Star Wars: Rebirth

The Fight for Autonomy

With the final notes of the broken piano fading to silence over the corpse of Darth Mantis, Polis tore Mantis’ arm off to view the markings on his hand represent his station as a Sith (Equivalent to the Jedi Knight, but in the Sith Order instead). At that point, Zendral voiced his concerns for the newly reprogrammed droid Hukmech, since he never reactivated his shields before sending him down to face down all of the guards. Polis and Kader volunteered to go with Zendral, while the others checked the northernmost door.

Zendral, Polis, and Kader when they went downstairs witnessed the carnage of numerous Xor guards littered against the walls, along with some of them still being in the walls along with thrown tables. Hukmech was now facing off against what looks like the guard captain, while being shot at by the other guards from the bunk room, and from the other submarine docks.

The others went through the north door to find that they had arrived in what looks like the guest bedroom hallway, covered in finery and with security droids. Ostek managed to disable two of the droids with a well timed Ion grenade, while the others managed to pull through.

Meanwhile, Kader and Zendral were doing the bulk of the mop-up, while Polis closed in on the guard captain. Polis lept over Hukmech, but his footing was just a little too off to give a perfect strike. Hukmech finally laid an awesome blow onto the guard captain, by which point Polis finished him off with a well timed stab through the chest while he flew into the wall.

With the last of the mooks killed, Zendral and Kader took to repairing Hukmech while Polis rushed back up the stairs to assist.

But with the security droids defeated upstairs, the party searched the rooms, where Visase stood face to face with Yari Kebata; the Secretary of Dac, and formerly its president, huddled fearfully on his bed. When confronted by Visase about him being an esteemed guest to Xor, Yari spoke to her about the sacrifices he, and Oskel, and all the others made for Dac, in order to keep their autonomy as the One Sith brings the galaxy under one rule. Visase commented about how so many on Dac have given up, but then used the droids Ostek had reprogrammed to keep Yari under surveillance, while the party reunited with a quickly repaired Hukmech in tow.

The party then went through the south door, and pummeled the smarter and better equipped droids in the power room. After their defeat, Zendral took out his probe droid, and interfaced it with the computer terminal at the end of the room, and got a glimpse of the power patterns within the rest of the mansion. According to those currents, they would likely find where Luftha Xor and his escape route would be, if they went through the eastern door…



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