Star Wars: Rebirth

The Hunters on Dagobah

The party awoke to the smell of a breakfast stew cooked by Darth Chronos. While cooking, Orwell grabbed a salamander, ate it, and used the blood to mark over the scars on the body.

While Orwell did that, Chronos spoke to the party about how he and Maccus spoke while he meditated last night. Orwell snorted at the mention, but Chronos continued to relay his message, that the party should start looking about three hours to the northeast of Yoda’s hut for Xor’s family. Maccus will keep Luftha’s view on his family as cloudy as possible so as to prevent his meddling in the party’s affairs.

The party then asked Chronos about his training. He spoke of Maccus having mastered much of the Force, but has learned to express it all in his own unique way. When the party asked about Xor, Chronos mentioned that he more or less has the basics down, and can go into something akin to a Dark Rage, but he still has much to learn. Finishing the stew, the party set off into the wilds of Dagobah, watching the many bizarre sights happen around them.

Soon, Kader was tracking down footprints, and by using his intuition, tracked them down to the source, only to almost find himself tangled up in a net.

Nearby was a quarren hunter who introduced himself as Jharbo. Jharbo spoke about how Swamp Slug was a delicacy in Quarren cuisine, and with Dagobah being behind Sith lines, the price only went up. He asked the party if they were interested in taking up this lucrative deal in helping take down a nearby Swamp Slug.

As Jharbo planned for attack, Orwell decided to get up into a tree for a better vantage point, to find there were snipers waiting on the branches. Jharbo then announced that the jig was up. The party then engaged in battle.

Visase and Taral chased Jharbo, dealing heavy damage even as he kept his distance, dropping nasty things on his way onto the ground. Visase ran over poison laced caltrops on her way. Taral on the other hand kept Jharbo on his toes.

Meanwhile, Orwell and Kader kept their distances, taking snipers out of trees, until Kader got shot clean in the back. Turning around, Kader saw that the shooter was a Duros man; that same one that Visase conveyed she saw in her vision when she tried using Farsight on Xor’s family, and found him piloting the ship. The one called Zeelon. But now, he was sniping Kader.

During the battle, the Swamp Slug was devouring snipers while taking most of their abuse after Jharbo commanded them to at least make money off of it. In desperation, Jharbo used Swamp Slug bait to attract it to Taral and Visase. Taral however redirected the bait to another sniper, where he and half the tree was devoured.

Meanwhile, Orwell tried using a felled sniper’s gun to shoot other snipers out of the tree. None of his shots made any headway, so he just gave up on its use to engage with Zeelon up close.

In the battle, Kader and Zeelon exchanged some good shots, incentivizing each other to get cover. But in the end, Kader was taken down from too much abuse. Orwell then cut down the tree Zeelon was in making him fall haplessly into the shallows, where Orwell then swiftly beheaded him before running back to Kader.

Visase in the meanwhile had taken the bait that Jharbo had in his person after killing him when he resorted to his poisoned knife, and after enduring a bite from the slug, tossed it into the swamp, where the slug then went to eat it, disregard its former prey.

After finishing off the remaining snipers, Orwell went to patch everyone he could up.

Still, the crew of the ship containing the Xor family was present, and chances are, the family is nearby too…



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