Star Wars: Rebirth

The Legacy of Clars Stellartrotter

The rest of the evening was uneventful when compared to the dinnertime fiasco. With the Figo’s Wind scheduled to make it to Ryloth in the late morning, the party decided that it was safe to call it a night.

The following morning, the party still didn’t fully recover from the revelations of the previous night. Zendral was particularly bent out of shape over seeing his old mentor, such that Thirra tried to comfort him in the only way she knew; by comparing it all to her not getting sweets as her father promised for doing her chores. This got Rea to intervene and tell Thirra of the finer points of comforting people, while the Figo’s Wind neared Ryloth.

Once the Figo’s Wind entered orbit over Ryloth, Tavish Brix visited the Nest to discuss the finer points of the mission on Ryloth; reminding the party of Brulu Aloc’s position and legal security of Ryloth, given that slavery isn’t as strong an offense as, say, murder. Tavish was still wearing his chest bandages and hobbling on a cane during the briefing. Orwell got suspicious of Tavish, and tried to check his injuries by hand. Tavish kept on insisting on his chest injuries from the crewmember that stabbed him repeatedly to Orwell, but Orwell insisted on checking the injuries for himself. Tavish’ bodyguards Korech and Voroth stood back to let Orwell do what he must. Tavish continued being defensive as Orwell evaluated the kind of wound that would require those bandages. Finally, Orwell came to a conclusion without ripping Tavish’s bandages open, and told Tavish that he lied to him for the last time. But instead of killing Tavish, Orwell walked back into the Nest; more out of respect of Tavish’s family than out of the kindness in Orwell’s heart.

Ryloth is an odd world, in that Ryloth is tidally locked with its sun. This means that the same side of Ryloth is always sunny, and the other half is always dark. The only habitable part on Ryloth is the equator- where it is always twilight. Ryloth is the home of the Twi’lek species, and is home to a feudal governmental system. In particular, to get at Brulu Aloc, the party will be going to the kingdom of Onek’weg where the game of Hoopin’ Slam was born.

Issilum flew the Nest through Ryloth’s dusty atmosphere, and then landed it in an underground city complex. Leaving the Nest, a twi’lek child announced the arrival of Hartel Stellartrotter, and immediately after the ragged masses crowded around the party grabbing at Hartel. Hartel kept on insisting that he had somewhere to be, but the crowd- while good intentioned, didn’t let up. The crowd broke up once two more well built Twi’lek wearing the same sports jerseys that Hartel was wearing announced their presence, and explained that Hartel had somewhere to be; but one of the athletes who was introduced as Tald’kina said that he would take autographs and pictures since he’s in not nearly as much of a hurry. The crowd slowly dispersed from Hartel and soon crowded around Tald’kina to get autographs and pictures.

The remaining Twi’lek initiated a complex handshake with Hartel and spoke in much the same way he did. Hartel introduced that Twi’lek as Pratari Rha who is an athlete with the Onek’weg Hoopin’ Slam team. The two caught up a bit, talking about the changes in their lives the past week. Pratari Rha talked about Brulu Aloc, who arrived about when Hartel left to spread the word of Hoopin’ Slam around. Despite Hoopin’ Slam being in the off-season, Brulu is not giving any of the athletes rest; as he is making them and the other Hoopin’ Slam teams play the game of Hoopin’ Slam for charity organizations to help with the Mandalorian war effort. Pratari Rha mentioned that Brulu Aloc had been wanting to meet Hartel since he came in. Pratari Rha voiced that it just isn’t the same without Clars Stellartrotter. Pratari Rha volunteered to take the party to the stadium as discreetly as possible so as to not get mobbed by fans. The party agreed.

Following Pratari through the darkened alleys of the underground Twi’lek city, the party makes it to the Clars Stellartrotter Memorial Stadium. Entering through the backdoor, Pratari leads the party to Brulu Aloc’s office; once the office of Clars Stellartrotter. Brulu Aloc, who is sitting at Clars Stellartrotter’s desk beckons for everyone to have a seat without so much as a greeting. Most of the party sits down, aside from Orwell. Brulu insisted that Orwell ought to sit down, but Hartel told Brulu that Orwell is fine where he is. Brulu told Hartel of the charity game that he has raised for the Luke Skywalker Memorial Orphanage on Coruscant, and, as the owner of the Onek’weg Hoopin’ Slam team, and the legal owner of the Hoopin’ Slam game; Hartel is obligated to play. Hartel agreed, and with that, Brulu mentioned that he was happy to finally meet the Onek’weg Hoopin’ Slam team’s star player up front. Brulu asked for the names of the party who accompanied Hartel. Orwell mentioned his name and that he likes to eat puppies. Brulu nodded at that, but the rest of the party kept silent. When Brulu told everyone to leave his office so that he can get back to work and that Hartel can get some practice in before the game this afternoon.

Orwell reached to shake Brulu’s hand, but held the handshake for a little bit longer than he ought to. Brulu returned to his datapad as the party left.

In the practice room, the party tried to figure out the next course of action, while Orwell hefted his Arg’garok- visibly upset. As he walked back to Brulu’s office, Hartel stopped Orwell telling him that “Brulu was his”. Orwell stopped at that, punched a wall so hard it dented a little, and left it at that.

Hartel, knowing that Clars had the Hoopin’ Slam team in his will to be inherited to the next of kin asked the party to go and grab the will from his house while he got to practicing for the game. Taral and Visase volunteered to go and see to it.

When Taral and Visase called for a cab, Zendral rushed out to get to them saying that he’d rather chase this string than watch sports. Everyone else got to watch the Hoopin’ Slam game getting prepped for. The game involves the players instilling their physical selves and traits in a brittle force reactive dust, and from there they dribble a gungan energy ball around and hope it doesn’t explode in their hands or explode their dust-built teammates up. The goal is to throw the ball into the opposing team’s hoop.

Taking the taxi to the windy and dusty surface of Ryloth; Visase, Taral, and Zendral saw what little agriculture happened on the planet, before stopping by one farm house that the taxi driver said was the “Famous Stellartrotter house”. Going inside, the house’s accessories and furnature was as it was a week ago. Zendral noted the few holographic portraits of the Stellartrotter family; with a happy father and mother around a baby Hartel. Zendral noted that the mother looked to have been added in to all of the portraits, and that Clars positioned himself to accommodate the edits.

Visase found the safe in the house to be slightly ajar. Rushing to investigate the safe, she stepped and broke a tool that was lying on the ground that didn’t look to belong in a residence. Zendral identified the tool immediately as being of Chiss make, and even had the Emeriss Arms logo on the back in small letters. Zendral managed to make the broken tool work with a little bit of rewiring; and found the tool was licensed to a Vass’inum’niche, who Zendral claimed was Sics’enuluo’hassiss’ secretary, and spoke with a slight stutter. With this bit of evidence; Taral, Visase, and Zendral tried to call for a taxi; but ended up with a very laid back Twi’lek van driver who volunteered to take them to the stadium. With Taral sensing the force to see if going with him was a good idea, Taral agreed to go with the driver.

Returning to the stadium, the three of them saw the last throes of the game, with Hartel and his team proving to the audience why they were so famous for playing the game. When the game ended, Hartel and Pratari Rha entered the conference room area covered in sweat. With the evidence of evidence tampering; and the lack of a last will and testament on Clars’ part, Pratari Rha suggested that everyone ought to check out the law offices beside King Onut III’s castle who no doubt will have a copy of the last will on file.

Deciding to go there next, the party prepared themselves to leave the stadium.



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