Star Wars: Rebirth

Shaetar, Matriarch of the Tenugu Clan

With haste, the party jumped on their swoop bikes; and shot off down the narrow mountain passes towards the ocean. Contrary to the rest of Urux, the mountains still look to be well forested even as they close in on Urux.

Speeding down the forested path, the party stops just short of running a Tenugu spearman over. The spearman prepared for the worst while the bowmen in the trees and shrubs pointed arrows at the party. When Visase spoke though, the crystal she held made her speech understandable by the spearman who then gave the party a chance to explain themselves.

In time, the spearman agreed to take the party to his matriarch Shaetar.

The spearman took the party through a clearing in a glade where most of the Tenugu’s camp is, and was then met up with the matriarch Shaetar.

Unlike the other matriarchs, Shaetar insisted that she wasn’t interested in Nanshe’s visions, and saw her as being only good for getting lost in the past and the future while ignoring the present. Shaetar then asked the party if they were interested in helping her dealing the deathknell against the false prophet. The party agreed, and then Shaetar took them through a trial run.

Apparently, a Feibrax clan who called themselves the Hashaddu was taken by the forces of the False Prophet, and decided to take the most traveled path to Urux. Shaetar asked that the party show her their stuff against the false prophet. The party accepted, and followed Shaetar to the site, while Shaetar explained the Tenugu’s animosity towards Urux was due to Urux’s “narcissism”.

The party hid on a clifftop overlooking the path and the ocean, and from there, the party thought it best to unleash their explosive power on the hapless axis guards.

When the Hashaddu clan came, they marched in a row with their Hastim, while being escorted on either side by the axis guards.

Within mere seconds, the left-hand line of guards fell before the blaster power and explosive power of the party. Before the guards could react, Shaetar sprung her own trap which came in the form of burrowed Feibrax asharex who speared the guards and Hastim alike; causing the Hastim to trample the other guards.

With the guards dead, the Tenugu clan led the Hashaddu survivors to their hold to prepare them. Shaetar mentioned that she was very impressed by what the party was capable of; and now wants them to help her prepare for an invasion on Urux.



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