Star Wars: Rebirth

The Lengths To Take

Ikmon, who was in a stall in what looks like a bathroom, warned the party over the holoprojector in The Skalban’s meeting room that Maccus told Shendi Yosk that they were now working for Luftha Xor. What’s more is that he was given a manifest of the names of each of the men and women who were working for him, including knowledge of numerous droid caches on board across all naval vessels. Ikmon was ordered by Shendi Yosk to give out the order to preemptively dispatch them. With the warning given out, Ikmon stated he would give out the order now, and then he logged out.

The party immediately got to work, with Kader checking on his sleeper droid and Xor announcing a little later that his forces on the Ackbar’s Honor are being ambushed by security droids.

Over their time on the Skalban, Kader focused on getting his sleeper droid to where the holding cell would be in the Droid Barracks. In the end, there was nobody and nothing inside that cell, eliminating a spot where the family could be before the stealth team came in.

Meanwhile, Xor told that party that this new revelation would mean that he would need to rendezvous with them sooner. After an hour, The Skalban picked up a distress call, and the Hand got to work intercepting the rescue party. In the end, they came back with a large crate carried by four of them to be delivered to the nearby maintenence hangar. With the party reconvening there, Xor revealed himself from the crate.

The party then discussed disguising Luftha Xor. 63-RM suggested that he be disguised as one of the Hand, but the Hand shot him down, claiming there were no Quarren in the Hand which would be a dead giveaway. Xor did however speak up to Orwell’s suggestion, that he had been injured when he sent out that distress call from his ship, and even volunteered to take some injuries to make it look more authentic. He refused the suggestion to disfigure himself, because he wanted his family to recognize him.

Orwell and 63-RM both gave Xor injuries, but Orwell wasn’t enjoying it. Xor now has a dislocated shoulder, several broken ribs, and lots of broken teeth from an uppercut. They then bandaged him up, disguising his face and a good rest of his body.

Il’yena commented that Orwell would make an excellent enforcer as he did his work on beating up Xor, but Orwell made no comment back.

With Xor’s disguise being complete, the party led him aboard the transport in the hangar alongside Hemeri and the Hand. It was also around that time when the Skalban arrived in the space the Ackbar’s Honor was in. Immediately after, the Skalban’s alarms blared again, indicating a firefight on board. The manifest didn’t just include the Ackbar’s Honor it seemed.

Hemeri flew the transport out, while the rest of the Sarvak’s Shield boarding crew followed in its wake towards the Ackbar’s Honor. Kader, Il’yena, and 63-RM were to sneak to the officer’s row, while Numni, Tress Wecen, and Warlock were to check the two closest cells.

They arrived in the Ackbar’s Honor in the midst of a firefight. Kader, Il’yena, and 63-RM wasted no time. Even with Kader pinned for a moment, he got out throwing a stun grenade at Yosk’s forced before the three of them took to the tunnels.

Meanwhile, Visase received another message from Ikmon, asking her to come aboard The Nest where he is, and to bring Xor with them. Visase and Orwell both suspected a trap, but they still went in.

Upon meeting Ikmon, Hemeri initiated the secret handshake, but Ikmon blew that off stating that now wasn’t the time. Verin was also present in the common area, and asked Orwell if the Quarren they had with them was the man who threatened Henea. Orwell answered with a curt “No”, but took the time to write Verin a message that it wasn’t safe and to go. Verin went back to the bedroom where his sister Thirra was.

Ikmon told the party that he knows another way to Yosk’s location that wasn’t shown on the map, as he found out by logging into Yosk’s files, and then offered to show them where. At that point, the sound of Thirra crying out were heard through the walls, while Visase used the Force to see that Ikmon shot her in the back on the head with a modified slugthrower pistol before turning back into a Clawdite.

Orwell understood Visase’s expression, and in a sudden motion Orwell slashed Ikmon across the chest in a brutal fashion. As Ikmon transformed into a Clawdite, Visase lept on top of him, pointing her lightsaber at him. Hemeri then pointed his rifle at him, declaring that Ikmon always had time for the handshake. The clawdite confessed it was Shendi Yosk who hired him through Rathosk of Goruhad’s Cross. Eroll Skav then stomped on his hand as he reached for his communicator. Thirra was now running out of the bunks trying to warn Visase of his murderous intent, but when she got to the scene, Verin covered her eyes and softly led her back in the bedroom. Orwell then activated Mantis’ lightsaber over the clawdite’s head, killing the clawdite instantly.

Meanwhile, Kader, Il’yena, and 63-RM discovered an almost naked and bound Captain Ikmon at the end of one of the tunnels. They freed him, to which Ikmon stated that when he had finished his message to you, he saw a Clawdite behind him before he remembered nothing more. He then stated that he needs to go and get in some new clothes, and that he needed to sneak with the party to get out. Fortunately for them, he was stealthy enough, and managed to evade a droid platoon by hiding in a vent with 63-RM. Ikmon split ways when they exited that tunnel, while 63-RM worked on undoing the ventilation duct above the false wall concealing what was most likely where Luftha’s family was being held.

Kader and Il’yena then tried to get the jump on two officers walking through their hall. Il’yena was successful in subduing one of the officers right away, but Kader found it hard to use his gun in melee. The officer Il’yena had bound was stubborn, insisting that Yosk is doing what has to be done; even with a Tehkla Blade held to his throat. After Kader shot the fleeing and shouting officer with the Stun setting, Il’yena had him shoot her bound officer too.

63-RM announced that the vents indeed had some assassins inside, but that they are no longer a worry. 63-RM then packed away his syringe appendage before flying back into the vents, while Kader and Il’yena wormed quietly through the crack in the doorway. With them peering behind the corner, they had found Yosk, Goruhad’s Cross with at least 10 of their elite, and several others in wait surrounding a bound Quarren women and four Quarren children in chairs. In front of them was the dead Xor decoy, sitting in a pool of dried blood. Furthermore, they were behind a force field.

During that time, Numni reported that nobody was found in the other two cells and announced that she was making way to the officer’s quarter’s cells.

While The Hand rushed to the cells, Visase and Kader deliberated what to do with Xor, now that his family had been found. Visase decided to bring Hartel along for bringing down the Force Field, while the other Force users would try to use the Force to pull the family behind the Droideka and the others. Xor will be needed too to get into position. Visase suspects that Yosk won’t be trusting, now that the assassin didn’t report back.

Now it is a matter of getting the others closer, without them killing Xor’s family…



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