il’yena stated that Xor was simply on the wrong end of the leverage at this time.

WIth all said and done, Xor asked if the party will ensure that his family is safe in the end. It took some gathering, but Vass’inum’niche stated that she was ready to follow whatever commands she needs to follow through on. Visase’s old squad commander Corporal Reiss Vingen agreed next, after Visase and him argued about his involvement against Goruhad’s Cross. Vingen persisted, saying that after the Senate, and after seeing Darth Rasseran; he couldn’t rest until the Sith are defeated.

Slowly, the rest of the group present agreed. Even Krogguss without his arms wanted to get back into the fray while Tafin still wanted her vengeance. The Ackbar’s Hand was the most hesitant, but agreed to it, so long as if Luftha Xor was killed in the process. They could not stand back and allow Shendi Yosk to do an evil act such as kill innocents.

With that all said and done. Xor signed off; and the party boarded the Calamari Cruiser known as the Skalban. Inside, the group got to their bacta tanks, while the Hand arranged for a reserved meeting area where they can safely plan the rescue of Luftha Xor’s Family, who was no doubt still on the Ackbar’s Honor.



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