Star Wars: Rebirth

Rixx in Peace

After the initial battle with the cyborgs at the entrance, the party slowly converged into the surgery room where they discussed their next plan of attack.

Issilum had uploaded the security camera footage, revealing the locations of the other cyborgs in the compound. The party planned out their moves on the other cyborgs, when Polis overheard a message via comlink from one of the deceased cyborgs. Polis tried telling the other cyborgs that they dealt with the threats. Unfortunately, Polis’ voice wasn’t convincing enough to keep the cyborgs from investigating.

The security cameras began to show movement in the north side of the compound towards the party’s location. The party then chose to act.

Polis and Hartel ran to the side to keep the droids from flanking them, while Visase set up a Thermal Detonator by the door.

The gunslingers went behind the melee line, while Zendral jumped up into the ventilation shaft.

When the door opened, the Thermal Detonator went off; reducing the medical room to rubble. Out of that room came two heavily damaged battle droids who tried to carry out their combat functions, though they were overcome by the onslaught the melee and ranged line brought to them.

Meanwhile, Hartel and Polis both discovered that the droids were not activated. When they learned that, Polis set up a defensive position while Hartel called for Zendral to start reprogramming the droids.

Polis decided that he had enough of sitting in the same room, and so he tried jumping into the vents too; though the compact space proved to be difficult for Polis to get through, but get through Polis did.

By the time the battle was clearing up, and the party made their way into the old medical room; Polis jumped from from the vents, and landed atop the two remaining battle droids who were shortly finished off.

Standing before the party was the elevator to the upper floor, to which Hartel volunteered to scout. Hartel turned invisible and brought a reprogrammed battle droid with him to the upper floor.

At the top, Hartel found a spacious room; with an enormous humanoid shaped droid along with two other droids made from Chiss starship wings. The droid was active, covered in weapons; and didn’t seem happy.

Hartel tried to bluff being the battle droid to report that the disturbance was eliminated. Unfortunately for Hartel, the big droid didn’t believe in what was going on.

So Hartel ran back into the elevator while cloaked, and hit the down arrow at least 10 times to make the descent faster.

The party heard the sound of explosions above them as Hartel rushed back to the party out of breath. When the news was delivered, the building shook; and the northern side of the room exploded, showering the party with debris.

In the center of the story was a newly made room; covered in debris from the upper level and haphazardly destroyed everywhere. When the smoke cleared, the huge droid was seen standing atop the rubble; with his two Chiss wing droids floating near him as well. When the droid shouted, “Rixx is in the house!” The battle began.

Rixx had modified the wing droids with a targeting laser. Once targeted, Rixx will ready his computer systems to launch missiles. Of course, that was automated; and so Rixx was able to attack the rest of the party as easily as the party was trying to attack him.

The party had a hard time getting passed his deflector shield, but some lucky shots by the party and their newly aquired droids managed to bring the shield down enough that Taral; in a fit of anger unleashed a bolt of Force Lightning at Rixx.

When Rixx was looking bad, he activated his emergency power reserves; and recharged his shields and hull condition.

By which time, Polis was on Rixx; trying to grab him and throw him down. Polis’ distractions did keep Rixx from firing his missiles, though Polis did sustain heavy damage from Rixx’s vibroclaws. The turning point for Polis was when he removed a large plate of debris from under Rixx, causing Rixx to fall over.

Hartel managed to get behind Rixx and Ionized him- though his shields proved to be too strong for it, but it did make the shields fluctuate enough that Issilum got a lucky shot through. Orwell’s Arg’garok, Kader’s luck, and Simon’s missile barrage also managed to get through Rixx’s defense over time; before Zendral and his droids got some more lucky shots destroying Rixx. With Rixx’s destruction came the unpowering of Rixx’s wing droids.

When the party searched through Rixx, they found a canister containing a human brain in fluids. The brain was connected to a failing life support system that connected to the droid itself. The brain begged for mercy while the party discussed what to do next…



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