Star Wars: Rebirth

Senlet In Spaaaaaaaaaaaace!

The party woke up early in the morning to E5 and Rixx providing the finishing touches to the starship parts. The party arrived to hear a news report about how a large influx of kidnapped people in the last 20 years were force sensitive. Meanwhile, the party got themselves ready for the big day; only for there to be a lot of drama in between.

The party told Verin that he had to go down with Harbu until the situation is less dangerous. Verin proclaimed that he was now part of the team, and that he had to see the situation through; but a deal was still struck. After hiding with Harbu for the operation, Verin is to come back and help the party through whatever situations may arise. The party, by and large; accepted.

In the meanwhile; Taral, Visase, and Hartel gathered around the starship parts to mimic the darkside aura surrounding the other parts. All 3 experienced the Dark Side, and memories of their succumbing to the Dark Side in their own way. Once the ritual was done, the effects were a resounding success, such that even the most disbelieving members of the team felt the presence being “off”.

Once that happened, E5 began molding 74 blocks of detonite into the crevices of the machine. While doing so, Verin tried to give Henea a chance to leave and go home; to which Henea started screaming at Verin about how Verin already put her in danger. Once done, Henea stormed off to her room; while Verin sat defeated in the hangar.

Issilum tried to give Verin good advice, but Verin wasn’t listening to it too much; much to Issilum’s frustration. Meanwhile, Zendral tried to talk to Henea; but Zendral instead got Henea’s life story.

While all that unfolded, Kader and Senlet each had a cigarette; not wanting anything to do with teen drama.

Eventually, Henea slapped Verin across the face and told Verin not to put her in danger again. From there, Issilum took them; as well as Rixx, Korot, and the real starship parts to Harbu’s Banished compound.

From there, the party plotted their next course of action by getting in touch with Sics’enuluo’hassiss. Senlet and Enul worked out a meeting place- being at Bolbuk Starport’s Platform 51 in CoCo Town. Senlet rushed inside the transport with the starship parts loaded in, and then Senlet flew off to his destination.

Senlet met up with a well groomed Chiss along with 4 other guards wearing Emeriss uniform. Senlet managed to convince the Chiss to increase the pay to 550,000 Credits. After that, the Chiss said that he would check to see if the parts are still in working order before he ships the money over. Before a real fight could break out though, the platform suddenly became covered in food trucks serving Dentari food; on Sics’enuluo’hassiss’ Credit Chip Code.

While the well groomed Chiss argued that he didn’t purchase anything of the sort, Senlet ran inside of the Chiss’ ship up in an alcove; where the Chiss’ labor droids loaded the replica pieces, and then set off for Duro; where the well groomed Chiss said that the last piece, the Thrusters were.

When everything got loaded up however, the well groomed Chiss called Sics’enuluo’hassis that the parts were loaded and are ready to be taken to Duro. Enul said to “Csalo” that he did a good job. Senlet’s last message was, “Change of plan, I am on board the ship; going straight to Duro.”

The party now stands in E5’s hideout, plotting their next course of action.



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