Star Wars: Rebirth

The Third Visitors of Feibraxa

After a noisy bus ride with Gunja, Wooshgruuw; the latest addition to the group got an unwanted makeover from Gunja’s daughters. Wooshgruuw spent much of the rest of the time in the base removing the braids, the beads, the pigtails and glitter from his fur.

Meanwhile, Zendral worked on the finishing touches of his prototype lightning gun, while Taral got a worried message from master Dreskel about how he can’t sense any of the Jedi who left the temple, or any other Jedi in the galaxy for that matter. According to Dreskel, it was Dalbar who noticed first. Neither Taral nor Visase had any luck, and Hartel wasn’t exactly attuned to the Jedi to know if hes sensing Jedi or not.

Visase brought the ID card that Gunja’s daughter Norki gave to her to Verin so that Verin could do research while the rest of the party stops the slaving operations on Feibraxa.

Verin bragged about doing the obstacle course while wearing weights and with broken ribs. Henea objected, but knew there was no talking Verin’s enthusiasm down.

E5 made good work on putting the Nsiss Clawcraft ship together.

Arken Taro also contacted the party about how he had taken a tour of Emeriss’ space station. Emeriss talked about how the space station would be ready when the power core gets placed inside. Arken talked about how in the space station’s current state, it didn’t have any room for docking any starships, so Arken suspects that the station has more functions than as a star port. When Arken tried to brainstorm with his fellow senators, they laughed it off. Emeriss has also been stopping to chat with Arken more often now. Polis laughed Arken off, saying that of course Emeriss is up to something.

Before long, the party got onto the Nest, and set the coordinates for Feibraxa. After being in hyperspace for nearly an hour, the Nest arrived in the Feibraxan system, and the Nest was preparing for landing on the rust-colored world of Feibrax.

When the party arrived, they saw swaths of starships leaving out of an enormous city of stone, but the Nest landed behind a nearby mountain range.

When the party opened the hatch doors, they were greeted by a large group of Feibrax, but the largest and most extravagant looking one spoke to the party through their minds while the rest of the Feibrax chittered their mandibles and twitched their antennae to communicate with each other. Though the party’s minds, the large Feibrax introduced herself as Nanshe, and is a member of the Ilallunei caste of Urux, and perhaps the only member of the Ilallunei who saw the truth behind “The False Prophet”.

Nanshe spoke prophetically, and of the gods who helped her see. This angered Polis to no end who threatened to shoot her. Nanshe kept going, and no shots were fired.

Nanshe told the party that the gods told her that the preservers from the stars would arrive at this spot, and that she and the Feibrax who followed her waited for when the party arrived.

Nanshe talked of 4 who would visit the world. The first would be the first visitor from the stars, the Jedi Master Dalbar. The second will come as a prophet in service to a higher power. The third will come to preserve the Feibrax. The fourth will come in accordance to the image of the first, bringing fourth destruction. The party was the third to arrive to Feibraxa.

Nanshe talked of how the city of Urux fell under the control of the False Prophet, and Nanshe knows that the remainder of her people within are in danger. To help the party, Nanshe talked about how she wants the last of the Feibrax nomads to come together and save the last of the Feibrax before the fourth visitors arrive.

Nanshe told the party of the Efestunu clan, located just on the other side of of a far away mountain.

Then the party packed onto 4 Swoop Bikes, and shot off onto the dusty and rugged land of Feibraxa. Wooshgruuw remained behind to look after the ship.



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