Star Wars: Rebirth

Temnoz: The Dawning of the Sith's Rebirth

Issilum sped past the police blockade set up on Corellia, and with the help of Zendral’s and Simon’s work with the Nest’s systems, managed to fly the Nest out of range of the police’s tractor beams and into hyperspace towards Coruscant.

Along the way to Coruscant, Kader brought up that the party should have killed Dijiec while they had the chance; but there was nothing they could do about it now. While listening to the news, the party saw footage of themselves from the view of the police cruisers jumping on cars; and looking to be defending the escaping Dijiec the Hutt. The reporters at the time were giving limited commentary based on what little information that they had. Nonetheless, this sight prompted Visase to contact Arken Taro and inquire at whether or not he has his broadcast ready.

Arken’s weary projection answered that while he has enough dirt and evidence to reveal the Sith’s place in the galactic government, it lacks the sensation that would spark enough intergalactic outrage to inspire civil disobedience to the new powers in the government. Then Arken asked if the party had managed to learn anything from Dijiec. With the location of the factory that Dijiec was sending force sensitives to revealed, Arken asked that the party go and investigate with his camera droids to film anything that could be seen about the factory. The droids will in turn emit the recordings to Arken via an encrypted connection which will be used for Arken’s broadcast.

Kader voiced that he didn’t care for those “mites” crawling on him, but Arken assured him that the mites were practically invisible to the naked eye, and won’t crawl on the skin. With that, Kader calmed down a little.

Arken told the party that his droid Arbet is waiting for them to arrive at E5’s new hideout, and that he will be giving the party the briefing and the necessary equipment for the task with the factory. Arken stated that he wanted to talk to his family once the party had arrived at E5’s hideout.

Once at E5’s hideout, the party took a look at the security measures that E5 had erected. Mostly, everything in the hideout was rigged to either shoot blaster bolts or explode or both. Most of the crew volunteered to look after Arken’s family within the facility, while Yun Brodal requested to stay on board the Nest. Visase requested that E5 start looking for contacts that can supply starship parts; the less questions asked the better. E5 agreed and even volunteered to do that for free.

Arbet was also there, and gave each of the party a tiny box containing the camera mite. Arbet also requested for Korech and Voroth to come with him to where Arken was hiding. After making sure that the party was up to par with the plan for Emeriss’ secret factory, and after reprogramming Simon’s camera mite to remain on him; Arbet took his leave with Korech and Voroth in tow.

The family was seen in the corner of the hideout surrounding a holoprojector with Arken’s image on it who were all talking quietly and with a highly concerning air about it. Once that projector went off, the party answered their own to find Arken back on it. Arken relayed gratitude that his family has for the party, and then checked if they had any more questions before they set off to investigate. Without too many, Arken said a heavy farewell; and the party set off on the overly quiet trip on the Nest, with only the sound of the Newsprojector on board breaking the silence.

In short time, the projector began to embellish more details. On the projector, Camth Drucas (Darth Maccus) announced the defeat of Mand’alore the Reborn and his becoming of the new Mand’alore. In an interview with Camth Drucas, Camth revealed that he had been attacked by 5 Jedi who were aligned with the traitorous Dalbar; and then promised to clean up the Jedi Order. Camth Drucas spoke that he had to maintain order on Mand’alore before he could send the soldiers home, as well as some of the titles he might be getting along with Mand’alore; such as Mand’alore the Usurper, the Foreign, or the Insane.

The next news report went back to the party’s antics on Corellia, but this time, Jedi Master Keiran called the agency with information on the party, who was behind it, and the fate of the bounty hunter (Toba Gra) that Keiran sent after Dijiec. Each member of the party’s names and a brief history of them are now known to the galaxy at large, along with a 2,000,000 Credit bounty on each of their heads. The head of Arken Taro however is 50,000,000 Credits for being the mastermind in Dijiec’s salvation, and keeping justice from happening. Toba Gra had sustained serious head injuries from the battle but will pull through. Orwell reacted by denting the table he was sitting at with the pound of his fist, which prompted Yun Brodal’s droid to go and repair the table’s shape.

The last report was on Coruscant’s abnormally busy traffic, with civilians being given travel vouchers by social activists that paid for a trip to a planet along the well traveled hyperspace lanes of their choice, and then a return trip back to Coruscant. The reasons being for public safety so that the Jedi Order can do their cleaning operations with reduced collateral.

That was when the party realized that they were now truly alone, especially when the Nest exited hyperspace within Chiss space. The location might have been one of great beauty- with a clear view of a blue and pink nebula nearby had it not been for the large imposing space station a distance away.

The party was then contacted by Emeriss, only the one who answered it wasn’t specifically from Emeriss Arms. The man, who had his lower face tattooed in the archaic symbol of a sun, and his upper face tattooed with four moons each in a different phase who wore a long dark robe and cloak, introduced himself as Darth Temnoz. Temnoz spoke to the party about how they were expected to arrive, and how excited his master Darth Maccus was excited about the party’s activity in fighting against him. Temnoz said simply that he wished to show the party around the facility on Maccus’ wishes. With a last, “Watch for the debris”, Issilum swore and told the party to look ahead at the countless freefloating bodies of Plathuui and Feibrax ejected from the space station and into space. Visase turned off the messenger, and the party looked ahead with the mites doing their work.

Landing within the facility, Temnoz appeared out of thin air; and beckoned the party to follow him. Temnoz said that he was open to questions while the tour happened, and then Temnoz explained the lack of security in the facility was due to their lack of need for security.

Then Temnoz brought the party to a spacious room with a window on the side that overlooked a room about the size of the space station itself. In that room beyond the window was a sea of Plathuui, Feibrax, other species, including quite a few wearing the robes of the Jedi Order. This sea of sentients are encircled around a large round construct that looks like a power core to a very large spacecraft. It flashed once, and the sea of sentients rippled in panic.

Temnoz spoke of the construct as the final ingredient to the completion of the space platform orbiting Coruscant Prime. The construct only needs to develop a hunger for the force, and to whet its appetite, the construct must consume an astronomical amount of midichlorians- midichlorians that only force sensitives could provide. The party was holding themselves back, even when the holoprojector on the control console activated to reveal a projection of Camth Drucas (Darth Maccus) sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of him, and the mask of Mand’alore on the top of the table as well. Maccus greeted the party with a “hi” before he started complaining about the taste of Mandalorian food tasting like poison, before realizing that poison probably made the food more edible.

Maccus asked Visase excitedly about how she felt about being the first Jedi in the Jedi Order to be indoctrinated into the order by a Sith Lord. Visase said that she was the second while pointing to Taral. Maccus insisted that Visase was first due to Dalbar being a Jedi.

Temnoz continued to talk about the core destined to consume the force sensitives brought into the room, and the destiny of the space platform over Coruscant Prime being that of a factory to provide the new Sith Order with the best army to begin their conquest of the galaxy at the cost of using the ambient force around the platform to make it possible.

At that moment, Hartel snapped an ionized the holoprojector Maccus was using- frying it. Orwell swung his Arg’garok at Temnoz who narrowly dodged the attack before disappearing and then reappearing at the other side of the room with an ignited lightsaber out in a highly specialized stance.

In short order, the control panel opened up another slot for a spare holoprojector with Maccus back online. Maccus, between hideous cackling, claimed that he almost missed out at the start of his entertainment, and then reassured the party that Maccus wanted the party to win this fight; but that Maccus was going to help.



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