Star Wars: Rebirth

The Interview With Slith; Hemeri's Mother

Hartel relayed the fact that Taral had exerted much of his power to cleanse Darth Băutor’s corruption from Verin and Thirra Taro, who are both now fast asleep, along with Taral. Orwell remarked about how he is going to discipline Verin when he comes to, but then Captain Ikmon came back on board. With the party ready to meet with Hemeri’s mother Slith, the party took off, making Zendral drive The Nest, despite objections from Polis about the other times Zendral crashed his space ship, Zendral still flew it to Dac, where they would go to Hikahi City to find not only Slith, but Infinite Depths HQ. Orwell wasn’t thrilled about being on an ocean world, but he stuck to it anyways.

Zendral’s flying was fairly smooth despite not being used to flying transport ships. Ikmon got The Nest into Dac without molestation, and made sure to relay orders from Admiral Yosk to allow them free access inside.

Once in Hikahi City’s hangar, and while Ikmon spoke to the Hangar Master, the party received a message from an encrypted source stating: “Turns out you made it here after all. I wasn’t sure. Please speak to me at the Golden Reef Cantina. I’ll know when you have arrived.”

When Ikmon returned, he gave each of the party a badge, representing the Mon Calamari navy with some additional flair on it to show that they don’t have to turn in any weapons they had to police forces, and they can use the taxi service from Hikahi City for free.

Taking taxis, the party eventually made it to the edge of Hikahi City, overlooking the vast calm ocean. Ikmon spoke of homecomings being hard, to which Ikmon was told by Kale’zen’dreuoll that neither Hartel nor Issilum- or Hemeri had a good one.

When Ikmon spoke about the legend of there being larger pods of Whaledons swimming by before the Sith committed Genocide on Dac was Polis interested in what he had to say. Ikmon related how 500 Years ago, the Sith had engineered a plague that could wipe out all life on Dac. The Sith had enslaved the Mon Calamari with help from the Quarren, due to the Sith having learned about keeping them in check since their invaluable aid in the Battle of Yavin. When the Mon Calamari got unruly did they release the plague. 80% of all life that was on Dac perished. Only 20% escaped. Polis related his own people to it, believing that for the longest time he was the last of the Gen’Dai left. Polis wants to believe in revival, but Zendral spoke up about how Sith secret labs are no solution.

Ikmon led the party down in the lower depths of the city to Slith’s apartment. Thanks to Ikmon, Slith invited the party inside of her home where she was preparing a meal. When Slith asked if the party wanted water or tea, half wanted tea, and the other half wanted water. The tea isn’t conventional, and is made from a bright red kelp that tasted sweet and fishy, but provided a calming effect to the mind.

It took a bit for Slith to talk, but she admitted that she beckoned Hemeri to run from justice. Ikmon was grateful he wasn’t recording when she said that. The party then convinced her to give up the details that would entail her and Hemeri’s life being threatened.

She spoke about how Oskel was an amazing man before marriage, always making sure to give Hemeri a new toy or other gift when he went to visit her. But after marriage, Oskel turned abusive. She was made to apply extra makeup to hide the scars when Oskel wanted her for media appearances.

She claimed that she stuck through with Oskel, because she wanted Hemeri to have a future as a pilot. Slith had no money, but Oskel had it. Orwell asked if he was abusive due to an outside force. Slith didn’t think so, but he did have many connections, especially political ones. He got worse when he got into politics, as he had many many more to impress.

Slith then refrained from going further, scared that it will get to endangering Hemeri or her. With some encouragement, she spoke of the night when Hemeri snuck out back when she and him lived at Oskel’s mansion. Hemeri was discovered by the party goers. Oskel was mad, as were the party goers who wanted to make an example of him. Slith got in the way, and demanded she pay for it. Oskel approved of it. Slith remembered three men who took turns abusing her. The men were only referred to by their nicknames, “Squirm”, “Jolly”, and “Slug”. She saw another face who laughed and cheered as she was abused who was Yari Kebata, the current Secretary of Dac, and powerful politician. They kept calling Oskel “Sharp”, so she was sure they were nicknames.

At Oskel’s funeral did Slith see “Jolly”, a huge scarred quarren who stayed quiet the whole time, and was never addressed by name. Yari Kebata was there, and gave his funeral talk over the holonet for all to see.

Slith mentioned one of Oskel’s friends who was sympathetic to her plight; a childhood friend of his who was also a lawyer for Infinite Depths named Lohil. Lohil wanted to protect Slith, but he could do very little without putting her and him in more danger. Polis and Orwell regarded him as a coward.

Slith asked if she would be safe. Orwell offered her his bunk, but the others dicussed leaving their own friends to care for her, thinking of Simon specifically, or maybe Senlet.

Upon leaving the apartment, the party considered finding hard evidence of Oskel’s connections. They figured perhaps a Last Will would be a good place to find where his belongings went, or perhaps Infinite Depths HQ would still have records. Visase spoke of having one more card to play…



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