Star Wars: Rebirth

The Personalities of Ilburuq

The party descended further into the crystal studded cavern, following the tracks left behind by the wayward matriarch. The party passed by what looked to be firepits, and other signs of use; however old it was on their way to the end of the cavern where the party saw the large Feibrax matriarch and her four Enaqu.

The Matriarch; Nahunexe, insisted to the party that her purpose in the caverns was in service to her now missing clan; the Zintullei clan. Nahunexe went to Ilburuq to learn from the stored personalities of the escaped sorcerers that ran off with Utmarset during the 1st Apocalypse of Feibraxa. As it turned out, Nahunexe was trying to learn the spells they learned that involved channeling the dark gods.

Nahunexe started by blowing off the party’s words, but after some outside help from Taral’s crystal, Nahunexe finally decided to listen to the party. In the end, Nahunexe kept on researching the spells, but did so with the intention of avenging her clan and helping the rest of Feibraxa fight off the forces of the False Prophet.

Just as the party was turning back towards the entrance of Ilburuq, a voice called out to the party in Basic, and in the voice of an aged Lanodar. When the party turned around, they found the image of Dalbar standing in front of them.

Dalbar expressed how he was happy that the party’s encounter with Nahunexe didn’t end in violence, and from there, some of the party took to questioning Dalbar.

During the discussion, Dalbar revealed what he was doing near Feibraxa. Dalbar, back in 450 ABY felt a darkness that he hadn’t felt in 300 years. Dalbar sensed the Vanguards of Vision in a place in the galaxy near Feibraxa. Not wanting to frighten the people of the Galactic Federation, Dalbar went on leave to go on his mission for the Jedi Order alone. On his way, he encountered the Force Strong Feibrax. While Dalbar wasn’t greeted with joy, the Enaqu Qarshigal still gave Dalbar a welcome. On tour, Qarshigal brought Dalbar into Ilburuq and allowed Dalbar to pick out a crystal. The crystal that Dalbar obtained was yellow, and contained the personality of Ekamu; the mate of Utmarset.

Once the tour was done, Dalbar left Feibraxa, and flew to where the darkness was.

Then the image of Dalbar said that he feels that same darkness over Feibraxa, which gave Dalbar pause, believing he failed his mission.

Once confronted with the fact that the Dalbar of today is supporting the forces that seek to undo the galactic order, the image of Dalbar told the party of his strengths. Dalbar is a master of disruption, finding himself skilled with the lightsaber form of Juyo, and disconnecting others from using the force.

Before Dalbar dissipated, Dalbar gave the party the coordinates to the place in the galaxy that he was heading for on his mission if they wish to investigate what happened to Dalbar. After wishing the party well, Dalbar’s image vanished, and then the party left Ilburuq.

Leaving from Ilburuq, contact was attained with Nanshe and Irshagal as to the fate of the Zintullei clan. Nanshe then gave the party the location of the Baballal Clan, who simply wanted to see the party for themselves.

After driving up steep mountainous terrain, the party arrived at the top of a grassy plateau. After Orwell scared off a burrowing Feibrax larva, the party was greeted by the twin matriarchs of the Baballal clan; Erat and Arenu. Erat and Arenu beckoned the party to walk inside of their home, which also looked to double as a sort of library/college.

The twin matriarchs requested for the party to sit in a circle on their rug. From there, the matriarchs asked the party 3 questions.

“Who are you?”
“What are you?”
“Why are you?”

From there, the party answered in the manner they felt worked with them personally. Kader gave a short and concise answer, while Polis gave a speech. Zendral was reserved, while Orwell was more open. The Baballal clan listened well to all of it, and even asked questions if they wished to hear more on an angle. In the meanwhile, a scribe was chiseling out what the party was saying, as well as making a figure of them on the stone slab.

The Baballal clan claimed that they were the neutral party amongst the Feibrax, and so the relics belonging to the Feibrax people are given to them, as well as the history of every clan and event of the Feibrax as well. The party’s arrival was a great big event, and the Baballal had to record it.

Once the party gave their takes on life, Erat and Arenu made an enormous conclusion to the questions with a big philosophical point, before being suggested to go and confront the matriarch of the Tenugu clan, by the name of Shaetar.



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