Star Wars: Rebirth

To Fathom Infinite Depths & Goruhad's Cross

After pouring over the countless documents given to them by the law library, E5 announced that Kale’zen’dreuoll got a delivery.

After getting a plasteel crate from a labor droid on wheels, Kale’zen’dreuoll unboxes it to reveal an orb shaped droid with multiple limbs hanging out of it, before it all folded seamlessly into it.

Zendral then spent the rest of his time explaining the function of the droid, while the others questioned what he is trying to do with it. In short, the droid would sneak through the little places in the Infinite Depths office, and do some limited data relaying while having the ability to do some mechanical manipulation. It’s way of hiding is fascinating, as it takes on the colors of its environment nearby too.

The party in between a lot of banter formulated a plan. During the day, they would distract the office. Orwell will come in with his arm in a sling, and with bruises all over. He’ll create some chaos, posing as a gamorrean worker, and likely hurting some guards. While doing so, the others will scan the parts of the office that aren’t too much trouble getting into. One of them will plant the droid in an air vent, or some out of the way place.

Then when night comes, the stealth team will come in, activate the droid, and then try to get at the information on Natmar Smers’ computer. The others will make sure there isn’t too much security if they can’t take them out quietly.

Ostek Fahar was requested to get access to Infinite Depths’ cameras with his slicing skills, while Vass’inum’niche was requested to be on the stealth team.

After Polis gave Orwell a convincing disguise (Punched him a lot and hard), and after the others have taken away the outfits they normally wore, the party made way to Infinite Depth’s HQ with Visase going as her old Grey Witch persona.

Along the way to the taxi terminal, the party was stopped by a single Mon Calamari named Rokahai who wielded a Vibrotrident. Recognizing Visase, he explained that he will never forgive them for killing his brother, and that the Goruhad’s Cross never forgives transgressers. After saying a choice piece about one named Embrul, the battle was joined.

The only injury the party took involved Orwell having his abdomen stabbed with a vibrotrident.

Zendral electrocuted an entire row of thugs in the windows with his Zapper Gun, while Kader and Numni both took out the other row of them with their weapons. Ostek ran from the fight and hid.

Taral cleaned much of the thugs on the ground, while Visase finished off a cluster of them with a grenade, while Orwell dealt much of the debilitating damage to Rokahai. Polis managed to chuck him into one of his own thugs, killing the thug outright.

As the battle became grim for Rokahai, Rokahai demanded the remainders flee, while he reached for his armed Detonite. Seeing that move before, Visase sliced his hand off, while Polis jammed a vibrobayonet into his back, and then Orwell cut his organs loose from his body like a gruesome curtain.

Rokahai warned Visase that it isn’t over when he perishes, and that he will be avenged. Before he could speak more or expire, Polis stomped his head in, killing him and splattering his brains everywhere.

Ostek then came out of hiding, and explained that he will try and buy time and keep the Police from putting two and two together over what happened, so that they can continue to proceed towards Infinite Depth’s HQ…



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