Star Wars: Rebirth

To Axe the Axis

The news that morning was of the party’s attack on the Emeriss compound on Duros, with plenty of footage of the attack. The Duros authorities suspect it was the UDS that attacked, but the Emeriss authorities are sure that the UDS had help.

There was even an interview with Sics’enuluo’hassiss who looks to have had a rough night, having to drink tea to stay awake. Apparently, Emeriss’ CEO Valen’resh’inrokini had a similar night as well.

Enul talked about the sheer amount of explosives that were required to make a crater the size that it is, and he has his doubts that the UDS were able to carry all of those explosives by themselves. Who they could be is still under investigation.

Zendral began work on a project that would take 20 scraps of metal, and cost him 5000 credits. 1000 for the parts he can’t get from scraps, and 4000 credits for the rights to use E5’s workbench for that project which looks like a prototype flamethrower gun.

While Visase was loading the swoop bikes onto the Nest, Korot took a break from making Verin do deadlifts with broken ribs to talk to the party about what he heard of the Galactic Axis before he forgot. Harbu talked to Rixx about his experiences with the Galactic Axis, and Rixx even told Harbu where the Galactic Axis outpost is on Coruscant. Korot mentioned that he figured the party would like to know in case they wanted to make an example of the Axis, before Korot returned to coaching Verin on being a good member of the team.

Polis mentioned that Rixx could be leading the party into a trap as revenge, but the rest of the party, after a good long argument figured that the Axis outpost is the best place to start, even though they know that the Axis is going for Feibraxa next; they just don’t know where on Feibraxa the Axis will strike.

So the party turned to where Gunja would be, to find that he had just entered the hangar, and Gunja brought family with him; his current wife, and the 17 children he had with that wife. Also, Gunja brought donuts to which Kader had a lot of.

Issilum worried about seating order, though Gunja was confident everyone could fit. Well the party loaded up into the bus, with everybody just barely fitting inside. Gunja’s kids were climbing all over Simon and Polis, and Taral managed to meditate the whole ride through.

Gunja was even more reckless; using maneuvers that practically negated gravity allowing for Gunja’s kids to float around the bus, with one kid crashing into Kader while floating around.

Finally, Gunja made it to where the Sick Vongspawn cantina was, which was the front to the Axis’ outpost. Gunja gave a quip about it, talking about how he learned to drive a bus there, and since its so dark and seedy; it was great place for a scavenger hunt. Gunja did talk about how Coruscant was once attacked by the extra galactic species known as the Yuuzhan Vong who had transformed the planet to be something like a living organism, while the lifeforms born of those transformations were known as the Vongspawn.

Polis threatened Gunja with his life if he endangered his kids like that again before leaving. Kader returned to take back the donuts one of Gunja’s more plump children stole from Kader. When the party left into the darkness of the bottom floor of Coruscant to get to the Sick Vongspawn, Gunja looked to be organizing a scavenger hunt for the children.

The party split up, with one group going to search the outside of the cantina, while the rest of the party walked inside. Hartel quickly found the entrance while cloaked, and then Hartel and the others who had split headed for the cantina’s entrance.

The cantina had a few patrons in it. Some of the patrons looked dangerous, and the bartender wasn’t a people person. Still, Kader ordered 2 drinks that tasted like flamethrower chemicals, while Orwell gave challenging looks to the Gamorrean bouncers. Issilum volunteered to distract everyone, and so he stood up in front and started telling jokes, prompting the bartender to call the bouncers on the situation.

Things escalated quickly, with the party getting a barfight happening. Stun shots were fired, throws and punches happened, non-lethal Force techniques happened, and attempts at using chairs and falls on the table happened as well. Only Orwell was attacking to kill.

Visase managed to scare the bartender enough to call off the defense. The bartender told Visase the password to deactivate the alarm and unlock the way into the Axis’ outpost, in return for knocking the bartender unconscious.

Visase fired a shot on stun at the bartender, and then the party readied themselves for the break-in.



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