Star Wars: Rebirth

The Verdant Abyss Ranger Betrayal

After recalling both Eroll Skav and Vass’inum’niche from their position at Lohil’s Manor, Eroll returned with a handful of legal and personal documents “just in case”. While Thirra comforted the scared Slith; Hemeri’s mother, did Admiral Shendi Yosk summon the party to her quarters.

While the party got ready, Verin got to processing what was in Lohil’s documents, while complaining about how he finds Law to be boring, and that he can’t read Mon Calamari. He explained that he and Henea would like to leave the ship for a time. But with the Xor Family striking back, he seems to understand the stakes.

In Admiral Yosk’s quarters, she explained that the party needs to go immediately to the Verdant Abyss, and investigate the claims of Xor’s manor within. They will pay the rangers around it a surprise visit, and they will help in the search. They will go to Hikahi City’s Seaport, and from there, they will meet one of the Navy who will brief them further.

With that, the party made way back to Hikahi City with Ostek in tow, where they met with a quarren Petty Officer named Yora Keitha, She spoke about how they were submarine trainees, and how she was going to teach them how to use one.

Inside of the naval submersible, Yora spoke what she knew of the mission while Taral piloted the submarine to the Verdant Abyss. Passing by many beautiful sights, Zendral commented on the Sith’s planetwide poison, and how it’s amazing it was once dead. Yora responded by describing the recovery from that time, but that there is still much more work. Jedi Grandmaster Dalbar wrote about how the sight of Dac’s ocean floor brought tears to his younger self’s eyes when he beheld it.

After a couple hours, Taral descended down deep, to where the light conditions were as if it were night. Ahead, he could see a gorge that grew pitch black as it went deeper.

A ranger contacted the party, and they explained to them their need to investigate the Verdant Abyss. The rangers claimed that no mansion was there, but that they would help search. Zendral tried to convince them that they could help with their security, but they insisted that they were ok and that their Rangers could handle it.

Sending an escort of several craft, they were to accompany the party within the abyss, and emit a signal that would get louder the closer they are to ranger craft so as to ensure not getting lost.

When the party descended, and turned within the abyss, the signal was just as loud as it was before they went in, and the rangers weren’t following. Kader then spoke up about something not being right, and then Taral flashed the lights in front of him, noticing a twinkle. The twinkle was off of the monster’s eye, and its jaw was as wide as the abyssal opening as it slinked up to the submarine. Its malevolence was clear even to the non force sensitive. Ostek freaked out, while Taral launched a torpedo into its eye; just as it started to suck them into its jaw.

The diversion worked, and the creature expelled the water coming inside, making the submarine go faster. Meanwhile, Zendral and Kader rerouted the torpedo power to the engines.

Just as Taral reached up to the abyssal surface did the rangers fire torpedoes into the sides of the abyss, dropping massive rocks down. While Taral’s newfound speed was nice, he still had to slow down enough to not get hit by boulders; but still enough to catch the attention of the rangers.

They soon fled as the rangers fired homing torpedoes. To keep them away, the escape pods were fired, intercepting the torpedoes. Ostek was tasked in hacking the homing mechanism which eventually destroyed 5 of the ranger’s submarines. Yora kept quiet through the whole ordeal, staying out of it, while Orwell gave suggestions. Orwell was frustrated that there was little he could do here.

Finally, Ostek broke the radar on the nearby ranger’s craft, and then changed his signal to register that of fish in the area. Kader also had rerouted power from the escape pods to the torpedoes, bringing the torpedo system back online.

The next plan is to try to sneak in without alerting the rangers. Without knowing a ranger station, it might be too risky to do anything more. With that, the party prepared themselves for their return, hoping they won’t have to deal with that Leviathan again…



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