Star Wars: Rebirth

Sicsing a Plan Together

Staring over the devastated body of Rixx, the party plotted what to do with his brain. Many were in favor of putting Rixx down, but Visase suggested putting his brain into a less dangerous droid body. After some debates, the party agreed to putting Rixx’s brain into the droid body; and then handing the droid over to Harbu the Mandalorian. Rixx seems to have submitted to his fate, being happy enough that he was allowed to survive.

On the way, Hartel called a contact for a droid body; while the party gathered the spoils to load into Gunja’s bus. Gunja was watching another dirty movie, before Polis smashed his holo projector. The party managed to get both the wings and the two surviving battle droids on the bus somehow, before Gunja took off; driving his bus upside down as he was before. Hartel called for Gunja to return to the Niad Spaceways Starport.

When Gunja arrived, he complained at the lack of parking for his bus; and told Hartel that he was going to need to jump down. Hartel did jump down, and found his contact with the droid body. After competing the transaction, Gunja said on the comlink that stopping the bus there was against the law; and Hartel was going to have to jump. With Gunja flying quickly about 4 meters up, it would take the Force for Hartel to make it. Fortunately, Hartel can use the Force; and managed to jump just as the bus was getting into view. Of course, it was through the window Issilum was sitting by; but Issilum managed to dodge out of the way, while Taral quickly opened the window with the force before Hartel landed inside with the astromech droid body.

Then Gunja happily proclaimed that he didn’t have to park a block away after all, before he steered the bus back to E5’s place.

When the party arrived, they dispersed and did some things around the base. Polis corrected Verin’s wrestling form, while Kader walked to the sidelines and started smoking a cigarette; not wanting anything to do with anyone.

E5 opened up a message to the party, proclaiming that Sics’enuluo’hassiss knows that they have the Nsiss Clawcraft parts; but seems open for negotiations.

Polis immediately suggested just giving them the parts laced with explosives, and the party as a whole liked that idea. Senlet was iffy, thinking that the real parts can help to provide insights into what the space platform is capable of; but did enjoy the prospect of blowing up Emeriss as well.

The party then decided on making replica parts and delivering those to Emeriss with explosives laced on it. While the party is still thinking of the kinds of explosives to be used, the party came up with displacing the tracking devices embedded within the ship parts; but also who was going to deliver the package.

The party settled on Senlet being the negotiator, going in as one of the Tusken Raiders who wanted to get back at those who killed his friends. As an escape plan, Gunja would go in and be himself. Polis wasn’t a fan, but Zendral reminded Polis of how good Gunja was at sowing chaos.

Zendral fit Rixx into the droid body, and got Rixx into helping E5 make the ship parts; while the party retired to their beds.



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