Star Wars: Rebirth

The Deal Tavish Brix Cannot Refuse

While Taral lead the newly initiated Jedi Apprentice Visase Tersik to the armory to pick up her lightsaber of choice after having been given her Jedi Robes by Rooth Ank, Arken and Rea whispered to each other, with Rea’s whispering being more furious while Arken tried to keep his whispering calm.

When Visase returned with a Lightsaber Pike, Arken lead the way out of the council chambers with the party in tow. Arken repeated what Jedi Master Keiran had said, but when Arken spoke of the party needing to get help from Arken’s brother in law Tavish Brix about finding Orm, Rea began to argue with Arken about his “need” to have “contacts with the underworld” and “had to choose the one that disgraced our family”. Arken disliked this plan as well, but Arken argued that Tavish is a scoundrel that he knows, and will follow the conditions Arken gives to him if Tavish wishes to walk away debt free, and is the only one Arken knows that might lead to a safer galaxy.

Heading back to E5’s emporium with Gunja driving while sitting in his seat upside down steering the bus with his legs and not looking out the window, the party made it back safe and sound. Hartel managed to pick up some more unstable looking energy balls he ordered for E5 to make, while Niuulaj finished reading Kosslesh’s datapad. After finishing the reading, Niuulaj turned to Visase and talked about wanting to go with the party to where they have to go, as Niuulaj felt now that he could make a better difference for his people especially if he followed the party. Once asked how he came to that conclusion, Niuulaj read the name Maccus on the datapad, and then remembered that name belonging to the man who convined Niuulaj to betray his people to him. When asked what Niuulaj can do to contribute, Niuulaj only had the knowledge of his people and the connections he once had a noble. Korot angrily stated he didn’t want to be a babysitter for another, and once the suggestion for teaching Niuulaj how to fight came up, Korot did not hesitate to get Verin to start making pot shots at Niuulaj.

With a few more words from Taral about preperation, Niuulaj and Verin sparred some more as the Nest took off towards Tavish Brix’s ship with Arken’s family in tow.

Arriving in deep space somewhat near a massive black hole flies a lone Corellian Corvette who immediately transmitted a message to the Nest. On the other end is a blonde haired man stating that the party is far away from home in as intimidating a fashion as possible, but it wasn’t long before the man on the other end to get intimidated after seeing Rea glaring at him. Rea told the blonde haired man, Tavish Brix, that she had no desire to see him ever again, but that her husband believes Tavish is the only one who can help at this hour. Tavish continued talking with a noticeable stutter when he saw Orwell move up to the transmitter. Tavish tried greeting Orwell nervously, to which Orwell hefted his Arg’garok and swung it at Tavish’s holoprojection to watch Tavish flinch. Orwell then said “weak”.

Tavish still let the Nest into the Corvette’s hangar, and was seen waiting for the party with two mean looking Gamorrean guards, and two heavy looking battle droids. Tavish welcomed everybody on board the Figo’s Wind but was met by awkward stares and indifference. Tavish led the party and his family down the grimy halls of the corvette, having to walk around crates of spice that were just put there. A few crew members glanced at the party, but gave a hint of surprise when they saw Orwell before they returned to their tasks. Tavish tried talking to Verin and Thirra, but Verin ignored Tavish’s comments, and while Thirra wanted to talk, Rea discouraged her from doing so by shaking her head. Tavish led the party into a dirty meeting room that sported a minibar. Kader took an ale from the bar, while everyone else got seated; aside from Polis, Orwell, Korot, and Harok who insisted on standing. Simon stood beside Visase because of programming.

Tavish started the meeting by saying that since Dijiec (Orm) stopped employing his services, Tavish stopped dealing in slaves. Rea made a comment about how it was because Tavish removed people from their families that Tavish was removed from his. Tavish continued still with a noticeable stutter, and talked about how he was indebted to Arken Taro, and Arken required that he allow the party some reign over the ship, and Tavish has to help the party in finding Dijiec, the leader of the Galactic Axis; and after the party finds Dijiec, Tavish’s debt to Arken is paid off.

Tavish went over how he doesn’t know where Dijiec is, and that Dijiec is likely in hiding. But Tavish does know of a few who might know a thing or two about Dijiec’s location.

The first target is the Twi’lek businessman Brulu Aloc who worked with the Galactic Axis many times as business partners. Within the past week, Brulu bought out Ryloth’s Hoopin’ Slam team, and today makes his home on Ryloth as well.

The second target is the Human cofounder of the Galactic Axis Azed Ther, who has since retired and now lives out in the countryside of Naboo in his pleasure palace.

The third target is the Sullustan governor of Cloud City on Bespin by the name of Hasel Pilen. Hasel is dependent on Dijiec, thanks in part to Dijiec buying Hasel into power of Cloud City.

The party debated, and Hartel got himself a shot glass and poured a strong liquor into it; but the ultimate verdict was to go after Azed Ther first, as the party believed that Azed is most likely to bear the fruits that the party is looking for.

With the decision made, Tavish set up the Corellian Corvette to jump into Hyperspace near to Naboo.



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