Star Wars: Rebirth

The Taro Family Dissipation

Arken Taro voiced his worries to the party, but told his wife Rea to go and check up on Verin and Thirra Taro. Arken voiced that he knew this was going to be his last night where everyone in the family will be in the same house, and so he wanted the last night to be a formal one.

Arken got the party drinks, and of course a full course meal, complete with dessert. On the way, the party and the family were bouncing conversation back and forth. Verin learned that Simon thinks of himself as a human thanks to Simon saying such, and Hartel and Visase reinforcing Simon’s notions, and Verin tried talking to Issilum about his flying capabilities. Meanwhile, Thirra, Taral, and Polis were engaged in a lively conversation about “good guys” and “bad guys”. Kader was happier than ever, getting himself buzzed with some drinks.

But Arken delivered the sobering news after dessert was served. Arken told his family that they had to be separate, because they were no longer safe together, and that Arken had organized places in which they could all go and live away, and live a new life.

Rea and Thirra had to move to an undisclosed location and live there together. Verin on the other hand was handed over to the party, and Korot was to accompany the party as well and protect Verin as he always had.

Verin was originally happy that he can be away from his father and his career, but after learning that he was still kept on a leash, he began to get angry and voice his objections.

The party slept well that night, but the Taro family did not, as evidenced by the rings around their eyes the following morning.

That day, the only one to not give a goodbye was Verin, who was glad to be leaving his father. He would have left without even waving a goodbye, had it not been for Simon, Korot, and the rest of the party forcing him to do so.

The party was greeted again by Gunja, who showed the party his morning ritual of mooning the senate building and getting police cars to chase him, all the while, telling Polis of his times in fighting against Mand’alore the Reborn alongside Arken Taro, before finally making it to their destination- which was a 10 block large Warehouse that fronted as a food distribution building, but was also more of a weapons and spaceship lab.

It was inside where the party met up with E5-Z18, an Astromech Droid that has been modified to all heck, and now includes a vocabulator, and a Tea dispenser. E5-Z18 greeted the party in a monotone voice, before shifting voices to find the one the party likes. E5-Z18 started with a sexy female human voice- the kind of voice you would hear in a porn holocron. Then he switched to a voice more reminescent of a person from eastern Coruscant, which the party agreed to taking.

E5-Z18 then went over where their quarters are, and also where the ship that Arken ordered for the party was (Still in shipping and handling). Then E5-Z18 talked about how he can sell weapons, and even upgrade them, upgrade armor, and also upgrade droids. All thats needed would me Metal Scrap and some Credits, and the party will be on their way.



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