Star Wars: Rebirth

The Last Stand of Tavish Brix

Master Archivist Ruda got Hartel to sign the last document that needed to be signed to ensure the return of ownership of the Hoopin’ Slam game to Hartel Stellartrotter. Ruda also said that if Hartel isn’t back by the time Hoopin’ Slam season continues, the game will be run by the monarchy of Onek’weg until Hartel returns.

On the way back to the ship, Zendral asked Hartel why Hartel left a life of fame and fortune to go out traveling. Hartel’s response was “I don’t know”. Issilum prepared the ship for launch at Visase’s command while telling Issilum that she had horrible news. Issilum asked Visase what good news was, and got no answer from her.

On the way back to the Figo’s Wind, Taral was conflicted between contacting Jedi Master Evarr Dreskel, given the revelations of infiltrations within the Jedi Order. Meanwhile, the rest of the party gave the news of Keiran’s status as Orm. Verin Taro brought up the fact that it was Keiran who had saved him and Henea from gangsters when he snuck out of the watch of the party before bringing him and Henea back to E5’s workshop. Verin asked why Keiran wouldn’t have just taken him away if he wanted to control Arken. The thought that Keiran didn’t want to get children involved was one idea proposed by Zendral, but all in all, that action’s motivations were still uncertain.

Deciding to stick with his trust he had in Dreskel before, Taral contacted him and gave him the news of the strong evidence that was found pertaining to Jedi Master Keiran being Orm. Evarr Dreskel wasn’t happy with the news, but claimed that it could make sense given what he and Hassan have learned from their meditations in the now deserted Jedi Temples.

Evarr Dreskel talked of Dalbar’s marks in the force being one of urgency and a need to preserve the Jedi Order in a way that is subtle and out of view from his enemies. With how Dalbar was using the Force, it was as if his enemies were in very close proximity, and Dalbar wanted to remain undetected while he resisted them.

Evarr Dreskel spoke of his knowledge of the Jedi Knight Lire Nok who went missing upon investigating evidence pertaining to Jedi Master Keiran’s corruption, mainly in that “she was a good friend of his”. Evarr Dreskel then said that he and Hassan will return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and see if he can find Jedi that aren’t following Keiran’s footsteps. With a hefty farewell, Keiran and Taral signed off.

Arriving back onto the Figo’s Wind, the party was greeted by an excited and bandaged Tavish Brix surrounded by his two body guards who happily announced that his Mon Calamari contact got through to him and deciphered the encryption on Azed Ther’s messages. By the looks of the messages, Dijiec the Hutt was hiding in a derelict Red Dwarf star system known as RD-2380XMAL in a fortress on one of the asteroids, and that the Figo’s Wind will be there by the following morning.

With that, Tavish left the hangar with Korech and Voroth in tow. The party then went to the messenger and relayed Arken Taro the news of what they had found on Ryloth.

Arken nodded his head as if to confirm his own suspicions, and then he stated what he himself has found out. Arken had purchased services from the Bothan Spynet who managed to gain access to Supreme Commander Thaz Welk’s battle plans, and the information that Arken’s spies found was damning. Listed in the plans for the battle of Thorov, there were to be 2 waves of soldiers. The 1st wave was the recruits and the army of the Triumvirate equipped with the starships and weapons that were up to the grade that the military of the Triumvirate had before hiring Emeriss Arms. The 2nd wave on the other hand was equipped with highly advanced weaponry of Emeriss make and consisted of soldiers with designation codes that consisted of numerical and alphabetical combinations that are eerily reminesent of the designation codes for the Gen’Dai clones found in Zon Fus’ laboratory; though more specifically, they are Polis’ clones. This 2nd wave was to destroy the 1st wave of recruits and soldiers.

Another thing that Arken spoke of was of what Yun Brodal spoke to him about the 2nd Battle of Thorov. Apparently, the Mandalorian starships had downgraded a lot since last the Federation fought them twenty years ago. They downgraded to the point that even the non-Emeriss grade ships of the Federation can easily go toe to toe with them. According to information found by the Bothan Spynet however, there was strong evidence that those old Mandalorian ships were transferred into Federation hands to be used against Mandalore.

And now, those ships were to also be used against the Federation’s public standing army.

Taral voiced his concern about the clones, especially with earlier evidence of Zon Fus’ newfound ability to infuse force sensitivity genetically into beings that weren’t originally force sensitive. Mainly, Taral was concerned that the entire army of clones was force sensitive. Arken explained that it was unlikely, due in part to other findings by the Spynet. The Spynet reported that the Gen’Dai clone army was heavily employing other outside instruments to power their starships. They are cylindrical objects that Arken says can comfortably fit into the hole-slot in the stolen prototype Nsiss Clawcraft. These objects contain synthetic midichlorians that infuses its force sensitivity with the ship to make the ship force sensitive for a short time before the cylinder is expended and needs replacing. Arken believed that the process of infusing force sensitivity is still very expensive to do, such that infusing an entire army would be too costly.

Arken then pushed that he wanted the people to know of Orm’s existence and what he has done to the Federation’s people. Arken wanted every mother of every dead soldier in the Federation to know who killed their children, to know who started these wars, and to know their selfish reasons for why. Arken stated that he is working to put together a broadcast to override the regular broadcasts detailing all of that information for when he gathers the necessary evidence. For now, Arken has declared himself sick and unable to meet up with the senate, and plans to keep himself sick until the broadcast.

The response from the party has been very against this course of action, mainly due to the fact that the people were already faced with the realization of Dalbar falling to corruption; and another shocking revelation like that will destroy any trust that the people had with the Jedi or their superiors for that matter for years to come. Zendral in particular had a major concern about the people who want no involvement with the chaos that will no doubt ensue once the word came out. Arken’s move in broadcasting the message without abandon would harm the innocent as much as the guilty. Arken paused, but then he asked if Zendral, or anyone else had a better idea than broadcasting the truth of what was going on. The party agreed that the people deserve to know, but that Arken should take more precautions before carrying out his plans.

Arken then decided to go and talk to the fringe and underground political groups on Coruscant to see if he can bring the message out to them that he seeks to reveal the sins of the Galactic Federation, and hope that they can take action and hide the people who want no involvement in the ensuing chaos. The party by and large was still skeptical, but without another idea; they’ve kept their lips shut.

Arken then explained that he can call in his last favors and the last of his money to get the broadcast out. Arken will be bringing the broadcast out from many sources behind many proxy emitters from secure locations, at least until those in league with Orm find him. From there, Arken doesn’t know what will come next.

Arken turned to his wife and children and promised that he will call back before the broadcast comes out. After some more emotional exchanges with his family, Orwell interjected and said that he knows of some people who will guard Arken’s life with their own. Arken was shocked by the offer, but accepted it with grace.

Orwell then called Tavish Brix, and made a deal with him. After Orwell was done with his business with Arken, Orwell will be his loyal bodyguard in exchange for Tavish giving up one of his. Tavish’s answer surprised Orwell when he said that Arken can have both Korech and Voroth and then accepted the deal.

When Korech and Voroth made it on the ship, they accepted Orwell’s proposition for a job and a chance to die for a man with honor.

Arken thanked Orwell profusely for the bodyguards, and then after saying a long drawn out farewell, signed off.

With little else to do for the night, the party decided to retire early amidst the concern that they had for the future.

Visase in particular had a very rough night, and woke up out of her meditation pained and irritated. The rest of the party woke up to the sound of the alarms blaring on the Figo’s Wind. Demanding Tavish for answers, Tavish stated that he found Dijiec’s hideout and has taken to bombarding his makeshift fortress before Dijiec had a chance to escape. Tavish asked if the party was ready to swoop into the base and retrieve Dijiec right now. The party said that they were ready. Then Tavish asked if his family was on board the ship. With a simple yes, Tavish gave the go for the party to fly towards the base.

On the way, the Figo’s Wind made quick work of the makeshift gun turrets such that by the time the Nest made it to the fortress on the asteroid, the defenses were down. Zendral noticed the hasty construction of the fortress as they blasted their way into the hangar door. The inside of the fortress was dark, but when the Nest made it inside; the lights flickered on to reveal the poor workmanship of the fortress. Tavish asked if the party was inside. When they said they were, a shield enveloped the room that the Nest was in, and Tavish then said that he had no choice but to do this.

Visase shouted that they’ve been set up. Rea looked on at and spoke to Tavish with disbelief and anger. Verin and Henea embraced each other when they realized what Tavish meant by his words. Most of the rest of the crew waited for what came next, while Thirra remained oblivious to the gravity of the situation. Korech and Voroth were both angry, but only Orwell blasted out at Tavish swearing that he will kill him when they get out of this situation.

Behind the peaceful looking Tavish walked a hulking aqualish decked out in an assortment of armor and modifications and wore a large cloak draped down to his knees over that armor. The aqualish greeted Orwell like the two were acquainted. Orwell lost it even further, calling that aqualish “soulless” amongst other names. The aqualish introduced himself as Toba Gra to the party, and then explained that he is a bounty hunter by trade. With that in mind, Orm put out a big bounty on the party since they’re coming to learn too much; and Toba Gra could not let it slip past.

After that, Toba Gra ignored much of the party while searching the holoprojector for his quarry. When Toba Gra saw Rea, Thirra, and Verin however; he turned around and punched Tavish hard in the face while calling him incompetent for putting the family where he can’t retrieve them alive to collect a nice bonus from Orm. Tavish Brix got back up with the right side of his face covered in blood and a black eye. Toba then gloated a little about how he can finally kill Orwell as “the one that got away”, and then Toba said a few choice words to Kader while addressing him as “Rok’Ulor” on the grounds of differences in fulfilling their jobs. Kader squinted at Toba and then puffed out more smoke from his cigarillo.

Toba Gra pulled out a detonator and told the party to say their last words. Orwell goaded Toba to do it, while Tavish remained peaceful. When Toba pushed the button, a loud explosion was heard, but the party found themselves and the facility that they were in were both intact. When they looked back at the holo-projector however, the Figo’s Wind was aflame and the power was flickering out. Toba roared in anger at Tavish and demanded an explanation. Tavish said that he should have invested in a more expensive self destruct mechanism. With that, Toba Gra hammered Tavish’s face into the broken and jagged console in front of him, pulled out his blaster pistol; and shot Tavish in the back of the head. The last flicker of the holoprojection was of Toba Gra rushing for the hangar.

Shortly after, the party realized that the shields in the fortress shut off, and that they had gotten one new message from Tavish Brix. It was in the message that Tavish revealed what he was keeping from the party, mainly in that the party had to go to Corellia where Dijiec was hiding amidst the crowd as well as the reason for his chest wound being his implanting of the kill-switch that delivered this message to the party, and then Tavish explained more about Toba Gra and how he came to be under his thumb. The message went on with gratitude for Arken Taro for giving Tavish another way out of his life of piracy, and also a personal thanks to Orwell for inspiring Tavish to oppose Toba in ways that Orwell wouldn’t understand until it was all over. Tavish asked that Verin and Thirra not follow his footsteps, and then Tavish apologized to his sister Rea for everything that had happened. In short, Tavish died with many regrets on his mind and heart but wished that the party catch Dijiec before Toba did, provided Tavish didn’t kill Toba beforehand.

With that, Visase ordered for the ship to make leeway for Corellia. Departing the fortress, the party saw the fire in the sky coming from Tavish’s ship being ripped open, followed by a smaller ship shooting out of the hangar shooting off towards Corellia as well.

The party, knowing that they have little time, follow in hot pursuit of Toba Gra in hopes that they can get information from Dijiec before Toba has a chance to quell the exchange.



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